A Rainbow Six Siege Video With *ONLY* ONE TAPS... 😎


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    Rainbow Six Siege has launched the Arcade Playlist which will regularly provide new content with new gameplay mechanics and strategy so heres my first montage of their new mode!
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    🎵 Music:
    Zelda The Wind Waker OST - Outset Island
    Sonic Mania OST - Hard-Boiled Heavies Boss Theme
    Zelda The Wind Waker OST - Inside The Pirate Ship
    Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team and Blue Rescue Team OST - Pokémon Square
    Johannes Bornlöf - The Beast 2
    Runescape OST - Sea Shanty 2
    Payday 2 OST - Operation Black Light
    Yoshis Island OST - Flower Garden
    Yoshis Island OST - Flower Garden (Make Eggs Throw Remix)
    Zelda The Wind Waker OST - Inside a House
    🎵 Sound Effects by:
    ► Your Brain: bit.ly/2JETObQ
    🎵 Outro: Noisestorm - Crab Rave
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    1. BikiniBodhi

      Bazinga, like the video or I cri :(

      1. Tap


      2. Rook

        Personally I just feel like that would be beautiful and I would love to see Bodie abused that too

      3. Rook

        You know I'd love a Shield op on honestly either attack or defense really where the shield retracts to the width of their arm but can expand to possibly the size of a normal Shield or maybe even larger tie the sides of a mighty Shield sort of like how Clash has no real in between except for rather than going on your bag it will be on your arm and perhaps they have the deagle and it is their primary technically whenever The Shield is away and they rested on their arms so they have the protection of their arm Shield Anika name sermon like if they had the mira mirror or the ballistic shield in front of them and they got to shoot and aim at the same time with a deagle

      4. non existing person

        Japanese school girl giggle 🤔

    2. Danjul Streams

      I just got Wallbanged

    3. Naama B

      8:30 the way he flew

    4. Hamun002

      Bruh that fucking Mira block I'm dead

    5. Scaniamo

      Wait... i know that background music... that pokemon mystery dungeon isnt it?

    6. Beznik Green

      1:26 he use transformers theme lmao

    7. crocidile gaming

      I thought i was on the wrong channel i thought this was marley

    8. Jaimy Sjk

      *imagine getting a headshot by the golden gun*

    9. Pyro.Wolve_

      3:35 disrespectFLUL

    10. Domenico Sardone


    11. Jorge Henrique Valeiro

      Olé amigo!

    12. Robben


    13. valdemar larsen

      I love bikini bohdi

    14. Tim L.

      This is soooo funny to play and watch😂😂😂

    15. Ben Ups


    16. KingJac

      I used the alibi strat and it works all the time


      Today we get another golden gun arcade

    18. Blue Toad

      I’m sad that they got rid of the exploit D:

    19. TotallyNotKrime

      you shouldve said “juan deag” for every kill

    20. Bruh champ

      I thoughts ashes were good at this game...

    21. Fhilip 04

      How all players have the D-50?

    22. SiTeeZee

      That was amazing

    23. Diego Meza

      Hahahhaaa buenas noches

    24. Merida Kun

      juan deag

    25. Jarod Armstrong

      They really need to bring back this event, this was so much fun

    26. C.I.D

      there was a knife kill... liar

    27. Todd Athorne

      Is that sea shanty 2 from osrs :p

    28. VP-Fertalio

      10:02 bikini saying Allah

    29. Bellatrix824

      when the mira rounded the corner and i heard that wind waker mini boss theme i felt it in my soul

    30. Eduardo Artese


    31. A Normal Comrade

      1:09 "Buenas Noches" asi lo hacemos en latinoamerica

    32. elle 7

      CALL AN AMBULANCE! but not for me

    33. Pizza Petezza

      0:27 Someone's name is Coronavirus

    34. Lemon Slide

      10:27 payday intensifies

    35. AC_Claim

      All body shots until 3:40 btw

    36. I̸c̴y̶w̵a̸v̶e̴

      Holy shart 480 alpha packs

    37. Bob Kowalski

      Japanese schoolgirl giggle 12:39

    38. Benja Quiroga Navarrete


    39. Sam S


    40. Al Breza

      Mira is the best shield operator? Confirmed.

    41. SchwarzerRegen

      behind alibi behind! behind! ALIBI BEHIND! NO!

    42. Rick Astley

      8:56 I appreciate the meme

    43. Will Howell

      No one: The announcer at 2:22 : S T A N D I N G

    44. Help My Cel


    45. Rip Wxsted z xD


    46. Diamondpython

      ah yes the J U A N D E A G mode

    47. Testo -

      Hchmmmmm 1 taps (r headshots normally lol)

    48. Jim Raynor

      0:05 how do you play this game mode?

    49. uosɹǝd ɯopuɐɹ

      8:30 oh shit that was fucking BRUTAL

    50. Fares Ahli

      I miss this game mod

    51. Bderix

      When bikini gets shot in real life he just turn around because he thinks he is Clash...

    52. HA7C0N

      7:55 Dark souls 3 be like.

    53. Fmbirl_IsNice

      BikiniBodhi Vs MeatyMarley

    54. zimbabwe !

      3:49 F for Lenart

    55. DFuZe_viperlamb

      Title is a lie btw 📿

    56. Timothy Manukian

      I never got to play golden gun mode, I was grounded the whole duration it was out :(

    57. Snipo 2204

      How is alibi using the diegel

    58. Juan Pablo Vázquez Ortiz

      Bikhini is best at Juan Tapping than marley

    59. Dank_Alpaca 702

      R6 should add a actual game mode called arcade where u play random game modes like golden gun the larceny the hide n seek type or f gamemode

    60. cheaphoenix

      Bikini please look at my alibi video on golden guns

    61. Alex S

      Spartans on the first night of the battle of 300 8:04

    62. JesseOnHotelWifi

      BikiniBodhi : Amaru is a good operator Also him : *Laughs in lies*

    63. Joshua cordoba

      I loved the”buenas noches”

    64. Madremia ._.

      1:09 he Said it

    65. Triggered Elmo

      Pack opening pls

    66. Cuan Saayman

      Is a guan deag

    67. kappamen hezoučký

    68. lokal hun

      operation Marley time

    69. Kahng Dj

      Marley have joined the chat

    70. turdle mcnuggets

      I like how you can tell who constantly watches your bids when all we vote is bottom poll

    71. Double-jizzay 81

      Haha ha... I have no friends

    72. Fosageh.

      What's the music at 10:26

    73. Alex Chirkov

      Bikini: Vote bottom one. Me: I'm Arab.

    74. Merly Sofía Guzmán Codina

      JUAN DEG

    75. Marko Jurcevic

      He is using pubg gun shots in some moments

    76. James Finch


    77. Myles Stones

      5.39 sounds like grian saying nooo

    78. R6 TNG


    79. miki musielak

      Never disrespect the Golden Juan

    80. Silver

      Am i just dumb or how get that reload, and why so many ops have deagle now??

    81. Anthony Schieda


    82. Raj Joti

      for anyone wondering “amen vafan” means “what the hell”

    83. the killer potato

      i am french

    84. the killer potato

      i am flk titan bro

    85. Saltpeter 357

      Juan deeg!

    86. CBZ_DeStRu

      Como tiene la deagle en mira

    87. Azm4h _

      D50 ismy favourite gun, if it had avog it would be OP

    88. Golans Idk

      Why do I love when he puts on payday2 music

    89. Dev Shah

      11:47 umm

    90. Ronald Latney

      pause at 2:06 and look at bottom middle of the screen

    91. Tonetti 08

      It seems easy but if I try to do something like that it doesn't work :'(

    92. KekBatya / CS:GO

      9:28 "Hi Gitler" What????

    93. Ramis Stinson

      Fucking genius!!! Nice video!!!!

    94. leg

      One taps only *knifes someone*

    95. Katzen bond007


    96. Boffle

      Do I hear wind water music?

    97. ריי מורן אראל

      Everyday I imagine a future where I can be with u

      1. TDM-htg

        What the fuck

    98. vStove Gaming

      The reason why people like bikini and meaty are so popular is because the edits. It makes the video so much more funny with them. It sends me 😂😂

    99. Epic Gamer

      hahahahahaha Lennart blad, Hi again!

    100. Mr Cold Hands

      8:31 the living impact