BEST OF BIKINIBODHI 2020 HIGHLIGHTS - (Rainbow Six Siege, Dying Light & more!)


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    In this Rainbow Six Siege Montage (and a few others) we're taking a flashback at the last year of Siege, all the way up until Operation Neon Dawn and Aruni...
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    1. BikiniBodhi

      Happy New Years Everybodhi! Hope you enjoyed this year of content, and subscribe for the next one!

      1. MightyMorphinMonty7

        Happy belated New Year

      2. Adrian C

        Bubscribe to bikini my boi he deserves it

      3. Alex R6

      4. ffeustel

        Hearted his own sh!t

      5. Chips911

        Well, I have to say it. Happy New year Bikini, and Happy New year to all of us

    2. Brock Kesterson

      Reinforce walls backwards so they can’t be breached. I think

    3. Charlie Lim

      4:21 i love how he actually ducked

    4. Pavle Rajkovic

      9:28 DEH

    5. Baron' S

      6:00 song name plsss

    6. Antoni

      eSports commentators are just, the *worst*

    7. not my real name

      14:23,does anyone know what video is this from?

    8. Nate Condy

      Macie jay just got bodied by a acoged bosg

    9. YfzaMax Game

      Гад Российской карты незнать.

    10. Zeicom XCZ


    11. Quasian

      7:40 this should be a meme

    12. JxDmini


    13. Ale Mone

      17:02 ah bloo :). Am I the only one who laugh when I hear it?

    14. t3pi0 can

      Namikaze saying 'I will receive you' is the funniest shit I've ever seen

    15. Filipokd

      6:25 What movie is this music from?

      1. Freddie

        transformers main theme

    16. Breno Caetano

      wow, look at the face of bikiniiiiii. não tem nada a ver com a voz dele

    17. zac gough

      17:28 oh no no no

    18. Mic Andri Gerber

      4:20 he dodged that shot irl hahaha

    19. Александр Пучков

      0:55 не гони на Россию

    20. Penguin noot noot

      i got a banner ad 7:07 ;-;

    21. Sala7 صہلآحہ

      I miss the stodium🍃💔

    22. ApleCuker

      19:33 name of the music anyone?

    23. Its Muffin

      14:22 Favorite moment

    24. Gold Pheniox

      I want to point how everyone else in the tournament was dressed casual and my man comes in with the Clash drip.

    25. Максим Шмаков

      А я русский!!!

    26. Boris Johnson Official

      9:45 for the dance

    27. AsiveTV

      My add was such a good timing

    28. Jorge Espinal

      “Can you stop being gay to my boyfriend” Top things homies won’t stop doing

    29. Francesco Leardini

      What song is the song at 13:47? I like that

    30. XD__clanker74

      imagine getting spawnpeaked by TheRussianBadger with Tachanka's PMM. lmao

    31. MangoBango

      17:11 welcome to the gulag

    32. Mr Siege


    33. MASK21

    34. MASK21

    35. MASK21

    36. h1 y0

      Thumbnail turned me on ngl

    37. Saged

      once I came to your stream asking you something in Spanish and the racists of your mods suspended me for no reason , Spanish Lives Matters

    38. Felkuro

      everytime i see a kini video i wanna go back to the game so bad. but all mah friends dipped....and my aim potato af now.

    39. Miguel Perea

      15:44 holy fries 🌅🍟🌅

    40. the power of gaming

      in min 19:04 whats the name of this game cus it aint siege for sure and I cant find the video

    41. zueiraa extreme

      Guys, I'm brazilian and pls someone tell me what POV is No kidding

    42. theonlyone is me

      22:14 was hella wierd

    43. Aaron Vue

      uuuhhh...BLOOO :)

    44. i3su _

      Kini watches Ordinary Sausage

    45. Dakota Copley

      I have a operator idea name:theif after killing a defender you take their gadget but gadgets don't over lap if he walks over a dead teammate he can take their gadget still does not over lap he can steal dead allies or enemies weapons have not decided his base weapons

    46. Matx2hew

      Bodhi can you teach us trash rainbow six players (I'm mainly just referring to myself) how to actually play the game well.

    47. Paxdead

      4:20 maximum imersion when bikini u ducks in real life

    48. N.iltrez

      Russia is the most free country братец

    49. Droken


    50. Ohaku

      My brother liked 17:53 so much he did the Harlem shake on the ground

    51. unknown

      9:45 best part of the video we need full version

    52. Ryan

      what game is at 19:00 ?

    53. julianebug8

      Bikini going for an interrogation- Announcers- *IS HE GOING FOR AN INTERROGATION*

    54. Просто Лёха

      Damn it, I forgot, what is this music on 13:44? Sounds so familliar...

    55. The Bait

      Pro tip about that pickle, it;s basically snack after a vodka. Im polish i know what im saying

    56. 8BitKaden 0

      Oh shit America😂😂😂😂

    57. Person Person

      Bro what did monty take before this. god

    58. Jythen.

      Whats funny is when he's says "let me blow the Fuze it,then blowtorch it" and then it shows the soviet union flag but plays transformers music

    59. EvanOnXbox E

      Smoke looked actually terrifying

    60. WarAdrixx

      I can't believe that my first tournament I ever saw where there was someone who hipfire bosged someone on coastline was actualy my fav siege youtuber. Love you kini

    61. Suchto84

      I thought this is some sweaty shit

    62. Bike Bloethooth

      Come to Brazil bikini!!!

    63. Min

      4:18 is really satisfying

    64. AceRobin

      the music in the background of 16:32 is The Last Stand by Sabaton. if anyone was wondering

    65. bob builder

      Red dot warrior

    66. Šimon Petro

      It makes my day better 😂❤️

    67. s adgod

      22:10 made me think... and the music is so familiar...

    68. Benny Hammy

      Anyone else get an ad for "Outplayed" right after Kini died?

    69. Mystery-Malo G

      WHAT IS MAP??????

    70. SoggyPanda

      "UHH. More like in your nasal cavities" lol

    71. Godwill Louhou

      What’s the music 15:46 ?

    72. Matt _

      Bikini you can make Aruni rotates faster by going prone and making a triangle

    73. Dimitri

      @19:00 what event of siege was that

    74. pinkpanther 0_0


    75. Empty Justman


    76. Ov3

      1:08 That killed me hahahhaaha


      Yeyy references for Brazil im happy

    78. TrihardCX

      I love the Fabian clips

    79. Dustyy Fox

      13:42 music?

    80. Luis Filipe F Jatoba

      18:32 Verdade kk

    81. DLPS

      15:22 karlson vibe

    82. Gianmarco Gargiulo

      Pls do a video with zoot It would be fun

    83. T

      This video 99% teamkills 1% Skyrim references

    84. PockyNightmare

      Bikini really reppin the Ephixa gang here!

    85. 5C02ちゃんか

      11:53 it is not the best but I like it

    86. lara molina

      wow everything that happened ...

    87. Vitae

      0:55 American education system in a nutshell...

    88. PiDi De

      Who have you buy Rainbow Six Siege ?

    89. Panda_ Boi

      omg jag märkte inte du va svensk. kan vi ngn gång spela tsm om de e mölijgt

    90. PukingPete

      I have timestamped the orc cbt 22:28

    91. qew.y

      What game is it 19:01? pls

    92. Esteban Cortes

      Bikini do u remember szepis?

    93. Long Thái

      anybody know the song at 23:35? please!!!!

    94. Jorge Cubero Llorens


    95. Nerd_Neck

      Was that a JOJO REFERENCE

    96. Gaston

      Какая корона? Жигулевская, наша родимая

    97. Carter Turner

      He said cbt c*** and ball torture Those are my dang initials 🙁😤😡🤬

    98. андрей Филимонов


    99. Y0G0FU

      Bikini hates weebs but uses Jojo Music... one of the weebiest Animes out there. I feel attacked.

    100. Julio Gonzalez

      Bikini guess what you’re probably not going to see this but I got your game and I’m so excited to try it out keep it up