My Secret Strategy in Rainbow Six Siege... ❗


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    What are we even trying to do in Rainbow Six Siege at this point, where has the strategy gone, or is this a new kind of weird strategy utilizing stealth, I dunno, I'm just getting ready for the new Ember Rise update with this montage where I do fun stuff with stealth mechanics.
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      Whats the theme at 1:19 i hear it in almist every video of bekene

    5. Adrian Ang

      0:21 legit looks like the hostage is running away by himself 😂

    6. Noah Kauffman

      4:00 why did the zofia not get up

    7. echo buff

      Bikini noob because he is using m12

    8. atomic 206 videos

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    9. Илья Федоров

      Nokk with Claymore, than Nokk with flash grenades, the Nokk with breach and now we have Nokk with Hard breach. Next patch she will be with smoke grenades.

    10. Tadgh O'Connor

      This is why everyone loves you

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    22. Gustavo Vasquez Retamoso

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    23. Turtle MAFIA

      Bikini “ I am camouflaged” c4 “allow me to introduce myself”

    24. Leroy JethroGibbs

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    25. Samuel Charland

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    33. Twisted Samurai

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    34. Steeveedragoon

      Just got Nøkk today and she's already one of my favorite operatorson attack, if not my favorite. Simply put it's nice just being able to waltz past some of the camera's that give such a large ammount of intel, though it does suck that I can't sprint while doing so. It also kind of sucks that I have to use my frags to open hatches since 1. why would I bring breach charges over frags, and 2. Why would I bring a shotgun on attack, unless I'm playing buck or sledge (don't ask about sledge, I just love the idea of busting open a wall then shooting buckshot in someone's face.) We'll ignore the fact that part of the reason that I got Nøkk was because I got the battle pass and I automatically got an outfit for her.

      1. jennymcjennerson

        the sas shotgun is the best in the game.

      2. Some Random

        every time i use nokk i die the instance i enter the building. i once entered through a window a floor above where the bomb was on kafe, and ended up dying to a blitz who just so happened to be sneak sneaking around on the same floor.

    35. The R6S Shield Main

      Not so secret anymore, Kini.

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    37. T0INK

      Is it just me or are clips reused in videos?

    38. Ghosty

      Imagine not knowing what I posted cause I edited this comment

    39. Grazia Zarzana

      The art of stealth: only suppressor

    40. ChimpanzEE

      2:10 I didn’t know Bodhi was planting the defused and I was wondering why it was so loud

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    56. Calvin

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    62. Rainbow Eldrazi

      1:42 I thought you censored the curses in the subtitles

    63. Patrick Bogati

      4:26 zofia didn’t even try to get back up

    64. Pen9win

      The hostage looked like it was moving on its own

    65. Alex Playz

      Bikini: ahh the one tap Me: aye the Juan tap

    66. HelpMii _Switch

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    72. Sweet Baby Cheesus

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