How To Become The Best Rainbow Six Siege Player Ever...


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    In todays Rainbow Six Siege Montage we're going onto the Stadium, the big event leading up to the Six Invitational 2021, this is peak Rainbow Six Siege.
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    1. BikiniBodhi

      subscribe to me rn >:(

      1. Vlad Gabriel Matei

        @Iran Soler thats one unexpected question

      2. Iran Soler

        i am but dose katja have a boyfriend

      3. Vlad Gabriel Matei

        i did ok ;-;

      4. Erdei Márk

        Its done. ^_^

      5. Mohammed Sherif


    2. Thomas the dank engine

      Why does the shotgun kick ass in youtube videos but when i use it its the weakest shit i have ever seen

    3. Alpha Tango

      That halo music. The memories it holds for me

    4. Sidney Ghatisingh

      what i expected is "git gud"

    5. noisygab

      plane and tower 😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    6. Simonfelix Jansen

      Am i the only one that saw 69 on the helmet of iq?

    7. Deadshot_1900_

      Kafe and Oregon

    8. TTH Gaming

      4:53 why max :))

    9. Carla Salazar

      I am confused he uset to say he will never use bb

    10. Sapu

      that lesion headgear is so pay-to-lose and i love it (the doctors curse one)

    11. Gabriel Moreira Cabral

      in this video he uses everything he has been learning and teaching us at once

    12. AlIied

      I wanted to play the event, queued up, went to the store, cooked myself some food, got back and was still queued

    13. Mushroom Archives

      3:49 I mean, siege is based on real life terrorist attacks so I guessssssssss it would work

    14. Not Good Not Bad

      That map was border line good See what I did

    15. Soup166preium 5

      1:33 thats a smooth cut

    16. Pisit Tin

      2:40 where is it

    17. Ozan Yildirimli

      Who is the you play with??

    18. 『MR』 HAMZAツ

      He rlly said im a wiener 5:30

    19. SergeantTactical

      900th comment

    20. Spooderman

      plane and tow-

    21. Elvinio Vlogs

      9:52 favorite moment lol

    22. Colby jack

      I have the best idea for a stadium: Bartlett and Tower

    23. Kun Ice

      1:18 awwwww

    24. SergeantTactical

      0:06 *NReIgH*


      Step 1: be on pc and have 9 ping Oh your on console? Sorry then

    26. Thunderstar7

      I’m watching this AS I’m challenging a gym in Pokemon Black 2 and this exact music is playing, wild

    27. Alessandro Perdonati


    28. Bros of Gaming

      The moment mute came in he knew He knew he f*ckd up

    29. Halil Tomay

      It was funny. Thanks man lol

    30. GG fun

      Where is the tacanka ester agg

    31. lethargicsauce

      When Nokk works, she really works. Nice first clip to set the mood Kini :)

    32. アンドレルイズ

      Why are the most horrible strats working?

    33. Jason D.A

      3:46 I agree

    34. GLITTER Vを愛し者


    35. Balmy

      Make siege more colorful

    36. Gaming04

      single handedly the best map this game has ever released

    37. Defender of Nice people

      Can nokk sleek past the Ianan clone?

    38. GMZ

      Plane and tower 🤣

    39. JHONNY

      hi everyone i wanted to tell you that if you have nice rainbow clips you can send them to thank you all

    40. JHONNY

      hi everyone i wanted to tell you that if you have nice rainbow clips you can send them to thank you all

    41. Matt Fralich

      Stadium best map in Siege hands down.

    42. OctanE

      "I wen I am a Weener" Bikinibodhi 2021

    43. Kyan Phillips

      Bikin hit a woman that's v funny

    44. Chad Gamer

      Bikinis last words: GFUEL CODE KINI!

    45. Nubinara

      I need epic music recomandations for a personal comp

    46. memencio950

      i make 10 kills today with black beard in the event man, black beard is the cheat of the event lol

    47. [I SMELL]


    48. StYlEx


    49. CopperLegend

      0:02 what the hell isthis red box?!?!

    50. BAG Polska

      Poland time

    51. shoty YT

      I love your " Hello everybody " 🥰🥰🥰🥰

    52. Ethan Howell

      Day 1 of asking for overhealing to be deleted

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    54. Der_ StaubSaugerVertreter

      well he said like and subscribe... so i liked and subscribed. love u kini

    55. Jaime Robles Marín

      Thanks to you ubisoft destroy zofia, asshole

    56. tgsteve

      Hay Bikini Bodhi please read?People are cheaters in ranked nowadays?let me explain?their using mods for consoles and I know what attachments there using?UBi or Sony or both need to look into this?And here is the problem of Famous HUfastrs who are r6 siege players and they post their vids?it ruins the experience because we don’t need cheats or vids to play a great game?also I do believe there are cheaters out there who do have cheats?who are famous HUfastrs and play siege?not gonna point fingers or call out names?but games are meant to be fun and not stressful?also no need for walkthroughs/gameplays?it ruins the hole gaming experience?How do I know this?I have been playing games for many years?fuckin PS2 and GameBoy the life as a kid?because games made sense for single player games.I’m done with most multiplayer games as of this year?the only one I play that is multiplayer on ps4 is r6 and that’s it?all the rest?dam right?single player games?fuckin multiplayer games have been around for a long time?but that does not mean it’s great?its promising and maybe 1 day it will be great?but I haven’t found 1 yet and I have gone through hundreds of thousands of multiplayer games?from pc and consoles.Before you know it?there will be no players in r6 no doubt?you wait?ohh wait besides cheaters vs cheaters lol

    57. R3neo

      Who remembers the Pumpkin? :|

    58. Dr4sTe

      What is that music called 5:07 - 5:12 ?

    59. Scorched Pineapple



      What’s with the red square that pops up at 2 seconds?

    61. Sean Bennett

      I don't even get to play the new maps bc I'm stuck in the hospital for the next... well hopefully I get out to play again at some point ;^;

    62. kinder_ king

      Bikini you can help me pls?

    63. Ian

      why yo dont make more videos :(

    64. MarkuZ45

      i did an r6 memeedit. its like this video, except bikini is better

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    66. OomegaLo

      if you know you know 3:46

    67. Federico Jimenez

      2:20 amaru is a good operator?

    68. Jommy Tarvis1


    69. TheSexyForg

      Its big brain time 3:05-3:19

    70. Марик Комарик

      UBI should listen to regular players not esports players

    71. Alisina demir

      How much did u say "HELLO EVERYBODHİ"or"HENNLO EVRİBODİ" ?

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    73. Cobres Forever

      Salve galera da uma forcinha la @gkZY

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      10:13 RAZOMIND

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    76. INTERES

      Unsubscribed because of ur twitter moment

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      “I’m a wiener” -BikiniBodhi 2021

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      NOO WAYYYYY 5:05 thats me POG

    84. InUtero

      you dont know how much you mean to me, im struggling with depression atm and ive never really laughed at anything on the web but your vids truly make me laugh at times

    85. V9Tadpole

      Introducing plane and tower as nexts years stadium with a twist only nomad, kaid, ash, castle, pulse, thermite and warden can play on this map. It’s code name will be 9/11

    86. Ky Abbey-Zanni

      Please do a video compilation of your Acess🥺

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    90. Hon Gildon

      can u play with me one time r6s

    91. ً

      I hate the event every time i enter the event i loose all my headgear, uniform (elite skins) and weapon load,out

    92. akuto sai

      2021 - 2021 0:00 - 0:26 in rememberence on the fallen ash.

    93. iReaper


    94. Fra Di Chia

      I love bikini’s “ooh uhh!”

    95. Void Dimond

      I'm an og fan I know you use to live in a trailer.

    96. John Citizen

      2:20-2:30. I had something like this but it was rappelling over the first second floor site and yea went to the top and exited repel and I glitched inside

    97. ghost andkiller

      We need BOUCHIBA!!

    98. Alpha Lee

      how to become best r6 player: just queue up against coppers lmao

    99. McG0mas

      Pls Another vídeo of clash

    100. Shinigami

      Stadium should be a modular map, randomly assembled at every round start.