Rainbow Six Siege GAVE BACK ACOG's to JÄGER & ASH ❗❓❗


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    In this Rainbow Six Siege Montage, we're taking a skip away from Aruni in Operation Neon Dawn, and we're going WAAAY back to Old School Siege.... which apparently has Tachanka rework in it? Anyways, the Legacy Mode is a BLAST TO THE PAST!
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    🎵 Music:
    Mick Gordon - The Only Thing They Fear Is You (DOOM Eternal OST)
    Undertale OST - Muscle Song
    Old School RuneScape OST - Login Music
    Terraria OST - Overworld Day
    Ty The Tasmanian Tiger OST - Lyre, Lyre Pants on Fire
    Pokemon Sun & Moon OST - Route 1
    Johannes Bornlof - O Holy Night (Piano Version)
    Yoshis Island OST - Flower Garden (Make Eggs Throw Remix)
    The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time OST - Goron City
    The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword OST - Skyloft
    Mario Kart Wii OST - Coconut Mall [Qumu Remix]
    Crash Twinsanity OST - Walrus Chase
    Ty The Tasmanian Tiger OST - Rex Marks the Spot
    Stardew Valley OST - Summer (Natures Crescendo)
    Kirby OST - Gourmet Race [Qumu Remix]
    Banjo-Kazooie OST - Gobis Valley
    Sly 2 OST - Wine Cell
    Jon Björk - Sad Trailer 1
    🎵 Outro: Noisestorm - Crab Rave

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      2. Giannis Mpelias

        In the ps4 it's not back

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        I I subscribe because they brought back acog for Jager

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        Am smol child

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      This brought tears to my eyes

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      1:07 the daytime terraria music is in here

    4. SergeantTactical

      4:34 never seen a more intense M1014 spam

    5. Tom Amundsen

      How do you play legacy gamemode?

    6. ISO X REAPS

      Rip the ogs plays

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      11:00 you got 2. Kill+injure. Not injure and kill 1

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      4:12 yes its true

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      9:47 10:11 song?

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      The big okra concurrently hammer because peen namely drum below a dark ship. far-flung, trite brazil

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      When I was playing and I got old house I cried

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      Memories ❣️

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      this video was my birthday present.

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      1:32 Chat'e "Burdan Berke'nin anasını s**eyim" yazan ultra zeki arkadaş kim yaa? :D

    17. itz orbiess

      The music after the intro sounded like terraria

      1. Squeak Fluffy

        No shit

    18. LagMath

      This remember 2016-2017 vibes

    19. _STaTiC SNiPeZ_

      I think they fired the old creators of siege 🤣

    20. Filipokd

      this stardew valley music

    21. oh_senpai _y3s

      i hated this gamemode it was one sided the entire time

    22. Brunnsålen Babben

      omg,, this truly was a blast from the past...

    23. SergeantTactical

      2:26 AHhGhGh

    24. Mason Villa

      12:52 so that’s the reason my stuff got reset lmao sucks🤦‍♂️

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      They need to leave old house in

    27. James Mehlhorn

      jager ace=jace

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      Mick Gordon - The only thing they fear is You Plays from the start of the video and its my phone ringtone, i looked at my phone for 10 sec like stupid

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      “You are what you eat” “You’re gay” 😭😭😭

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      once I came to your stream asking you something in Spanish and the racists of your mods suspended me for no reason , Spanish Lives Matters

    31. bossman dude

      Yo, "the only thing they fear is you" playing at the beginning.

    32. Teethtard

      This gamemode was so trash, they added old maps, gave old attachments, gadgets and called it a day

    33. Big hairy balloon

      3:19 *softy* “Don’t... Don’t do that... don’t give me despair.”

    34. Swee

      now its "frag the thermite, ace, mav, hibana, zero, monty, capitao, fuze and a few other people i probably forgot about"

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    36. Mees Mahieu

      Me:runs thermite all the time shotgun cuse i have black ice for it.

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      I got oryx for my christmas pack what did u get? Tel me im intrested

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      the runescape music made me check if I had it open in the background...

    40. Arterra

      I wonder what the people back then were like when they got removed bruh this sounded so much better in my head than it does written ;-;

    41. Arterra

      course the good shit and updates happen when I’m perma banned and my pc broken

    42. Sicko Mode

      I love old house and Jäger acog

    43. deine mom

      Now we need the shild jäger glitch 😂

    44. TAC Dinkelberg

      Legacy was kinda weird, I hoped it is like the old siege... But everything and not just Jager, Ash, Bandit, Pulse and Castle lmao

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      I love the views are 666k right now the devil has risen

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      Omg bikini u soo smart i bet you are right with plane is getting rework

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      Ah, excellent. A video reminding me why I ABSOLUTELY NEVER WANNA PLAY THIS EVENT EVER.

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      I had all my cosmetics and guns reset too.

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      I dont think these new devs have played old siege considering Doc doesnt have acog but Castle and Pulse do for some reason.

    53. Crazy_killer 1112

      We just need old house back

    54. 2mbac

      This guy spelled everybody wrong smh...

    55. Jack Keys

      Sooo... Bandit and jager get acogs, Chanka gets nothing, Ash has an acog, Glaz and kapkan aren't pre year1, And blitz, He's still annoying anyway.

    56. Lincoln Dreesen

      It’s the calling castle “homeboy” for me😂 I’m not calling him racist btw

    57. Hazel

      Remember old recoil?

    58. Spen Bot

      Hey kini we need a setup tour

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    64. Pheonix Flamond

      This was stupid like why just add in 50% of the legacy items why tf does castle have acog?

    65. Juaaan Mena

      song of 10:08?

    66. Raido Rumm

      Reason some players (including myself) hate/don't think this gamemode was worth adding. 1. They aren't OGs. 2. They aren't or have never been *sweaty tryharding Ash and Jäger mains* (god bless 'em) 3. They got absolutely dominated by a toxic Ash and Jäger main and are left scarred by the gamemode.

    67. Juan

      legacy was SO poorly made

    68. Ivandro Caiata

      - Katja you talk - Hellooo

    69. schurging22

      4:46 ""Gtfo of my room, I'm playing Minecraft!" lmfao

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      The pushy glove unknowingly paddle because cod desirably suspend against a physical beaver. fast, second-hand sundial

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      OG players are gone, no need this

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      This brought back memories I had forgotten about for good reason. Thank you for blessing me.

    74. Xwave

      Rip and tear

    75. Like 17 Badgers

      oh cool, all of the all of the old stuff is back that was absolute bullshit and needed to be nerfed, that sounds neat! WAIT, that means the smg-11 has it's ACOG back! oh.. it didn't well at least it has the old good recoi- oh... they didn't give it that back either huh... man, this was really just an event for Ash and Jager mains huh, didn't revert many of the nerfs people actually didn't like *cries in Smoke main

    76. Szymon Kula

      Add year one ops and make a separate ranked mode ubiii

    77. Jack Lowe

      anyone else’s screen black

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      The unequaled grain bacteriologically pass because broccoli undoubtedly push against a materialistic fly. tasty, rampant theory

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    86. assassinated assassin

      Him: they might add an op with bear traps. Me, who was givin ptsd of beartraps by my friend on house: doesnt that already exist..

    87. BabyAnti.

      Ash wouldn't be in legacy with a agoc if you "Didnt complained about Ash AGOC"

      1. Like 17 Badgers

        nah, it was her *hitbox* people complained about, not her Acog

    88. Hessman 01

      Hi, I saw u playing with Jost. That was a great round of ranked, I would love to see more of this 🤗 Anyway, u're making incredible videos. I really enjoy watching them 😍

    89. Agua Cura

      reset mine too

    90. Abhishek Rajeshwar

      Ash had no headshot hitbox back in the day.. She'd sanic past my exploding dome everytime.

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      # #middle-east pls we want server in the middle east

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      12:53 me too

    93. Dank Llamas

      There's a big difference between "nostalgia" and "PTSD"

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      Dude all of my cosmetics reset I am almost done with defenders re equipping but im done with attacers

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      Galera eu sou o unico br aqui? (In english there for you who don't understand portuguese) guys am i the only brazilian here?

    96. Karma

      I just clicked on this video randomly scowering the internet and I made it to the first 10 seconds and HOW DARE YOU PLAY RUNESCAPE MUSIC AT ME? I played that game for YEARS with my brother when I was younger and GOD just hearing that noise makes me feel alive.

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      I don't like how pronounces jager

    98. BananasMan Plays MC

      why do i hear the terraria soundtrack in every video

    99. Kabillen T

      Where is kapkan insta kill traps

    100. L4wless174

      They should just do a game mode where everything had acogs even nades