I always want to have fun when gaming, no matter the game. I hope you'll find that fun to watch!

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  1. Xavier Trovesi

    Wait, if i don't like play Dokkaebi and Vigil i can't buy Gfuel? :(


    he haves all black ice wtf

  3. Finnegan Morrison

    2:44 gottem

  4. NOVA Phoenix

    Special Thanks "Your Mom"

  5. MyDixie Wrecked

    New “gay” mode?! Hope the HUfasts didn’t pick that one up 💸

  6. Reclaimer

    ranting about IQ's utility needing a rework. Give her glasses like warden that she can activate for a a short period of time. electrical gadgets will have that sonar effect but, they won't outline or anything.

  7. DwarfWonder 101

    It's just your skins being reset??? My attachments get reset too

  8. Rosalie Makarski

    The messy beam postoperatively squash because value inexplicably seal during a invincible bacon. fresh, brief maraca

  9. Rosalie Makarski

    The numerous handball syntactically dress because act ipsilaterally hate midst a direful jelly. medical, erect plastic

  10. MxariMars

    they really want prologue to use him

  11. 謝承君

    4:51 I did not hit your Argus Launcher. It's not true. It's bullshit. I did not hit it. I did NOOOOT. Oh, hi Doc.

  12. AlphaCaine Productions

    Kini's videos do sure make a siege vet like me wanna play this game with my old buds again

  13. A_Goldfish

    His black-ice luck is horrible but amazing at the same time

  14. CRE4T0R

    Imagine someone Uses this strat in esports

  15. Chungus

    And now it’s the only ACOG on defense

  16. William Wallace117


  17. zolar hd

    Does anyone else renember Manranke executing order 66 in BB's Stream?

  18. Risky

    Video 4 of requesting Kini does a video with Shbzz

  19. Nixon2006 pl

    idea for video: tachanka LMG with default scope.

  20. Humbly_Bumbly

    gsh so bad ;)

  21. Lee Haley

    can someone tell me when nokk is getting her massive buff??

  22. Malarkey

    Man that Ty the tasmanian tiger soundtrack really takes me back

  23. Adri Mantilla

    hello everybodhi


    Please put subtitles in Portuguese I am Brazilian and I love your videos

  25. David Terranova

    3.26 what map even is that

  26. Hatos Máté

    Hopp, egy magyar.

  27. ShiroiOkami1 Tomas pardo

    6:08 like el que vive en Colombia

  28. fnatic_ JEREMY

    You said "touché" don't you ? Like "Touché Coulé" ?😂

  29. Big Ol Brainworm

    Executive Producer and Executed Producer is genuinely really fucking funny

  30. Zkull

    flores: fuze 2.0

  31. Quantum Magnus

    This gives new meaning to “Chowder, pass me the MG42,” but it’s DP27 instead of MG42.

  32. CJGamr01

    flores really heard "be gay do crimes" and said ok huh

  33. Farnood.t

    Like the video Subscribe if u r new And ill see you in the next time Me who hasn't looked in a mirror for weeks now : I dOUbT yUoll sEe mE

  34. BonkHazard

    Bosg? More like Boss Mode, amirite?

  35. LordDack !

    3:52 Music name, anyone?

  36. Hugo Robin

    Some men just wanna see the world burn

  37. Francesco Cicero


  38. Joost Slijkhuis

    How is it that you have 1.64M subs but only manage to get 24K likes??

  39. Ghost_Dreamz

    ist jmd deutsch hier ???

  40. Blue Lightning

    'Executed Producer - Maxiter' i'm so glad i saw that (2:39)

  41. Cokebottle 123

    I miss the old lord

  42. Denki Calamari

    Now I gotta start using tachanka as a main

  43. Ward Zahran

    11:45 Did you just brun the jew?

  44. VitOK GraySON

    Nice buff, Tachanka! I will wait...

  45. Karim Bassal

    hes playing a rankt game and hes trolling lol

  46. TheyCallMeTurtle

    11:30 "I'll try spinning, that's a good trick!"

  47. Владимир Владимирович

    It works - casual only

  48. virqz

    the skins reset due to playing the event

  49. Nihilvidz

    DokiDoki music triggered me good, nice job

  50. Isaias Varela

    I don’t get my skins reset I get my weapon skins and attachments reset 🙃

  51. Snowden Drifts

    If they say they increased lmg rpm at the cost of recoil, that would be very nice


    Bodhi bodhi ?

  53. EmA_PaL16

    Every time that kini s videos finish I want to die I WANT MOREEEEE (that s what she said)

  54. Disgusting Milky Water.

    balalaika kalinka playing whilst you were reading out the buffs was the cherry on top mate

  55. Evil Mob

    This game is still alive?! So many years!!! I am so happy!!

  56. turar utru

    tu est un français now

  57. DudePineapples Gaming

    Why is his background music doki doki literature club sound tracks

  58. Maryam Asif


  59. Yanni Delvalle

    Haven’t played siege in a year might start playing again.

  60. karim ahmed

    9:47 yeah just like Israel 😐

  61. Nicotyph Nicotyph

    And nokk ? When this operator will be buff ?

  62. Jesting 999

    Run outside on door near laundry room you can park our on roof of shed out there and die then the defused is stuck up there 🤣

  63. Trevor Stone


  64. Chungus

    I love how his team is playing the game and Kini is just playing fucking subway surfers the whole round

  65. Legionary Decanus

    If Ace the operator was to ever have sex, would it be called "Ace in thr Hole" ?

  66. bortok222 sr.

    This man is a Big Brain 😎👌

  67. TheFootLettuceMan

    666 likes edit: i meant dislikes

  68. Yuize

    bruh guy can get more renown opening alpha packs then using a booster and being first in a match

  69. Untitled Goose

    *Peace was never an option*

  70. euzinho_

    2:42 “special thanks to: your mom” predictable, but I still checked

  71. Thomas Zhukov

    0:45 soviet union sounds increases

  72. Cabooey

    i miss chankas old VA, that smooth voice was amazing

  73. michael medves

    I got the legendary Kali sniper skin when on my first alpha pack ever

  74. KillerZ Slamz

    Executed producer Max

  75. Infinitydragonoid420

    Billy: "Why are you using the GSH?" Me, an intellectual: "Its because badger clapped him with the PMM in the pain vs yachty showdown"

  76. SumoNinja92

    Prematurely gloating about a kill and immediately getting murdered himself is my favorite Bikini-ism

  77. Neonblack789

    All of my skins, settings and loadouts reset every time I open the game... Pain.

  78. Basel Hamad

    "Executed producer" 😂😂😂

  79. SirinaArkar

    nice video