How Finka Became Rainbow Six Sieges Most OP Operator...


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    Rainbow Six Siege latest update BUFFED FINKA and nerfed trash operators like Jäger, the old operator that was released during Operation Chimera together with Lion, the operation that inspired the new game Rainbow Six Quarantine, is now a MENACE, like seriously who cares about the Ela and her Ela Elite skin?
    Here's a Rainbow Six Montage on one of my favourite operators.
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    1. BikiniBodhi

      HELLO FRIENDS: If ya'll LIKE the video & go get yourselves some Gfuel at with my code: KINI | I'm gonna give you a kiss 😳

      1. Roy Mustang but cooler

        like the JoJo's meme song 6:42

      2. Tucker Henrikson

        No homo

      3. Sebastian Glang

        BikiniBodhi gfuel is trash! Try Gamersupps

      4. ZombiRunn3 TheCringeBoi

        @BikiniBodhi So I read somewhere that frags do 120 damage in Siege and so in theory Finkas Surge shouldn't help much when holding a frag but I tested it in game anyway and yeah you can't survive even while surged

      5. Dicerox1

        Might take you up on that one! ;D

    2. Murray Gecko

      I love how they sponsored and then hate them

    3. Pavle Rajkovic


    4. Dejan Marijanovic

      Corona beer haha funny lol

    5. Tuna Fish

      He says he has a different favourite operator every video. Man i AM confused

    6. Dellynger Corp


    7. Dellynger Corp

      When I saw Tamara's name on Siege, I read "BokuNoTachanka" instead of "BokuNoTamara", is it normal ? 😂😭

    8. Ádám Bugár

      I'm gonna make you into goulash-xddddd gulyás is my favourite

    9. Makai Tolbert

      how did bikini make the russian lmg look like a csgo negev the cheese

    10. TS_iro688man Rainbow six

      Stop simping

    11. Angela Duarte

      0:31 Bikini: I Love Finka Clash: WHAAAT

    12. Levi Glassmeyer

      What map is that with those flags please tell me

    13. Gvidas Leonavičius

      Why are u gay?

    14. Blood Slasher

      Finka just drinks Gfuel that's how she's the best op

    15. caratrmy and moa

      Raid shadow lengens is the worst game ever

    16. Hex: The Big Gay

      Thing is, she’s fun to play as but not fun to play against;-;

    17. chrismcbr06

      he rlly just did that to the stupid raid game lmao

    18. ganster frol

      Спасибо за Россию!

    19. samjoul1109

      When said Corona well Corona came

    20. Kaiden G.

      Pov: Your here because the thumbnail...

    21. Russell Griffin

      Im gonna guess Finka

    22. DemonFox5432

      Everybodhi: [any charactet] is so bad! Bikinibodhi in all videos: This character is so op!

    23. FLTS splash

      Bikini the finks boost caused the pandemic

    24. V3rteXx

      AMEN VA I HE-

    25. JustMax

      Bikini is a simp.

    26. that one random guy

      Finka is nuts

    27. Simon bkevins Friend

      1:15 lol

    28. Elelena Larionova

      Это раша блятб, вулфи

    29. Trace The Dank Meme Lord

      Looking at the thumbnail in 2020... The operator made to counter viruses and such... Corona the beer...

    30. der Hartz IV boii

      Sara Lara und Tamara

    31. spray :D

      Как так можно не знать флаг России?

    32. Vigil

      Simp hea simp

    33. Aurora Borealis

      I like how at 10 minutes he starts playing sly cooper music

    34. Bouggie Boi

      Who else thought for a sec that the russian flag was the Serbian flag

    35. TheTrolldier

      i love viva pinata.

    36. The Soviet Octopus

      Anyone is OP when Bikini plays someone

    37. patitogamer R.P

      Zero an Friends

    38. mediumbrain 4

      I think she is very powerful right now, because no one expects you to play finka

    39. Богдан Рыбаков


    40. The Big Killer

      U predicted corona

      1. Atena Nozaripoot

        i thought the same

    41. Mr. Nobody

      Hello I am Bikini_Boudi. People often confuse me with you. When they say I am your big fan I reply me too.

    42. John Lockman

      You misspelled “Lion” in the video’s title.

    43. Qyu Siahaan

      When the LMG rampage started, the subtitled said [ Music ]

    44. AHP13

      wait...this beer is illegal

    45. demoman tf2

      Wait was finka holding a corona bear

    46. Its Myst


    47. ThexDVIRY9 BGR9

      Me encanta la corona enserio

    48. im lilyeet

      raid shadow ia peace of shit

    49. OwnOcean

      Finka is so shit

    50. Ross McKenzie

      Can we please get Fraser in more videos? I live for those Scottish outbursts.

    51. Farizmo

      I automatically liked when you said no Raid shadow legends

    52. Данил Новосёлов

      3:43 😡

    53. Zetelpals Ze

      I kill my brother

    54. Sir rage alot97

      His thumbnail did not age well

    55. Der Knilch

      9:03 Killer queen has already touched that

    56. Иван Ширшов

      3:33 wolfy is idiot, he doesn't known how look Russia flag, SYKA BLYAT! (СУКА БЛЯТЬ!)

    57. SIEBWIEP


    58. Amistic ClapZ

      when he died from a jager,jager mains laughed

      1. Rainbow Six Zombie

        I lost braincells watching this

      2. Peeper McBeeper

        So like half the player base?

    59. Amistic ClapZ


    60. Mark Dioquino

      finka is just wireless doc

    61. MasterChief7238

      Well i got a raid shadow legends ad and pop up

    62. John Doe

      but but i thought clash was the most OP operator. I am truly heartbroken by this video i am not angry and mad just sad.

    63. Grant Prine

      Ah yes, finka fits patrick!

    64. furysongduet

      Wait I have the same fav... 🤔

    65. Jorge Oviedo

      Yo digo que este es mexicano

    66. Israel Jiménez

      i expected the “heroes never die” and it still made me laugh lol

    67. RolledBeyondTime

      Finkas a lot of fun

    68. cheese man


    69. Jackson Gallivan


    70. Adam Gharbi

      Är du svensk

    71. kavooo

      huh. i realized this was uploaded on my birthday,

    72. Alex Gravette

      Yes i am not the only fenka main

    73. Niels Petit-Jean

      Bikini bringing finka winrate up With 100%

    74. dat boi

      Viva piñata is suck a lit game doe

    75. Joppa 2000

      Gotta love that sly music.

    76. 1mrreaper1

      3:35 It not Russia Me: Ты че флаг попутал?

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      Pahahaha that raid shadow legends Diss made me piss myself

    78. SpeltaRP

      Ooh. Corona beer. Hmmmm. Not the best choice

    79. Iam DeeAy

      Need more "TAMARA" T_T

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    81. Apacolyptic-llama Gaming

      Lmfao shit game raid shadow legends and then the ad I get is raid shadow legends XD

    82. DetectiveSketchy BaconHair

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    83. Макс Пьянков

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    88. Master Chief

      Sorry but the title sreen is first of all not funny i say i report you for that if you have frinds that die on corona you understand ......but as allways nice vid


        God you're dumb

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      2:41 listen to this part with your eyes closed and out of context

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    91. Not Chris

      Finka is really good in steel wave

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    99. Brooks

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