A Rainbow Six Siege Video... But We Can't Stop Laughing 😂


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    In todays Rainbow Six Siege Montage we are NOT playing Goyo
    Instead we are playing his counterpart shi- I mean Amaru!
    Amaru totally does not need a buff at all infact shes so good they should nerf her! She's OP
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    Martin Gauffin - A Walk In The Park 4
    🎵 Sound Effects by:
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    🎵 Outro: Noisestorm - Crab Rave
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    1. BikiniBodhi

      If you laughed during this video YOU HAVE TO LIKE IT or I'm calling the police

      1. Bobo Burn

        Who you’ll call first. Clash?

      2. NOT Kira

        i did laugh to this comment so i liked it

      3. Vince Óvári


      4. Gray The cat

        I downloaded It

      5. FeMartins

        I am the police

    2. Maria Pettersson

      Han e ju svensk

    3. echo buff

      Players: red dot trash Bikini: what???????

    4. Cassie Adamson

      Amaru is my favorite op

    5. pr0xys pro

      Swedish peoplr have DJ set but polish poeple have 69 kilogrames of onions

    6. Bluelink187

      Fuck it's contagious, I started doing *huup it

    7. cj welch

      you found the hostage NICEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂(●'◡'●)

    8. Jack Culver

      5:06 I heard amaru race

    9. Claire Morris


    10. Ak DarkLight

      Not Gonna lie SOunds like GRUE

    11. LaYeetus

      When Max said "HUUP" I felt that.

    12. Kaden Hinojosa

      3:27 Immagine the perspective from the second floor

    13. Mr. Birb


    14. Rashid Marquez

      2:28 Thats true.

    15. Maximillian Jacoby

      why didn’t the hostage die when he shot a capitao thing in there?

    16. Gabriel Neitzel Batista

      0:32 lol hahaha

    17. Dani Szabados

      Zofia or maverick

    18. TheTrolldier

      I also appreciate max laughing, but I am more appreciative that the fact of the matter is every single time you get jump scared, without fail, you play the first note of Godzilla. DUN.

    19. Heyitschunky

      I like watching these videos just to hear you say operator. Idk why but I like the way you say it

    20. josh brewster

      2:09 i don’t think i have ever heard anyone laugh as hard as they are now

    21. Kaiser Wilhelm II The Greatest

      Fun fact: Chrysippus an ancient Greek philosopher died laughing at his own jokes.

    22. Xilberto Garay

      8:56 we reachd a quarter of a million subs

    23. Alex Pro607

      Max stop laughing like a horn I’m gonna wet myself 😂

    24. Radioactive 8

      Ash Always dies to kapkan traps

    25. ondra kadlec

      what is the scream 5:39 from pls guys ?

    26. W4DEMAN

      I am frost main and AMARU IS THE WORST OPERATOR IN the woRLD

    27. the hunter 536

      5:44 when bikini turns into an Italian salty boi

    28. IcyMuteBen

      Bikini: Takes 84 years to ace with Amaru Me: Aces first game after killing all 4 downed opponents my friend got and then kicking the last

    29. Angolische Silberrücken Möwin Löwin

      And I thought chowder is the big daddy who never hups

    30. TheTrolldier

      You mean, "Except Max can't stop laughing"?

    31. freddie h

      how is this man a pro league player

    32. Morta1ity-Gaming

      At 8:55 Goga, got slammed. The pro gamer move, worked on a pro gamer

    33. Skeletor


    34. Austin Dragoo

      So no ones gonna mention bikini killed a world champion pro player with his Amaru strat

    35. super Snyder

      I got the amaru ace in the same place

    36. W0lfi3 Cheng

      Looked back in 2020, we need another Amaru video kini

    37. Jacob Rayner

      Oh no they have contracted Huupies

    38. Kristóf Éliás

      Did anyone realise, that in the 8:55 clip bikini actually killed Goga


      Anyone else think the laughter was him doing the pogo stick?

    40. Martín Osses


    41. cant say

      ananın bikinisi ama

    42. JokerOttoVon

      I don’t get the strat on 6:58

    43. PROpixal 1

      alternate title the REAL siege experience

    44. Yuji HInawa

      the bizzare thing is i actually face palmed the same time bikini face palmed on that last clip

    45. ꧁Адонис Кастильо꧂

      Amaru is the equivalent of the M590A1. It’s a coin toss for a successful rush or not.

    46. IcyMuteBen

      Bikini: takes a long time to ace with Amaru Me: Aces on my first game because my mate downed all of the enemy team and died

    47. Lautaro Alvarez

      amaru the best :3

    48. elcanaldeHydra

      5:27 frost....

    49. Kepris_

      you see i have a friend that makes callouts, has good aim, doesn't use shield, uses deagle a lot, and doesn't sweat in ranked, and yet, he mains Blackbeard on offense. Should I be worried

    50. A German officer Or hans

      When you aced with amur double shotgun in road to s.i

    51. impaackt

      1:55 that’s what you get for playing ASH

    52. impaackt

      1:55 that’s what you get for playing ASH

    53. Bandit Wolf

      2:25 Avicii plays in background

    54. Sir Lodestar

      @ 9:12 I didn’t even know that was fuckin possible

    55. San4ous_GT

      11:47 Where does this sound come from?

    56. wyatt

      like the comment if u caught the YUUP

    57. Daniel Jordan

      I actually start HUUPING myself.

    58. Aaron Murphy

      6:43 Whats up with the Garra Hook though?

    59. 江濬全阿全


    60. Well


    61. Arnar Pàll

      nobody not a single soul Kini Men vafaaaan

    62. i'm a cup


    63. ian_k.o.k

      I Love max #nohomo

    64. Zihanna Zila

      1:53 to 2:14 is god tier i keep laughing an the opening just gold love your vids

    65. Ecsedi Andrei

      I really like Amaru:(

    66. filippo ugolotti

      0:00 Bikini said a no no word

    67. Steele Doggos

      1:43 Someone says something about how Oryx is able to jump up hatches after 5 years 😂

    68. Octaaf de bolle


    69. ، ،

      0:51 Whats that short soundtrack? I want it

    70. I Could Be Sleeping Right Now

      This video has 666 dislikes. I think we know who opposes this wholesome content.

    71. Its Ferru


    72. Its Ferru


    73. Nabz. Nitro

      What does men vefan meam

    74. Genaricplayer 61

      I main Blackbeard I’m sad now

    75. Alex Playz

      Hump huup

    76. Joey Hamblin

      My aunt has a duck

    77. Ozzy the box hobbit

      1:43 and that's when operation void edge comes in

    78. N F

      Bikini: *exist* Frost traps:I'm about to end this man whole career

    79. Kâsedeki Kedi

      4:14 I have a little du(i)ck for yo (♡¿♡)

    80. Imma _BIRD

      Half the rage words of bikini: IMMA VAFFFAAAAN

    81. michael sak

      how fun its to know that i killed bikini when i had the chance (i am CarloSauce)

    82. filipowski 398

      DJ bodhi !!!

    83. Tobias Hoem

      Is bikinibody Norwegians or swedish

      1. Kotzithecat 2


    84. Jordan Knight

      There is never enough ducks

    85. Neo Goudsmit

      Ame favan

    86. Seu Teteuzinho

      I just have a one thing to say: *AMARU IS A GOOD OPERATOR*

    87. pineappleman

      Swedis me to

    88. Sayian

      Men va faen, I cant stop laughing xD

    89. General Grievous

      He should tell her: I don’t give a duck.

    90. Paolo Vera

      1:40 wolfy predicts oryx?

    91. Maxwell Farris

      He brings shame to Max’s everywhere.

    92. MyNameIsAslan

      Wathcing bikini WiFi dies Still wathcing bikini My Phone Yo you watching on data Me İDC İTS Bikini İ Need to

    93. Ni_lsSs

      1:43 That aged well

    94. Gh0stde4d _chill

      No entiendo una mierda

    95. Sage Fuller

      5:44 Bikini is the Swedish Mario

    96. Shrekie Hulk

      its free week, make a video on it

    97. Zapshark

      6:55 Gas chamber

    98. nexus sas

      0:57 to be continued...

    99. LilRaBBs

      Bikini when u jumped through and started to scream at the frost mat after u said “see it works better if I scream” I thought u were gonna get killed from ur left 😂

    100. LilRaBBs

      U see this what kind of fun I would like to have on rainbow but my friends aren’t funny I have like only two friends out of all my friends that play rainbow if my other friends that are funny played rainbow then I’d actually get good clips for my video but nope