How to Become a Champion With Clash in Rainbow Six Siege


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    This Clash Rainbow Six Siege Montage goes full on bully, I may go Blitz sometimes to mess with some people but when I bust out the Clash you now I mean business.
    Sugar Fright was bad btw
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    1. BikiniBodhi

      like the vid rn

      1. Just David

        Of course I did it now

      2. Just David


      3. half star

        No because it includes clash gameplay

      4. Max R6 .....

      5. SuperMonkeyOOF

        when im bored or sad, I watch a kini vid. not once have any of them disappointed me

    2. Stealthz

      3:47 Perfect cut scream

    3. Aaryaan Razwani

      Tux is better bc he is not a clash main

    4. ulla andraste

      Really wish clash didn't say twat the american way

    5. Gabriel Joaquín Lescano

      Man you play goooood

    6. virqz

      bikini. I shall now proceed to challenge you into a clash - off. best of 3, defender is always clash, thatcher is banned. lets see who bullies the best

    7. młodymontanaFRSH

      Is this DaBaby?

    8. Cade Mangrum


    9. Kellin Nielsen

      Omg when i checked the comment the video said like and multiple comments (including bikini's) said like, so obviously i had to

    10. Reyessebas07

      After seeing this video I think clash is bad, I think ubi should give clash the doc steam pistol and she should get candelas from ying

    11. Fabio Zanieri

      the dislikes are from the ash mains

    12. ThatMaestroMain 1

      That thumbnail is scarier than anything to touch the earth

    13. Γιώργος Αποστολόπουλος

      Kini why that guy in 5:56 said you got only 0.9 k/d?

    14. J_kick1991

      3:20 this part had me deceased 😂🤣💀

    15. сираХ

      Clash is good if you know how to use her like Kini does, otherwise you can easily kill angy brish wman

    16. Deidric Voigt

      Thumbnail Clash smiling is cursed

    17. Nikola Baltic

      This thumbnail 😭😭😭

    18. saurox yan çar

      5:55 he's not real bikhini 0.9 K/D :(

    19. San Crispino

      Where’s fraser, the scottish guy?

    20. kamerflu

      I liked cuz I heard a videogamedunkey reference

    21. Ozan Çetin

      we cant even play clash

    22. Ej Campos

      Bruh you put the skyrim shout sound with the nomad charge

    23. NutrientChair49

      Bikini we’re taking clash from you

    24. Pulinesurfer190

      How does he not have recoil

    25. Hello there General konobi

      Try and do this on console with takes 5 years for one spin

    26. zan zadravec

      Bikini commiting crimes for 14 minutes on youtube Best conntent ever

    27. rainzie

      0:42 I'm Scottish and I couldn't stop laughing at this xD

    28. Shockblast

      As a clash main this vid brings me enjoyment

    29. Shockblast

      That thumbnail is terrifying

    30. Quedew ‘

    31. Abolfazl Shahvali


    32. Dance With Rain

      what happen if clash combo with frost

    33. Artscedoodle

      Even tho I love the vid, I frocking despise clash, and she needs an immediate nerf

    34. TrevorKn

      The IQ in the first clip said "do me dirty pls". She knew what she did

    35. Soup166preium 5

      1:03 whats that song called?

    36. Lemon

      What the fuck bikini. Menacingly happy clash is going to haunt my mind until I die. Pretty cringe.

    37. Sealthrux

      doing these vids in casual or unranked matches rly takes all the merit away from them

    38. 歐根親王

      Nerf Clash

    39. Le_mustardman43

      It is aids playing against you in general

    40. KrazyKatCP

      "Gridcock" lmao

    41. Albert Junior

      I actually did the one where sledge grenades Clash and the grenade bounces, but there was another operator there so he TK'd his teammate pog

    42. Marrow

      8:50 GRIDCOCK XD,i'm gonna start using that

    43. Finlay McLaren

      post-tachanka rework i went against someone playing The lord himself with speed hacks. man was running around like ash on crack

    44. Paula Pellegrin


    45. Some random Richtofan fan

      Using clash is 100% a warcrime

    46. Fryewalker

      Can't stop laughing about the Micheal Jackson one!

    47. flash almighty

      His comedic genius is on another level

    48. Amir Taktouk

      Bro, the fact that he's using crash twinsanity music in his videos sometimes... Perfectly fitting and brings good memories

    49. Casper Olesen

      Hahah you whiny little kid. Complains about BB but thinks Clash is fine. Has to be the worst siege player ever

    50. Patrik Páros

      I’ve seen Jojo and League Of Legends references in this video. Dude you are the man of culture

    51. Ryulies

      7:53 im french but i don't understand help

    52. the sad RABBIT

      How to bully😂

    53. - Frigyees

      11:00 what is that on Mira

    54. TheLuigiNoidPerson 109

      4:03 Neither can Tachanka, but we wont be mentioning that any time soon.

    55. Flavio Doria

      why clash exists

    56. Jingle Cat

      Gets hit by a double airjab and do a double rainbow joke

    57. Jolly Man

      6:31 The one thing bb can’t beat

    58. Jolly Man

      Rip sledge he commuted die 😞

    59. Kálmán Károlyi

      Where can i find your settings? :D

    60. Hydra Salesman

      "how about you withstand? Oh wait, you can't do that anymore" anger.

    61. julian felippelli

      love your videos, hate your voice

    62. BARAKUDA

      7:46 fuck you i stand up and go see who knock to my door

    63. Halyo Alex

      The nade reflect is Clash's No U passive, didn't you know?

    64. Josh Perry

      Bro I started using clash right before this video came out and the golds feared me. I won’t a round with clash alone lol

    65. cinnamon.toast.crotch

      6:25 lmao

    66. The siege zone

      3:24 damnnnn

    67. Adam Gamer XD

      SmollMofin( 7:24 ) is my mom

    68. Davi Xavier

      gcgamer oficial

    69. PlayboyPrime

      Play only traps

    70. Carlos Castro


    71. 33dead33king33

      ur scared pussy

    72. Фж ZelLuis жФ

      Jeasus kini D:

    73. therarefiles

      He'S cHeAtInG

    74. Tragic

      To get to champ you have to go through plat and I’m not ready for that pain

    75. Douchopotamus

      am i the only one who thinks you should be able to sledge her shield and kill her?

    76. El Chuyardo

      @bodhibikini plz read me. Do a vidio of just shotgun

    77. Anselmo

      i hate Clash

    78. stella booom

      When i use clash gadget kill someone i alway shout unlimited power lol

    79. All Guest

      Wait, clash is british?

    80. Semir Abboud

      Hey Bikini, can u make it possible for Tachanka to get an Dp 27 Black Ice Skin? Since they added some for the Shields they should give the Lord his LMG Skin 2

    81. themicki

      13:26 ... BOSGACOG and Clash... thats the BikiniBodhiest thing i've ever seen! xD

    82. A Python

      Oh good that thumbnail is horrifying

    83. Nick Wylde


    84. Steffen Berg

      Wtf, that "knock knock" sound freaked me out. :o I went to the door, it sounds like someone is there... Much wow.

    85. rvaa

      beeing champion in casual

    86. Milan Toth


    87. Artic Hell

      We need Bouchiba

    88. Darrian the Magikarp

      i'm just here for the dallas screams

    89. Steel Claw

      You got me to spit out my water when you told Zofia to withstand 🤣

    90. Pac-man 3.0 Meu2

      0:25 I laught when is see clash, that is the logo of clash royale lol

    91. Rune Van Couteren


    92. Panzo LP

      It's nice to see you laughing i don't can laughing why I'm playing on Controller and Rainbow Six Siege makes no fun, the controll is shit and i cant Play ranked, why then i Play vs M&K players and that is unfair, but I can see nice gameplay on your channel, thanks. ;) Players and that is unfair. But i can see nice Gameplay on your Chanel

    93. M'name Luis

      Oh god, clash

    94. Juliet Angeldust

      Clash be like: Ye got a loicense for that nade, mate ?

    95. mx2004mx

      how are you able to enjoy the game?? 200% of the time i get shot truh a closed barricade, the floor or the roof. How ist this even possible??

    96. Sev

      He is so funny

    97. Sam The Sus Lord

      Damn clash is finally happy for once in the thumbnail

      1. Sam The Sus Lord

        @Toadally Awesome ah ok

      2. Toadally Awesome

        I mean according to the lore, she smiled at Mira when she made her shield.

    98. OrangeShepherd

      That thumbnail is cursed

    99. NUKA MAGE

      If you play clash I have 0 respect for you

    100. Schwertioboy

      How to Become a Champion With Clash in Rainbow Six Siege just abuse all shield ops thats enough to reach Champion no skill needed