*EPIC* Rainbow Six Siege Moments


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    Rainbow Six Siege is much Epic
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    Epic Moments and Funny Moments happen all the time in Rainbow Six Siege
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    🎵 Music:
    Johannes Bornlöf - Epic Trailer 04
    Goemons Great Adventure OST- Ryugu Castle
    Pokémon RSE OST - Wild Pokémon
    Gunnar Johnsén - Walking The Cat 1
    Per-Anders Nilsson - Joyous Fridays 2
    Magnus Ringblom - Trapped In Athens 2
    Anders Ekengren - Fast Quirky 1
    Martin Gauffin - And Champagne For All 1
    Sly 2 OST - Wine Cell
    Johan Hynynen - Sudden Fun 6
    Jonatan Järpehag - Fields Of Joy 13
    Magnus Ringblom - Beautiful Days
    Gavin Luke - Agressive And Dark 2
    Martin Gauffin - Jumping Cricket 3
    Magnus Ringblom - Trouble In Kitchen 12
    Mario & Sonic Olympic Games 2014 OST - Bob-Omb Battlefield
    Hans Zimmer - Epilogue
    🎵 Sound Effects by:
    ► Your Brain: bit.ly/2JETObQ
    🎵 Outro: Noisestorm - Crab Rave
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