*NEW* Rainbow Six Siege Operation NEON DAWN GAMEPLAY! ( + Jäger Nerf)


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    In this Rainbow Six Siege montage and its new Operation Neon Dawn, we're not playing Sugar Fright ... were playing the NEW OPERATOR ARUNI!!!
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    🎵 Music:
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 4 Turtles In Time OST - Big Apple 3 A.M.
    The Legend of Zelda The Wind Waker OST - Beedles Shop
    Hotline Miami Soundtrack OST - Paris 2
    Wii Sports OST - Wii Sports Theme
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    Hotline Miami 2 Wrong Number OST - Divide
    Oscar Collin - Sad Piano Walk 2
    Runescape OST - Sea Shanty 2
    Mario Kart Wii - Coconut Mall [Qumu Remix]
    🎵 Outro: Noisestorm - Crab Rave
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    1. BikiniBodhi

      What do you think of Neon Dawn? GET GFUEL HERE: www.gfuel.ly/301SWHK

      1. Thijs Custers

        Gib me

      2. Devyn Edwards

        Hey when you made that joke about Bruce lee you should have said punch.

      3. adam lamb

        Its exsactly like when you use rooks shield in a corner you have to play against it some how with skill and team work

      4. adam lamb

        Maybe this is why we cant have nice things

      5. adam lamb

        Stop saying its broken its not

    2. Amaan Azpire

      Code kini?

    3. SergeantTactical


    4. Salvage_memer3 69

      Round 18 won hmm

    5. TJ Birtcil

      Jager himself was in your game

    6. scott chegg

      Jeez overwatch theme

    7. BFDI Pin BlueGamer2021

      my name discord is MiguelReche

    8. BFDI Pin BlueGamer2021

      i joined Discord BikiniBodhi

    9. beegy

      aruni is one punch man 100%

    10. Watchbro

      Am I the only one who is seriously sad because they have taken the drum sound???!!!

    11. Erdei Márk

      You guys sooo crazy... x'D> BUT I LIKE THAT. :D Can somebody show me the background music from 6:30 ? Yager gameplay part. Thanks.

      1. Erdei Márk

        @SkallyNinja Thanks. :)

      2. SkallyNinja

        Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number Soundtrack - Divide

    12. NX_ PERCHA


    13. Camilo Rodriguez Gomez

      You can reset the Aruni by shooting at it

    14. Zeno_ NICKS_38

      When you notice the first clip said round 18

    15. potato_sniper00

      R.I.P mira 1.5

    16. klaas uit de Bosch

      7:20 die year of the drum

    17. Like right now or you will eat dog poop And sub

      I’m still in neon dawn and is there anyone that is still in neon dawn

    18. Guest 22113


    19. Daniel Gonzalez

      If tachanka had that passive nobody would complain

    20. The Story Of Bill

      Daaamn 8:20

    21. Cole Ragusi

      actualy bruce lee drinks bruce tea its his specalty tea

    22. Alex

      As a true Jäger main this isn’t a nerf. Imagine placing your Gadgets 🦧

    23. SieG! Tütüncüoğlu


    24. David Cárdenas García


    25. Caio Arthur


    26. ProTun_style

      That's knife party at the end

    27. joaquin mosto rivas

      Wtf, 18 raunds ?

    28. murphy the platypus

      f for drum

    29. velectro 357

      *B A L A N C E D P A S S I V E*

    30. Ekin Deniz Öztürk

      7:10 F

    31. fartnuggt


    32. 김혜진

      The careful religion gratifyingly turn because cheetah epidemiologically rob without a imported baby. violent, mellow owner

    33. JxDmini


    34. VSVQ

      That is the highest round I've seen 18

    35. Patrick

      Ubisoft just needs to make jaeger a 2 and 1/100th speed just so they can have buffed jaeger at least once

    36. H

      Nahh is the season for the boys

    37. Nathan Phillips

      Jager needed a gun nerf not a gadget nerf

    38. FaRa Royally


    39. Yasuda Akira


    40. WillEikenbary

      The exact same thing happened to me. I realized I couldn't bang the drum anymore and was sad. Then the next round I got a nice drum kill lol

    41. TheSoulGamer's

      Jager nerf? PFT, THIS CHANGES NOTHING!

    42. Pavel Morozov

      what a terrible game

    43. joe mama

      He lvl 50 with 100000 renown lol

    44. LittleMac

      So this is why we can't have pc cross play

    45. FuZ_Lord

      Take a moment of silence for a galled hero RIP drum Y1S4-Y5S4

    46. furkan 208

      F for drum

    47. KD Pirahna

      Uhm, think for a sec, why would you bait a grenade, you want them to use it ans waste it on a gate, who would waste a grenade on a gate on purpose, yeah exactly.

    48. Nick Petrino

      Jager is starting to get the Blackbeard effect 😂

    49. I Want Lee

      0:37 "without having to spend any ammo or nånting". Bet the dude didnt even realized he spoke swenglish there.

    50. Chaos

      wow so not only fuze has 4 instant kill no brain charges but jäger now only can shoot 1 out, nice

    51. Tucker Summers

      I love the coconut mall music in the backatound

    52. DZIK DZIK


    53. Glizzyjuice

      0:35 "without having to spend any ammo or nånting"

    54. 44th H U N C H O

      What Does Bruce Lee Drink"Wat-taaa"😭😭

    55. CodiLive

      7:13 F

    56. Muxmos

      Plane on ranked ?

    57. Mr Hat

      They took away Mozzie's Shotgun for this

    58. Mehmet Kağan Güler

      Hello every-Bodhi

    59. ThePissMan

      8:14 look at Ela though mmhhhh that’s nice

      1. ThePissMan

        Oh at least I’m not the one commenting on comments shamming people for their interests you, get a life

      2. Zero G

        ThePissMan And virgin check, yep 👍

      3. ThePissMan

        Grammar check “get a life”

      4. Zero G

        Get life, imagine getting turned on by a video game character🤡🤣

    60. ThePissMan

      Jäger was already balanced Ubi has messed the fuck up

    61. 이마프

      2:12 it’s pretty.

    62. dab sim

      Sea shanty :3

    63. Giru i

      free not roumer op is Exsting

    64. Kingderp396



      Can we get some f in the comment for the drum

    66. SANTI Wolf

      Damn kini what happened to you

    67. mrtabz1

      2:17 .... I laughed my but cheeks on a stick off

    68. kyxbi

      I really just think its a buff

    69. MephistoA0 - Twitch Youtube

      i want to know jager gameplay scene's bac ground music name thanks

    70. Gonzo

      You can actually shoot her gadget to restart

    71. Noyan mp4

      R6 and hotline miami sondtrack Y E S

    72. Noob Cooller

      Its power of thailand

    73. XxUnited _BOIxX


    74. ZheltS

      1:41 had me hahahah

    75. YouEzzy

      No one: Bikini: They nerfed jeggur

    76. Karan Rath


    77. igor s

      I usually play jager

    78. Марат Ибраев

      2:13 xD

    79. The silent Type

      I am one with the 4ce

    80. Snickledumper

      F for drum

    81. Alexander Reichenberger

      Hei Leute wer möchte kann gerne bei meinem Kumpel "Itz KLN" vorbei schauen. Er ist neu auf HUfast und ich möchte ihn hiermit ein wenig unterstützen. Wer Lust und zeit hat kann ja mal bei ihm vorbei schauen und ein Abo und einen like da lassen. Wäre echt nett und er würde sich freuen.

    82. dapper

      Funny thing is a week after I bought jager elite he got nerfed to a 2 speed

    83. vTrinity


    84. Tora


    85. Ishan .619

      I like how console is still on shadow legacy

      1. Will mqt

        Yeah everyone is it’s the test server it’s only for pc though

    86. cripplin Depression

      Ornyx and castles love child

    87. ZeKillerOuO

      Thermite:A really big fking hole coming right up Aruni:Nope

    88. HAIDR HACK

      1:37 music pls

    89. Haku Yuki

      What does bruce lee drink? Water. WATAH 😂🤣😂

    90. Артур Зиатдинов

      10:13 speed video 0,25. This is cheats?

    91. TheInkubus_

      She can single handedly break open hatches.... get it? Single...? Handed?

    92. TheInkubus_

      7:42 like fish in a barrel!

    93. ShadowWarrior& Shockwave

      Aruni basically makes Oryx useless

    94. Wolf_z_Polski


    95. Cyclonerz

      Which Video editting Software do you use?

    96. Sam Hescott

      "You wanna know how I got these scars?"

    97. Noxzl

      Du måste ju vara den roligaste r6 youtubern asså