A SUPER SERIOUS Rainbow Six Siege Video About Toxicity


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    Rainbow Six Siege DID AN OOPSIE a few days a go, here's my HOT take on toxicity in Rainbow Six Siege
    All chat or cross-team chat is very important to me, I've said so far that Operation Shifting Tides is the best Siege season yet
    Keep it that way
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    1. BikiniBodhi

      I hope you enjoyed the video, I know it's a little bit different, but it's something that's important to me

      1. Coach

        what does Kurwa mean?

      2. Jeffrey Webb

        Aaaand cross chat will be disabled by default.

      3. T time

        somone knoe why i don t get some of his vids in my abo box

      4. Padrier958

        You look like a young Leonardo Dicaprio in that suit.

      5. Ethan Craciun

        BikiniBodhi please get this brought to rainbows attention they need to know why we like this feature

    2. Shy_mon

      Kurwa 😳

    3. Aditya Das

      Instead of removing all chat they should thought of fixing smurfing and cheaters. Also the bugs which they never fix.

    4. Vinny Kerrigan

      He said there would be a part for console players but there isn’t I’m on ps4

    5. CringeDogg

      6:46 anyone know the song?

    6. Random stupid dude

      Whenever someone say GGEZ I'll just said "K :)" ...funny story is one time enemy who said that added me rage hard af and swear lots then blocked me because I triggered him 😂😂😂

    7. Chloemakesmemes

      You can change it in settings

    8. Loaf Jay

      Bikini:console players this is about you too I’ll get to you later Also bikini: *never mentions console for the rest of the video*

    9. Poli T. Heliu

      People are uh... What’s the word **PUSSIES** Just mute shit. EZ gamer moment.

    10. Omar Nader

      the WoW part was so emotional😥

    11. J0kerZ_ _

      They should just ad a hide, show or when active feature to the chat... Just like in BF or CoD

    12. Derpy Pig27

      As a fellow squeaker I get flamed all the time cuz almost every other squeaker is super annoying and toxic

    13. The Real Pro Racer

      5:00 you're welcome

    14. Dragonis4

      well siege was nice for a while ... rip

    15. B00MY

      Kurwa😂 in my country we are tiping kurva😂👍

    16. Moon Unitz

      I enjoyed being able to mute all chat in other games. It saves me having to individually mute people or waste my time thinking about it. In some cases I enjoy all chat because it can create funny scenarios and you can make friends. If I mute all chat I likely am playing with a friend who can all chat on my behalf anyway. I like the idea of the option for days I just want to avoid talking to people, in this communication intensive multiplayer game.

    17. Rodrigo Correa


    18. Soviet Union

      “Kurwa” means oh sh** or oh fu*k

    19. Gods_Xecutioner

      They do know what they are doing. Operation health. Oh yah

    20. BrusLee

      I would not talk to you either if you are playing TROLL PALADIN o.o ABOMINATION!

    21. Jinxxed

      F in the chat for CSGO half time all chat voice chat

    22. Cratix T0xic

      Hello I'm french and I very like your video thank you

    23. Steve Steve

      This is an issue of free speech. They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Bikini calls it a slippery slope. It is! We need to remember it's on us to steel ourselves and our children for the real world. Not try and remove the ability to communicate because a couple dickwads get toxic in game chat. Sure, "making a game less toxic" is a nice idea and it feels good to (cough virtue signal cough) be a part of making the community better, but at the end of the day WE should be able to decide what content or what level of content reaches us, our children, etc. We don't need developers (or anyone, for that matter) telling us how we need to communicate or be communicated to.

    24. ɆVłⱠ

      Evil's pro tips for toxicity in R6: 1. Teamkill and pick doc next round to pick yourself up. 2. Teamkill and pick Monty. 3. If you get teamkilled in the Process, trashtalk them back. If they're on the enemy team: 1. Trashtalk 2. Trashtalk 3. Trashtalk An alternative way that Evil recommends most: Just get along and keep in mind that its only a game. And the previous points that i named are what people usually do. So just be better than them and if you're one of them, put in work and become a better person, to change as a person is normal.

    25. Ais_Vienna

      we cant chat kurwa in game but game talking about kurwa #UBI Logic

    26. Juse


    27. Weekly Dose Of Memes

      You know he serious When he bring that craboo suit out!

    28. Danielosky

      We all now when bikini dyes he..AAAAH I NEED A MEDIC BAAG! AAAAH IM DYNG!

    29. ThE SmArT BoI

      On ps4 enemy can go to your profile and send you a massage

    30. Avaku


    31. L1monk4

      Kurwa serio

    32. demos

      You have a point Kini, but i think that is relative. Depending on the region, the toxicity varies. In the US, and US servers I don't think the toxicity is as big as in other regions, like here in Brazil and Brazilian servers. Like, of 10 matches I enter (in brazilian servers), 8/9 matches have toxic people saying ggez and saying really bad words for example, and in the friendly team, there is A LOT of toxicity, more than the enemy team, and that's the bad part of brazil and brazilian servers (not every people here in brazil are this way and not every game here is fueled by toxic people, but in general Siege here is bad in this subject. :) )

      1. demos

        And that's what i think they are doing it, because the other parts of the world that plays the game can be toxic or not.

    33. Embassy Gaming

      I aspre to make content such as this. You got me uploading and i just wanted to thank you Bikini😄😄😄👍

    34. Jax The Ace

      Bikini next time address the general more than defending for your own sake. This is not 'SUPER SERIOUS', this is a issue with outside interactin. Nothing with the game in paticular, you are making a game problem more than it is an issue with random players of different class. [FULL STOP]

    35. Outogetyou Gotyou

      You shouldn't have communication with the enemy team.

    36. INS Bl1MmY

      Bikini for president

    37. Grun_D

      Its only game. Why you heff to be mad.

    38. endplanets

      BB's thumbnails are usually so random and (polite way of saying not -true) that I was surprised it was actually as advertised.

    39. Lillian Gonzalez

      Swedish MrBeast

    40. Floyd Mungaray

      ♂️It's better when it's hard♂️

    41. ttoastedbutter

      4:20 got me lmao

    42. Alp kemal Cağlar

      I agree everything that you say, MY LORD!

    43. Dylan Kershaw

      "Its better when its hard" *bikini bodhi 2019*

    44. Deeply Disturbed Cat

      In my oppinion, this is a kind of censoring. Also, the All chat is the best chat. I made some friends just talking with enemies or got massive help as a noob from both teams. And if people really get offended by it, there's the mute option for a reason, I personally couldn't mind less if someone calls me a bad word or something.

    45. Igor Quintella

      no one: literally NO ONE: Bikini: RALLO EVERIBODI

    46. Spectator 72

      Rip Recruit knife fights


      Trade chat is the best way to talk to people in wow, spent a whole hour talking about anal with randoms

    48. paulin vergez

      l'accent français de qualité

    49. MisterBarn


    50. Banita

      Forced bombs on rankeds is also restriction for me :/

    51. Максим Могильник

      The problem is that the majority of gamers don't want to socialize, they are toxic even despite you're being too polite with them. Until I got plat, so many people just wiped their feet on me, even without a try to contact with others (especially me). Every time I go soloQ I do it with a one thought "I'm going to play 1v5", because no one will even speak to you, or in other case, throw his shit to everyone, just because he got a bad day or a lose strick

    52. Coach


    53. KTOWNPUNK jr.

      Not a beaver. I'm pissed.

    54. Harrison Fouts

      Her: slips pinky in my booty hole Me: 4:59

    55. Nathan S.

      The day they remove all chat is the day i retire

    56. normal person

      Oh no 4:33

    57. 1001010 010100101

      I agree, even though, I play on console. Let people be "toxic". They can't hurt you. Relax, people.

    58. Brian Cortes

      I love that crab

    59. P4ladin

      Bikini:R6 devs showed us a lot of times that they know what they're doing My mind: O P E R A T I O N H E A L T H

    60. Henry Strauss

      Hooly shoot losta liks

    61. Craige Just Craige

      Anthonypit that’s it

    62. Josh Nolan

      Next update removing team chat

    63. Daniele Adamo

      I think my cellphone cried a bit for that scream

    64. James T. Kirk

      Bikini Jag e svensk bror

    65. Adam Kiszka

      Y R U serious? Y r u serious?

    66. Ghostii 008

      I completely agree, Rust is so fucking toxic but that what makes all the videos about it so much better

    67. Way of the Ferret

      the enemy team never has anything good or nice to say. This community makes me so fucking sad at times

    68. Nathan Cormac / Joel

      You speak like everybody in the world speak english perfectly to comunicate in online games, and not, that it's not true. Much people in other countries have issues to speak or comunicate in english, and most of the english players are toxic when u have latin acent, indian acent, australian acent AND CANADIAN ACENT Just stfu Bikini, stop making videos pls

    69. Rebecca Jones

      He says it’s gonna be a little serious, I skip 10 seconds ahead and he’s in a crab suit

    70. Nathan Cormac / Joel

      how to solve toxicity; STOP DOING VIDEOS TEAM KILLING

    71. Nathan Cormac / Joel

      "Dealing with toxic teanmates" bro, is ur fault that comunity it's fking toxic, ur videos teamkilling and "YHEA IT'S FUNNY KILLING MY TEAMMATES, WOOOO YHEA FUNNY HAHA MEMES" Stfu really, it's just fault

    72. JD F

      Hey man, this was a really great vid. I completely agree with options over restrictions. I feel bad for the toxicity that you creators get.

    73. mr. pojo

    74. x 1SmallDino x

      Cause xbox cant let you swear, cause gay

    75. BekS

      Being toxic is often fun

    76. Lilili Dududu

      honestly thou siege is the least toxic community of the games I've played. Fabian level toxicity is rare.

    77. Marek istok

      GIVE ME THE PANTS !!!!!

    78. TheKenConker

      Song from 6:39 any one?

      1. Skytoxx Himself

        Omg I'm looking for it to that reminds me something but I don't know what

    79. DesperadoUndead

      If you people cant stand a bit of toxicity why do you even live? Let go of your pride for a bit and maybe stop being such a softie. I swear everyone has become so soft nowadays, back in the days when games didn't have such bans how do you think people coped with it? I've been victim to toxicity so much in this game, and what i should quit the game and cry, i've dealt with toxicity in this game without even reporting the player, the thing about toxicity is, karma hits back.

    80. Your Senpai

      bikini the new CEO of siege

    81. ninjaguy2511

      I will be honest on this one, its also because siege is really toxic compared to other games. I will say though you can just mute the other team so its really dumb.

    82. Tibor Szentesi

      Do it like its in League, if you get reported enough you Will have chat restriction or what, like you cant talk for 10ggames or can only type something every 2min or so

    83. Seen Tea?

      hes dead serious more like just dead inside

    84. DANGER

      Bikhini I know you will do that #JAGERACOG

    85. Deivid

      Man, some people put the microphone in ass and fart

    86. Ronin


    87. GTJ Channel

      your eyes are so beautiful Bikini

    88. The French Bagette

      I am franch. The is perfect

    89. Sakib Shahriar

      I agree with you 1 quadrillion %

    90. Riccardo Scalella

      I love when you say "hello evrybodhi

    91. RDEV

      All dislikes from DEBUSSIES who can't handle a single insult online

    92. RDEV

      One of the main reasons I switched to PC was cause of the All chat

    93. TheEpicPancake

      On the topic of rust: I've never been a fan of it, however the only fun thing I did was wander around alone at night one time. I was following a guy just doing his thing throughout the day, but when nighttime hit I lost track of him. It was pitch black and I found a random house (of which there was an angry merchant inside). I decided to leave but kept walking in circles. Next thing I know a guy with a pumpkin on his head with a hatchet in hand micspamming spooky scary skeletons was trying to beat down the door. The merchant said something (I was over a hill hiding from the pumpkin man) and then I heard a bang. I waited a bit to go down and I saw pumpkin man's dead body.

    94. szczepan678


    95. TheEpicPancake

      It should stay. I come from a big tf2 background and 90 percent of the friends I have on my steam is from just playing on a community server talking to the enemy team. They already have gag, and the ability to report assholes, and the ability to turn off chat entirely. That and there's a toxicity filter. I never even take action in this type shit, but this is inexcusable.

    96. lol every Day

      He sounds like a proud mom who got disappointed by her child 🤣🤣

    97. Dylan Ciapka

      This man ended cyber bullying in the first ten seconds of the video

    98. Rohith Kumar

      They 100% did this so people can't farm special alpha packs where we traded kills because getting kills was hard in that haunted house.

    99. Masspunch

      Wait bikini plays Wow? What is this pog?

    100. Aras Buen

      I don't really worry about this a lot siince im a Console Player