*NEW* Rainbow Six Siege Operation NEON DAWN GAMEPLAY! ( + Jäger Nerf)


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    In this Rainbow Six Siege montage and its new Operation Neon Dawn, we're not playing Sugar Fright ... were playing the NEW OPERATOR ARUNI!!!
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    Mario Kart Wii - Coconut Mall [Qumu Remix]
    🎵 Outro: Noisestorm - Crab Rave
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    1. BikiniBodhi

      What do you think of Neon Dawn? GET GFUEL HERE: www.gfuel.ly/301SWHK

      1. Glitched Sans

        I feel like the jäger nerf is unneeded

      2. Kayden Cameron

        Also, punching with Aruni should add a stacking aim debuff that cools down over like 30 seconds

      3. Kayden Cameron

        Damnit Bikini, Crab Rave came on my spotify discover weekly and I HAD to come watch

      4. 黑狼

        bikini i want to ask you something did you play the TS server with Bosz?

      5. Non binary

        What have r6 became ... so sad ...its so unrealistic now

    2. ask ask


    3. Zipr

      0:35 "without having to spend any ammo or nånting"

    4. RE4L D4LL

      What Does Bruce Lee Drink"Wat-taaa"😭😭

    5. CodiLive

      7:13 F

    6. Mux

      Plane on ranked ?

    7. Mr Hat

      They took away Mozzie's Shotgun for this

    8. Mehmet Kağan Güler

      Hello every-Bodhi

    9. ThePissMan

      8:14 look at Ela though mmhhhh that’s nice

      1. ThePissMan

        Oh at least I’m not the one commenting on comments shamming people for their interests you, get a life

      2. charlie steed

        ThePissMan And virgin check, yep 👍

      3. ThePissMan

        Grammar check “get a life”

      4. charlie steed

        Get life, imagine getting turned on by a video game character🤡🤣

    10. ThePissMan

      Jäger was already balanced Ubi has messed the fuck up

    11. 이마프

      2:12 it’s pretty.

    12. Islatoz

      "Hey, what does Bruce Lee drink?" Other people "Water?" Bikini *WATAHH*

    13. dab sim

      Sea shanty :3

    14. Giru i

      free not roumer op is Exsting


      Can we get some f in the comment for the drum

    16. SANTI Wolf

      Damn kini what happened to you

    17. krxuse07

      2:17 .... I laughed my but cheeks on a stick off

    18. kyxbi

      I really just think its a buff

    19. Okyanus Méphistopheles

      i want to know jager gameplay scene's bac ground music name thanks

    20. Gonzo

      You can actually shoot her gadget to restart

    21. Noyan mp4

      R6 and hotline miami sondtrack Y E S

    22. Some guy look like noob

      Its power of thailand

    23. XxUnited _BOIxX


    24. ZheltS

      1:41 had me hahahah

    25. YouEzzy

      No one: Bikini: They nerfed jeggur

    26. Karan Rath


    27. igor s

      I usually play jager

    28. Марат Ибраев

      2:13 xD

    29. The silent Type

      I am one with the 4ce

    30. Snickledumper

      F for drum

    31. Alexander Reichenberger

      Hei Leute wer möchte kann gerne bei meinem Kumpel "Itz KLN" vorbei schauen. Er ist neu auf HUfast und ich möchte ihn hiermit ein wenig unterstützen. Wer Lust und zeit hat kann ja mal bei ihm vorbei schauen und ein Abo und einen like da lassen. Wäre echt nett und er würde sich freuen.

    32. dapper

      Funny thing is a week after I bought jager elite he got nerfed to a 2 speed

    33. vTrinity


    34. Tora


    35. Ishan .619

      I like how console is still on shadow legacy

      1. Will mqt

        Yeah everyone is it’s the test server it’s only for pc though

    36. cripplin Depression

      Ornyx and castles love child

    37. TrAsH-_-Sakura

      Thermite:A really big fking hole coming right up Aruni:Nope

    38. HAIDR HACK

      1:37 music pls

    39. Yuuspe

      What does bruce lee drink? Water. WATAH 😂🤣😂

    40. Артур Зиатдинов

      10:13 speed video 0,25. This is cheats?

    41. Nikubus

      She can single handedly break open hatches.... get it? Single...? Handed?

    42. Nikubus

      7:42 like fish in a barrel!

    43. ShadowWarrior& Shockwave

      Aruni basically makes Oryx useless

    44. Wolf_Gaming_PL


    45. Cyclonerz

      Which Video editting Software do you use?

    46. Sam Hescott

      "You wanna know how I got these scars?"

    47. Noxzl

      Du måste ju vara den roligaste r6 youtubern asså

    48. Waxy .:.:.

      Hype 100%

    49. Delta Kler


    50. PolyGone Gaming

      This man said DLC downloadable content None of siege is downloadable content

    51. Jacqui Jeffries

      welp jager is now useless

    52. The Rainbow Of Life 592

      I don’t like the new nerf

    53. RubyLazer

      10:41 the time bikini commited a war crime

    54. Zakkeriya Ibrahim

      I swear to god that’s jager deadm with my mnk

    55. Tuhle


    56. Tuhle


    57. Super pioupiou

      Vous aimez ?

    58. Fin W

      I told my mum what does Bruce Lee drink and she laughed

    59. 1Tz And1

      The Issue i have is how powerful Fuze will be due to Jager nerf...4 charges too much

      1. Cyhte


    60. illuminaughty 69

      When is it?

    61. Crisp


    62. Lisle Jameson

      f drums

    63. wu_jan

      Oryx kicking Enemys into Aruni's gadget would be fun

    64. Max truktor

      Hey bikini, I wanted to ask how to get the chibis for rainbow when following you on twitch because I don't get anything :(((

    65. Mckenzie bartz

      No one likes or comments on my vids :(

    66. Dynamic

      Just a quick reminder that gamersupps has less than a fourth of the serving size as g-fuel and contains no ingredients that spike your blood sugar making it keto and diabetic friendly. G-fuel is also known for causing side affects like headaches, crashing, and sleeping problems. Gamersupps however does not have these affects and contains essential vitamins and pure caffeine to keep you focused.

    67. Harrison Phillips

      They nerfed the drum this game is no long worth playing

    68. Yakup Uysal

      you know guys this game first opretors are stronger other much expansive opretors im right ? =)

    69. Dream _knax

      How many does she cost

    70. RemU

      The details of ela's pants tho 8:15 It's actually cool that you can see the individual fibres of the material

    71. Nilda J Moe

      Great Video 👏 #MusicProducing1MillionSamples

    72. Wayne

      what's laser gel?

    73. Kristiyan Simov

      The ADS resets itself after 10s

    74. UnwiseBobcat62

      I feel like the gadget is better used on rotates

    75. Strangey_ Boi

      Why they gotta keep nerfing my boi jager

    76. WhipperSnapper

      is this game Overwatch now?

    77. Jack Doug

      The new Buck buff is, bucksted.

    78. Thasinnerman

      Jager rework is a true BS

    79. Not I

      As Thai people i can confirm we don't have that kind of that technology

    80. Braden Graham

      Can you make a video on your game

    81. Maximus

      So is the jager ADS on a count down? Since he basically lost his fucking gadget, she should at least get a 1.5 IMO

    82. IacoLion

      you are only gold 3?

    83. titlick55

      0:36 äny ämmo or nånting?!

    84. RoalBatl

      Kini wat do you think about Slava Korolyu(new elite tachanka skin?)

    85. Cayden Hamed

      im on ps4 and your getting new operations? we still haven't had the tachanka rework

    86. zed akerlund


    87. Ayberk Değer

      bikini you not proffesionel you kid

    88. シDarkz_Slyver

      I got my first Black ice today for Kapkan's Primary wepon the first one btw

    89. XL_Roman

      i have no played in 3 years '

    90. Raxor B

      this game will never be the same its just dogshit now

    91. Judson Buckner

      I know it's been a fat minute since last I played, but 18 rounds? Fuck man

    92. Mr. FuckFace

      Cool to see my bud Pasco in a BikiniBodhi video. Very cool.

    93. bodhi


    94. Arjun s

      any idea when will this come to the game(not test server)

    95. Jame76

      นางน่ารักจะตาย อรุณี 🇹🇭

    96. pindoolman

      Ubisoft do your work de buff the fuck out of every operator that is fun to play with

    97. Non binary

      Ubish*t keeps nerfing Jäger but people will still use him

    98. Italian Truck Driver

      Nooo my jager :(

    99. Alex Zilakakis

      I need more content