Amaru in Rainbow Six Siege is Actually INSANE!?!


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    So I may (or may not) finally have mastered Amaru in Rainbow Six Siege who camew with Goyo in Operation Emebr Rise just IN TIME for Operation Shifting Tides who will introduce Kali & Wamai and the new Elite Ela
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    1. BikiniBodhi

      Wtf is my upload schedule Like the video and subscribe for more upload schedule

      1. XxJack BrownxX


      2. XxJack BrownxX


      3. Godly

        Amaru is a good operator

      4. Louise Schwartz

        Face can for utube

      5. FloBr

        Pls new vid kini

    2. _Mouss_

      *2:34** Zelda Majoras Mask ❤🌪* *8:05** Zelda Skyword Sword 🦅❤*

    3. Aqifgamingxpro Chan

      7:08 is best moment i laugh 😆

    4. muhammedkizilk

      when bikini says amaru is bad or something like that i think about reembey

    5. Davidtheangel on ps

      Every one king of r6 metas are here

    6. Zen Nye

      Ur literally making a video of every operator and saying there all the best 😐

    7. __

      6:18 police today in a nutshell

    8. Lyle Party

      Who are u going to call GHISTBUSTERS 3:45

    9. Fantastic Trickster



      Amaru X Pog Champ be like xd

    11. Os4ar

      Ame vafaaaaan

    12. Jandarl 11

      Lol ik it's like a 7 month old video but at 6:53 when u said if u get an ace with any op yk they are good, I'm just like sooooo for Lt custard all ops r bad? 😂😂

    13. Harry CHEUNG

      Bikini: *goes up hatch and knifes a downed Smoke* Also Bikini: aMaRu oP?!?!?!?!?

    14. Francesco Monti

      4:45 Warden is the best operator in the game.

    15. Charlie Grant

      I figured out what amen vafan means

    16. Thiag0ws

      You’re a copy of Teo

    17. Anders Pedersen

      After the buff i play amaru 3 times and 3td time i Got ace

    18. egfazza

      And now she really is ebic sauce

    19. why not

      Now that amaru is buffed shes annoying as hell

    20. Anonym Man


    21. PotatoGames


    22. Jason Alphine Young

      Love your vidd broo

    23. FraR31

      1:42 operation healt is basically......

    24. Daget71K DV

      3:46 WTF


      You are best rainbow player 😍

    26. Deon Estebar

      rip smoke

    27. Scythe

      1:24 he was knocked

    28. Blaik Lewis

      1:38 did you use haix the youtuber's voice there?

    29. Zacky Boy

      U are not doing it right u have to use the supernova without the suppressor

    30. The Cammunist

      3:47 Can you tell which of them is American? :3

    31. Acheron Arch


    32. The-lazy-ace-emerald

      How to play amaru 101: don't garra hook into obj

    33. Fernanda Ferraz

      0:34 Medication?

    34. champanzee :D

      It took me a while to figure out that “amen vafan” was Swedish for “what the hell.” Thanks google translate 😊

    35. CrazyLasagna

      Whoever edits your videos does a great job

    36. Giovanni Chieffo

      Hi I'm a dokkaebi main but I don't use the #BOSGacog

    37. Jan S.S.

      4:40 the 1 time warden is actually not complete garbage

    38. ilovecamembert

      5:33 there isn't song name written :(

    39. Bendoswrk 5

      I feel warden was sexually abused in this video

    40. Epicface


    41. Nikto Mk2

      Simp: all wamen are Queen Bikini: sHuTsHoAeSuP ShYsHkA Lmao lol

    42. Kâsedeki Kedi

      Amaru.EXE stopped woking

    43. VVS_COBRA_311

      7:30 i love the DK music

    44. Joshua Miller

      Bikini: *just doing his thing*, *gets shot* Max: "Oh that's you"

      1. Nexus Fire Gaming

        That was chowder m8

    45. Mr.Parsnip

      does amen vafan mean what the hell in swedish?

    46. MAT49 crepaldi

      7:07 When the see you look fortnite on tour phone

    47. RedekerEleven

      I hear Super Mario RPG, I upvote.

    48. HowToBreathe ?

      Imagine if you could use the grappling gun with the hostage on your back...

    49. Kaan Dinc

      Me and the boys call amaru amura

    50. Colonel_Konami


    51. Chris Park

      4:40 That one moment when Warden actually funtions

    52. chorix _

      I had you added when I didn’t know u were a yet remember when I told everyone you were a griefer

    53. Maiko

      Is this the music to the old game Mappy? (I think it was spelled that way)

    54. Purplewarrior49 Gaming

      There needs to be a bikinibodhi frost trap compilation

    55. Crimsonz706

      9:07 he says “ did you guys see that?” Even though he flashed everyone. Sounds like he said that as a joke

    56. Peluycaro

      9:10 no

    57. ManiX207

      waaaait so roof peek in border is considered toxic ? ... welp imn not gonna stop it ... how else should one get amaru to work

    58. TheCorpClan

      7:07 you violated the law

    59. 醬油


    60. Plask

      BikiniBodhi is the crackhead of R6.

    61. Kevash

      now fail can be a content, nice everybooooooodhiiiiiii

    62. Miriam Torres

      You know what worked The like button did

    63. Zyris 05

      The clap of his ass cheeks made an earthquake,I'm dead bro

    64. Flip Mo

      no she isnt

    65. Kyle Hendrickson

      7:04 was the funniest part of the video

    66. DvarV DvarV

      Amaru is good operator

    67. DANIT 663

      Amaru suks

    68. Banana

      What do they all want from my main man HaiX


      bikini : wants something to be added to game literally bikini immediately:#whateveriwantboiisssssss

    70. KorppiX

      7:07 - I lol'd

    71. Lil RainbowTuber


    72. Nuke3 !

      I love how they say Anura is the worst operator and people also say their the best like fuckin choose one

    73. Thomas Drnec

      Amaru would be great if she could grab another operator and bring him with her

    74. Swiftshade

      I’ve only got an ace with sledge meaning everything else is bad

    75. BasicShit

      I aced after you said "amaru sucks" lol

    76. SlippyBoy

      Honestly cannot tell if he’s being sarcastic anymore

    77. • NFWIN •

      4:05 real swede

    78. Void


    79. TurtleGamer

      i rate amaru 69/420

    80. DANTE_ EXZ

      Amaru es un buen operador dijo el bikini xd

    81. Paulo Henrique


    82. MUDA MUDA

      Oh no he is dancing

    83. kribo

      11:10 "You dare to use my own spells against me Potter?!"

    84. IS-15

      Have you tried.. idk.... droning??

    85. Hi I'm 12

      My friends:I usually watch RussianBadger Me:Nah bro i prefer BikiniBodhi And maybe Tuxbird

    86. ButtersFor Life

      Guess who just got the lmg black ice!

    87. Chris Harris

      did anybody else almost DIEEE @ 11:27 when the knocking sound effect played ?

    88. Cad Killer

      Amaru is actually good at tower. She can grapple back to the offense only floor for safe rotation. Unlike other ops who are stuck once they drop down (Or takes a LOT longer)

    89. Neo N1nja

      Why is it that I see all the time people who have been on his team from years ago but they're in the opposite team that round, makes me wonder if they are customs or just really scuffed matchmaking

    90. Cruzisaac10


    91. CptCat

      Dising on star citizen... tut tut

    92. MaxTheAnimator

      Bikini: 2 videos one day Ubi: 1 fix every year :D

    93. Hxjihkjhfjn

      Fuckin peruan

    94. Joseph Parry

      “ you know an operator is good if you get a ace” Me who just got an ace with Kapkans traps and tachankas turret

    95. ImJustA _Fish

      Tachanka: 1:37 "Cyca blyat?"

    96. drugs

      1:42 my eyes

    97. Gergely Bukta

      If u say shyska it sounds like "csicska" wich is slave in hungarian

    98. Saged X


    99. Amilcar Júnior

      What is the name of the meme in 00:10?

    100. Dzona Games

      If i will be 1a thousand subscribes i will do gave away