If You Lose To This Rainbow Six Siege Strat You Have To Uninstall...


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    In this Rainbow Six Siege Montage we're pulling a blitz on the community... by doing the dumbest strat you could ever imagine. Fortnite.
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    🎵 Music:
    Sly Cooper 2 OST - The Jungle
    The Legend of Zelda The Wind Waker OST - Forest Haven
    Tzafu - Resurrection
    Kirby's Dreamland 3 OST - Sand Canyon 1
    The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess OST - Ooccoo's Theme
    The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time OST - Goron City
    Bloons Monkey City OST - Street Party (Grass Hills Jungle Terrain Theme)
    The Legend of Zelda The Wind Waker OST - Forest Haven
    The Legend of Zelda Phantom Hourglass OST - Mercay Island
    Donkey Kong Country OST 4 - Island Swing
    Little Island Leap - Going at It Again
    The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword OST - Knight's Academy
    Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games OST - Warios Gold Mine (Mario Kart Wii)
    The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess OST - Postman's Theme
    Mario Kart Wii OST - Coconut Mall [Qumu Remix]
    🎵 Outro: Noisestorm - Crab Rave

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    1. BikiniBodhi

      sub or ill literally commit goyo shield

      1. 12345 678900


      2. ttv julyt3

        No pls

      3. Levente Korpics

        Do a flip 😂

      4. HACKER

        But that is so mean :(

      5. B.C. editor53

        Yes sirrrrrr

    2. harcos csab

      are there no vietnamish operators in the game ? bikini: there is one

    3. Pooran D

      I have just learned that Nokk is a female... Really thought Nokk was a male soldier.

    4. Pooran D

      9:18 man spoke gibberish.

    5. GavinArcade8

      Holy crap. I was just watching and then I recognized the music in the background... I scroll down to see you showed what songs you used and I see it. One 'Mercay Island' from phantom hourglass. So much nostalgia!

    6. Michael KRIKORIAN

      There's noooo way he isn't cheating.

    7. midon

      7:28 I see you're a man of culture as well

    8. The Gamer that loves pugs

      I swear this are paid actors

    9. Dark Energy

      It happened back in the siege, I heard that song again

    10. Pavel Sustov

      100%wouldn't work with me

    11. PlayboyTom

      Ah yes, the bushes are speaking “Mexican” lmfao

    12. Jacob RAYNER

      We need another Fraser video the nostalgia from him shouting on Hereford Base

    13. Cynknia Wyrasg

      In the new apocalypse mode u can take the plant and run with Oryx try it out

    14. Thiago Pereyra

      Hola bikini soy un suscriptor de latinoamerica y quetia decirte que me encantan tus videos BUENAS NOCHES

    15. VeteranShrimp

      I am the lorax, i speak for the trees. but for some god damn reason, they speaking mexican.... doesn't have the same ring

    16. Urmum Kdddwkidcg

      hear me out, what if when you get 2 million subs or 5 mil you get a tattoo of a crab or make ur beard shaped like one

    17. 12345 678900


    18. Hipporosourus __

      Bushy Bushy is bikini’s devil fruit

    19. h1 y0

      Bold of you to assume I don't die to a Kapkan trap

    20. Bacoon

      do i have to uninstall windows?

    21. Nesteaa Funnn

      Bikini, can you stop complaining to ubisoft about the game? you are not there anymore mate. You really fukin ruin the game u fukhole, I still rmmber the day when you complain about ASH and look. please stop ruining the game, go play on console if you can’t stand against skill player

    22. G.M. Fernandes

      "Imagine being the counter play to kali being just moving" genius hahahaha 9:52

    23. Jonatan Mercier

      *vietnam ptsd intensifies*

    24. CallMeCancel

      Ahh yes Mexican language my favorite

    25. ElTioMys

      Im gonna try that I alredy uninstalled.

    26. Charlie B

      “Sneaky beaky like”

    27. ttv julyt3

      Bikini how can I get better at rainbow six seage I am good with the bosgacog but i want to be better

    28. Crab Peasant

      0x champ faking champ lmfao

    29. Im a Square

      Bikini play the apocalypse mode

    30. little friend

      i want tachanka because he is over power like you said it over power

    31. Jogish208

      Bikini the new gamemode is out!!!

    32. Benny Grahn

      bästa ja sätt haha

    33. Caleb Henderson

      New gamemode :D

    34. Jimmyninja 843

      Do u think Lesion would be a good camp operator

    35. GainFullest GG

      Isn’t Goyo getting a rework?

    36. Rumbling End

      If you enjoy pain and suffering use suppressor for extra stealth

    37. อาณกร จ่าหมื่นไวย์

      4:36 why do i hear "fortunate son"

    38. TioXG

      Ok, so BikiniBodhi is now called tępy chuj

    39. Семинко

      8:07 its your boy Asmongold

    40. Rainer kallok

      I’m the 666th comment

    41. Dan Florez

      bikini can you make a hashtag on twitter that says give ace back smokes ubi keeps screwing the game

    42. Ava Rabiei

      10:50 was spicy

    43. Clip

      Bikinibodhi: If You Lose to this strategy you have to UNINSTALL Narcoleptic Nugget: This video will make you reinstall Rainbow Six Siege

    44. Xenone

      hey bikini i wanna use vegas pro 16 to edit some vids and i was wondering what do you use to subtitle is it like a pre build vegas thing or another complete separated thing ?

    45. Alex Tichy

      9:17 me when my Mates say something in other language

    46. ThePazzinato

      ok Lost hard on 11:20 shiet

    47. ZzZ

      mans almost at 1million renown🥶

    48. OYeahMr Crabs

      I swear I thinks he’s still playing Skyrim 😂

    49. KinglyKaiser

      4:37: Fortunate son intensifies

      1. Mr. Birb

        I was waiting for this comment

    50. Berkay Yeni

      Hi youtube im Nökk

    51. G1uck_

      when Idea turns intp Ikea

    52. Seven soul

      12:03 happens to all siege players if it hasn't happened to you yet....it's just a matter of time ....not giving out a curse I'm just saying looool

    53. JWLN silver

      ay congrats to ya boi for getting his masters degree in hide n seek

    54. Christopher Bonnen

      "Why am I hunting toes today?" Answer: Cause it is T-hunt

    55. Ratchet Cooper

      Ok Kini with the Sly Cooper OST

    56. Evan Runolfson

      9:41 Neatmike??

    57. inSquared1

      3:00 TIGER MAFIA! :D

    58. Sir Erik

      9:18 the strong russian accent

    59. KID Lirious

      hey bikini is gridlock fun if not do u have any clue on how to make her fun-ish? idk

    60. Mikael Christian Krutisov-Oyola

      527 I died laughing at that

    61. Nightmare Dragon

      Well goyo is part batman he lost his family at a young age raised by a older person who's name/codename starts with a A and fights crime

    62. mark stockil

      Like me elite becuase ive gor mp7 black ice

    63. mark stockil

      you can get elite jackal

    64. iScrxpted

      Why does your mate sound like he has a automated voice?😂

    65. iScrxpted

      Bikini: suppressor lowers recoil Also bikini: misses all his shots Present bikini:... I’m taking off suppressor

    66. shawn wesner

      Is it just me or is his outro so worth watching. Its so catchy, only youtuber outro i like. Love the videos bro

    67. Lryic _

      Pls don’t say oh my God it’s a sin. Also God loves you turn to him today (not forcing just spreading the Gospel).

    68. PsychodelicPanda

      7:00 'Kini really took a moment to calibrate his decisions 🤣🤣

    69. Smitemo

      8:18 was such a perfect followup

    70. RigtheFig

      Well I saw the secret message. I am forced to like the video so I will

    71. Emile Cromme

      What is that live song

    72. Courage Clutterbuck

      I would love it but at the start when you drop of the bar there u get downed

    73. T3zlaGM

      now r6 is gonna have the same camouflage issue as csgo

    74. frogiliciouss

      I loooovvveeee how Bikini comes with these crazy ideas out of nowhere!😂😂😂😂😂

    75. Nik L.

      I liked the vid before u say it, ha!

    76. mohamad mousavi

      I love how he misses the vector then kills with secondary pistol

    77. RyuAlphaa

      u better take off the suppresser

    78. Daniel G0729

      I come from the stream and I know that 5:41 is SUS

    79. The Loveable

      Sliy coooper moosic jes *nut*

    80. Деся Новикова

      Best part: Lesss goo

    81. B.W.T.F best way to farm

      9:16 what did he say

    82. Rich

      I just want the kini settings

    83. Shadowfangur

      4:32 that ShivHD reference tho ahha

    84. Bored Doggo

      2:18 when you got no camo detection

    85. Richard Mason-Smith

      3:15 the guy who speaks, look at his name lol

    86. Chief664n

      American operators when bushes starts speaking vietnamese/spanish: oh man oh gosh

    87. Lucas Muzzioli Zuluaga

      Bikini is hide in the booshes

    88. ryo 831

      Do you like Nintendo?

    89. Ohne Namen

      What for blind enemys

    90. Nezi Kaile

      Bloopers? You mean when Kini is mortal?

    91. DMG Oregon657

      Reason for hunting toes is jackel elite wispering to you "i need some of them"

    92. Nate Condy


    93. The live is only Good

      Hey do

    94. PonyMan

      League of Legends is taking over

    95. Beast Bear 53

      Hey kini are we ever gonna get last farewell gameplay again?

    96. Zkeley

      People like bikini are the reason I drone in qm

    97. Μίνωας Μαρωπάκης

      ~Bikini Bodhi -Specialty:toe hunter

    98. Dyl sae

      That donkey Kong in the back ground brings back memories 💯

    99. Miguel Martins

      Bikini you are not a convertible Bikini: 3:16

    100. flash almighty

      Hey bikini, would u ever make a perfectly cut scream compilation of your screams, they are so funny