Rainbow Six Siege Has Gone Out of Control...


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    Rainbow Six Siege has introduced the Showdown Event which is a crazy TDM styled Limited Event Gamemode AND YOU CAN SAY IT GETS PRETTY WILD *haha xd* and has NO strategy to play it...
    Phantom Sight with Nokk & Warden can take a break, we're having a BOSG & Revolver Onetap Dropshot & No Scope Toxic Showdown!
    This Mode is Pro League ready!
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    🎵 Music:
    Ty The Tasmanian Tiger OST - Outback Safari
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    Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Red & Blue Rescue Team OST - Rescue Team Base
    🎵 Sound Effects by:
    ► Your Brain: bit.ly/2JETObQ
    🎵 Outro: Noisestorm - Crab Rave
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    1. BikiniBodhi


      1. Steven Baldwin

        🤠 hahaha

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      Where si wipper snapper

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      The dancing crab is my favorite part of every video.

    4. Migliorigno

      9:34 jokes on you i dont have one

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    6. Fbiisnottrue

      I love these Kind of Videos

    7. Re: TRY

      “Because we’re the American police “ I honestly agree

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    9. Bronson MacLeod

      Me who missed this event and didnt even realise it happened looking at the took helmet in sadness

    10. Maro Zegaro

      there is an Acog in my Bosg XD

    11. GIZMO

      I have never heared of this event ?

      1. curlyfry

        Yikes 😬

    12. Liam Schneider

      old times

    13. Helen O'Neill

      And the bosg acog story began

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    15. Zsolt Csordás

      The revolver like mccree from overwatch: its high noon

      1. X-Fayad -X

        No just no

    16. Angel Mateo Lopez Fabela

      Hola señor bikinibodhi Do you speak spanish

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    18. 電風扇

      hufast.info/plan/vide/oYjWgr-CqWSopn0 1:38 vs This video 1:22 BIKINIBODHI IS ON RAINBOW SIX SIEGE OFFICIAL VIDEO

    19. Legit a shark

      I miss this event so much

      1. Shadow Gam3r

        Me to :(

    20. Julian Kasprzak

      It's the best event of rainbow six

    21. Wannabe Architect

      We need r6 vr

      1. Geometrix Dx

        Yo ikr.

    22. AlPhA D4RK

      0:27 bosg or no ass * uses revolver *

    23. Steven Baldwin

      🤠 hahaha

    24. Chopple

      And here we mark the video were the famous crusade was inspired. #BOSGACOG

    25. ヅGulgulash_ps_4

      There's boot in my snake xD

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      There’s a boot in my snake

    27. Smøke death

      7:12 killed me

    28. GeneralButterz

      Can you BOSG my dad anyway, he’s a terrible man who got the wrong punishment.

    29. Onyx_K1

      hello, 2020 bby, i hate this year, and i miss this mode😭😭

    30. Rooki_YT

      i loved that event :(

    31. Perception

      This was only last year? I thought this was 2018

    32. Sam Holdstock

      Anyone chilling here in 2020?

    33. OZoolydie

      I miss this game mode so much

    34. Vormaza

      Why is this on my recommendation? After a year

    35. The R6S Shield Main

      I wish you would have said 'Like or I’ll bosg your dad'

    36. Kmn483

      0:53 I know this is a joke, but some police officers got away with stealing $225,000. Due to “qualified immunity” they weren't able to be sued either.


      Haha little do you know I don’t have a dad

    38. Max3fect t

      Did any one see dabbing capitao

    39. Anna Soleniec

      2:24 DAB

    40. Bigboss50485 Gaming

      I thought he said im a crotch spamming cowboy

    41. JJ_JaunPablo

      ah showdown. the best event. it will never be forgoten

    42. Pat Chapman

      7:58 when max goes super bellan (super Saiyan)

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    44. Corp

      1:51 Thank me later.

    45. frost Westbrook

      He just got jabated son

    46. GrizzlDrizzl

      I remember playing this event I want it back

    47. Barnabás Mészáros

      So, this where the trouble began, that noscop BOSG, that damned noscop BOSG

    48. L' Occulto

      1:50 Emh Emh: operation health is basically a three month's period of time that we are taking in order to break and fuck this bullshit game

    49. Alexander Bell

      This is almost a year after the video was first uploaded, but WOW the statement at 0:56 did not age well.

    50. Just a Cat

      Why would the police rob the bandits Cause were american police Never have i been so not offended by something so true

    51. Markin Binky

      Mlg trick shot

    52. Juan Jimenez

      And thus the legend of the BOSG ACOG was born

    53. diavolo doppio

      When did this mold come out I don't remember this

    54. Jonathan Laprade

      Why does everyone vote for the bottom I hate you guys

    55. Legend REDX

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    57. I don’t like emo music At all

      Jokes on you I don’t have a dad

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      Bikini: Subscribe or I’ll BOSG your dad Me: good luck finding him

    59. iSausage

      God I miss this game mode :’( L

    60. ThaiKarter

      I legit have the Cavs headgear

    61. Dirtbike1234855 Not my real name

      Max what did you do I don’t know stop it you did this stop the dinging

    62. Reshav Menon

      hufast.info/plan/vide/d266rZantqbQgKc amazing seige gameplay

    63. Alain Hamoun

      No one Not a soul Literally nobody Not even tachanka Bikini : WE IN THE WILD WEST BOIIII

    64. Doctor Disco

      The only event I’ve been able to play was golden gun 😔

    65. BRUH EPIC

      Can they bring this back

    66. ykrmtrgt

      lenne ma boah

    67. Igorusz

      Nice job pardner!

    68. Aiden Noel

      If the r6 community was able to choose another ltm 80 percent of us would choose this mode

    69. Mummy’s Secret.

      *you have yeed your last haw, buster*

    70. Hentai Antagonist

      bikini: sub or bosg ur dad me: *unsubs*

    71. Execute

      “Subscribe or I’ll BOSG your Dad” You can’t kill what’s not there.

    72. Sam is Short

      I wish I played seige when this was out

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    74. Ryan P.

      1:53 wtf is that? He had to die at the second shot atleast

    75. majora

      recruits are just native americans

    76. Colt McDougall

      Marley: only revolver Kini: Bosh only

    77. Dragonborn Studios

      What’s bikini bodhi accent?

    78. ImDaRealBoi

      Chowder's cowboy impression is gold

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      7:15 when the heck did UBISOFT gave cav a ****

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      Tbh this game mode low key was more fun than outbreak

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      1:20 was amazing XD

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    92. Artemis XO

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      Is someone gonna tell bikini that everyone votes for the last option in his polls

      1. Random Entertainment

        F.B.I Agent he knows bruv lmao

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      1. Karol Jablonski

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    97. TylerN4

      i was on vacation and COULDNT PLAY IS AHHH

    98. Ventcg

      If they release a new game that's just this event my life would be complete.

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      Wario time!

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      *I lose this event ;-;*