EVERYTHING WRONG With Rainbow Six Siege


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    Rainbow Six Siege Operation Burnt Horizon has started but before I go into playing the new ops Mozzie & Gridlock I have an Alpha Pack opening to be done with
    Watch my OP strategy oin how to open Alpah Packs
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    1. Der KäseGott


    2. Harry

      Why does ying have to have such an ugly legendary weapon skin

    3. Gerihun 102

      I've done a better headbang on desk here is the link everibodhi: vm.tiktok.com/ZSgyRmE4/

    4. Elian Díaz brito


    5. LucaBR_07

      2:46 kamehameha

    6. Sir Sarcasm

      the skin on 2:54 looks like a bus seat

    7. Robmarvey Coralde

      I love how capitao has a headgear with a face paint like cav

    8. Robmarvey Coralde

      Ash is so wrong

    9. Ники_ PRO

      the all video 10000000 velvet shell

    10. Murillo Lica


    11. Jim The Narwhal

      It's time for another one of this videos Bikini

    12. Sam Smith

      Damn i love how happy he is with a muffincake🥺

    13. Alpha Dragon1337

      7:59 was free on ubisoft club...

    14. TotallyNotKrime

      dragon roost island nice

    15. Roger Burca

      DId He JuST SaY MeAtAbAlLa

    16. Robert Agee

      Bikini over here getting duplicate black ice when I have none

    17. RVS SoulZ

      You got more black ice in 20 packs then I got in my life :(

    18. Trace Mcdonald

      2:30 Make way for the


      If i got that f2 legendary, i would be so angry bc i have black ice for the 417

    20. ErRoR SAnS

      Sub titles: this is the quest to get plus my pink

    21. Thomas the big brain engine

      Why when bikini said "hopes and dreams" I started hearing music

    22. Black CAT

      It’s a MUFFINCAKE

    23. Luigi Bottoni

      3:14 check this out


      2:30 LMAO XD

    25. jinx86

      7:04 space martian is sick

      1. Yo merengues

        No isn’t

    26. Fosoko 1

      Liturially me without the black ices

    27. Bobosigt forever

      Русские везде!

    28. Goodgamer Stealth

      I have heard if you use the bullet charm you got you get more ammo

    29. GT RL

      How does he not react to the black ice hes like oo nice

    30. Rikyfer8_ Channel

      Fookin alpha packs

    31. D.V.P

      I got 2 plasma pinks back to back once

    32. Julio Rios Cortes

      Give me one black Ice i only have the aug and i don't like that gun too much i want a SAS weapon black Ice

    33. Ozee Saico


    34. ItsMrDanny

      Cupcakes Are Just Muffins But With Fancy Hats...☺

    35. Michał Juszczak

      Pls do daily

    36. QueefMa Cheeks

      I like how he has BigBoy_Dom as *DO NOT DISTURB*

    37. Nick Gery

      *Velvet Shell sponsored this video*

    38. Luigi Bottoni

      3:13 MADNESS

    39. Michal Mackiewicz

      What i wanted: Black Ice What my grandma got me: Ice

    40. 2CnZ

      At least you are getting black ice

    41. FC Hurricane

      How do you open it slowly (i meet he can stop opening in the midle and he doesn’t reveal the card imeadetly)

    42. Lusor_Elges

      You got more black ices in this vid than i have on ps4 and pc i got 3 black ices, and i started playing whem cav got released

    43. Doktor Steve

      Can i get the charm on ps4 to?

    44. Legend REDX

      100 dolla for alpha pooks

    45. MaxTheAnimator

      Bikini:*always dissapointed at the legendaries he gets* Me: Tell me what legendary is good besides plasma pink.

    46. Myles Stones

      1.11 is the pack that started something amazing

    47. Cosmin 1210

      Normal People okay. Bikini oh key

    48. Dark Shadow 342

      3:45 fuk youuuu XD jajaja jajaja

    49. Sultan Emad

      Bikini was trying so hard to get plasma pink and Marley just opened like 5 packs and got it

    50. BB 4

      I got plasma pink in one of my first packs and I use it for every single gun I have.

    51. Omar Flores

      I have plasma pink on all my guns

    52. João Z

      How can i got the chibi? I subscribe on twitch trought my Phone or ps4?

    53. Lethal Luke

      Don’t worry I’m level 150 and the two black ices I have is glaz’s sniper and the MP5K

    54. Gastly Bastion

      8:00 “Engravings ... no tactical advantage whatsoever”

    55. Guyski79

      he hasn’t gotten plasma pink but no cap that was the first skin i ever got

    56. Cecche

      8:38 cries in console

    57. Lewis Daniels-Glynn


    58. SMmania123

      Black Ice for Nokk primary is like a wet dream mate ah sweet bliss XD

    59. Jacob J

      Best siege content creator😂

    60. AH-64 Apache

      Could you imagine not having plasma pink on rainbow six siege, I couldn’t😎

    61. rosta mesko

      I open pack And i got Black ice duplicate on P226 MK 25 . I know how you feel

    62. J4cØ Mineak 2¡m0


    63. Zimori

      Not a Velvet Shell Not a Red Crow IT'S A RED VELVET CUPCAKE !

    64. Keresztesi Márk

      What is this game

    65. Azm4h _

      Why are your viewers so retarded and always choose the last option in the like "i" logo

    66. Luis Plaza


    67. Creative Dog Films

      Whats the name of the song in 4:03?

    68. SkiesKR

      Kini: *opens 240+ packs* gets garbage Also Kini: *opens 50+ packs* gets 3 BLACK ICE

    69. HereWeEvil

      Plasma pink was the first skin I got

    70. Bence Szabolcs

      I'm late to the party but let me tell you, I got ptsd from the hearthstone music

    71. Flyguysniper 220

      Bruh I got my first legendary and I was a fricking charm

    72. Autumn Scrappy

      Dom is to Marley as is Chowder is to Bikini- fuccin' psychics.

    73. Ipablocks 3

      Bikini: the trick is clicking here Console players: .......

    74. nug_Wazowski

      Its sad how he got those 5 black ice but hes sad about that pink skin

    75. Tachanka Gods

      You ar the best content maker damn boiii

    76. bananas p o t a s s i u m


    77. Wyatt O’reilly

      3:15. This is Sparta

    78. Wqsted


    79. Henius Alihator

      Kona boyyyyyyys

    80. bananas p o t a s s i u m

      *V E L V E T S H E L L*

    81. Smittyeagerman

      Does bakini work for Ubisoft r6?

    82. Hitguy 43


    83. Thicc Nicc

      Yeah, can I get a fugin, uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... *V E L V E T S H E L L ?*

    84. ART TEAM

      Come si ottiene il tuo ciondolo ??? (Use google translete

    85. Birds fly101

      Velvet shell more like twelvet shell amirite

    86. Engineer gaming

      I get a lot of white noise 8/

    87. I_Consume_Glue __

      Bikini the first pack I ever opened in r6 was plasma pink😂

    88. get pixel'd

      Yea sure too long , u just milked the 10 mins.

    89. Shadow-Syntax

      No entiendo una mierda

    90. Rage _


    91. James Harrison

      Omg when ubi puts a joke in their own game Ubi skin for ying.

    92. James Harrison

      When the only black ice you got is on the m870 shotgun.... Well lets go recruit bois ....(rip)

    93. da shroom

      My only accomplishment in this game is getting Black Ice on the Frost SMG in my first ever pack

    94. Kuzey Guner

      Bikini when there is a black ice oh nice Tux bird when there is a black ice assfssgreetdyffurraewrtgjufhffhgbx

    95. bebo crusader

      Is plasma pink rare i got it on my first five alpha packs

    96. Gamestorm


    97. Gamestorm


    98. Ceo of cat

      someone take him to a hostbital

    99. Inadequte_kohai

      8:09 - Ну-ка? Это както странно

    100. Levente Mike