How a Champion Plays Aruni In Rainbow Six Siege


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      10:15 wtf is that?

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      The type of guy to be considered a champion because someone’s mom complained

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      How a 0x champ fakes being champ

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      5:50 somebody at ubi watched the shining

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    8. Vinayak S

      Imagine getting oryx'ed (I know that's not a word but just pretend it is for a while) into Aruni and she immediately fist you before you land. If that exist, that is the coolest kill in R6

    9. Kello

      Why using supressor? 1 more shot to 2 armor operator on dmr, and i think 2 more on p10

    10. Mystik Gaming

      8:54 imagine chilling out and a Aruni yeets through the hatch

    11. KaiAteYourPie

      What was the pattern that eddor or whatever his name was didn’t like

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      You killed me? You're better then me? Reported. Ez ban. Teach you to be better than me.

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      Which gun is better for ranked

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      9:55??? 10:03????????

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      Please stop saying "balanced passive" cuz then there gonna nerf her lol

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      Anyone knows 5,45 song?

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      2:48 can someone explain thank u

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      I don't understand how he countered Thermite???

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      balanced passive

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      Here I am.

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      8:39 "Karma Bullet"

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      2:49 what map is that

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      man, i love your vids so much. the reason i got back into siege again :D

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      The Doom music was surprising, but always welcomed 🤘

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      1:22- Woll

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      Someone here that Spanish song??

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      13:00 La bamba? Thats you?

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      2:43 I’m so confused

    32. Yeisnel Argote

      Aruni kinda cute tho. That's impressive considering her face is mangled.

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      you get too hyped but they’re only casual matches lmao

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      10:08,12:03 Whats up with Bikini and Kingdom Hearts.I dont get it.

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      1:50 tachanka: *coughs on bikini* Bikini: hey, social distancing, don’t cough on me Tachanka: *burns himself* I f*cking burn Me and bikini: XD

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      BALANCED PASSIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      rayman raving rabbits LIKE

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      You re my hero mini I love all your videos and the person who dislike your videos is a popohead

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      11:33 that was my favourite german youtuber...

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      I never would have thought about the hallway Melusi/Aruni strat. Holy crap that's genius.

    45. Elmo from USSR

      can someone explain me the kingdom hearts thing? thanks

    46. jstme andmeactlimlost

      2:42 how to do this trick i don’t understand;-;

      1. Icarus

        Place the aruni on the other side, and walk next to it on your side. That will disable it because you are near it, and then walk away to activate it and destroy the hardbreach

    47. Matee

      No one: Absolutely no one: Music: PARA BAILAR LA BAMBA

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      bro the pokemon mystery dungeon music in the background tho


      7:24 was when rainbow become hotline Miami

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      Mit Jostrekt im Tesm? Heftig

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      Oh god... He became A tryhard

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      7:50 LUL

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      around 9:53 i'm starting to actually listen to the music and it reminds me of some game i used to play anyone know what it is could bring back nostalgia

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      Even kini knows you don't tap fire with a dmr, gotta send that lead down range if you want it to count, even with a dmr...

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      Aye yo, 1.5M subs and only like 10% of you like the video? Cmon bois!

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      Nerf that stupid passive infact she can just remove it and give her impact instead of barb

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      4:32 my favorite

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      what was the song that played right after he said the hostage is praying to god at 4:31 ?

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      surya bonk

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      Oh. He released this on my bday.

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      hi everyone i wanted to tell you that if you have nice rainbow clips you can send them to thank you all

    62. JHONNY

      hi everyone i wanted to tell you that if you have nice rainbow clips you can send them to thank you all

    63. XcaliburR6

      no.... kurt cobain said look at this trickshot with the M590A1

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      Bikini what is the song at 2:39?? its not in the song list and I must know!

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      Why u say champion uses aruni if ur plat?

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      Why do you never include the mgs sneaking theme in the description

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      La canción de fondo es “ para bailar la bamba”

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      i dont even play Siege, but damn you are a blast to watch.

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      Yo they got symmetra in r6 now? Crazy.

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      why the suppresor on the dmr tho?

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      what is the name of bikini`s p10 roni skin? IT IS AMAZING

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      so uhhhhh *balanced passive*

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      *Playing as Aruni* *downed enemy* (In chat) “hey what’s the capital of Thailand” *melees* “Bangkok”

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      No hate intended but your a diamond, not a champ.. You're still really good and i love you're videos😁

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      7:29 small edits like this make a video 10x better

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      Copy Marley

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      I love when people think someone who’s good is hacking and report them and nothing happens. It’s hilarious.

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      1:30 i do this in ranked always just open garage and they will get confused ..

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      The mystery dungeon music in the background completes this video for me lol

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      Is it me or does arunis cheek look like cheese 🧀

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      Passive is balanced.

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      Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky OST for treasure town is pog

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      Is bikini a champion?