*NEW* Mozzie & Gridlock Gameplay - Rainbow Six Siege Operation Burnt Horizon


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    We're going to Australian in Rainbow Six Siege Operation Burnt Horizon with the new ops Mozzie & Gridlock along with a lot of new buffs and nerfs and the Hibana Elite
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    🎵 Music:
    Ty The Tasmanian Tiger OST - Outback Safari
    Ty The Tasmanian Tiger OST - Bull's Pen
    Ty The Tasmanian Tiger OST - Rex Marks The Spot
    Ty The Tasmanian Tiger OST - Lyre, Lyre Pants On Fire

    🎵 Sound Effects by:
    ► Your Brain: bit.ly/2JETObQ
    🎵 Outro: Noisestorm - Crab Rave
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    1. BikiniBodhi

      Sorry for the janky sound quality, this was made at Ubisoft's recording setup, old mic will be back in the next video! :D

      1. roberto ventura

        Bikini in this video you do a game whit teknoyd, Alucc, raf of the Rainbow six siege italian community they are italian youtuber and i follow our because in italian but i lov3 vero much you're video

      2. adridegin


      3. S1tZ

        @radon pure io li conosco

      4. radon

        @S1tZ e niente conosco aluc baaastard r6ita teck di persona

      5. S1tZ

        E quindi?

    2. Aqifgamingxpro Chan

      Attacker: comment Defender: like Gridlock: comment Mozzie: like If u like both like and comment 🥲

    3. Chicken Games

      Me being from Australia I can tell you that this is an accurate account of Australia

    4. Vigil

      Kini I thank you for the acog but I need your help WE NEED #Supershortymozzy2020 Gib bak ubi

    5. the puppet

      How was getting spawn peeked

    6. Chopple

      Did you compliment outback?.....

    7. Acid

      After Y4S1 we thought we get new guns, good operators and what we get in y4s2,Y4S3 and Y4s4. Launch tachanka rework ubi

    8. Alessandro Pianta

      5:43 russian bikini

    9. Kosher Foods

      This wasn't even that long ago and its strange to see how much you've developed as a content creator since this point

    10. ezülekken

      6:04 injure + headshot makes sense for me :)

    11. Commander Fricktart

      7:32 is how a single human caused a 9 magnitude earthquake in Australia

    12. PunKing From Writer s Home

      Why is gridlock in the attack ?

    13. fl4vi0o

      Uot a spaisi mittabolla

    14. Ian Hess

      It’s ironic how this season came out before the fires

    15. Natan Mascheroni

      You were playing versus the most knowed HUfastrs in Italy, Respect

    16. monckey gaming

      Royalistiq is a Dutch youtuber lol

    17. Elijah Ford

      “Burnt Horizon” In 2020 Australia is _burnt, they could’ve seen it coming on the horizon_

    18. no name może być ?

      1:39 music?

    19. Edia Rosafio

      Alucc is an italian youtuber

    20. andrea c.

      In a clip there is Alucc in chat... He is an Italian pro of R6S...

    21. MyMainGotBanned_Not

      I was playing mozzie today in the new map and no joke, I hacked a twitch drone and then killed her with it.

    22. Masked -

      h e l l o

    23. TallerDaNyX tv

      3:00 grande alucc🤣🤣😂

    24. Paule

      Im just sayin mistaw bear best gurl

    25. Cynthia Roos-Kempers

      Royalistiq 🧐🤔 (Nederlandse youtuber iemand NL)

    26. Officer Tempeny

      1:40 song's name pls

    27. dante broekhuize

      Lmao there was a dutch you tuber called Royalistiq

    28. Bandiera Alberto

      Hahah bikini è capitato con gli italiani

    29. ZsombiX X

      1:41 music?

    30. Joseph R Plowman

      Is that a ty the Tasmanian tiger reference

    31. Big man guy

      the Australian clubhouse

    32. Naufal Kion

      P10 RONI? Means Pepperoni?

    33. Your Padre

      Rush сука блять))))) Приятно русскому уху)))

    34. Aldoy900


    35. Илья Зейнетдинов

      It's so good! I love this. I am русский.

    36. Valerio

      3.36 alucc is italian YT

    37. Sayonara

      3:35 oh ma è alucc

    38. gopen 69

      Оооо оооо да сука бляяяяяяять

    39. Tsetsgiin Delbee

      Hey Bikini, I know the chances of you seeing this are infinitely small but I just wanted to say thank you for existing. Ty the tasmanian tiger is one of my favorite game series ever created amd R6 is my favorite game of this decade and everytime I see you play r6 and hear the ty music in the background it brings me to tears of joy. Rock on man :)

    40. Иван Ен

      5:45 раш б сука блеать, push b, syka bleat

    41. MUKI _fr

      tomatoes are overrated

    42. ThatToaster 8378

      7:31 gridlockk screamed

    43. V1L1AM

      Gridlock isnt fat She's just stronk

    44. IlMiticoAce

      You play the pre-alpha gameplay ?

    45. Sindrye

      They couldn't even get the kangaroo road sign right could they. took me 5 seconds on google. 0 research, it's the little things like that.

    46. Jarx Nova

      Mozzie = My Main if i play for sure U know why? 1-Hacker of Drones 2-Swaping Mags! *trowh a Mag off*

    47. Catalin Moraru

      Pp extendus

    48. Danilo Presti

      He is the Real teknoid??

    49. Gabriele D' Ambrosio

      bella pe bstaaard, Alucc e Teknoyd

    50. Arleen Jensen

      I am the best clash player on Xbox

      1. Dave The Husky

        tyler Macneil I bet ur not

    51. Kingtuna11 -

      Hey bikini. The guy in your team on 5:25 or 5:26 is a dutch youtuber that has 700K subs

    52. V1L1AM

      "free bicycle" :D

    53. SGE Mute

      Easy clapz

    54. DamienPol !

      Royalistiq is a dutch youtuber👏👏

      1. ThomasDudes

        I also saw it, when i rewatched this video

    55. Nicodoff •

      A rega sto qua s'è killato Alucc e Teknoyd

    56. Hampton Eley

      That reload 🙀🤣😂

    57. Leonardo Leonardi

      Gg per alluc😂

    58. Old - Poly - School

      they should have beem named team wolfcreek

    59. AdamkoPlays Em em

      Why its icon from mozzie and Gridlock is red now its dark pink or ?

    60. wm 08


    61. Тимур Гг

      5:44 это не смашно

    62. Shadow_Duckyboi


    63. Bio Mod

      It's a shame nobody else is talking about the Ty the Tasmanian Tiger music. Such a great game. Awesome music.

    64. Soldier

      Wth is her gadget doing

    65. Luca Botti

      You kill italian youtubers(teknoid and alucc)

    66. Nikora


    67. Hackcrusher1

      I miss the old siege times.

    68. DC yungin

      How do u get the new operators

    69. ItsMrMurphy

      That music from TY takes me back

    70. hehe

      1:39 what is this song ?

    71. Em Rose

      I'm not sure if I'm a fan of all the extra spike traps that Gridlock throws

    72. Vincent Rahn

      Love how he tked just to show the reload animation 😂

    73. Steve 456

      Ducking around in ranked😂

    74. Clay Cecil

      I like the music at the end

    75. Clay Cecil

      yes im ammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    76. Jose Luis

      Gridlock looks like she's gonna go beat her husband.

    77. Simone Raimondetto

      Poveri tek alucc marco e mute

    78. Recruit Lover

      Alucc umiliato “NICE”

    79. Doge Doggo

      I subbed you everthing i did how i get the charm your charm

    80. Ghost Phantom

      Wait are the new characters australian?!!!! I'm Australian !?!?

    81. Exotic Butters56

      Mozzie=better mute

    82. Desiret

      When does their update come to Sony?

    83. Jack Rosenbaum

      im glad theyre doing ops like this and not just another defending trap op or super futuristic gadgets like holograms, adrenal surges, or other things like that.

    84. Yung Nelson

      Shut up indian sounding ass

    85. Communists TookMyLiberty

      gridlock in game looks like so shit. The uglyest women oper i've ever seen

    86. NoXin



      nooo alucc che mi sbaglia col rook nooooo

    88. Славик Ахсаров

      Рашииииим!!! Тоесть good game man)

    89. Axchie

      So cool

    90. BorisCh

      here's how it should be : Rush B СУКА , БЛЯТЬ

    91. chris mann

      Gridlock looks like she should be a defender

    92. •ToM•

      When this shit get released ?

    93. Colin Meadows

      How does he have the new charcters

    94. MTheMesiah Hoe


    95. Andrew Dzula

      God your voice and the way you edit videos makes me fucking cringe

    96. TailoredNest482

      In my opinion Mozzie Is better

    97. Cap'n Flapjack

      Thought the loading screen was a crushed dorito at first...

    98. Logan M

      Heel yeah

    99. Sn Iff

      Did no one realize it said eggplants at 4:11

    100. RavenTM

      I honestly forgot siege existed. Last update it was a better bandit, and now we get a better mute. Big oof. However I will say the weapons and reload animation warrens a looksie at this update because thems is some *SPICY* sights.