I Did The IMPOSSIBLE Strategy In Rainbow Six Siege


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    This Strategy is PRO LEAGUE ready! Just bring Tachanka in your next Rainbow Six Siege Operation Phantom Sight game, and RAKE in the ELO and get that NEW Diamond rank!
    Who needs Nokk or Warden am I right?!
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    1. BikiniBodhi

      Love to you all, happy to be back! Please share the video with a friend and help me get back on my feet a bit! :D

      1. Lk 23

        You should learn to like chanka you don't want the Russian badger to show you to play him again

      2. Blob monster

        bikini is tha best

      3. Marcel Mayer

        How tf did you get the new Deplayable shield in this video?

      4. Sugar Mora

        BikiniBodhi I got u fam/homie

      5. leonida 015

        I don't spick english

    2. Murray Gecko

      I miss old tachanka

    3. Dylan French

      This is just stationary Blackbeard.

    4. James Kirchner

      Rip this strat

    5. MꓘFeddle

      No problem blin. I have been Chanka Main since I started in Burnt Horizon.

    6. Oliver PEARCE


    7. Mr. ghost

      the worst op tachanka mains: sad noises

    8. Samuel Velez

      This is Black Beard on defense 😂

    9. Mr. ghost

      my first ace was lvl 10 with a 1v5 with tachanka and his turret.

    10. Tyler Martin

      Maybe this is why Tachanka is getting the rework

    11. DF - P3DR0O

      4:43 Lesion : *doc heal me*

    12. Simone Salvador

      6:18 that one got me 😂😂😂😂😂

    13. Arsenije Andric

      If this isn't incurring you to play Tachanka, I don't know wht will.

    14. Gethin Lewis

      Or get the same covereage and do two shot kill

    15. EarRape Grape


    16. AlphaBoii

      5:40 hairy arms XD

    17. Margherita Buzzoni

      3:23 HOW

    18. Mahmoud Ahmed

      6:54 that was me :)

      1. Big Chungus


    19. Luis Costa

      Black beard on defense

    20. alexsunmer


    21. Yo merengues


    22. Korniszzz Z

      5:35 eedahhhheeee

    23. Aha Wow

      Blackbeard on defense


      Blackbeard on defence but also mounted

    25. Fishum

      Playing nooks cranny music when nøkk appears is beautiful

    26. LK 35

      U stole my master strat!!!!!!!!!!!

    27. Farizmo

      Bikini is hacker

    28. Seraphina91

      Ungodly you mean UnTatchanka-esque??!

    29. chingyu woi

      thats the blackbeard rework

    30. Cxntrxl

      Why has it taken me 14 videos to realise the pun behind putting Tom nook’s theme in whenever Nøkk appears?

    31. Kerem Peru

      10:10 haha this glaz fall

    32. Killer waffle 524

      Oh baby a tripple

    33. biisti

      U just made tachanka evolve into a beardchanka (blackbeard copy)

    34. Crimson Monk


    35. I am QWERTUS

      My friend tachanka’s smg has literally no recoil and his lmg has no either so he is not that bad

    36. Logan Simmons

      How is this different than just using the turret? What am I missing?

    37. Justice Hart

      Vro, Bikini, you can't just be tryina' flex on chanky like that. He's a really good operator when you have slight team support, and devote your time to creating some strats. It's all about placement, and a good Tachanka should be able to lock down an entire objective if it comes down to it, and totally eliminate pushing from one side if it doesn't get down to a clutch scenario. Tachanka was the first character I unlocked in R6, and even now I main him, unironically.

      1. Justice Hart

        Then again, I play console, so take it with a grain of salt.

    38. MajesticNinja14

      I am a tachanka main

    39. ANoDROID

      So... New Tachanka rework make this strat useless...

    40. redarrow64

      Imagine that from y5 you can't do this strat. makes me sad😢

    41. Chloemakesmemes

      Nah bohdi I'm a complete god at Tachanka

    42. Defense Mechinsm

      That let ubi nerf glaz until he's bad hits different now

    43. CreatureOfHabit

      Holy shit Bikini's voice sounds so high in the intro

    44. Ian Matheus Lucas


    45. 龍翊翔

      OMG,I will do this in my video

    46. Herr Lufi

      U NEED the Lord

    47. Thicc Nicc

      “They said it could not be done”

    48. Lukany

      Welcome to a new decade

    49. Gustav Ahr

      Just Лорд

    50. zSupremeX

      L M G M O U N T E D A N D L O A D E D

    51. Nikolas Chauveau

      6ix9 Thug life quote ! after the San Andres song ...

    52. Bobino


    53. Brentastic 35

      Anime girls be like 8:00

    54. The Get Up Sanchez Show

      Lol yooooo your funny asf bikini lol love ur videos I did ur strat it was pretty cool be cool if I can send u the video lol I didn’t think I was going to pull it off.

    55. Salamander

      Why is there always pokemon sun and moon music in the background

    56. Malachite Strip

      I was playing our lord when I got my first ace

    57. deez Nutz

      my nutz r sore

    58. Brian K

      2:08 I didn't know you could get a head shot on ash, I though her hit box only covered the body.

    59. Harsh Vasudeva

      4:41 someone tell me the swedish reference?

    60. Vipera217

      so UBI.. took BB's shield.. and gave it to the defenders...

    61. A28Wolf


    62. RcsPcsN1

      I feel personally attacked by this mans saying Tachanka is the absolute worst...

    63. mmnmg6h mmnmg6h

      No problem We Are Now без проблем Если вы это правда вы не умеете играть за бандита тогда это другой для вас и так слушай этот наркоман из Германии из Германии служат в каком-то Национальном вмешательстве нам на няня как я получу такое уважение короче сейчас будем проверять всё понятно все на месте начинаем матч это так так мы начинаем Этот мальчик или нет подожди О теперь начинаем Ох блин ну давай

    64. mmnmg6h mmnmg6h

      , fack you say About Me Understand understand What оплата только если он не понимает О чём он говорит

    65. mmnmg6h mmnmg6h

      Мехова GTA V потому что как я буду охотится на террористов таким тяжелым Охламон ищем это правда вы боитесь играть в counter-strike Global Offensive Баста для того чтобы все ругают думайте что по 90 только для нубов

    66. Tryhard :p

      its all fun in games until theres a glaz

    67. AH-64 Apache

      Tachanka is the most op operator

    68. INVA Bio

      oh my god how have i never thought of this...?

    69. HIMIK xXx


    70. Fugol

      I just spawn peek with the lord

    71. Dismatt Matt

      Black beard defence

    72. Skyler

      Bikini is the pro player of the meme league. He makes these “dumb” meme strats that end up getting used in actual pro league play. What a god.

    73. Petr Junek

      hello my frend you really good

    74. casper _R6

      Ha ha

    75. ` ` Wʜɪᴛᴇ Qᴜᴇᴇɴ ` `


    76. Cryptic Ice

      The pure reason why i dont use tachanka is that i have a fidget problem so i cant stay in one place with my gun i need to constantly travel, thats why i main ela, valk, and Cav etc.

    77. Caleb Smith

      It's more Like a stationary Blackbeard on DEF than a Mira

    78. VTX Bepis

      Now put a deployable shield infront of dat shit, then reinforce the wall infront of it and place a fucking Mira down as the magic operator that shoots shoes at bitches

    79. Random_Booy

      Y love cranc =)

    80. buy me tns

      Capitao: am I a joke to you?

    81. v7bp25aq

      I actually feel bad for the people who get killed with those wall bangs and tachanka mirrors. RIP!

    82. livovil

      For anyone who wants to know, the Russian on God’s face shield says Лорд or Lord.

    83. Nick Smans

      Doc is a good operator

    84. Jack Jones

      8:38 CJ?

    85. Hippity hoppity your child Is OUR property

      I sense a American spy in our midst

    86. Thomas Bailey

      this is just using the turret regularly except worse....

    87. William Spires

      Should put a shield in front to protect the legs boi

    88. zack trever

      Crab dance after new tachanka strats Nice

    89. Berga_

      💎💎💎Whatch my last Video💎💎💎

    90. Eclipse3131

      Love the Pokemon sounds

    91. Dojon

      Quando um gringo descobre o jeitinho brasileiro

    92. Yonattan007

      I don't think this is new I remember watching a video saying this is possible 2018 or 17 don't know who released it but I can try to check there is a chance it was you but this definitely isn't new I don't think.

      1. Yonattan007

        Good video anyway just want to say I love your content I just don't think this is new bc I've been using it for quite a bit.

    93. CB0Y_Lucky

      Why dont u use black ice on mp5

    94. smile face

      Tachanka more like defense blackbeard

    95. dragonblade101

      When you're good with the lord, but you use him correctly.

    96. W3irdP3r0

      Blackbeard but in defense

    97. LolFlashlight

      His R2-D2 is totally on point tho. PS- check out my HUfast! hufast.info/up/BGiXJTgqD45AYu8nE4pA8g.html

    98. Molnár Dominik

      Im goood whit the LORD.

    99. General Kenobi

      Wait can glaz see trough the black mirror with his thermo vision

    100. Guy_Frog's

      Лорд тачанка