How to Have Fun in Rainbow Six Siege


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    Rainbow Six Siege can sometimes be extremely frustrating... BUT NOT WHEN YOURE PLAYING WITH ME AND DOING A STRATEGY LIKE THE MASTER OF HAVING FUN HIMSELF: ME.
    This might be regular Multiplayer ... but this is Pro League worthy material.
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    1. BikiniBodhi

      HEY YOU KNOW WHAT, If ya'll SMASH THAT MF LIKE BUTTON I will post ANOTHER video at the start of the next week :) Comment on this video if very epic :))

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      2. H3NRYD4RKZz

        bikini YOU are the best player of siege:)

      3. not Yonikon

        Finally found someone that likes the red dot like me lmao-

      4. Lucas Milic

        BikiniBodhi 3:00 you look at wot it says, it’s not the aug A3.

      5. Steele Doggos

        BikiniBodhi YO IM A RED DOT AS WELL

    2. Hez Tillott

      Yet I thought it was already fun

    3. مركة فاصوليا

      IQ is pulse mains most dangerous enemy

    4. مركة فاصوليا

      Wait that's illegal

    5. Oskari Kangas

      pro tip: don't take it too seriously.

    6. Wyatt Rutherford

      Red dots the best sight change my mind

    7. Murray Gecko

      I want them to be family friendly

    8. Bastian Scherer

      @jerichovive bei 2:57 ist ein secret für fun facts

    9. Bepaka 1.0

      Can somebody tell me where the music of 9:56 is from. I don't get it

    10. NDV

      Why doesn’t it say aug bottom right at 3:03

    11. Elias Troemner

      castle red dot is mine

    12. Captain Cold

      Hey, whats the blue and red skinn called on guns

    13. Muichiro Tokitou

      IQ is underrated as fluck

    14. Cayde- 6

      I might have to dislike, the title said how to have fun but I still only feel pain

    15. TrulyImpossible

      Lmao the "oi" at 3:00 gets me everytime

    16. DaStealthyArcher

      Tbh I miss when the maps where maps had day AND night. So one match you could have plane map with time during the day or during the night

    17. spooklordsupreme

      Is it possible to learn this power

    18. Bruno Candido

      "Worst operator" Did you by any chance forget that kali, wich is basically glaz for dumb players, exist?

    19. Scary Pirate

      Bikini where do you get your wall hacks🤔🤔🤔🤔

    20. Flash.L3

      would you like to join our group called Red Dot Gang

    21. Budhabich M

      8:30 best clip

    22. Mario Pop

      2:00 ahhhh sly cooper music

    23. Bugs Bunny

      2:51 sofie needs to be a little angry

    24. SherlockH 2003

      Why you put bloopers in the end of the video? This video was only bloopers from the beginning

    25. Killa

      0:01 sneeki breeki

    26. Jorge Alvarez

      RED DOT *GANG*

    27. _Ivpefre4k08 _

      7:41 NOT THAT THEME SONG AGAIN *vietnam war flashbacks*

    28. Phoenix


    29. kallen


    30. Julian

      2:55 he holds aug a2 but it’s spsmg9???

    31. Li Swat

      Satisfying Monika music

    32. Frost y

      Women? I can't WOMEN I CAN'T does it anyway

    33. Xl Xdd


    34. Giacomo the master Marchiano

      Love that zelda music

    35. Ucan Penguen

      Why does is it say spsmg 9 while you're holding aug in 2:54? Operation Health i guess

    36. LtG_Yuki

      Every time, every single time, Bikini shot the knife, Bikini get knife in the face

    37. DetroitCompany

      2:57 is that a Easter egg?

    38. Erik Widén

      the payday music in the start EEE

    39. Lucas Kuhn

      At 3:05 it says you have the spsmg but you're using the Aug

    40. Kahng Dj

      Bikini: Mama Faaaaaaaaaaaaaasennnnnnnnn Me: Sorry i dont speak chinese

    41. Viktor Kanyik

      3:00 hey anybody saw that bug? There are spsmg9 in the corner and not aug.

    42. FlikT Tapped

      Anybody else notice at the clip at 2:54 it says that bikini is holding the spsmg9?

    43. MathDaBoi


    44. Joshua Gentry |-/

      I'm a glaz main...

    45. LK 35

      Glaz isn't bad, its just that ur brain is too big to git gud

    46. Migliorigno

      10:16 DAAAAMN he got me!

    47. Bostonian

      2:59 ah yes, the SPSMG9

    48. XxFaZe BruhxX

      2:57 the teamkill makes it confused

    49. xXEXx


    50. Yanis Bisioc

      I love that song of sly cooper game

    51. Wardaddy jones

      Noobs: Red Dots and Holo Regulars: AQOG Pros: Relex and Red Dot

    52. Deadlyzero


    53. jose maria

      That Pay day intro

    54. Julian

      2:58 why does it say “SPSMG-9” when he’s playing IQ with the AUG?

    55. Soy Hipogrifoxx

      when the simp notice a woman is playing in the lobby Simp: 2:52

    56. Anthony Yang

      Red dot LIT

    57. Daniel Fireberg

      What about kali she is shit

    58. TymekOOO

      Pratar du svenska eller?

    59. NamesVanilla

      11:07 these three shotgun shots where so perfectly in time with the beat

    60. Big Mugari

      3:08 why is the aug the spsmg9? wtf

    61. Mockaa

      Woba foba homumumo

    62. Bhum cool kid gaming

      I hate spawnpeek i didnt hate it i mind it this totaly cheat more then hack

    63. N0T P3PP3R

      You already know I’m a part of that #reddotgang

    64. svenyboy

      Warden is op

    65. Lord Tachanka

      11:57 we just gonna ignore that he killed HattBoi?

    66. justaquietweeb

      Wanna hear something spooky caveira with tachankas machine gun

    67. Hxsler

      I sweat in ranked, I have fun in casual :)

    68. Tachanka Gods

      Why the fuc u use stardewwalley music

    69. ManiX207

      what he mean makro ?

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    71. TheMeatyNoob

      Stop voting for the last one... Thinks its clever to choose it Notices it says I love fortnite Accepts choosing the first one

    72. JackH3ADSkiller Gaming

      Wait why did you play against Hattboi at 6:06 xD

    73. SaumonBro

      Why do i feel like if an r6 ytbr plays with something else than the acog or the red doot He will never get subs

    74. glaz best operator

      I like red dot top because it's not to long or to shorter

    75. The R6S Shield Main

      Is that the payday stealth theme?

    76. vdru

      I actually use and love red dot

    77. Sharpie Cola

      Voting for the last option is a meme, therefore we must never let it die, at all costs. 👍🏼

    78. Ghormley 5

      I got into copper 5 because a freind wanted to throw and I can't get out because I get the most aids tm8s and annoying asses on the other team

    79. J lol

      I love tge Sly Cooper music he uses when being a sneaky snake

    80. Chanka Danka

      11:57 he killed hattboi

    81. Seal Onami

      Your a little late to the red dot gang

    82. Andrew KIng

      I only listen for the outset island every video

    83. Csaba Molnár

      How to have fun in Siege? Uninstall the game

    84. GoldStarLord

      I love how he was playing stardew valley music

    85. SergiDesigns

      4:19 that transition

    86. Jacob Westerlund

      Haj agan. RIP Lennart:( 7:54

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      Reflex gang!

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      The stardew music ❤️

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      How many likes needed to revive bikini?

    91. niuV

      Excuse me but in the "best operator" vote there is no recruit and Im very offended by this disrespect

    92. Victor

      2:54 Why is Bikini using IQ but it says he's playing Clash's pistol?

    93. Sly 2855

      I love the sly cooper music you use in these

    94. PhoenixDreemurr

      COMFIRMED BikiniBodhi likes Payday 2

    95. Falscher Kevin

      2:58 his weapon isnt the spsmg9

    96. Thats not very nice

      like thi9s comment is you like all or more than half or BikniBodhi's videos

    97. Zach

      Colonel Santos killed me lmfao

    98. Brand account name

      To be fair 6:37 if i got spawnpeeked by a red dot warden i would immediatly kill my slef too

    99. SpriteNight

      The who vid is bloopers