How to Get DIAMOND in Rainbow Six Siege


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    Rainbow Six Siege Ranked in Burnt Horizon is just as bad as usual, no strategy whatsoever, heres a montage of my one and only Diamond experience before we go into Phantom Sight with their new operators Nokk & Warden
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    1. BikiniBodhi

      Sorry for this video being a bit rushed! Been sick over the week! BIG SIEGE VIDEO coming tomorrow at the same time!

      1. clodeuc _FC

        BikiniBodhi you put autolike

      2. Bomy

        I’m ge jk:)

      3. Daniel Nieves

        BikiniBodhi Can I join ur pro league team? I’m console tho, Xbox, If y’all ever have an extra spot open let me know, my gamer tag is DAGUCCIFISH

      4. The_forbidden_sock_

        Oh nice a fake BikiniBodhi

      5. Ieatcatz

        no problem mr fnatic man ;/

    2. Mike Wazowski

      These guys are awesome lol

    3. mr flames

      i know you play MNK but imm angry at xbox because thy brought out a MNK just for x-box so people that play MNK can play against controllers like a level one who was champion 1 on R6 MNK P.S. just if you dont know MNK means mouse and keybooard

    4. Kyratéan

      Get a good gaming chair

    5. Sgt Big belly

      Didn't know about bikini and fnc

    6. Parsa Rahmaty

      7:32 why doesn't the game tell you that

    7. Crj2002

      I somehow placed gold 1 and got to plat 3 on my first season of ranked and I would say i'm still in the mid learning phase of the game, I still don't know the maps, I don't know how some of the ops work and my aim is pretty trash.

    8. Samuel mejia razo

      Wish that my friends enjoyed the game like you

    9. Justin Chan

      What does aman fafan mean

    10. Михаил Михайлов

      3 days you need to get diamond

    11. Jolly Roger

      Step 1: have R6

    12. bcosta

      i love zelda to

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    14. Seraphina91

      "Ooooh yeah daddy give me that spawnpeek oooooh yeah" 😂😂😂😂 I pissed myself lol

    15. Wero Kamikaze

      he is casual 😪

    16. bad siege player

      recruit in ranked?

    17. Yazza

      Ddos in ranked.Just sad

    18. Zombie King

      Pc players I think have no skill Because they can just easy flick around cos they have a mouse and almost every clip of this video there has been no recoil in the guns yet on console there is recoil and you can’t flick around as quick which tells me that console players are better than pc pussies

      1. AnthraxIII

        im a console player and i think pc requires a bit more skill seeing how you have to control two panels compared to one on console but i agree with you recoil does indeed exist in console but it takes time to master

    19. Gluify

      False information, how to be an arse and make a false youtube Video. Step one do something not many people can do

    20. Nyan

      Im stuck on step 1, help

    21. Angxlic

      watching pro's waffle is great

    22. Robber

      Practice a lot with clash just to realise that everyone bans her 😬

    23. K Swizzle

      Hands down the last 5 words you said in this video are the most useful! Thanks Bikini :)

    24. Lachie P

      im now silver 1 but am normally champion with an 8.1 kd. btw u kinda suk! scrub

    25. Clear

      Im plat

    26. MaxTheAnimator

      I had never encounterred any hackers in ranked before

    27. Mugiwaraa

      Im the 34K like

    28. Snafu

      * Ranked is a shitshow * Plays casual to make sure you get content , ok ?

    29. Víctor Gutiérrez

      Asshole, dont give me hope :,(

    30. Lukas Sparing

      Can you speak german?

    31. Dudu

      Bikini why you don't play in pro league you are só good

    32. Dennis Döner

      I take ranked so serious bacause of fancy icon :D

    33. Takumi Fujiwara

      I care about rank... Actually honestly. How do i join Fnatic xd

    34. Skull Kong

      Blood n Rust was my first ever legendary😩😭

    35. The Hermit

      did your whole team play for like a whole day straight to get to diamond?

    36. The Hermit

      how to get to Diamond hack and hide it well! period

    37. SkYRIMdstryer19 the Warlord

      If u rly care bout K/D or rank, you are fucking stupid what u should care bout is, just having fun with your friends and do dumb shit

    38. Pedro Costa

      Like rank doesnt say anything. But k/d do...

    39. manman middleton

      I've seen coppers carry diamonds/ high ranks before, I've seen .5 KDs or lower get 5 killers or more and under 2 deaths, yes probably was Smurf accounts but it's because of things like Smurf accounts,getting carried,boosting, cheats and or hacks that ranks don't mean anything. A diamond can easily make a new account or probably lost his account and do good on brand new account

    40. manman middleton

      Ranked is fun unless ur teammate runs in front of u while ur mid gun fight with the anime

    41. manman middleton

      Thank u bikini I wish people would understand kd and shit don't mean anything and yet people always be like in posts must have "1.5 kd be silver or higher", then the whole team probably got 1v5ed by a copper or some shit and didn't even know it

    42. ElCortaPasto69

      Aaa q man tan loko eres la verga bikini

    43. Jan

      2:40. R2D2

    44. Bhanu Singh


    45. Серёжка

      Okay, thnx

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      You are a fnatic player?

    47. AM12

      The dog say woof woof The cat say meow meow And the gorilla say 7:25

    48. mmnmg6h mmnmg6h

      Говорит команда 1 президент живой повторяю президент живой приём вас понял нужно собрать всех полицейских вас понял тогда оперативно тактическая группа 124 собирайте всех повторять собирать всех вас понял Мы пойдем против заключённых Макара хочет устроить бунт не тут-то было мы все их поверим к чёрту но как мы будем их арестовывать то блин Это вообще легко Вот вот Doodle Doodle нажимай блин на бутылку сел

    49. Mr Dan

      If Video call: "how 2 get diamond", why on preview platinum 1? (phantom sight Easter egg)

    50. Chocky Syrup

      i speak australian'

    51. Alpha Rain

      And this is why everyone should be Cooper 4

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      4:32 is that a boy with puberty went wrong or a girl

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      Welp I’m now supporting bikinis team in pro leagues

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      Bikini how ur so fk good👍🏻

    58. Subaru Konoe

      PM Makarov is best gun

    59. Ahmad Issa

      fucking love this guy

    60. The_forbidden_sock_

      Hey Bikini who are your mains


      Well I have 230 hours in this game and still have played only one ranked game.

    62. S A D E D I T Z

      The reason why i im in copper 4 i get bad teamates in ranked😡

      1. Riley Brenner

        ll S K X L L Z ll then get some of your friends

    63. Last Name

      How is clash a armor three when she doesn’t got head gear?

    64. Shmeat 420

      I only get a tank for the charm

    65. Jonas the Boss Reid

      2:15 It’s so funny XD

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      6:15 DonitsiMakkara at killfeed means DonutSausage

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      2:27 is that clannad?

    68. Patmat The theory man

      I get tked for being a silver 1. ;-; in casual.

    69. V1L1AM

      "Clapping intensifies"

    70. Orion Wilson

      Console players: Press X to doubt

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      Vaffann is italian:)

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      Step one .... have a 9 ping

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      When his Step 1 was "Get into Pro League Team" Me: Ah Not for Me, I am Done BikiniBodhi(in Ending): Rank is Shit Me: Ah Not for Me, I am already Diamond

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      Bikini, i love you for making this video, because I have explained to my friends that its not the numbers that tell who you are. Its the way you play that does.

    78. Denis Pxdxlinsky

      by step 3 I forget what's it all about

    79. eli

      Best pulse I've ever seen

    80. Leong Jun Wai

      I already fail the first step

    81. Nursya Ban

      Bikini I am Copper II why is no pro team audit me I can clutch on many games in casual plz i cant go up my rank cheaters in copper :((

    82. fshepherd789

      5:46 rainbow six siege all of a sudden becomes a team skull fight

    83. That one Dude

      I hit bronze 2 :D

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      How to get diamond? Play casual

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      Do a video în which you show us how to get Cooper IV :)))))) Pls

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      How to be carried by better players

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      Can’t believe they added 2 diamond ranks

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      "Don't take Ranked that serious" Bikino is the best R6 player

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      Thx bikini, i get diamond+ with this guide.

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      Bikini goes: ooooh Everyone else: shit a rat

    95. JaycTheDuelist

      I play on PS4 I’m a plat 3 my aim can be good and sometimes I potato but I always get kills , who wants to squad up and get diamond ?

    96. Doctor Johnny

      - just play with pro league players

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      How long has it been since you’ve been part of fnatic

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