A Completely Normal Rainbow Six Siege Video


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    Rainbow Six Siege Has become a weird place, the gameplay keeps getting really interesting with our definition of Strategy
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    Johannes Bornlöf - The Division 3
    Crash Twinsanity OST - Classroom Chaos
    Stardew Valley OST - Summer (Natures Crescendo)
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    🎵 Outro: Noisestorm - Crab Rave
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    1. BikiniBodhi

      Sorry for being away for so long! Trust me in that I AM BACK, AND READY TO MAKE SOME VIDS!! Please make sure to help me get back on the HUfast Algorithm by liking, commenting and watching the whole video! Thank you all so much!

      1. yeet yeetus

        @Muff1nB0y Stop IT i am norvegian

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        Hola bikini como estas ?

      3. XDuNIolaKI

        Bodhi is there any chance of you contact GeneralMcBadass? You and he would be great.

      4. Jayden kun [discord: Alex Zander#7749]

        Bikini have u seen spoodle's "goodbye" video. I appreciate that you're helping him ^^

      5. Zirse

        Pls play more with the German boi bouchiba

    2. Trevor Heishman

      No joke that looked like Sam fisher 5:15

    3. Pedro Henrique Pinheiro

      Have u noticed that as kini vids ar always weird this is really a normal vid(I lov ur vids being weird isnt necessarily a bad thing(in ur case is amazing kini))

    4. Carsten De Vuyst

      How the fuck had he doc acog

    5. João Dums

      take me alpha paks ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

    6. ChimpanzEE

      4:09 so I guess back then if you throw a gadget at a teammate you would lose 3 health instead of 5

    7. jensen atkins

      Be sure to get your ten minute videos loser. Won't get paid without it

    8. Red_Phantom DXD

      I want more vids with fraser is accent is THICC

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    10. Marcos Ren

      Anyone knows Fraser channel or twitch?

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    12. SXLO FN


    13. sluwly

      Me: reads the title,wait thats illegal

    14. Janka Vedrődi

      It's my favoruite video!😂😂😂

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    17. M200 Intervention

      4:56 vibrating like my vibrator

    18. Gustavo Ferraz

      9:10 stardew valley vibes

    19. Jonas Miranda

      Fraser and bouchiba together PLS BIKINI

    20. TakedaIesyu

      I loved that Lord of the Rings bit. Thought it was silly.

    21. Hales Comics

      IRL: It’s not about winning it’s about taking part * Japanese noises * Games: WE BETTER WIN OR ELSE!

    22. Limmy Lan

      7:53 only the most advanced players use their forehead to see

    23. Tobocop J

      Is your background music from crash twinsanity?

    24. Good Boy

      at the end of the video, when it says "thank you for watching" I always say " no problem kini"

    25. NoCap Mars

      Plz sub to me bikini

    26. BielFortnite Power

      Eu sou o único brasileiro desse canal é ?

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    28. bearklau

      How is Bikini able to use copywritten music from other games? Aren't these videos monetized?

    29. Just Some Warhammer Fan

      When you killed Montage, Stardew Valley Music came, I love you❤️

    30. Fleggy

      1:42 DADDY IM STUCK!!!

    31. Lunariita

      After watching this video why dont u do zofia or ash strat that u friendly fire activate and you open a door with zofia or ash charge and then ur friend in front of breaching door or wall instantly moving in when u fire zofia or ash charge Ash or zofia can take damage done to ur friend with friendly fire penalty and you friend instant hotbreach with out damage lol

    32. VirumIratus

      Which is the song of min 1:01?

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    34. Dark Matter


    35. Alex V

      666 comment on 666k views

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    37. Ayk Dinçkayıkçı

      I don’t get it what happens in 1:10?

    38. x Stream_Mxl

      4 the bills

    39. Evan Campbell

      Bikini: Calls a white tail deer a reindeer Deer Government: Where does he live?!

    40. NitroFlare YT

      More Pokémon music Red and blue lavender town theme

    41. G

      Bodhi is alpha

    42. Hellfire Heroes

      So weird to hear a Scottish guy call himself British. Technically he's right, but Scotland is like, the coolest park of the UK. It's like being an Olympic weightlifter and saying you go to the gym - technically you're right, but there's more to it than that. Now if a Welsh person said they were British, I would get it.

    43. Old School

      9:19 omg this is the stardew valley summer theme hahaha

    44. crispy maymays

      what's the sound effect/music at 4:31?

    45. SloppyPancake66

      I always appreciate the music

    46. Splix

      Simba's mating lady

    47. Metalraptor6166

      HEAVY from TF2 yess

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    49. Juan Ruiz

      Where is tiny winny is twin bikini ? You fuckin idiot

    50. Akram Akmurzajev

      6:37 wait I'm Norwegian ;(

    51. Panical

      In the butt pole I expected an IQ option.

    52. Itsmeperry171

      That ass clap sound though

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    54. Weaboo

      “Simbas mating lady” I was dead

    55. Oryxz_1

      Wind waker music** Me: happiness noises*

    56. LTamazil

      Fraser saying rear is just Bikini saying rare.

    57. Your daily games With Hayden

      Bro oppressor is so stooped he doesn’t know u can injure only once

    58. Halo Fan


    59. ComentAndDoment

      Today i was standing at a window in Rainbow Six Siege on Fortress and Buck threw a grenade at me. I was standing right in front of it and watched it roll - I pressed my Gadget key and survived the hatch below me got destroyed so I dropped down and saw Buck vaulting in confusion and I gave him a headshot. What opperator was I playing as? Solution: Doc (140 HP - minus - grenade = 28 hp)

    60. ByakkoFoxAirsoft

      I love the mystery dungeon music in the background so much

    61. Seek Thuth

      You're almost as bad with nades as team empire.

    62. William Uhlir

      No such thing as a normal R6 video

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    64. Dark Legionnaire

      ive just started to realise you upload clips of you tracking people through walls ie your mates and your always exactly on point. on multiplayer? with your mate being on the other team, logically theres no physical way you could have your gun tracking him through the floor perfectly as hes running almost like if the hacks were on those clips would of made more sense or your capture doesnt record your hack overlay????? dont believe me guys 0:35

    65. Andrew Barnes

      Fraser's accent is amazing

    66. Erik Flemm

      I tried to hold [TAB] to see ur K/D didnt work :(

    67. Jadex

      5.42 u showed my spot :/

    68. Yiğit Yaşar

      I'm watching this just because Fraiser and his beautiful scottish accent

    69. Seraphina91

      " I'm in cuck" wait... what??!! Lol

    70. Seb

      7:25 super Mario sunshine music

    71. TheUndeadPyroYT

      6:09 how’s he only 50kg?

    72. Guilherme

      I want your focking charm But I can't get It ;(

    73. Mohab Mohamed

      at 2:43 if that hug was longer he would have been dead instead of you lol 😂

    74. Little Hasman

      I love your soundtrack choices. Everything from ambient Wind Waker music to the Turtles in Time boss music is amazing.

    75. Dead boy Cut skin

      Kini can you make your video longer then 10 mins

    76. Gas Mask Man/Discord Dude

      s i m b a s m a t i n g l a d y

    77. Anthony 936

      Wtf how do I get that charm!!!!!????

    78. CoffeeTea

      That’s why I like BikiniBodhi

    79. Dilll

      I didn’t realize at first but bikinis got the crash bandicoot twinsanity music in the background at 8:46

    80. Lux Tenebris

      He spending to much time with Jayy that his powers are rubbing of to him

    81. Niiveth Mp


    82. Logan Foy

      Hehehe I am the kid at the very start lol 😂

    83. AverageDev

      How'd you get a license to use Crab Rave without a copyright claim?

    84. T-arge-T

      bro no way this friday at the stream i killed you it was 2 vs 4 and i killed all 4 :D one was you you was WARNER you killed montage and then i killed you and your friend bro you said umm nice shot i was nokk if you look at stream replay time is 6:52 yo i didnt even know you are that famous and good (replay in friday 9.7 )

    85. Felix btw

      Someone gift me R6s?

    86. Reice Branch

      Check on spoodle keep us updated

    87. Ryan Hull

      Play with the old people unes squad sucks

    88. I like pugs

      Yo, what starter are you picking for Sun & Moon

    89. Zachary Michael

      At 7:22 it sounds like bikini I guilt shaming a dog

    90. A_profileuser

      TheZhoot was a very helpful guy, 10/10

    91. thederpycookie0 Aww Man

      Bakini you stupidz gozzam sakablatz if you do diss again I hack channel and delete 1 subscriber I am very angry 😡 This is a joke ok so plz don’t put on r/rareinsults

    92. Subterror227

      Fraser's voice is soothing

    93. Martin piedras

      Bikinibodhi, I love your vines, I have a lot of fun xD have a hug from Argentina

    94. MadSniper

      2:00 « i survived » Hum. 🤔 Bikini, I am a simple man. I enjoy many things, amongst wich are puppies, my dog and THE SCIENCE OF DEDUCTION. Wich is why I couldnt help but notice that fuze appears to be deceased right after the black screen. Also, you have a team killing warning. I’ll let the subscribers do with those 2 informations, as they please.

    95. ぢ ぢじChl同じ

      1like=1second longer *HUG*

    96. Furkan Çalgan

      İ am playing with BikiniBodhi but he did’nt talking to me :((

    97. L

      We need bouchiba

      1. Rizki Ananda.

        we need Bouchiba and that kid at the beginning. Simba's mating lady had me dying on the floor

    98. Jorge Vázquez

      When is there going to be another clash video 😁😂

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      És itt a magyar commentek!!!!🇭🇺🇭🇺🇭🇺🇭🇺🇭🇺🇭🇺🇭🇺🇭🇺🇭🇺

    100. Roman Magnus Knight

      The tower of goo is back and the the tower of prisma