A Rainbow Six Siege Video But It's FAMILY FRIENDLY 🤡


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    Rainbow Six Siege has dropped the Rainbow Is Magic event during Operation Burnt Horizon but this time we are NOT playing with Gridlock or Mozzie no, we are playing with MR. BEAR
    And this is the strategy to winning in this new Event Mode for Rainbow Six Siege
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    🎵 Music:
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    Angry Birds OST - Angry Birds Theme Song
    Archie - Magic Is Timeless (Club Mix)
    Kevin MacLeod - Scheming Weasel
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    Crab Champions OST - Official Reveal Trailer Song
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    🎵 Outro: Noisestorm - Crab Rave
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    1. Loogi Balloogi

      Kini didn't actually ace with Ash lmao

    2. Jeezy Gaming

      Operation G@y be like 😂😂 It was cool tho

    3. SMG1 / / Saiyan Productions

      7:37 😂😂😂

    4. master mind

      3:04 is so funny

    5. cj welch

      Rainbow 6: what can we do on April fools day owners make A TEDDY BEAR HOSTAGE rainbow: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

    6. PACMAN

      0:40 hitler in 1938

    7. moop moop

      We need more stuff like this not these crappy ones like the Halloween event

    8. Mariano Maza

      No one: Me Washington this for the 18199291819919 time: still fun

    9. Lars Kooyman

      Good time

    10. Frost Nova


    11. Tabletin

      1 Years Later they are scope color but no drone skin

    12. stargraviti78 incarbone


    13. Tadgh O'Connor

      Mr bear ;-;

    14. Zz killer zZ


    15. Tim Gumkowski


    16. Th0rnb3rR0ry 420

      dark humour at 7:46 and it's gold

    17. I’m Kowleys

      Anyone hear that angry birds background music

    18. Sam Lilienthal

      The best event.

    19. Pepsi man thy commenter

      H3 2415 f4m1ly fr1n51y bu7 h3 2415 2h17!

    20. Nigga Poop Crankers 1

      GAYmbo 6 siege

    21. Jakester428

      RIP, this was the best LTM we ever had

      1. Fx. Data

        The most detailed sure, but the best one was doctors curse

    22. Unique Meh

      When you kill Ash with gas in showers on border...

    23. S Hudnall

      “It was a normal day on rainbow six siege”. Define normal when nobody in siege has a head shot hit box

    24. Rokakoma [HUN]

      5:35 fun fact it was not an ace the monty punched the smoke ruude

    25. tollygr


    26. Vojtěch Kozel

      2:20 (drone skins in the future).. Me watching in 2020:😐

    27. ungu

      2:10 The old kid room in house*

    28. Derek Chang

      what does bikini have with bears?

    29. IcyMuteBen

      5:23 it wasnt an ace lol

    30. Daily dose

      He is lol gaming

    31. Eric Moorer

      I miss this event.

    32. Bluehoppy Flashbeast

      He didn’t ace :(

    33. Zinggole

      This Video is so fu*king funny, i am watching this Video now the 50 time ore something like that 😂😂

    34. Ryhanmo


    35. Mohoutje015

      Still no drone skins

    36. Connor Birkholz

      Don't worry Bikini, I to killed the Furry the first time I saw it

    37. tiu spike

      This is the best video only yotube

    38. Leo0674


    39. Nicholas Wolfe

      Oh freaking hell

    40. Teardrop RS

      pyrovision goggles

    41. hi hi

      I had started right before this event so I was really confused when I hopped on one day and saw this

    42. J_Ecco

      I’m having flashbacks off mr bear

    43. MATHEW XD

      5:42 i though it was ninjas voice

    44. Cole Verdun

      Fuck I want this game mode back so badly

    45. Luke E Isaacson

      They still need to add drone skins

    46. Penguinsrockrgr8 Yt

      “I gassed ash the only Jewish character” - bikini 2019

    47. Julian Toro


    48. KillerMike Gaming

      5:28 lets just ignore that was a kill assist

    49. xrevxrt


    50. JokerOttoVon

      I just want to watch Minecraft videos....

    51. uselesslife

      are you fighting in tf2 pyro land?

    52. Vitor Germano Schenk

      7:36 I made him happy again. Bikini:he doesn’t seem so happy, he should be this little bitch

    53. Static

      2:19 yeah... i don't know about that one

    54. Its Me

      Title: A Rainbow Six Siege Video But It's FAMILY FRIENDLY Bikini: We can make a star d*ck

    55. Rooki_YT

      this is non smoking flight sorry smoke :( smoke on the other team was dead

    56. Rooki_YT


    57. Deepjams

      6:50 what the

    58. BGL ARS3N3LF4N

      It’s now operation steel wave and this is by far the best special game mode in the history of seige😭

    59. Diego Game V13

      2:35 Oh there's a flower, oh I'm SO SORRY😂😂😂

    60. Michał Jankowiak

      9:40 music pls?

    61. The Yeet Corgi


    62. alessandro orlando

      No body Star penis: 4:22

    63. Hammond

      What is the name of the song at 1:29 ? Plz someone ;-;

    64. AdGe S

      (Sir what's your last words) bikini bodhi. StAr DiCk

    65. rremixx

      Playing porn vr be like : 9:12

    66. Aaron Adams

      IT HAS A LITTLE KITTEN FACE got me good😂

    67. Fabio Tola

      How many nostalgic as me?😥

    68. Zezukq_THL

      in 2020

    69. Zezukq_THL

      high quality games :D

    70. Sneak Hyptia

      Who is here because of the Mute Protocol Noobs who use the glitch

    71. dino nuggies guy

      Story:The defenders is playing with mr. Bear. The attacker wants to play with mr. Bear too.

    72. вова Остапенко

      Русские на с связи?

    73. The Random Stuff


    74. Kairyuu Cruz

      Now I can teach my kids what we did in the good old days

    75. Slazkan

      Oh nO kILL iT 😂

    76. ツJames C.

      ☆3☆ 8=D

    77. hampter

      Shouldn't this video be 0 seconds long then?

    78. Badasahog13

      Bro I wish this was added this year but on house like a doll house

    79. Preston Sarlemijn

      Family friendly Me hearing fuck

    80. Mark R. Chander

      2 things R6 needs: 1) operation health 2 2) Rainbow is magic 2

    81. Alpha_nokk 21

      I started playing r6 a week before this mode 👌👌

    82. BlueShark Whale

      me when i say furries suck: rainbow six siege: am i a joke to you?

    83. Rick Astley

      Best event

    84. Sam Heatherington


    85. ΛVΞЯΛGΞ s

      I want such an event again :/

    86. gotiss


    87. catcookie

      Yo I want this event again

    88. Melki Sihou

      Bikini is officially hitler

    89. Sweden’s Pepe

      5:40 I’ve never seen anyone so surprised to see a door xD

    90. Balloon Animal

      I’m gonana make a star penis

    91. Snowstruck Willow

      I miss this event, I started playing during it and it's still my favorite gamemode I've played in a game, ever.

    92. Jesus Zavala

      I gassed ash😂😂😂

    93. Some Canadian Gamer

      Bad News That So Called Ace You Got At 5:35 Well It Was A 4k LightOppresor Killed Someone If You Look At The Feed

    94. kirambit pro bro

      2:18 how u did that trick?

    95. fad uddin

      When I saw it I fooking blew it up

    96. Megaapfelstrudel

      This gamemode fucked my eyes

    97. Ora nge

      Drone skins when

    98. edit owski

      Lets merry mr.Ber

    99. Cameron Hill

      If siege had an special ed class

      1. Entity Gamer

        Ok little kid