How Blackbeard Ruined Christmas


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    Rainbow Six Siege is now celebrating Christmas in Operation Shifting Tides where Siege introduced Wamai and Kali and the sought after Ela Elite .... SIKES THE BOSG ACOG.
    But in this video where playing the most evil of the whole bunch
    Santa Blackbeard
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    1. BikiniBodhi

      Like this video and I will drop the Christmas Rook video this week

      1. SuperBlaze907

        6:00, watch dogs 2

      2. richard parkinson

        Easy for ence

      3. Leo Lo bello

        @Dylan O. Errs Dr dress d4dfdydddrddtdddrddydyrddddt#&&sdrsrfssesd44

      4. Ian Chen

        Hey bikini Marley is better

      5. tu shitpost diario

        Im hungry...

    2. Lexx

      Juan Seag

    3. Twitch Zyklon

      Can someone tell me what the song starting at 6:26 is

    4. Clonorex

      Bikini tells how to not tryhard but not tells how to get fun from this game

    5. Arthur Cordeiro

      Depois o bikini é banido por toxidade e n sabe pq kkkk

    6. Your mum Is dumb

      Mr Blackbeard I want aa12 acog for Christmas

    7. Le rockeur des années 90

      Shhht! No witnesses....

    8. Ata rani Ciner

      Marley better than you

    9. セイバーSuwupreme

      So like is it a juan deag , juan seag or a juan dic

    10. General Jackson

      3:40 :D when you live in germany and there is a supermarket which called lidl xD

    11. Idiort

      The ez4ence there was noice

    12. Alessandro Barbara

      Haven? ZA WARDO OVER HAVEN reinforsed

    13. Hayoonaise

      Thought he said one siegs first i was uhhhhhhhhh

    14. Sub to me for no reason

      When he said happy new year makes me think if he means it😢

    15. bardia sabbagh

      The black beards gadget is he’s shield when you destroyed the shield and u sayed I got balanced if this op lose his shield he’s worse that a recruit😕

    16. Geometrix Dx

      “Yeah but I mean dick is meat”-Zhoot 2019

    17. oto 245

      You stealing my poopoo

    18. amit grinvald

      I am Jewish to chaoder

    19. Torin Coulson

      The target is being held on the ground floor, go go go

    20. The R6S Shield Main

      Bikini, laser sights don’t show while you aim down sights.

    21. Billy Fleming

      I’m the 1m view

    22. Mohammad Sadra Farahany

      I am actually Muslim but won't do santa like that. He was so friendly

    23. Hityouwiththatt Official

      “Oh right... you’re Jewish” 🤣

    24. Steeveedragoon

      Was this before or after blackbeards shield was given 50 health? Honestly at this point you have to wonder if using the shield is even worth it. Honestly you might as well just play Nøkk if you want the deagle. You'd basically be blackbeard but f@ck the paparazzi. (I like that joke, I'm sad that I'll forget about it in about half an hour from now.)

    25. RougeRapier :


    26. Josh_HD

      That bit when he’s baiting them with the laser aight is like he’s playing with a cat 🐱

    27. Ata rani Ciner

      Marley is better than you with 1 taps

    28. Finley Pechtold

      Was That ez for ens at the start ? 😂

    29. Kanye West Dickrider

      Whose dick do I have to suck for 40 McNuggets. Sounds like a great deal.

    30. Serppi

      0:15 ez4ence OMG Suomi mainittu TORILLE

    31. Huhe Reak

      He Santa clash

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    33. Flo __

      2:45 Sounds like german

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    35. abdo waleed

      nigga beard

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    37. Josh Duncan

      What country is bikini from?

    38. Daka

      There's not a single game where I don't get headshotted as blackbeard at least one round

    39. Victor Murilo Verdan Gusmao Siqueira

      This video is cause: Blackbeard have santa skin❌ Bikini now is Marley ✅

    40. Kiwi

      Did u said any good hoe here XD

    41. DoDoKusan

      4:06 this is why they removed frag grenades from dokkabae.

    42. Scherz YUBoi

      Man blackbeard is such a fun character . Don't you agree bikini? HiHiHi

    43. Zuko’s Honour

      3:50 damn Santa got same day delivery now too

    44. Leonardo Viganò

      Wait is chowder really jewish?

    45. Zypho


    46. Dominik Farkaš

      Bikini gej

    47. Fresh_doggo

      I came from csgo and I recognized the ez4ence in the beginning

    48. Memelord


      1. Serppi


    49. Bruvnoteven

      Subbed when ez4ence played

    50. The R6S Shield Main

      Blackbeard? More like *Whitebear- WHEEZE.*

    51. Black Bread

      Imagine putting Blackbeard’s shield on his deagle

    52. Khaiiee 01

      How do you counter a gun with a shield? Lord Tachanka: Get bigger gun with bigger shield

    53. Totally not Mozzie's account

      5:08 Top 10 anime betrayals

    54. Pilot

      Blackbeard dont even have a black beard

    55. BrunoszwaPL

      2:16 Youre stealin my poopoo

    56. Joonas Jaakkola


    57. Sam McBride

      Marley will always be a better 1tapper

    58. Nuke3 !

      Black beard is not balanced his gun dose61 or 62 and he has a shield on his gun so not balanced

    59. Yxppy

      Thestepdady is me at minute 4:50

    60. Luca Scarpato

      5:10: top ten anime betrayal

    61. Hell Raiser

      0.14 ez4ENCE flashbacks

    62. OVERKILL

      a juan seag stole my sandwich :c

    63. Ed Popson

      1:19 Heaven got reinforced 🤣

    64. Hunter Springfield

      nobody: sleeping cav : 1:11

    65. Reapstion

      Today I learned: - Heaven got reinforced. - Bikini assassinated his own creation in cold blood, afraid that it might become too powerful. - Fraser gave a bj for 40 McNuggets and a McFlurry

    66. BlckMoy117

      Marley is better than u >:)

    67. jonathancilantro

      2:57 the first time bikini has ever avoided a frost trap

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    71. Williams Zhang

      Get fucked Marley 😂😂😂

    72. Ethan Schraml

      Why is hip fire soooooooo much more accurate on pc than console?

    73. Ian Perry

      Remember when Blackbeard’s shield would never break in a real match without going out of your way to break it xD

    74. Critica Social Foda

      bikini you're an evil person do you killed BosgAcog in the minute 5:08

    75. Leandro Mendes

      Bikini my Ash Acog No Bosg Acog Fučku vigil z😡

    76. edgar1899

      Easy for ence

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    80. ySeDeBoi

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      Santa gave bikini the gift of not dying to a frost trap for this ONE time 😂😂

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      5:12 when the father punishes his son

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    88. Hello

      At 3:57 you killed my irl friend named phoung

    89. Mej

      Does anyone realize that bikini does not put on the ballistic shield on Blackbeard?

    90. Davi Abrahão Queiroz Bezerra


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      7:18 sucky sucky 5 dorrah

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      1. Edim.z

        In the netherlands

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    96. Maxim Porter


    97. Peter Bartlow

      Can we all agree bikini has one of the best outros ever and that he better not ever change it or else?

    98. NovaOfAutumn

      I honestly don’t see blackbeard as op because I always kill him easy even with shooting the weak shield, but the shield does help somewhat (although it sticks out so much that they could see you coming around a corner if you go too slow).

    99. Feeling Uncreative

      The Juan Seag He- I’m gonna stop there

    100. RETPI

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