Rainbow Six Siege But Warden is AMAZING


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    The Rainbow Six Siege community has been mean to me and my boy warden for way too long, it's time for me to prove that I can meme and be a diamond player WHILE also playing Warden
    I don't need him to get an update
    No buffs no nerfs
    I know my Strategy in and out
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    🎵 Music:
    TMNT 4 Turtles In Time OST - Big Apple 3 A.M.
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    Banjo-Kazooie - Treasure Trove Cove
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    Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Red & Blue Rescue Team OST - Run Away
    Kirbys Dream Course OST - Cloudy Mountain Peaks
    Pokemon Sun & Moon OST - Team Skull Grunt Battle Music
    Zelda The Wind Waker OST - Outset Island
    🎵 Sound Effects by:
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    🎵 Outro: Noisestorm - Crab Rave
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    1. BikiniBodhi

      I'm gonna make you guys an offer you CAN'T REFUSE. 25k likes in 24hours and you got a new video next week!

      1. Rookmations

        Honestly I wish they just made his glasses like jackal in that they don't have a limit on how long you can have them on what's just you can put them on and you have a slightly harder to see through screen but you won't get flashed and if you stop you can see through smoke


        Hablas español?

      3. GunRecon 11

        bajur spawnpeeked you with chanka makarov

      4. Roy Mustang but cooler

        why anime character names ??? 1:04

      5. Ryan Sterling


    2. Ricardo Jose Perez Melgar

      this video is why i am now a warden main. But i barely use my gadget

    3. Cauã Fontes


    4. Saphire17

      Ofc she says money hahaha

    5. Can Man

      Isn’t warden amazing already

    6. Bryan Emmanuel Cruz Torres

      Noting: estadounidenses diciendo UNO MAS jajaja xdxdxd tienes buena pronunciación latina bikini

    7. SelvaticNxvo

      I felt an cringe's electricity on my back when 1:13 arrived...

    8. Cayde- 6

      4:55 who is this guy, meatymarly?

    9. Morgan foxy

      I like the Warden

    10. 채동진


    11. Srinivas Karthik

      Warden has evolved he has MPX 1.5x

    12. Robmarvey Coralde

      Warden should have unlimited duration

    13. echo buff

      3:20 best

    14. Sgt Big belly

      I didn't even know this till now that bikini played against theRussianbadger in the twomad tournament

    15. Emiliano XD

      hey bikinibodhi did u talk spanish??

    16. Lasse Salonen

      7:17 Finn detected

    17. Frost 008

      Har har warden go brrr

    18. Bosko

      5:21 *i am a man of simple pleasures.*

    19. Just Ben


    20. Bakr Os


    21. Lemon and strawberry


    22. XReap3rX

      7:23 got me dying idk why tho

    23. Davi Gameplays

      1:34 Me a Brazilian: why is he imitating a car alarm?

    24. Yoshi 2oo8

      me: blinks bikini: IVE GOT AN ACE

    25. MK1 Jamie

      I dunno who’s better vigil or warden

    26. CarzKillz 360

      “I was even doing so good they started target banning me, but that’s alright” he said this in Twomads tournament.

    27. Jaqueline Jaklimp


    28. SWIM FREAK57

      He got an ace with warden before he got one with clash

    29. Yusuf Choudhry

      *cough cough* badgers team was better

    30. THR Digger

      Why DHA77E.GiFu sounds like ralli englanti

    31. Sir Figg tout Lemon trout

      "you're not immune to bullets" ubisoft employee watching this:JOHNSON GET THE KEVLAR WE'RE MAKING A NEW OP!!!

    32. K4D3N


    33. Riley Walsman

      i’m pretty sure bikini is the only content creator that can tolerate the red dot optic

    34. Tóth Balázs


    35. mt gust

      That Blitz downed you in hookah coastline really spooked me, up out of nowhere and BAM flashed

    36. Kiero 0

      6:10 happened alot

    37. Raven

      Что значит hatboi?

    38. SherlockH 2003

      y'all know freddie mercury?. this is him, nerfed

    39. Payo2k

      This guy thinks he is good when playing quick match

      1. Jimmy Blackmon

        He's better than you

    40. Ioxzq

      8:28 LMAO

    41. Mels_Child TTV

      omg 3:11

    42. alpha wolf212

      can we just respect bikini cuz he is so good at the operators that people think that are bad

    43. alpha wolf212

      the two people that u killed in the first clip were weebs they named themselves after my hero acedamia people

    44. Валера Логинов

      Кто тут русский лайк

    45. TheBartender

      Song at 11:45 ?

    46. defold


    47. OnlyZhen

      alternate title: I got lucky as hell and got kills with warden.

    48. Slime_Jelly


    49. Sgt Big belly

      Russian badger and bikini made it fun

    50. Dark_assassin231

      Warden is as useful as sakura

    51. Joseph Luizzi

      1:30 max holy hell that wheeze

    52. Merda al Sugo

      5:25 rare footage of fuze actually saving the hostage

    53. FlawlessGold

      Who else wants to see a warden Terminator elite skin

    54. Lucas the cat

      I guess you wonder where I've been

    55. Kraken

      7:21 why did i laugh so hard to this rofl

    56. Clever Canuck

      3:44 Anyone play PokémonShowdown.

    57. Ratnine

      The buff we need is just smoke grenades.

    58. Amistic ClapZ

      jager be like:they said it couldnt be done

    59. Gabriela Garcia Santillan

      You speak spanish? Si si hablas español saludame

    60. Epic GamerCowManThing

      Damn kini loves the smg-12

    61. SuperMonkeyOOF

      2:06 links falling scream in legends of Zelda: the minish cap

    62. vDowzy

      It’s fucking crazy cause he said oatmeal is nice and that’s what I’m eating 🤣🤣

    63. fish


    64. Denzel Bangalan

      Give warden the P90 and he'll be the most toxic Op ever

    65. Tom Lam

      4:19 oh god

    66. reeee123

      Blitz: in the best op at flashing and rushing people. Warden: did I ask?

    67. YeetusParakeetus

      The first (and more) times he used his gadget in the video he didn't even technically use them. The blitz never flashed in the first one..

    68. giammy58

      1.08-1.12 I have lost my lungs

    69. *KatzeInBrot *

      How he always says: "I USED MY GADGET!"

    70. Jonathan Bruh

      Bikini is just like a real pro Meaty maerly is a pro but looks sketcy

    71. Bulcsú Tóth

      0:30 money🤣

    72. Merxerz

      I saw this thumbnail then realized this isnt the actual r6s

    73. Lucariken

      6:47 he was seen because it wasn't his time

    74. Brúnó Kiss

      7:40 hungary

    75. Ruler New

      Its time to Warden Freeman!

    76. NonNegative

      1:32 (*) I thought it was Glaz laughing xD

    77. valter sjömark

      Oh so ur from sweden

    78. HobsCrk

      “ I have mastered warden” Lt. custard would like to: *KNOW YOUR LOCATION*”

    79. llDARKGUNll

      6:03 what is that

    80. the troll xdxd

      Are u mexican por swedish?

    81. Rosy T

      11:12 why do I find that clip so hilarious

    82. Ayorome

      Tht was definitely a hibana Nd not a ying

    83. DetectiveSketchy BaconHair

      6:14 sound effect name??

    84. AG Snxgs

      Warden alt is to make his screen blue

    85. ShiftingFlames 101

      4:20-4:35 😂😂😂

    86. stefano carrara

      Yeeee money :)

    87. Blitz The firehog

      6:55 hi my name is fuse and I have cluster chargers the size of a nuke Also I’m a fuse main

    88. rhampeige

      4:28 he's concerned for your soul

    89. Grant Prine

      I only got warden because of my hatred for ying

    90. Verkku Serkku

      What is this man doing

    91. Mike Buono

      Give him the p90 or vector and he’s good

    92. namm 1010

      one of the best videos made by bikini and HUfast still suggesting this to me for 10 timess😼

    93. Anatoliy Grebentsov

      11:11 is still one of the funniest scenes

    94. Licommacka

      It was amazing working with you, bikini.

    95. ᴘᴀɪɴ


    96. Fatkid216

      I am officially baby bitch boy

    97. XxViper GamingxX

      Warden MPX ACOG

    98. Dinh Quynh

      What is the song at 5:37 ?

    99. Pumkinkidd

      warden is probably one of the most underrated ops