How TOXIC Players Changed Rainbow Six Siege


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    Todays Strategy in Rainbow Six Siege is to test out how fun the new Friendly Fire changes are in Rainbow Six Siege, this isn't Magic nor is it anything close to what we could see in Pro League
    Today we're not playing Gridlock or Mozzie
    Today, we're Toxic
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      This video is all about bikini's bans

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      Why everyone from USA is racist in the game?

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      Pussy in russsian is pisdya(пизда)

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      3:55 [subtitles] my mom was in the box max, yes

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      Bikini: *scoping enemies in the white of their teeth from across the map in 0.0004 seconds* Me: *taking 3 hours to determine if I’m looking at the enemy’s head or a piece of debris looking at me through a drone hole*

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      subtitles at 0:40 be like: Hello everybody in this video me and my friends are showing you the good side of Texas named Rainbow Six Siege

    32. The R6S Shield Main

      Non throwable electric guy getting played by rood person: *exists* Rook aka me in this situation: pass those plates around. Non throwable electric guy getting played by rood person: *destroys my thicc plates* Rook aka me in this situation: *MURDER ON MY MIND*

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      3:54 :D

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      is it bad that i understood what cob meant and thought it was *sensual* ?

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      It's really bad How toxic people are. If this is any sign of the youth these days. Its pathetic. Games are suppose to be fun.

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      D O N D E E S T A L A L E C H E

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      1:50 it means 'where is the milk' :D

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      people don't realize you can be racist against white people to :/

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      Brazil servers are the most toxics of all R6

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    59. Rainbow Six

      Time to talk about the parts of toxicity... First: Teamkilling... Second:... ...: 999999:BikiniBodhi

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      This video was funny but It was so annoying how dumb they are with fuze

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    87. Way of the Ferret

      This is the tamest "toxicity" I've ever seen in this game.

    88. Greedy Animal

      I remember someone was telling me tk is good for rainbow. No the fuck it's not, just promotes toxicity for people who don't take this game seriously. I can see why it's implemented to not just be able to shoot through allies to get a kill and that's pretty skillest but still if someone kills me 'accidentally' then I can't take them seriously. Also with all the random vtk is also fucking annoying as hell like the 1st round would start and I'm immediately kicked for doing nothing

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      I wish I was as that good at Rainbow, I am so bad and it makes me depressed

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