Oryx is The *NEW* BEST Operator of Rainbow Six Siege...


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    I AM BACK with another Rainbow Six Siege Operation Void Edge Gameplay video this time featuring Oryx ( not Iana ), this update is seriously amazing that I'm gonna make so many montages on it.
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    🎵 Music:
    The Legend Of Zelda The Wind Waker OST - Inside The Pirate Ship
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    Sly Cooper 2 OST - Paris
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    WATEVA - Ber Zer Ker (Rob Gasser Remix) [NCS Release]
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    Pokemon Sun & Moon OST - Route 1
    🎵 Sound Effects by:
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    🎵 Outro: Noisestorm - Crab Rave
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    1. Connor

      My boy on the thumbnail be lookin like an elder scrolls dark elf

    2. Doğu Arslanca

      Bikini bodhi (ORYX)

      1. Doğu Arslanca


    3. ti hi

      Redot is not a bad sight it’s just if you aren’t spot on with every bullot your prolly gonna die

    4. Cardinal Mendoza

      I love how he dodges the first shot irl

    5. Tony and Mundo animations

      First ten seconds irl dodge

    6. Puzzlemaker 3001

      Tell me Bikini doesn't look somewhat like Goyo

    7. Saucey Sauce

      0:20 ey boss can I habe a pizza pls?

    8. Shukan

      I like the thing he dodged the bulled irl

    9. that guy

      7:30 that transition tho

    10. 4pelok ananasov

      Attention! eboboa was discovered on 1:26 in chat!

    11. Sean Pacheco

      I wanna see a secondary ability where he can carry Mozzie on his back, but Mozzie can still use his smg.

    12. Sean Pacheco

      Kali: (Shoots at Oryx, but he ducks and rams her) Oryx: You shouldn’t have aimed for the head.

    13. very nice

      7:29 oh no... that is such a smooth transition

    14. Mason bray

      Though this was I while ago oryx is my main once I aced with him.

      1. Mason bray

        @Johann Avila k you wont regret

      2. Johann Avila

        @Mason bray I'll get him for the fun, he seems to be a pretty good fun operator to use, all I need now is 14 thousand renown Haha, farming t hunt hEre we gO!!!

      3. Mason bray

        @Johann Avila YES!!!!! he is worth all of it hiS spas and smg shred i have aced 2 times in the same day

      4. Johann Avila

        Is oryx worth it? I'm a kind of new player, everyone says he trash, is he?

    15. Thepyrothingguy

      Oryx should say oh ya every time he goes through a wall

    16. xConvoy

      Gotta love the sly cooper music

    17. FidgetBlaze TV

      My friend busted into the wall in front of me and said OH YEAH. Oryx is koolaid man

    18. Free_Communism

      What sorta transition type thing happen at 7:30 my brain doesn't understand

    19. Zz_killerkrab _zZ

      Wow waluigi is the new best op damn. I guess he had to something while he wasn’t in smash

    20. nutslapper 69

      im gonna try and do the thing he did at the beginning

    21. chalK

      cliphunting copper

    22. Ztrategist

      3:22 I swear that music is from Sly cooper 3. RESPECT!!! A wave of nostalgia just hit me so hard when i heard that and now I wish I could turn on my PS2 and still play it :,(

    23. Leo Hood

      In the clip at 7:25 you switched pistols.

    24. Colin

      The Sly Cooper music is the best part of the video. Sounds like the one from the Paris mission maybe? I can’t place it exactly.

    25. Kieran Rodriguez

      the first one is so satisfying

    26. Henk Henkos

      Oryx looks like a gremlin in that thumbnail 🤣

    27. Mr. Yeet

      Lol almost no 1 uses him anymore

    28. Wamuu.

      *No one is going to talk about the fact that how adorable katja was?*

    29. 金

      That beginning was pure Ultra Instinct

    30. xavier gagnon

      On the first clip he dodged in real life

    31. The Yes Lord

      this ain’t destiny, your talking about the wrong oryx

    32. Daniel Craig

      shout out to the sly cooper 2 music

    33. barnen

      "Oryx is the new best op". well that didn't last long huh

    34. Senpai gaming

      hufast.info/plan/vide/l3esrLxl1ZTamnU see my alibi montage

    35. Mr. Sir

      Nobody: Bikini’s thumbnail: hufast.info/plan/vide/r6OphMZq3Ii0pqs

    36. Verkku Serkku

      Why is oryx a defender his kit doesnt make sense for that

      1. Ix skill 97 ix

        Roaming. Duh

    37. Sinon The best Sao girl

      What was the intro sound

    38. andrei mendoza


    39. ThatoneDude

      Oryx is basiacly sledge. His upper body is the hammer and the wielder are his legs Change my mind

    40. Ryan

      What was the song in that firsy clip, its none of the ones listed in your description.

    41. Etrigan10

      Hey u should not bully a girl be like ash slapped u lol.

    42. Jeff Mayo

      that sly cooper theme tho

    43. SoulyNoob

      do you have twitch if you have say to your fans to subs to you in twitch with twitch prime for free money xD

    44. AddisonR

      Can someome tell or give me a link of the 2:21 "yay" sound??

    45. Timothy Smith

      How do you doge a bullet like that

    46. primo

      0:02 is this a jojo refrence?

    47. BratwurstKönigMitKetchupMayoUndSenf XD

      Noch wer deutsch?

    48. Rxmans Crazz

      I subbed and got black ice mp7

    49. UnreleasedBeats

      is it just me or is 7:08 mad trippy

    50. vu hoang

      What's the name of that piano piece in the intto?

      1. Klym Paranko

        Giorno's theme

    51. potato Smb

      I love when he say "hello everibody"

    52. potato Smb

      Bikini you look like a goyo

    53. LazyNick TheGamer

      Thank u for putting me back on to sly cooper 🐱

    54. 54V4GE _

      Is it just me or at 7:24 and 7:33 does he have different pistols in the same round

    55. Pepe Daddy

      9:12 😂😂😂😂😂

    56. sweat BR

      Music:i'l vento d'oro

    57. Вася Рогов

      Я думал это Tomatos o0

    58. Didem pütrü

      İ hate ubi bc they ban u from siege

    59. ຮiຮຕ໐ •

      That kali went "buenas noches"

    60. KatKiing !

      Giorno moosic

    61. Maxi Peñalva

      Fuck oryx all my guys know tha taken king

    62. Fantomu Clan

      1:47 Missed your chance to say "What's up? Buckaroo"

    63. Eu Voy Cair

      u know somebody is swedish ask them what kinda chips they and they gonna say onion and sour scream

    64. Carlos Andujar

      The transitions are so good

    65. Devin Gallagher

      At 7.22 he had a normal hadgun but at 7.33 minutes in he had a shotgun pistol wtf

    66. AlphaMales1234

      I instantly recognised that sly cooper music....ah my childhood

    67. RaccoonPlay

      unbanned him?

    68. GoobyOnMobile

      Who’s here when he got banned

    69. Redboi

      00:08 you know the guy is a gamer when he comes down in real life and in the game at the same time

    70. Mor_ eno

      Whats the name of that JOTARO DIO song in the beggining

    71. TheRoninWraith

      That transition at 7:30 is so clean I thought he had two secondary's.

    72. Luis Antonio Juárez

      Like si te diste cuenta de esa buena transición min 7:25 al 7:30

    73. Evan Bagg

      At the beginning he ducked both in and out of game 🤣😂🤣😂

    74. комментатор


    75. rafaelquerois 001

      Hey Bikini, I'm Brazilian and "BOI" in Portuguese means cow

    76. Javon James


    77. Luis Nutt


    78. Kraken

      I’m still kinda triggered you never did a dedicated iana video

      1. Fernando Magosso

        No, he has a iana video, but is a strat with blitz

    79. Ganlok

      That preview...

    80. arjun ashtekar

      The time put into editing this

    81. VeloCi_KrT

      I want the teammates point of view when you see the clips where bikini is literally just hanging in a hatch for 30 sec straight. Just seeing his feet dangle around from below.

    82. echo buff

      Kali was me

    83. Strzelec. .s

      Whats name of the music at start?

    84. ROYCE 62910


    85. Jiggo ッ

      Kali: お前はもう死んでいる. Oryx: *ducks * Kali: 何?! Oryx: 死ぬ. *Kali dies five seconds later.*

    86. saedimic

      Oryx getting buffed. dashing through walls might be viable soon

    87. Alfie Taylor

      Possibley the best intro ever

    88. Patrik Is Pepe4tw

      Bikini do another oryx video after the buff 😇🤩🙏

    89. Jäger's Acog

      nobodi: "nothing" subtitles: WhY We uSe ReD DoGgY A bUnCh oF BeNcHeS 2:51

    90. Phoenix

      Bikini: omae wa mou shindeiru Kali: NANI!?

    91. Big Chungus

      More earrape intros pls🙏

    92. oieSAMM yy-_-

      Bikini why you crouch in the clip she still didn't hit you

    93. Donovan boudavong

      Oryx is a whole meme and a half

    94. Loxias

      ur a god dude

    95. Stypies

      why does the thumbnail look like oryx is wearing airpods?? 🤣

    96. Lost

      What Is the Song in the first clip?

    97. Oscar Giovanny Castro

      What is the song in the first clip

    98. Ole Peder

      The 7:26 edit kinda smooth tho

    99. ShaitanMachine _

      What's the name of music in the start of video ?

    100. Канал Айзека

      Whaaaaait a second. Is this Karamishev in chat on 1:25? (This thing can understand only Russian users, sor 4 that:p) P.S: ubi pls bring some servers in our country ( ;-; )