Im the *BEST* Maverick In Rainbow Six Siege... 👑


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    Todays video on Rainbow Six Siege will be a bit different, we will not be playing the New Operation Void Edge with Oryx or Iana
    Instead we will be doing a gameplay montage of playing Maverick the Strongest attacker in Siege AND can you believe he's getting frags in the next update?!
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    🎵 Music:
    Pokemon Sun & Moon OST - Route 1
    Hotline Miami 2 Wrong Number OST - Divide
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    Kalinka (AdryxG Remix)
    The Legend Of Zelda The Wind Waker OST - Inside a House
    Super Mario World OST - Athletic Theme
    Ty The Tasmanian Tiger - Ship Rex
    Stardew Valley OST - Summer (Natures Crescendo)
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    🎵 Outro: Noisestorm - Crab Rave
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    1. BikiniBodhi

      1 out of 3 videos done this week ... Saturday & Sunday left!!! 😜❗

      1. Sir Relish

        5:13 pass the boof please

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        @Santiago -rios Rodríguez ESPAÑA

      3. Hunter Thomas

        U look high af😂🤣

      4. Towarzysz Wiedźmin

        Teo x bikini?

      5. Lime

        Finka or Maverick. You can’t have both

    2. cripps Wadsworth

      8:35 text chat, bikini say nword?

    3. Waxy .:.:.

      Hello neighbor I'm from finland

    4. Ethan Stangel

      Fuck off with the stardew valley music, we know where you live.

    5. Lucas Soares Lacerda

      For me, this channel is the best !

    6. Nemo Den

      Thanks for kalinka malinka

    7. Maria Fernanda Dávila Félix

      5:11 No bikini drugs are bad.

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    9. HATED PST

      This noob post casual clips r u kidding me 🤣

    10. Julian Parral

      2:39 song?

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    12. Arnamo

      08:59 this wakanda bullshit drives me nuts in siege. He clearly hit the wall but the game was like "huh? He clicked on his head tho 🤷‍♂️"

    13. Leland Acuna

      Why is route 1 melemele island a bop though

    14. Gerihun 102

      Nice stardew valley music

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    16. Edoardo Iacovella

      Bikini you favorit animol

    17. pelmen pelmenovich

      С 3:03 малинка калинка

    18. Kechup -_-

      Maverick pog

    19. Mr. Thiccums

      “I’m the best maverick in rainbow six siege” *has gold one icon in thumbnail* The *BEST*

    20. the wolf studio

      9:59 that is a familiar situation... except for the fact that I just main recruit and people dome me for it.

    21. Dj Oso

      Bikini dude I just try it and it works

    22. Jakey.

      he looks like if chris and mrbeast were one

    23. Richárd Antal

      10:54 lil soros gyuri xdddd

    24. Joaquin Aguirre

      play cod

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    26. KatanaQuits

      My man played Kalinka for the Mav+faze combo *respect, bratucha*

    27. Carla Martins

      Quem e português?

    28. Baran Kurt

      What is the 3:02 songs video but I want the woman singing the song

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    30. Fantastic Trickster

      Now we have secondary hard breach gadgets

    31. Nãoficial

      me : ta me: clear

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    33. Mr Cold Hands

      6:36 re watching for the 99th time I love this

    34. L1VE

      6:11 Micky mouse laugh

    35. Jose Ramon Ramirez

      Wait...buck with nades?????

    36. Nicolas König

      10:19 jooo no shit i think i was that alibi XD

    37. Black Maffia200

      Ты что русский знаешь?

    38. Mr. Fluffy

      I didn't know you and teo played. I didn't even know teo still plays siege

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    40. Damian Ulloa leon

      what does nämen va fan mean xd

    41. FastAsDuck Cowboy

      За калинку лайк

    42. 哈哈哈哈

      kill fraiser again

    43. Wild Inferno014

      no im better im bronze 4

    44. Ronald Huffman Jr

      when you killed the valk with a wallbang i subbed

    45. ひきこもりマイラブ

      Калинка, калинка калинка моя XD

    46. Keegan Percy R

      5:11 I died

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    53. JokerOttoVon

      Wait this was 5 months ago?? Feels like yesterday😅😍❤️

    54. [insert name here]

      8:11perfectly cut sceams

    55. Erik Mendoza

      BikiniBodhi!!!! Today is my birthday let’s go!!!!!!!!

    56. Old Yoda

      I yawned at the same time as him

    57. The Zombie King

      i would loveto play siege BUT THERe IS FUCKING MAINTENACE FOR THREE FUCKING HOURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    58. IL Roam

      5:09 XDDDDDDDDD

    59. mineshaft mineshaft

      wer go strin bikini outro man

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      Quieres? Hahahaahhaahah

    61. NAMELESS ?

      Os cara baniram Maveco

    62. Emo_lightskinn

      5:04 had me dead

    63. Salladass

      I look this back and i love how it is the same and his propaint goes out so fast

    64. Denise Mcintyre

      Y does the guy that talked when bikini one taps the valk through the wall sound so much like BIKINI

    65. phantomlmao

      8:10 comedy at its finest

    66. Demetri Presley

      Shut the fuck up, recruit is more meme than maverick ever could be!

    67. Солодилова Анна

      Thanks my English friend.

    68. Dj Funknukl

      Edm Kalinka intensifies

    69. Flórián Wéber

      10:54 szegény Soros ;(

    70. Daniel Lugo Vargas

      OMG 5:12 i put the same face that Chris Pratt in his meme on The office :00

    71. Benjamin Corona

      5:09 Si, si quiero gracias

    72. _Fresh_Dude_

      мне показалось или он рускую песню вставил

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      Bikini looks high AS FUCK in the intro

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      5:08 ¿Quieres?

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      I live ot when teo and bikini play together.

    78. Türk Oyuncu

      how to counter BikiniBodhi? FROST TRAPS

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      5:11 no quiero, thanks master

    80. Le Baguette

      2:40 this is awesome😂

    81. Grant Dodd

      Use my it's better then the AR 15 since it's automatic

    82. Krzysztof Sznura

      Only virgin doesn't use acog on maverick rifle

    83. GGEZ_ brujuto

      "Can you stop be gay whith my boyfriend"

    84. seby

      7:00 which game is that from im retarded!

    85. Slashing Tyler

      3:23 BM to the effin max

    86. Seth Pascua

      Maverick Fuze combo

    87. Wasabi

      Просто ВО

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      Mavericks Gadget and Guns are OP, change my mind.

    89. ғяѧňċo Ԁıѧz

      quieres? epico amigo jaja

    90. Gabe Collins

      I love how he acts like 1 tapping him through a wall with a pistol is no big deal lol

    91. Gabe Collins

      Using maverick is just like saying to reinforcements yeah fuck that

    92. Gabe Collins

      Yeah you totally are the best maverick

    93. Federal Bureau of Investigation

      Play with teo more plz

    94. JoJa1916

      Wait why wasn’t Teo’s words green instead of blue?

    95. Morti

      8:34 the chat

      1. Festerr


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      I feel your pain for the Maverick torch issues


      I live in Russia

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