How Pros Play BAD OPERATORS in Rainbow Six Siege


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    It's clear to me, I'm going to Pro League using this new Strategy in rainbow Six Siege using Tachanka and Clash
    Like seriously, who needs Gridlock or Mozzie when you already have the best operators right here!
    Rainbow is Magic man
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    1. The Funny

      Bad operator on siege:exist Bikini:HIPPITY HOPPITY YOU ARE NOW OP

      1. Incorrect Name

        Oppitty *

      2. engineer gaming

        Hippity hop, this is now a good op.

      3. Vaxkt

        Hippity hoppity, bippity boppity, you are now OP oppity

      4. Literally just isaac

        ¿¿¿ʇᴉ pɐǝɹ noʎ uɐɔ lol uʍopǝpᴉsdn ƃuᴉʇᴉɹʍ ɯᴉ

      5. Loko Moko

        WTF I already do this ( No joke main clash)

    2. Ethan Stangel

      I love how he those bad pperators but the two oos on the thumbnail are both really op

    3. bm 2109

      a year later i discover i apear in that video xd

    4. Sakai_2006

      6:18 the gun

    5. Иван Власенко

      It's ya boi... Frogger

    6. MataPires

      Tachanka isn't bad operator!!!!!!

    7. Thunderdude

      i love the music from pokemon

    8. Guess Monster

      IQ stat comparison Albert Einstein 165 Bikini Bodhi when he’s playing clash: it’s over 9000!!

    9. pigasaurus 8

      your the reason clash is banned so often

    10. Kikeusz tak

      cant belive that kini called clash "BAD"

    11. Rhydian Williams

      Tachanka is op not bad☹️

    12. Hailey Farmer

      Ur not a pro

    13. Tiger King

      Don’t come to 2020 it’s shit

    14. iQiz NoMas

      You are not a pro

    15. XanderTB

      Clash ain't bad, just ain't good

    16. Atlas Kasalı

      You cant say tachanka bad that unallowed

    17. Popcorn9439 X

      I guess my friend is a pro because he can play like that with clash and he’s only had it for 4 weeks

    18. Mayuice

      You play good every operator whatever is hour secret bikini

    19. Sergei sein Hater

      Why is in a fckin rainbow six vid stardew valley music 😂😂

    20. Wouter Van der hoeven

      Frot masts

    21. Ömer Eti

      Clash noob operator

    22. Dunmaglass

      Clash and tachanka are literally the best defense operators?

    23. yoda maromba

      Tchanka is the Best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    24. Nebula AL

      4:17-4:32 is my favorite part. Just the way bikini says “what” and the noises he makes are hilarious 😂

    25. The R6S Shield Main

      0:13 the funny funny in that clip is that kini didn’t even use the right gun

    26. Giorgio Scala

      I like the Pokemon song that you put in the vid

    27. Deut

      I’m scared of Bikini raising her win delta and getting her removed from the game

    28. Edward Dachtler

      Bikini, i need help, and your the only person i know that can help, you were able to get the Bosg-Acog in game... But ubi took away may favorite thing... Mozie's super shorty... I wanna start a campaign to get it back, will you help?

    29. LaYeetus

      You need to make a perfectly cut screams comp

    30. Monokurama

      *PISS OFF*

    31. Oshama

      7:50 Best moment

    32. JUMBO Gaming

      0:16 she is holding a pistol not the smg

    33. zello1x

      That outro tho😂

    34. Rikka is waifu

      This video makes me want to buy clash

    35. P1P1301

      Bikini is he best clash in the world because he’s the only one who uses her

    36. CzechFalčon

      You're not developing new ideas your just making videos of them

    37. Kahng Dj

      They are not bad It just beacause you didnt use them the right way

    38. Jirai

      Did you justin Said tachanka is bad?

    39. Мистер Скрепочка

      that doc was русский

    40. Злой

      I'm a clashmainer and can say that she's very good operator if you can play

    41. Alex -?

      You are About to start a gang war

    42. schurging22

      That Clash+Chanka was beautiful!

    43. Djmrfrost

      How dare you say tachankas bad

    44. Joseph Stallin'

      Sledge has recently joined Operation Phantomly Cut Screams

    45. Big 9

      Clash isn’t bad, she can swear blue fire and use it like a molitov

    46. Máté Borda

      That monty was so cute

    47. Gage Mellen

      Bikini: I'm going to keep playing Clash and you can't stop me Siege constantly disabling Clash: ARE YOU SURE ABOUT THAT

    48. LamboChop

      You're an evil man

    49. Are Jay

      00:13 pistol turns into an smg, bikini is a wizard

    50. Hell Raiser

      Bikini: you can't even due correctly Sledge: oh yeaaaah Bikini:AAAAAAAH!

    51. Zachemedes

      Excuse me sir, are you saying my lord and savior Tachanks is bad?

    52. LaRoTV

      besteht die möglichkeit das du Deutsch bist

    53. Deko Mice

      00:19 u took the alternativa not in game clip with the P10 pistol btw and on the clip u are with th SMG

    54. derpy turtle

      how dare you call chunky bad

    55. Benou

      8:52 Umm am I the only one that noticed that bikini was using a stardew valley theme?

    56. phine

      Nerf clash

    57. Kaboom


    58. Christopher Peters Berlin

      ist all fuk casual

    59. Liam Söderberg

      De borde vara olagligt för dig att vara clash

    60. Ashton Hundt

      How dare u put the lord in the thumbnail

    61. Austin EIS

      It seems the game wanted me to play clash by giving it to me as a Christmas present

    62. Alex Kollmeyer

      Fuse mains are not dummy heads :(

    63. Rocket Jumper

      1. Bikini influences Pro-league 2. Bikini influences the game itself with BOSGACOG

    64. GetRekt lol

      How dare you have holy tachanka on the picture

    65. John Men

      I feel like they should have made it so you get extra points if you kill Montang as clash and kill clash as montang like the sister rivals thing but more as a arch nemesis

    66. Nijinja


    67. Marcel Sroka


    68. KempRox

      I will try my hardest to get this his to 1 mil

    69. MACK

      7:56 I wanna know how this situation ended

    70. MACK

      7:56 I wanna know how this situation ended

    71. Thwack

      0:15 holding a pistol but then in the clip using an SPSMG, what a lazy man.

    72. Diavolo

      Dont call tachanka bad again

    73. antlerman

      Team skull music. My man.

    74. Francisco Caroca

      1:03 That remember me this thing "I'm making Mac and cheese and nobody can stop me"

    75. M commandosmanos

      Clash is the backiller operator lmao

    76. Galli Gabriele

      The music at 6:57, ist the best game ever 🖤

    77. Fox Hughes

      Watching kini play clash makes me uncontrollably furious. I have no idea why. It just does

    78. Jared T

      How did you record the angles of clash at the beginning that were 3rd person perspective?

    79. YT_Rainz

      bikini-clash is a bad operator me....... yourrrr shittt

    80. quuuw

      please help i cant play r6 whenever I enter the game, it goes fine for like 5 min then it freezes(I could still hear the sound strangely) after that it just kicks me out of the game with no crash report.....please help

    81. Soup dog

      How dare u call tachanka bad

    82. Religion Milk

      Bodhi: playing with bad ops Clash: well to bad I’m a good op😒

    83. O773RS _5

      I’m at 19 thousand renown, I’m gonna get clash

    84. Isaac Montoya

      Operator isnt bad its the player

    85. TheBoyDannyC

      I love Tachanka

    86. Madtrack

      Wdym tachnka is amazing

    87. DarkCow847

      Me Me big boy

    88. The_Mobilizor

      Love the Windwaker music, brings back memories.

    89. TrattOmoFon

      7:44 Mario?

    90. clout chaser

      this made clash look good for once

    91. MaxTheAnimator

      Bikini how u get the charm on ur seconsary for clash i want to have it I love ur videos

    92. Lucas Kroeger

      Clash gai

    93. Gear

      0:49 Bikini has a fucking stroke mid sentence

    94. Kuba Kowalczyk

      7:57 OH YEEEAH

    95. DOPQsek

      7:04 *Cooking gone wrong*

    96. Libelous El

      One of my fav😍

    97. Swiftee

      Tachanka isnt bad what do you mean

    98. 普通怪獣

      4:46 ランランルー

    99. 段宜廷