How We RUINED Rainbow Six Siege Using *NEW* Lion


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    Rainbow Six Siege has buffed .... I mean nerfed Lion in Operation Bunrt Horizon, will he stand up to the likes of Mozzie & Gridlock or will there be lack of strategy with teammates
    Well after this montage which is almost as good as Pro League you'll know
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    1. BikiniBodhi

      Sorry for the weird artifacts in the video, my editing software really screwed up... Will look into a better program for future videos. Apologies for the render quality for those watching in High-res/HQ.

      1. Logan Buriak

        you lied to me Bikini! I thought I could trust you with so much, but you have betrayed me, the music that was the Yoshi's Island OST - Flower Garden was in fact, not the OST, but rather, a remix i will spend 3 minutes looking for before giving up. I can't believe this war crime!

      2. Александр Кульчицкий

        Bikini)) what the program do you use for montage/edit?)

      3. Adam Vasek

        Where are you from Bikini

      4. LuiCalibre

        BikiniBodhi it wasn’t a nerf bikini or I think it wasn’t it was more of a buff to lion making him the most aggressive op

      5. Pumpk1n God

        Vem är svensk

    2. Mike Sells

      *not toxic* has a team of lion, dokebi, blitz, ash and jackal 😂

    3. Chilz

      Lion isn't bad..... the v308 is

    4. Norbert Mustos

      Only i noticed at 2:19 that's a hungarian guy?

    5. TheTrolldier

      Why must you torture max? Not that is isn't funny...

    6. Uriel cmp

      F por Lion 😢

    7. Husnain Ateeq Mcf19O1573

      "Play Despayeet"

    8. Julio Von Winkle Scarf

      Nobody: Not a single soul: 🦁: 𝒁𝑨 𝑾𝑨𝑹𝑼𝑫𝑶

    9. Ja Baited

      Which trees grow fingers Wolfy:Bannanas Almost shate myself

    10. Bsievwiwvwjw


    11. Dark Shadow 342


    12. Gamer playz

      Lion was the first expensive operator I bought and I have 1k kills with him he is the best op

    13. Nathan Feyereisen

      7:35 BIKINI !!!! the railling got deleted !!!

    14. Lt. doge

      8:41 herrejösses

    15. Memerzone

      As a lion main I approve

    16. Cuz1mChr1s

      Always remember: When you laugh, and can't stop, dont let your friends help you... the I'II probably make it worse. Im saying this because i experienced it.

    17. Ichiraku Ramen Teuchi

      Me: tries to calm down my friends so we can clutch Bikini: A M B U L A M B C E


      Bikini you have been killed by án hungaryan

    19. Reaper XG45

      7:01 Did you guys see that dude getting banned for being boosted by a cheater?

    20. Bence Szilvási


    21. Seraphina91

      You and Max have a contagious laugh 😂

    22. LoBoToM81


    23. Moab Boi

      Bikini: 3... 2.... 1-AMBALAMBCE

    24. Valdemirso

      What’s the music on 4:10

    25. Caleb Olivares


    26. Panda Purge

      why is stardew valley music playing in the backgorund?

    27. MaxTheAnimator

      You should use that gong sound when you headshot someone and they fly away

    28. Valerio Batras Saidbegov

      3:57 song?

    29. sandsaver59

      Assfzdcdxwsdereeeeeeeee4 Gdgdfxfgh

    30. Octane_ EXE

      From wich song are the trompets 3:55? PLZ help :3

    31. Márton Vörös


    32. 필레야

      7:43 and they did

    33. Daniel C

      Why does Bikini keep walking in Frost Traps when he can hear them bark smh

    34. Devin Hallsworth

      Teamwork is OP

    35. Nagy Attila

      2:17 Végre egy magyar! Yeet thats a hungarian man! (Csecsvadasz means Tittyhunter) Edit: a magyarok uralják a commenteket

    36. Benedek Gáll

      on 2:20 csecsvadasz is hungarian, and it means tithunter xDD

    37. Totally not Mozzie's account

      Never expected to hear stardew valley music over R6S game play

    38. iMonstaa

      I am a lion main. Thing is, I am new to the game and just because of his EE-ONE-D, I aced and clutched the game by scanning, rushing in, getting 3 of them, going into another room, peeking on a dude in the perfect moment, headshotted him, went to defuse the bomb, placed the defuser, scanned and headshotted tachanka through the wall and won

    39. Ark Moro66

      2:16 Lmao that name (csecsvadasz means nipplehunter in hungary)

    40. Spongebob Squarpants

      With the stardew valley music I was confused cause I just got off of it so I thought my headset broke

    41. Ábel Orendi

      2:21 This guy calld be Tits huter un hungary

    42. jack daniels

      No vaze the guj is csecsVadasz is hungarian

    43. RaceDemon70

      N O .

    44. Commander Gull

      every operater is op if your god with him. (looks at tachanka)

    45. Tyler Martin

      Topzander sounds familiar maybe a bad blitz idk

    46. Whateverdc

      I main him

    47. Kurt634

      I loved the wind waker & oblivion sound effects

    48. That One Sniper

      I'm a proud Lion main, we're a bit of a dying breed.

    49. Donát Dankházi


    50. mmnmg6h mmnmg6h

      0 engaged what the fuck shut the fuck what the heck what the heck

    51. firered275

      AT 2:20 is a hun boi :D

    52. maho nishizumi

      3, 2, 1 fight. *table smacking noises*

    53. Maxlord

      2:12 Csecsvadász 😂😂😂

    54. Gabriele Re Sartò

      I LOVE your videos

    55. Old School


    56. KecskeeFalatka :3

      2:17 HUNGARY XD Name ...

    57. Space Child

      These videos brings back my autism

    58. el gemelo malvado de yio


    59. Team ChugJug

      7:13-7:23 Me: looks at the enemy team what operator do they have, sees that they have frost Kini: Im gonna jump in trough it Me: Welp thats not gut

    60. Pedro

      "I'm not seeing any movement" got me

    61. UrbanFox TM

      6:52 Initial D!!!!!

    62. Kesjár Ákos

      65 nonono 600 and

    63. BIT LOT

      What software do you use for these angles?

    64. XD_Micheal

      Vi Von WARRIOR

    65. Squad1nGame

      5:30 Best joke ever lol

    66. Cerberusss2005

      Even though he has been nerfed lion is actually rlly good, however if they made lion's ability shorter but like cav's interogation

    67. Lim3tz

      Bikini to good

    68. bleach

      I'm lion main boi to OP

    69. Tomáš Kosztyu

      I know I am kinda late, but how was the skin he uses on the Vector and Shoty the yellow one with the cbrn logo avaiable ? and Can I get my hand on it ? :D I think it was a special or something not sure, I am in game only since 2 season before the current one, I love lion pls help :D :D

    70. Jack Armstrong

      The way you said ambulance is ambluams

      1. Jack Armstrong

        It’s sound like that

    71. Eᴛʜᴀɴ

      Bikini speaking truth about lion not being so trash when there's good communication.

    72. HumusTaste

      They should buff zofia so when she gets interrogated she should be able just to get up a just w Tackle caveria

      1. MattFK_KBRAAP ratata

        *Reverse* uno card

    73. Barcsai Roland

      At 2:18 his name means boob hunter in hungarian lol

    74. Subaru Konoe

      Who killed Captain alex is such a great movie


      Anyone else notice the music he used is stardew vally

    76. Mantı Aşığı

      7:54 FBI_RIZABABA :)))

    77. Maria da Conceição Galdino Ramos

      Bikini you are pro gamer

    78. khastel

      I only see your videos bc the outro (im joking)

    79. HiroHimself

      Why the hell is the entire Stardew Valley song track in the background of this video lol

    80. DBAP529

      I want the og lion back

    81. Pantali Ábel

      Csecsvadasz is Nipple Hunter (he killed u) U are a Nipple

    82. The Cry0tiK

      2:24 *A M B A L A M P S*

    83. Unai Martinez

      Can someone tell me which song is playing on 3:56?

    84. Pete Countryman

      I die laughing your dam outro

    85. V1L1AM

      Play despayeeto

    86. Felipe Miguel

      the stardew valley song, i love it

    87. THE mateusesk

      Quem fica dançando junto com o caranguejo?

    88. Keith Cook

      Can you just make a video about gameplay and no editing

    89. Iines Hyytiainen

      Fucking trashbadipoop music XD

    90. Riley Way

      still very useful

    91. SirPanther

      That moment when bikini bodhi bohdi’s you *pikachu face* 4:41

    92. Dhananjay Kabarwal

      Is bikini even playing at 7:43 cause he killed mozzie and then look at the kill place in the top right fake game play bush whattttt

    93. SHS ASIAN _

      Jackal Dokkaebi Lion and Glaz best combo

    94. Dr. Pato

      *a m b u l a n c e*


      I've never actually done a spit-take before, but 6:55 hit me *so* hard.

    96. RB .-.

      What’s the song at 4:59

    97. Nova

      I like the Stardew Valley music

    98. Dr. Pato

      *a m b u l a n c e*

    99. Jasmeet Dhariwal

      I love how ninja can confidently floss in front of people