How I Outsmarted *EVERYONE* With Melusi In Rainbow Six Siege...


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    Even my teammates...
    In todays Rainbow Six Siege montage video we play the new Operator Melusi, Ace coming soon! Maybe I'll squeeze in a echo elite video aswell? So far Operation Steel Wave is pretty neat!
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    🎵 Music:
    The Legend of Zelda Ocarina Of Time OST - Kokiri Forest
    The Legend of Zelda The Wind Waker OST - Inside a House
    Runescape OST - Sea Shanty 2
    The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword OST - Bazaar
    Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games OST - Mushroom Bridge
    Nintendo Wii Mii Channel - Plaza Music
    Kirby 64 The Crystal Shards OST - Gourmet Race
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    1. the power of gaming

      "here lie skini"

    2. CuzImPol

      song? 7:55

    3. sɪɴs ɪɴ ʙɪɴs

      That moment on 2:19 - 2:20 (Not exact but eh), that was a part from The Last Stand from Sabaton. Idk why I noticed it, I just did.

    4. Joshua B.

      BikiniBodhi, the Yahiamice of Rainbow Six Siege

    5. Sir Sleepy

      2:18 i'd recognize that song anywhere

    6. OrangeGaming721 -

      Hard purple ones😂😂🤣 I’m done

    7. Akaeral


    8. Akaeral


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    16. Hypoxi

      8:00 llmao

    17. Tijn van de Ven

      That pistool is too op

    18. Austin Dickson

      Love the "Sea shanty two" soundtrack ;)

    19. Tobirama senjou

      One soul for another

    20. KatanaQuits

      Anyone know the song at 7:54?

    21. nO tHANKS

      Bro a whole *4 HOUR DUBSTEB CONCERT* ? That’s crazy man no way

    22. ranger rick

      He dounds like dufenshmirts from fineas and furb

    23. vibing_raccoon

      2:20 nice choice of song, the last stand by sabaton

    24. Nezqwook


    25. Arwen Travel and Tours

      The helicopter that’s where the attackers come from

    26. samjoul1109

      7:54 I was eating ice cream and it dissolved

    27. Sami W

      In my language translation of her gadget it says indestructable, imagine the dissapointment when i saw someone just melee it

    28. Gabe le babe -

      "starts", cuz of random clips.

    29. Drsun games

      Ah shit here go again

    30. Gloria bustos cea

      Banshe not funny

    31. Hayden Spears

      My headphones literally jumped off my head on the sub woofer part

    32. _crinkle _

      What’s that skin on melusis gun?

    33. Bibe

      Which song at 2:20

    34. Avocato Bobble

      that 4k nearly an ace with the shotgun was beautiful!

    35. Michael Morneweck


    36. Alexanderus201

      "One soul for another"

    37. Jordan Leighton

      So little having to do with her actual gadget lmao

    38. Alex Danford

      Sea Shanty 2 is an absolute banger. I thought I heard it when casual 4k's were happening

    39. Mooseballs

      A black lady who is loud Seems about right

    40. Hauaby

      8:02 is dubstep legend of Zelda main theme.........

    41. Freddie l

      How do u get such a good trigger finger

    42. Rowan Baigrie

      What was the Melusi subwoofer scene music

    43. Chiquito Sauce

      I just realized this video is 11:11, make a wish

    44. Kami Katze391

      Sometimes I don’t know if you’re just a god or a hacker if you make so many kills at once

    45. Antonio Talaga

      no one tell him about the well with a zombie

    46. L2_Miranha

      Mano vc é muito bom e engraçado

    47. Danny Eddins

      Best meluci strat Lie to your teammates

    48. KennethR

      Just felt nostalgic hearing the runescape music lol

    49. Sjmaster02

      what is that song/bass dubstep at 8.00?

    50. Tim L.

      You remind me of fearless, u 2 are the BEST😂😂😂

    51. Egehan Özcan

      7:40 ah yes wow going invis sound classic :D

    52. Jeremy 0803

      7:27 I got there 3 people as melusi lol

    53. Copper

      My Gatorade went out of my nose when I laughed :(

      1. Copper

        Is that how you spell nose? It looks weird

    54. Tyler Jansen


    55. Oszixx

      Bikinis laugh makes my day every time

    56. bruh

      What i hate about this video is the fact i got the clash strat done to me

    57. areo5000

      good choice with the gourmet race from kirby near the end of the video

    58. Adwynvale

      What is the song when he put is object on the big microphone?

      1. Adwynvale

        Nvm, I found it

    59. Alex Hughes

      7:09 Mario kart double dash on mushroom city theme music on gamecube

    60. Sub to Die instantly

      Love the skyward sword bazaar music

    61. Sweatykillcams

      Every time BikiniBodhi pops off I think he got banned for cheating for a reason jk bikini your to good

    62. ToxicChief

      Oh no the Claudette mains are coming to rainbow to discover new hiding spots with Mulusi

    63. Ramon Perez

      When he kills clash and the enemy “soul for a soul”

    64. FPS GAMING

      Is the shotgun or smg better?

    65. FPS GAMING

      What skills n is that at 9:27

    66. GURUJI

      What editor do u use?

    67. Anson Samuel L

      Whats the song at 7:54

    68. Freddie Boreham

      ‘A soul for a soul’

    69. Harry Su

      i like how bikini doesn't get killed when he runs out

    70. Sauron Maia


    71. Aswathi s

      His shotgun gameplay is very suck n noob

    72. HellishChill

      11:11 hmmm

    73. jensen atkins

      You know you're an idiot when you run your mouth saying how you outsmarted everyone. Then use a thumbnail saying you have a 400iq. LMAO.

    74. Polux81700

      7:54 i lost it when i hear the Ephixia remix of the Song of Storms. BikiniBodhi, you're a man of culture. And a madman, but that's something else.

    75. Kran

      Thought I was watching custard after that shotgun 4k

    76. AceBurrito14

      Plz upload

    77. Beep Boop

      Your lack of videos alongside Marley Dom and custard etc is painful. Y’all need to upload way more 🤷🏼‍♀️ a 10 min video every 7-14-21 days just isn’t enough and not fair to your fan base

    78. U Stupid

      Teeny Weeny Slim Bikini 😂

    79. Gergő Martines

      Szepiz is back? I’m so happy

    80. Danny Kenworthy

      Let’s get warden a buff

    81. Bot 3kM3k

      btw echo elite is INSANE

    82. Brooks

      Since they nerfed her nobody plays her in gold 1/plat 3

    83. Feydude

      ngl, i hit the like button as soon as i heard Sea Shanty 2

    84. MMH 0

      i love you bikini

    85. [FLIP]

      Happy birthday Figaro

    86. Imposter Red Among us boi

      Pls vid

    87. Didar


    88. Guillaume Morin lizotte

      I was whit my mom in her car and got crash 🤕 when i was looking this

    89. QueefMa Cheeks

      *ISSA JUAN* *D* *E* *A* *G*

    90. babau 72

      I love your pendant

    91. Sweet Potato

      “Big Thonker”

    92. dymas kps

      So my girlfriend ask me to see what bikini to wear and i show heri bikini bodhi and now his mad

    93. DD12

      Why you hate Italians?what we did to you?( I’m serious), but your videos are really funny, so I love you the same!!

    94. BRUH EPIC

      How many alpha packs are you on

    95. Edmundo Felix

      Can u pls do #bringbacknightmaps. Pls Bikini :(

    96. Joenuts 69

      Been banned from the discord this is very funny

    97. Nolan Yamada

      Actually it takes optimus prime to do it in 2 seconds aswell

    98. Skol skjutare

      Melusi gadget op

    99. 邱瑞祥