Flores Is The *BEST* Attacker In Rainbow Six Siege...


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    In This Rainbow Six Siege Montage we're pulling some insane blitzin strats with the NEW Operator Flores, Operation Crimson Heist is a *blast*!
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    🎵 Music:
    Pokemon Sun & Moon OST - Route 1
    Sly Cooper 2 OST - Paris
    Pegboard Nerds - Try This
    Super Mario Sunshine OST - Delfino Plaza [Qumu Remix]
    Martin Gauffin - A Walk In The Park 4
    Stardew Valley OST - Summer (Natures Crescendo)
    The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword OST Grooses Theme
    Legend of Zelda Wind Waker OST - Dragon Roost Island (BikiniBodhi Remix)
    Luella Gren - Is This Circus Music
    South Park The Fractured But Whole OST - Raisins Girls
    New Super Mario Bros. OST - Overworld Theme

    🎵 Outro: Noisestorm - Crab Rave

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    1. BikiniBodhi

      Only true gamers know Flores is big poggers, we also order Gfuel over at: www.gfuel.ly/301SWHK using code KINI 😎😎

      1. edcz

        I think it would actually be called "Vertical gay-me playing" instead.

      2. Dame Dollaz

        Skrattar du, forlorar du

      3. Joker Jonny

        i did not expect the Spanish inquisition

      4. Chamuel Rivera

        the fact that you put pegboard nerds on the background made it a 100 times better

      5. SuperMonkeyOOF

        I don’t like Flores. I asked snedger and he said he doesn’t like him

    2. Zkull

      flores: fuze 2.0

    3. CJGamr01

      flores really heard "be gay do crimes" and said ok huh

    4. '-'-_-

      Flores is basically fuze but more precise.

    5. Crimson

      I just realized that in the vid you used the song Try This by Pegboard Nerds lol

    6. ShadowSpaceProductions

      The first time I ever saw a Flores, he drove his drone right up to the hostage and forgot it explodes....

    7. Spectreblitz

      everyone says that about a new OP

    8. salfishy

      Is it just me or does it look like he locked on to the guy at 4:43 in the video

    9. Tristan Crotte

      Someone knows the song of 5:40 please

    10. Maple Syrup cuz why not

      Flores is the definition of “if you don’t move or your on cams or just blind and dead I will literally blow you to bits” Edit: his guns are actually good (despite me not having him) but he’s just not for my playstyle. I mean if I get him somehow I will play him

    11. KiLiAnGrEgOr

      KnoW where the enemy SS R ... is not hacking 🤌🏼🥰💗

    12. KiLiAnGrEgOr

      It works 💪👷😌☺👌

    13. BlackPriison

      Im so happy i got black ice for his pistol it looks so nice

    14. Ornphailin Hirano

      I love that enemy is missing ping XD

    15. Ignacio Valentín Paz

      y si pa, es argentino, ya era obvio que seria lo mejor

    16. _ReKoReNg_

      Best montage vid so far, I really like it

    17. felix

      he's like fuze but gay and that is awesome

    18. mute

      hey kini you can send flores drones through aruni laser gates and they don't break if you activate the flores drone before hitting it

    19. Kamri Animations


    20. Ruyi Jingu Bang

      this guy once again proves that with a bit of imagination even a teaspoon is a weapon

    21. Rickard Bingebo

      11:18 what the hell

    22. Zeus


    23. Cris0517 Plays

      4:20 ..... how

    24. Lorenzo Lagier

      Por algo es argentino

    25. AZB

      Nice Sly 2 theme song

    26. Lgamer

      Am i the only one who thinks bikini looks liek mr.beast

    27. Herr Wahnsinn

      I can't perv on Flores though...

    28. Martín Perez-Paiz Rivano

      Stardew valley music?

    29. your dad

      I don't even play r6 anymore and yet i still watch bikini 😂

    30. Cyorex

      D E G E N A R A T E S

    31. yClown

      I'm from Brazil and I'm a big fan of yours

    32. Super Slav

      4:22 wth

    33. Kinder

      In my opinion he´s a better version of twich.

    34. Matheus

      A nokk play ?

      1. Herr Wahnsinn

        My friend was maining her this morning.

      2. Matheus


    35. LordOfMims420

      me: buy a character that is not flores al the fucking internet:

    36. Sarcastic _Ocupie

      Does this make Flores the new Fuze? 🤔

    37. Seth

      5:40 song?

    38. Seth

      Cant fucking believe that they brought in an RC-XD from cod to siege

    39. Music and Tech

      Lmfao least im not the only person having so much fun with him XD the clips are insane !!!

    40. Havoctho

      Imagine not having Ar33 black ice

    41. Trenton Graff

      How about we make a combo of finka ying and amaru

    42. PokeyDude3

      The new Fuze

    43. Give me a SUCC


    44. Give me a SUCC


    45. Akinosa225 Youtube

      @BikiniBodhi will you do a video on the rick and morty bundle?

    46. Marek Buráň

      Oh no I cant be amazing because i subscribe before.

    47. Giovanna Caputo

      Stay with me brastokah

    48. Colaforce12

      Dude is playing in casual lobbies and claiming an op is good with those as reference. Casual players probably think oryx and amaru are S tier. Use him in high ranked lobbies, then tell us how good he is.

    49. Fry Lad

      Anyone know what song is used for a few seconds at 3:56? I have the tune stuck in my head but can't remember what song it is

    50. BenTheAryan

      15:04 has meme potential I feel like

    51. BenTheAryan

      this video gave me whiplash

    52. Arash Kiumarsi

      👋 hello

    53. Alastor the radio demon

      I recently killed an entire team alone, some got killed by gun but most of them got killed by my knive

    54. Klopp The DestroyerYT

      Golden gun is back if you wanna try it out

    55. L D

      so stupid and annoying

    56. Jamie Pinson

      Loser much?

    57. Vingx

      hes ash

    58. Fabrisco

      Who's where after finding out that bikini bodhi died in a car accident, F R.I.P Kini

      1. Seth

        Wait what

    59. Not_IOS

      Golden gun?

    60. Yes Box

      Tjenare behöver du en Editor om du behöver det så når du mig via discord: Razmuu#7061

    61. Levente Szakmári

      Flores still bad change my mind

    62. Dal Kim

      U should do this with teo

    63. SWAMA

      Very good video my swidish bou

    64. Forte

      is it just me or at 9:13 he laughed like the spy from TF2

    65. Felix

      2:28 he LEARNED

    66. Koel Noel


    67. René

      Bikini, where is your Zombie Mute Video 🤯 its very old, but I cant find it

    68. T4kix N3

      I like when bikini making huh it remember me the doc from tf 2 :)

    69. Nicconiglio

      Bikini come back with a juan deag video ubi added the juan deag mode again

    70. StopRage

      U are so funny 😂

    71. Sports4u

      There’s only one true god, and that’s the Lord, the One from the Bible and real life

    72. Le_mustardman43

      You're siege pain is so entertaining way better then you're regular shitpost

    73. wds dsdsd

      U are gay

      1. felix

        Flores canonically is mlm

    74. DOKO YPKS

      flores and ash are the best operators for me :0

    75. lI Anubis Il

      The Mario Sunshine music

    76. fung wah chinese billionaire

      Ace would like to have a word with you

    77. DartHawK

      Ля, а музыка в начале, как у Дениски Карамышева))

    78. Aaron Taylor

      9:37 no they are just melucional

    79. ComedorDePassas.

      Please from legend to Brazil!?

    80. Sofia Lopez

      every time when your videos end i move the mouse like the crab that is dancing xd

    81. 100 subcribers but no videos

      Cool. Now do it in ranked

    82. Captain Krud

      they kall him kini s

    83. Tomáš N.

      I see that Kini stumbled upon Doc's masterpiece "Gillette"

    84. Adsylrod

      I sense another alpha pack opening in your future.. 5:00

    85. Nam Lương Thanh

      5:38 can someone tell me what is the music?

    86. GulaschAnna

      die deutschen im in game chat

    87. Die Scholle

      Bikini pls try again to speak German this who's sooo funny :)

    88. huni

      And he is gay

      1. felix

        Even better

    89. Weloys

      Well... I didn’t expect the Spanish Inquisition

    90. Rodrigo Nuñez

      Me who likes to kill the hostage: Friendship with Fuze ended Now Flores is my Best Friend

    91. Alexis Quintana

      I played siege yesterday , been a year since I play and I was chilling checking cameras when I heard beat , beat and boom I didn't even know flores ability was a exploding drone

    92. ASHmt

      love the stardew valley music in there :) 4:20

    93. ST_ Dragon

      the "game crash" is CLASSIC!

    94. Deovanny Colon

      3 ads r u fucking kidding me?!!?!

    95. The Loveable

      ooh that sly cooper music *nuts* this video got 1+ like

    96. Melly

      Why does Kini get put against babies and I get John Cena and Matthew Mcconaughey

    97. gabriel silvestre

      Ai rapaziada, qm acabou de instalar ou está pensando o Kwai, use meu código de convite, que assim vc já começa ganhando dinheiro e ainda me ajudam. Meu código é Kwai602714037

    98. Unusual

      Your game was on my birthday

    99. Erik Elf

      angery in swedish be like "MEN VA I HELVETE"