I MADE Iana One of The *STRONGEST* Attackers in Rainbow Six Siege 😱


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    This Rainbow Six Siege Montage in Operation Shadow Legacy features Iana, one of the most underrated attacking Operators IN THE GAME, combined with the new Fnatic Iana skin, you can look cool af while stomping your opposition! Shall we make an Echo Elite video next?
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    🎵 Music:
    Ty The Tasmanian Tiger OST - Shadow the Bat
    Zelda The Wind Waker OST - Outset Island
    Super Mario RPG OST - Fight Against an Armed Boss
    Stardew Valley OST - Summer (Natures Crescendo)
    Mario Kart Wii OST - Coconut Mall [Qumu Remix]
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Turtles In Time OST - Boss
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    Crash Twinsanity OST - Walrus Chase
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    Mario & Sonic Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games OST - Puzzle Plank Galaxy
    Runescape OST - Sea Shanty 2
    The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword OST - Groose's Theme
    Sonic Generations OST - Rooftop Run (Classic)
    🎵 Outro: Noisestorm - Crab Rave

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    1. BikiniBodhi

      Make sure you Wishlist Last Farewell so you'll be notified when it releases! :D store.steampowered.com/app/1234240/Last_Farewell/

      1. SnotSniper#7296

        I love your videos

      2. Raisi

        15.10 is my Birthday 😂😳👀

      3. heider gamer

        Is it his game?

      4. HyperVenom 2641

        Hay that my birthday October 15

      5. lilshotee

        make it free or i will come ur house i can bypass nord vpn so do it rn

    2. Rueta Schirei

      1:25 lol

    3. philip zaylaa

      1:01 if you wana see how thic it is

    4. El OSMAR ._.

      Am i the only one who thought that lana operator sign was a broken helmet?

    5. Spook

      7:08 They really didn't want you to get in

    6. rose ares Mizarel

      hey biikini ım wondering your laugh style show ıt us on your face

    7. Nicholas Hernandez

      so are we not going to talk about the 818 packs?

    8. Shark boy3581 On xbox

      Fuç$ you frag gernade later thang you frag gernade

    9. Little schmoke

      Maybe it's cause your on PC but you make the game look easy 😂

    10. Garrett

      i have the issue where people shoot anything that moves

    11. Jack Healey

      i got black ice for the g3 OMEGALUL

    12. charlie lowrie

      monty:1 nade kills 3 bikini: 1 nade kills me

    13. John Wick

      +500 IQ

    14. Zyl

      Siege when it was released: A realistic Shooter Siege now: We have walking holograms

    15. The Guy

      8:12 that jump scare

    16. Grey* 59

      Dummy thicc

    17. Kquuik

      Lol 5 months late new year and season and sound bug still exist and you have to restart still

    18. Robber

      who else got problems with their r6 crashing within the first match? please don't say that i'm the only one.

    19. Pierinhood74

      So, Iana's gemini is essebtialy just a more op Dead ringer. Only specific persons will understand this...

    20. Sekai Kamiki

      I got to say Your like the number 1 HUfastr who is actually the best at Rainbow Six Siege Maybe there should be like TV named after you playing Siege too Your humor and friends Legit amazing got to see more of this Come on man upload more and more

    21. XDgamer 018

      When i get a better pc that doesnt explode when i start up the game im gonna buy iana since i want to be a impostor and im dutch so she fits me

    22. ShiT oN

      Your are onestly the most funny guy i never see😂

    23. Tiziano Angeloni

      I wanna the charm

    24. OFFLINE

      11:40 he was so shoked he switched to japanese

    25. Tufan Palıt

      12:39 its a bad word in Turkish hes name

    26. Norbert Klár

      His game is a scam. They didn't even updated it since Early Access release.

    27. murphy the platypus

      5:10 supa breacha

    28. geiles brötchen

      she have the hardest smoker eyes

    29. Cyxillion

      i swear this guy makes every operator OP

    30. Jack Hansen

      Rip the tachanka turret

    31. Camden Ackerman

      i can control the smg 12

    32. BM_ Brudii

      The Zul'gurub music POG

    33. The KlausenDuck

      so, why’d you choose a song from Stardew valley, a game in which you calmly farm, for a 5v5 tactical shooter

    34. SammyCatStudios

      I can actually control the smg 12 recoil

    35. max haezer

      Yon Lennon :/

    36. MarcinsiwyPL polak

      My friend have a ash main

    37. NABE

      3:09 3:43 aim hack on ?

    38. Derique Potillo

      Yea i started maining her once i seen the 2.0 n angled on the g36.

    39. simon barczi

      mirage from apex will be proud

    40. Hessel Santema

      Am I the only one confused about when he was a drone or just Iana?

    41. Nao Sei

      Now i know how Swedish crabs sound like :D

    42. P1xel

      i can actually control the smg12, its possible

    43. Iljk

      Its pretty unintentionally b it the Subtitles really help me watch the vid

    44. Kris

      She scream like Crash bandicoot 12:24 Woah Woah Woah xD

    45. Fiiched

      Are all these videos in casual?

    46. Angelo Gregori

      Crysis 4

    47. Agent Snake

      I still like luigis mansion theme so much

    48. no yeet

      Lol love that stardew valley music

    49. kevin dellatore

      People who don’t shoot the clone immediately are dumb

    50. Davi Dias

      O Brasil tá aqui 🇧🇷🇧🇷

    51. John Wilkes Booth

      i can control smg12

    52. JxDmini


    53. Adrian

      12:17 gave me Dejavú

    54. TT TEAM

      12:38 :)

    55. Ekin Deniz Öztürk

      XD 12:39 his name is in turkish name thats mean son of a bitch 05 XD

    56. The Uzi

      What weapon skin is that

    57. Scotty Papa

      The g36 is a really good underrated gun it has good damage and fire rate and a light recoil

    58. David slater

      It is awesome my friend was confused when I kept play hologram and I fake him

    59. Jak Dee

      I thought a dork revived you and thought it was his pistol lol 😂

    60. Anish Joshi

      I really wish I was this good.

    61. Dino 590

      How can you angle without aiming?

    62. M4RC0

      Im from brasil but i like your video

    63. BigPapaScorch exe

      "there was a kapkan * Swedish crab mating noises *" that got me😂

    64. RELTlH ק

      What gun is he using?

    65. Aideon

      It would be funny if you could attach a grenade to the clone and run in a room with it.

    66. Кирялина Мандарин

      6:58 оооо наш человек

    67. Sloop _

      That was such a good play in the intro

    68. Eddie Corlett

      Is it just me or does lana's icon look like a cracked open egg shell?

    69. Rocknmetalultima

      The best kill i got with Iana was against my teammate and friend. I copied my self and hoped through a window and run deeper in to get intel. My friend followed not realizing it was my copy and got frost traped at the window xD

    70. theLman

      breaks one barricade: "who needs an ash?"

    71. FaceTunaLuner !!

      Weed and R6

    72. SatoV

      2:13 my lungs couldn’t that face plant

    73. K Drake

      This got me to get her and use her and she is oppppp

    74. StarGazer

      wait did yana get a rework

    75. A BCD

      I have a glitch where I can’t ping

    76. luis caceres

      “Je be bavv” had the smoothest transition

    77. Arinho

      14:55 hmmmm

    78. Ersin Bülbül

      That God damn was a nice accent

    79. Adam Urban

      IT doesnt work everyone shots drone to so

    80. ネコ

      I'm watching my teacher cut open a frog's balls

    81. Bone In Quarantine

      “She DUMMY THICC” -TheRussianBadger

    82. bubblymoth87 yt ark

      I found my new main

    83. Louwerst

      You also fake me too

    84. Ioannis Fragias

      0:59 Zandalari Music ;)

    85. Fling Fella

      Did anyone else here Stardew valley music in this

    86. Lord Tachanka

      kini you forgot to mention her thiccness that rivals that of a cow that ate another cow

    87. TELSU


    88. Guilherme Pereira Rodrigues Gomes

      je be bavv?

    89. Dylan Jordan

      every clip is in casual☠️

    90. Yetty Meleni

      Fun fact I can control the smg12 but I play xbox so makes sense

    91. Dane Sellars

      Ok, ok you always say that an operator is op but just maybe you are op

    92. No_lxve_commentary

      I main iana to

    93. No_lxve_commentary

      I main iana to

    94. Bruno Beltrán Belmonte

      I always get confused with this operator, what happened at the begging? She was a hologram but she could shoot and she was the real one?

      1. Snpaul

        He wasn’t a hologram

    95. prerit rana

      me : tries this in bronze gets shot every time cause they always shoot the clone

    96. Invisible Ninja

      The gun: "fnatic" Me: wait

    97. DiscountBobMarley

      Tf is the song at 9:23 😂

    98. Wizardv2 Singh

      The end tho lmfao love your content fr

    99. Peyton Cropper

      Anybody else notice the stardew valley background music?

    100. Virulentea !

      Well it would make sense if you couldn't just shoot both real and fake one without giving away your pos