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    Last Farewell is a project I've been working on for years, and our Kickstarter is finally live for it! Today I'll give you a little update about the future of my HUfast Channel and show you a gameplay trailer montage for my new horror survival royale multiplayer game!
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    1. BikiniBodhi

      The Kickstarter will be delayed until later this year to improve the game! Thanks for understanding! ❤️

      1. potatoeistaken

        Hey KINI, I really want to play this game when it comes out because it looks amazing! The one issue is that I play on Mac GeForce now, so I was wondering if you could try to put your game on GeForce now. I really hope you see this comment bikini, because I think it would be really fun to play this with froends

      2. aint-otaku

        Bikini vc e foda

      3. Pablo Bajo Martínez

        @Sickan Elgh i dont really think that

      4. Pablo Bajo Martínez

        @Bram Schipper i dont think so

      5. Sickan Elgh

        Ps4? i woud love it

    2. GameGod 711

      I hope your game goes well hope the graphics get a little better and I hope to see something like day z

    3. Preston Goard

      I hope it’s a online game wher you can make a server with a code or without a code

    4. モジャンズ

      this game will never succeed in any way or form it looks terrible and it's a waste of your time

    5. l l

      It's out now! Let's go!

    6. Crysis11m

      nah dying light and 2 thats gonna come up is better xD

    7. BH Prototyping

      the style of the game is all over the place. nothing looks consistent. you have cartoonish style characters but with textures that look like they should be on a more realistic game. it honestly looks like you purchased some assets and threw a game together. i love your normal content but this is quite harsh looking.

    8. PotatoAim 1805

      Did it die?


      The title scared the shit out of me

    10. Star platinum

      Who gave roman bellic a camera Jk lol

    11. FiSHy

      Kini: This will be a fun game with good mechanics. Me: But will headshots work?

    12. SunnyInvader

      you are basically the rossboomsocks of rainbow six siege

    13. dmbaster 45

      Bikinibodhi my espekem portugues my like de videos

    14. leg

      Let me play

    15. Adstral

      bruh gfuel is illegal in fucking norway?

    16. Adstral

      game looks intresting, but will it have anticheat?

    17. bananaket

      ! ihdoBolleH

    18. Cezer_105

      You're beautiful ngl (No homo)

    19. RedTailXx

      You should do more charity streams for people in need

    20. Vexziee

      inspired by unturned?

    21. Bluee

      Henlo everybodhi

    22. Kayden Cameron

      Love, but a friend of mine said you sound like Adam Sandler and now its All I can hear

    23. kieran

      Good luck with the game Mr. Bodhi!!!!

    24. Hannelore Pretas

      Looks like shit to be honest..

    25. gunsmith

      Last farewell already looks more fun than Friday the 13 pepega

    26. Wally Pickard

      Bleh clickbait

    27. James Taterson

      chease burger in my ass

    28. Evan

      Why is it cancelled on kick strarter

    29. LynZ_ ZoMbI

      Why is the Kickstarter off?

    30. qtBone

      You should have the audio like rust audio if u know what I mean

    31. Fabio Lamberti

      Watching the outro at 1.5× speed is so much fun :D

    32. GamingBros

      thats so coooool Bikini!!

    33. shescreamwarp.

      What’s the music at the start I feel like I know it

    34. Bruh Moment

      They had us in the first half. Not gonna lie

    35. Alejo Toquero Lebrero

      Love u bikini

    36. modest pelican gaming

      It looks like dog shit but still theres room for improvment

    37. Jurafoxy Pro

      Is it pc only?

    38. лютый офник

      какое прекрасное личико ну как в такого не влюбиться🥺🥺

    39. SHKRIMP guy

      There's worse things to worry about

    40. Krillsson

      you made me give up alibi for clashygal

    41. Malakai Smiley

      I’ve done my part, it’s time to do yours

    42. Kaslı Thor

      Ubisoft loves this.

    43. Masked

      The game concept sounds really good.

    44. Kraven

      looks like a mobile game lol

    45. Bucky Brown

      I’m sorry Kini, this whole quarantine has kept me out of work😕

    46. Doctorino Sixerino

      I’m making a prediction that the whole home base idea will get scrapped

    47. noah persson

      I feel sorry for him as the game is going to get nowhere near the goal

    48. The Whale Wants Vigil


    49. shivam kumar

      I can already see bikini stealing from chowder and chowder chasing him in the entire game and bikini leading wolfy into a room full of zombies🤣🤣🤣...all the best brother for your game

    50. Hoppe

      Is your game only for PC?

    51. mr west

      What systems are able to play your game because I don't have a pc. And I don't want to miss your awesome game just because I only have consoles and not a pc. Which would be a bruh moment.

    52. William Diamond

      Bikini = this my new game!!!! Me = grabs my mums credit card

    53. Khalid Fakhro

      I love u and the game but I sadly have no way to donate it. Also this game better be in steam and psn

    54. Logun Thompson

      Where is the pack opening bikini we all know you have at least 500

    55. ReeRee Turtle

      I just got the notification 😐

      1. John Henry Eden


    56. RJ THOUGHT

      hey boy why u deleted the best operator video: castle???

    57. LetMeIntikam

      Where is the over video man ?!!!!1!1!!1!1!

    58. Spartanpug

      Bro what just happened to the video you uploaded

    59. Dimas Aryo

      The best oepratorr

    60. Dimas Aryo

      Bikinii where the posttt..

    61. Anthony Neely

      When are you opening your alpha packs

    62. Yahir SFO

      What happened to the brand new vid? The castle vid

    63. Max vd Ende

      Isn't this a try? I don't know where to download it if it isn't.

    64. Shiro Kuro

      What happen on the latest video

    65. Sok Louka

      Why is new vid private

    66. Monkeyking2OP

      where is the castle video?? it was available a few moments ago..

    67. Jerry Cao

      Am I the only one who thought last farewell meant this was his last goodbye?

    68. StxnceUK

      Why’d the new vid go

    69. Камран Мустафаев


    70. GalacticBean

      Your recent castle video just deleted itself

    71. Dr Nuttyman

      Bikini why you make new video private?

    72. Lastnamechange

      What happened to the new video kini?

    73. Big St8k

      The new video disappeared.

    74. Germanboiii

      Hey bikini! With all the corona virus going on and staying at home the whole day, I have started a HUfast channel. You have been a huge inspiration on the way and I wanted to thank you! Maybe if you have the time you can check it out and leave me some feedback ;)

      1. Peter

        Germanboiii ❤️❤️❤️

    75. No U

      :) hello

    76. PackedManZ

      When they let me rate the notification i put that i was very dissatisfied because i thought he was actually leaving😂

    77. murito_burito

      sorry, dad, I'm gonna use your credit card.

    78. shenpai_REN

      But if a streamer gets streamsniped in Last Farewell, wouldnt that ruin their fun?

    79. alour b

      can u please continue uploading funny vids

    80. Jared van Haalen

      so its less beautifull DayZ with random generated maps?

    81. Christoph Fischer

      The concept is great, but I am pessimistic. Firstly, it sounds very slow. Secondly it is too complex. It sounds like it has multiple game loops, which generally doesn't work for MMO's. I would love to be proven wrong though.

    82. Precedence Is Daddy

      the game better be out in a year or im gonna be pissed for having to wait

    83. Precedence Is Daddy

      It looks dope already and im really excited for the fact you get to choose how you play, especially since you can be good, or bad

    84. Peter Pereborow

      When do u think it will launch

    85. BEMW Kodiak

      Bro I thought u were quitting HUfast

    86. Gonzalo Rivera

      Hola bikini, no creo que leas esto porque esta en español, pero te adoro, sigue asi, me encanta tu contenido

    87. Kai B

      I wanna play but I have the poor. Time for a job

    88. destroyer yeee

      Man your game is really fucking interesting

    89. Jerónimo Hernández


    90. LlambaMan

      8:13 "which is extremely sHit"

    91. Bas Slootweg

      Game looks bad ngl

    92. Felix Kurzke

      Getting Vanoss flashbacks from when he made that horror game lol

    93. Rafael Fernandes


    94. Adnan Yildirim


    95. Shrimp .aquaimpetus

      I love you like 3 times more after that video Edit: Grammer mistake

    96. Yerico-kun

      I'm late but i want to know if its coming on mobile cuz i know that it defenietly won't come on ps4😥 but if its coming on phone im defenietly playing

    97. Rose Ithemba

      Make a twitch highlights channel for your stream content

    98. Lykeny

      You haven't made a recruit video! Dont go!

    99. callmetiago #1

      pls let it be free to play

    100. Ronnie Ruble

      I'm going to be honest this game actually has a really good concept it just needs a good execution.