I always want to have fun when gaming, no matter the game. I hope you'll find that fun to watch!

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  1. Spy 30

    Ho try this? Кто попробовал это?

  2. Will

    This brought tears to my eyes

  3. Talon

    withstand on tachanka

  4. Kirk Hammett

    you are from which country?

  5. Corona Virus

    Tell them to add withstand back

  6. FoxPlay Games

    Best ringtone ever! 8:47

  7. Ян Игольников

    Zofia ;(

  8. Red_Menace

    I watched this and I dont even know what alibi does all I know is shot gun now..wot

  9. UhJustR6Player

    Yes you passed your french exam. LIBERTE!

  10. Ayvixcity

    Pulse shotgun is my first and only black ice and he’s my least played character 😭


    He he boi

  12. hieu phan


  13. Hussein Al-Kazali

    The FBI should take him away

  14. Massimiliano Parise

    ....In the first clip you’ve tried to speak spanish or italian? I’m italian so....😂

  15. Slavic Mapper

    Im still sad they have putted new power to tachanka the old one with the turret was better :(

  16. Xklsv J

    One crustacean has ruined siege meta

  17. Kuba Jabłuszko

    We're in kids

  18. theYeetBoiii

    Holy the C4 in the Elevator 😂

  19. Luciana Freire

    I am brazilian


    this would of been good if you didnt have as many black ices.


    Upload more mate

  22. Duck_Does_Games

    Head high traps... take it or leave it

  23. Sonny Howarth


  24. Luffy OnePiece

    man just give me 20% of your black ice packs

  25. orcana

    *sad zofia main noise*

  26. tonyo martinez

    How do i become the Bodhi Charm??

  27. Praveen Bruce

    1.16 what is the sound effect!?

  28. Michizuri

    11:00 OMG YES someone else thought of the backpedal meta! love ya. no idea how you made that work tho, i usually get shot

  29. Findinghonour Gaming

    That Slow mo Nitro cell was definitely the highlight of the video

  30. The Pro Xtreme

    2:12 buenas noches :DDD

  31. Ekin Deniz Öztürk

    7:10 F

  32. glabgalab hohlikkk

    Polska gurom !!!!!🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱

  33. Aldoy900

    2018 😔

  34. Empiyrr

    Zero is like Iana but with more range

  35. Reeon Calleb l. de leon

    Lol the waluigi

  36. dniel Pihera

    i think u shoud get some new sound effects

  37. gudie

    Wait the Aqua marlin is a good skin? I have that and I’m rank 50 😂