Rainbow Six Siege But WE BROKE The Halloween Event 🎃


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    In todays (somewhat delayed) episode of Rainbow Six Siege we take on the Halloween Event The Doktor's Curse !!
    In this custom gamemode the supposed strategy is that the Defenders should hide and the Attackers should track down the defenders but we kinda ehhhhhh broke that...
    If you guys are extra nice I might have another Amaru or Goyo Montage coming.... *hint hint*
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    🎵 Music:
    The Legend Of Zelda The Wind Waker OST - Inside The Pirate Ship
    Bloons Monkey City OST - Street Party (Grass Hills Jungle Terrain Theme
    Kirby 64 The Crystal Shards OST - Pop Star
    Runescape OST - Sea Shanty 2
    Pokémon X & Y OST - Route 1
    The Legend Of Zelda Ocarina Of Time OST - Shooting Gallery
    Yoshis Island OST - Flower Garden (Make Eggs Throw Remix)
    Banjo-Kazooie OST - Click Clock Wood (Spring)
    Mario & Sonic Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games OST - Warios Gold Mine
    Pokémon Rube Sapphire Emerald OST - Route 101
    🎵 Sound Effects by:
    ► Your Brain: bit.ly/2JETObQ
    🎵 Outro: Noisestorm - Crab Rave
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    1. BikiniBodhi

      Like vid if spooky

      1. Hamza Oyuna

        you have a chillderen

      2. epic pug

        Spoopy bodhi

      3. Martijn Rolvers

        Laik coment iv veri spoop

      4. Crazy_A1мвот 66

        Bikini what is the first song cuz' it's cool

      5. João Cabrita


    2. Nikolaj Bondo

      This is an actual halloween event. 2020 is halloween event is just christmas themed

    3. Ravenn0x

      3:08 got me dying lol

    4. Its_Nexus

      "Gargle balls" is no longer an observation, it's a suggestion

    5. IPPI HD


    6. Pro Humanitate

      why is there the bloon td music in the bg ^^

    7. Guilherme Felipe

      Me miss spooky haloween :(

    8. Radiant playz

      We went from this great event to sugar fright...

    9. Davis Productions

      It took me 20 seconds to find the word yes I do like vod

    10. Hi Wip

      4:44 Хардбасс Сила!

    11. Zen Nye

      Man this looks way more fun the new Halloween game mode

    12. Caden Brezinski

      POV you are here when the 2020 Halloween event is out and it’s terrible

    13. TheCricket Man

      If we only we could have this again

    14. Lone Wolf

      Fuck this sugar fright event the doktor curse event is better

    15. Matthew Teo

      ooooo bikini are you swedish???

    16. Terminated videos archive

      Cam back to actually see a fun gamemode

    17. GD Alexxiz34

      Shame I didnt play siege when this event came out. The outfits look sick. This year, we have muppets

    18. TR_ONURLUK

      this is better than sugar fright event

    19. Clapz

      Who’s here after the 2020 event disappointed that somthing as good as this never came out

      1. Thunder Claws

        @Βαγγέλης Πρίντεζης I would rather have an event that is different and equally as good as doktor's curse than doktor's curse is what I mean sorry if I was disrespecting your opinion :(

      2. Thunder Claws

        @Βαγγέλης Πρίντεζης Yeah but its long

      3. Thunder Claws

        Doktor's Curse is obviously the second best event ever. It's amazing too

      4. Βαγγέλης Πρίντεζης

        @Thunder Claws lol not even, outbreak was boring after the first time you played it

      5. Thunder Claws

        @Βαγγέλης Πρίντεζης Outbreak had amazing cutscenes and a story

    20. Jager's ACOG

      I wish they would bring this back but no we get the candy mode

    21. Sturmgeschütz III

      Who else remembers when Halloween events were good

    22. DatedWizard

      Who else is watching this a year later just to relive the best event we’ve had.

    23. Gee Maill

      2019 halloween > 2020

    24. Enrico Moreira

      Gargoyle balls!

    25. Cole Svevar

      Realising how much sea shanty 2 is used in montage videos

    26. [Unintelligible]

      I came back here because I think Halloween 2020 for Siege is going to be very disappointing.

    27. Tadgh O'Connor

      *ahem*.... SCHOTLAND FEREVOR

    28. twisterthe littlekitty

      11 months ago?- *h u h* _But its October-.. seige?-_

    29. Shadow747

      I miss this even too damn much..

    30. Shadow747

      *Nämem vafa*

    31. Justredbone2

      I miss this event

      1. Shadow747

        Mee too.. new halloween event sux

    32. Tyler Stout

      this is good

    33. Rosi Hernandez

      He way to good

    34. Like Glick

      I love Runescape ❤

    35. Lt Lemon

      Me: Watching 10 months later I miss that event but I was on console... so it’s was funny af

    36. Simon Cantérus

      ÄR DU SVENSK?!!!!??

    37. Oshama

      3:12 Best moment

    38. Reel Zoid

      Watched halfway through vid, went to take shit, watched bikinibhodi vids on toilet, came back 1 hour later to finish this one...pure enlightenment

      1. Shadow747


    39. Alan Banfo

      nice pokemon music xD

    40. HandsOnFire.-

      I miss it sooo much, and watching this makes me sad

    41. iTz_Mysticzツ

      I only came back for this 8:28 :)

    42. rick schumer

      was that... pokémon music?

    43. zembisko

      7:46 song?

    44. I am Yashasvi

      Poop Edit: 尸口口尸

    45. Sarbil

      i liked it just for Runescape ;..

    46. jeff hardy bay bay


    47. Rick Astley

      This was the best event

    48. Lorenzo Riedi

      3:03 dumbass people ever

    49. Matías Ezequiel Galván

      1:40 a second before the disaster

    50. Dark Link

      Nice video

    51. Dorian Bentley

      I read it and liked

    52. Layne Semenzow

      this was released the day i started playing siege :)

    53. Levi kelly

      Funniest game mode ever

    54. GWK Productions

      What do you meAn 9:12

    55. Irish traveller videos

      9:24 he predicted the new op

      1. Irish traveller videos

        @Sclerotics ya I realise that now 😂😂

      2. Sclerotics

        @Irish traveller videos not a very good joke 🤣

      3. Irish traveller videos

        @Sclerotics that was the joke

      4. Baljeet _

        Sclerotics he knows

      5. Sclerotics

        Ace means a squad wipe

    56. The R6S Shield Main


    57. Poro


    58. Poutpout10

      I don’t have casual I don’t know why pls help

    59. Andrea Madrid

      I luved it so much

    60. สรวิชญ์ ศรีชัย

      2:53 WTF THIS IS

    61. alexsunmer


    62. FireLlama7

      I miss this game mode :(

    63. Sr.Mistery


    64. Sr.Mistery


    65. Hotdogx

      I cant believe I missed this

    66. M_GAMER_180


    67. PR Sombra PR

      Hi bikini what soung are you yousin there in 1:30

    68. Chaplin38

      8:22 I love when the song rhymes with the scan

    69. KurBuh


    70. Anton Frankoni

      Är du svensk. För du sa vafan

    71. Bence Szilvási


    72. dr zooters


    73. Axarionn

      God dam i miss this event so much

    74. MPQ

      9:40 omg that scream kill me

    75. Slumpy

      Are you dutch??

    76. Panzer Pigeon

      imagine hackers in this game mode

    77. Павел Павлов

      4:46 голый колбасер🕺🏽

    78. Máté Megyeri

      *me starting the video* Bikini at the start: "So let me explain... *phone battery dead* Me: REEEEEE

    79. Moi

      5:52 Anybody hear "I gargle balls"?

    80. Green Bean

      Is the music in order

    81. ARTEZ

      2.12 is a dutch word for nooooooooo but without the j

    82. Tyler Martin

      I miss this event 🥺

    83. Zuko’s Honour

      Damn I hate it when my recordings become the Iranian government

    84. alisha greentree

      Bikinibothi jk

    85. BasilGaming 13

      3:09 Whats that ohh sound effect?

    86. Goldheartache9


    87. E BOYSKZ

      3:19.Tachanka painesss,🤣

    88. major

      4:04 My brain literally crashed at that one

    89. LeoXGG 12


    90. ImDaRealBoi

      1:17 yooooo is that jungle/hills/grass terrain music from Bloons monkey city?

    91. Rawr

      3:10 made me cry laughing XD

    92. Scott Braun

      This event mode was one of the best things to happen to Siege.

    93. Иван Ваганов

      4:43 русские оценили

    94. Saikyue

      I love how you use wow memes xD

    95. HuaQue


    96. brixalot

      I loled hard on 3:50

    97. The Cammunist

      I wish I could've played this but I was doing chemo during the time this event was out. :(

    98. Wallus

      Bro at 0:22 shake your screen and the words move hecka cool

    99. Dano

      Can you play black ops 4 please

    100. EPZ _Elowna HvH

      Es möge dir die 1,4 mio gegönnt sein :D ( It will be ur the 1,4 mio nice be ( ( ( ( ( Ik my english is bad) ) ) ) ) ))))))))