I MADE Zero One of The *STRONGEST* Attackers in Rainbow Six Siege 😱🟢🟢🟢


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    In this Rainbow Six Siege Montage we're highlighting Zero, in Aruni 's season Operation Neon Dawn, a bit late, but we let it simmer for longer so it tastes better :)
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    1. BikiniBodhi

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        Shush you fortnite player *russian badger is gonna here u*

      5. CR Crafter

        My dads name is:Liqa Madiq

    2. Praveen Bruce

      1.16 what is the sound effect!?

    3. Empiyrr

      Zero is like Iana but with more range

    4. Willi4mR6

      1:10 wait theres pterosaurs on siege .

    5. Elva Nano

      Gente y como bikini lo dice ahora lo van a nerfear en próximas temporadas

    6. Sentinel Luca

      Dude that sound effect at 1:02 is so familiar but i dont know where its coming from

    7. IAmGamerFun

      What Is that headgear in the thumbnail, I hope its not just some photoshopping

    8. Kaalbrak

      Tips for those who struggle with the cams in the floor (like Bikini at 3:23) just keep in mind that Zero moves a tiny little bit when you shoot them. Sometimes (like at 3:23) this tiny movement is enough to make you shoot on a rail bar and so disable the cameras ability to change side. The solution : just make sure that you shoot with the bars vertically on your screen and this tiny movement would not bother you anymore.

    9. Alexandro Maximo Bombardieri

      (The byrd) my name is Giovanni Giorgio but every body call me Giorgio (epik song start)

    10. A Toasty Goose

      Yes, the Gamer rule 17: 8:47

    11. Oskar Mirota

      So i am op too right?

    12. David Tsybulskiy

      I lov yu bro nice clips everytime i see yur clips i think why iam not able to be so creative like you and try some funny things 😂👍🏼

    13. Max The Bear

      We're all gonna look back on this video when Zero eventually gets nerfed and be like "I can't believe he had FOUR WHOLE CAMS like bruh"

    14. JxDmini


    15. Luke Redbeard

      14:13 "DoN't ShOoT tHe CaM"

    16. Jackson_3D

      Everyone's saying how Fisher isn't Fisher, my man's got arthritis, give him a break just let him be a intel gatherer and he's also 63

      1. Jackson_3D

        also that Zelda music is 👌

    17. Jadden Apellido

      I don’t like how they call him zero

    18. Prof. Pete

      I've seen someone with over 9000 ping... ITS OVER NINE THOUSAAAAND!!!!

    19. Jalend Bishop

      Little nerdy but his profile is actually the magic the gathering card outmuscle

    20. SubtsWorlwide

      He must play on a movie theater screen to be able to see even an ant from the other side of the map

    21. Rashod Reed

      Both Zero and Warden are actually good

    22. Rosalie Makarski

      The cute soprano dolly dream because hallway subcellularly fetch until a productive oyster. amused, first magician

    23. Wiley Dillon

      The gaping kenneth nutritionally scold because dance tinctorially prevent notwithstanding a moaning sail. shrill, blushing father

    24. Jak Dee

      Tip of the day you can switch your view on Argus cam so it is like you can put a Argus cam on top of the Bomb and you can see your self on top or the bomb bellow it is s to do it s

    25. Alex Anderson

      goes through door, get aruni'd, gets lesioned, gets ela'd, gets melusi'd, then teamkilled

    26. Mates Bartko

      Zero oooooooooppppp

    27. Bairdicus


    28. zoiiddy

      I still think zero should be like cav but attacking

    29. Grand Master Fildos

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    30. yannick van breda

      @bikiniBodhi, cams are not glitched. Most likely you just shot one right on one of those metal bars that run in the floor.

    31. Hypez

      Bikini out here playing Window 6 Siege

    32. Даниил Кузнецов

      Ахуеть, а ты в курсе, что есть дроны в этой игре?

    33. AltijdAppelsap

      its the stardew valley music for me

    34. Cat Fucker

      Damm that thumbnail headgear tho

    35. ali aude

      This is sooo good and he gets only on kill

    36. ali aude

      you sound like a littele kid

    37. Milica T

      I love you so mucccccccccccccccccccc❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕❤️❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕❤️❤️💖💜❤️♥️❤️💖❤️💖💕❤️💖

    38. simon camarda

      Tus vídeo os so todo bro :)

    39. Moth

      I know which operator I’m getting next

    40. CBNTdragon

      Bodhi no cap i was playing a game of siege on playstation with one of my bros friends we found someone who had 37528 ping but he was carrying his team lol

    41. RAF

      You know you can switch view with Argus?

    42. Joataro Kujo

      Pov: you are a frost mat

    43. cool dude3

      Zero kinda pogg

    44. max mustermann

      pff thats just old valk

    45. Moey Youssef

      I see you’ve discovered droning

    46. Jwr


    47. James Grosch

      When you don't realise that you can switch camera views so you call him broken and annoying😆 what a smart guy

    48. Antonio Lopez

      Great video🤣😭

    49. SKN_

      Helo evribhodi

    50. Saged

      once I came to your stream asking you something in Spanish and the racists of your mods suspended me for no reason , Spanish Lives Matters

    51. Newgemumasuta

      Bikinhi my Ping is sometimes 9972 and below fun vid

    52. Maniplayer92

      I once had 27k ping...

    53. Vexarinx

      I saw 35 000 ping

    54. Stefan Buaben

      you taught me windows are doors and i was wrong my whole life XD

    55. TØXIC

      Pls reply pls reply

    56. Juan Mercado

      It's not a glitch, the cams are hitting the beams in the ground when they don't go through.

    57. stubbornmule15

      Is it just me or is bikini accent changing from american to what he sounds like now

    58. Tyme


    59. Mohamad Monajati

      I want your face cam again 🥺

    60. 08 Emiliano Valentín Astorga Chávez

      11:43 you said Room in spanish

    61. Solar_Warlock

      was i the only one who was slightly annoyed at the fact, bikini didnt use the cameras lazers? Edit: barely used the lazers

    62. Krioeus Misticus

      quick question.... are you russian? if yes здарова братан if no just okay

    63. Slvy

      hes op enough

    64. kl0s3ヅ

      nice IQ

    65. mahamoone

      how do you get so much coins

    66. i got some jelly beans.


    67. i got some jelly beans.

      I love zero cause he basically a long ranged camera attacker Valkyrie. She tosses it. BUT HE FUCKIN SHOOTS IT

    68. Haloiscool 0614

      Person at 1000 ping, bikini makes fun of him. Me at 15k ping

    69. EJKYAC

      Zero is already one of the strongest attackers

    70. Dio Mauro Capuano

      Music at 10:06?

    71. Maxi König

      I just clicked the vid cause i thought i read zero two in the title, for no reason 😭

    72. James Song


    73. James Wilson

      12:17 what's that song??

    74. ØDG /

      If you know who average Jonas is you sound exactly like him...

    75. Breanna Frias

      13:29 that’s thaqils smurf

    76. Galaxy_ _Games

      i want fisher back with his classic suit not some coat

    77. Mejias Mcgarity

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    78. Motalux

      did he reach diamonds on #735 of ChowderCraft?

    79. Vaas Montenegro

      He do be flapping

    80. Tate Boyd

      Bro I love R6 I got mp7 black ice as I was watching and i hit gold so I qued into a ranked and went up against boosters and dropped to silver and I just cleared up 70 geb of storage ( ◠‿◠ )

    81. FreDraGo

      Enemy UAV overhead

    82. Bm N

      The like cactus cranially murder because women coincidently crush mid a unaccountable angle. sulky, highfalutin eagle

    83. BESTBOSS 666

      I miss his nades TwT

    84. iambdo

      Please don’t use the Lord’s name in vain

    85. I'm trash .com

      Zero goes zero to 100 real quick

    86. lautaro fakiani

      Thats the shittyest way to use zero its si bad to place them outside

    87. noisygab

      uav in r6 heck yeah

    88. Ayyylien

      Zero is essentially just valk on attack and that's exactly how he should be played.

    89. Bald Eggo

      Wait I got the notification for this vid six days later wtf

    90. Tozza

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    91. TJ RND

      Why he sound like kwebbelkop?

    92. WolfSlayz167

      “Hi there” SHOOTS BIRD

    93. Iori Duarte

      You think 1000 ping is crazy? You should see my friend; he can have 11000 ping!!!

    94. Loller_boy_ 42

      3:41 whats the name of the second bird there?

    95. Yvng Mxx

      At 1:05 I thought he shot the cam on Lion’s drone.... which leads to the question of “can you shoot one of his cam’s onto Lion’s drone?” What about the helicopter on border?

    96. Grimmisgod 123

      0:57 5g OP

    97. Scott H

      We’re gonna need a Kinicraft series plz and thx

    98. Karysk

      Friendly UAV ready and online

    99. Miguel Guevara

      I dont like him because he cant interrogate

    100. Controlled Operative Vinny

      I think that bikini thinks you can put Argus cams... In metal studs