Rainbow Six Siege GAVE BACK ACOG's to JÄGER & ASH ❗❓❗


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    I don't know what to say...
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    In this Rainbow Six Siege Montage, we're taking a skip away from Aruni in Operation Neon Dawn, and we're going WAAAY back to Old School Siege.... which apparently has Tachanka rework in it? Anyways, the Legacy Mode is a BLAST TO THE PAST!
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    🎵 Music:
    Mick Gordon - The Only Thing They Fear Is You (DOOM Eternal OST)
    Undertale OST - Muscle Song
    Old School RuneScape OST - Login Music
    Terraria OST - Overworld Day
    Ty The Tasmanian Tiger OST - Lyre, Lyre Pants on Fire
    Pokemon Sun & Moon OST - Route 1
    Johannes Bornlof - O Holy Night (Piano Version)
    Yoshis Island OST - Flower Garden (Make Eggs Throw Remix)
    The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time OST - Goron City
    The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword OST - Skyloft
    Mario Kart Wii OST - Coconut Mall [Qumu Remix]
    Crash Twinsanity OST - Walrus Chase
    Ty The Tasmanian Tiger OST - Rex Marks the Spot
    Stardew Valley OST - Summer (Natures Crescendo)
    Kirby OST - Gourmet Race [Qumu Remix]
    Banjo-Kazooie OST - Gobis Valley
    Sly 2 OST - Wine Cell
    Jon Björk - Sad Trailer 1
    🎵 Outro: Noisestorm - Crab Rave

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    1. BikiniBodhi

      Remember to smash that mufuggin subscribe button like I smash my life

      1. Misty

        Ok I'm late but I love the music. Osrs and terraria. It's epic

      2. Stranger 2607

        DO A JAGER VID

      3. M.D. 12


      4. XdarkmaterX Xbox one


      5. Giannis Mpelias


    2. Doruk BOYAR

      ya amk her yerde varız bune : :1:32

    3. ark hunter

      Still miss this to this day. Also is it just me or do any miss room with deplorable shields

    4. Nytrowjen

      Bikini predicted frost and buck

    5. ManiX207

      can we agree hero wars has to much of a budget.. yes dats the trailer i got

    6. Music Man

      I didn’t like this gamemode. They slapped acogs on a few guns and called it a game mode.

    7. Leong Ong

      Also rip old siege

    8. Leong Ong

      Rip old tachanka

    9. Leong Ong

      I miss old siege

    10. Joe Daddy

      I want to push whoever called him jagger off a bridge

    11. John Bastion

      This is just bikini being a boomer saying "back in the old days-"

    12. Friedrich Rieger

      Why does a UMP45 with an ACOG

    13. champi0n_

      hello, how i can get acog for any rifle

      1. champi0n_

        @Aryan Sohaib 123 no im on pc

      2. Aryan Sohaib 123

        What do u mean? Are you on console?

    14. pirex

      Who's here after the jager nerf?

    15. Julian Oxenberg

      The subnautica music fits so well here for some reason

    16. GOS_ClApZ

      My game is gliched so my cosmetics reaseat evrey time i log on

    17. Lord Tachanka


    18. Zeek

      6:40 if anyone knows what match that comment is about could you please let me know because now im curious lol

    19. snake sólido

      No. Not back! Bugsoft really enjoy trash your games.

    20. Treser Dzików

      came here just to sya this comment. dear Ubisoft, DO NOT GIVE ACOG TO JAGER AND ASH! Thank you.

      1. snake sólido

        😂 and yes give acog to thermite and mira. Two useless operators. I mean thermite is better than trash mira

    21. Declan Dewar

      God this game mode was so half assed

    22. Jaxon Hill

      I hate how bandit gets it but doc dosen't that's just weird.

    23. Matteo Molina

      Acog sm11?

    24. subhaay thevar

      s w e d i s h m a t i n g c a l l

    25. subhaay thevar

      Don’t use doom music , it will make me either play doom or listen to the ost

    26. SJFenson

      Everyone needs to band together and get the acogs back

    27. Michael 188977

      I can't fucking I believe that I missed this event

    28. S O U L

      I was in vacation and was only able to play legacy for 2 days when it came out. 🥺 Edit: also the vsn is the best SMG in the game solely because it’s an absolute laser beam.

    29. Random Russian

      this playlist reminded everyone why they removed ash acog

    30. Master Chief

      why does bikini say Jäger Yäger

      1. sam jones

        He says it right?

    31. Bad Boy Dev

      I love how at the end he's sad that his cosmetics got reset. And u got me here loosing all my year 1 ops and couldn't do anything about it bc I got it with the game 😭

    32. gamer kid663

      Is it only back in the legacy game mode cuz when i went to my dads last month it wasnt there

    33. Lucas Perez

      hello this isnt canon in the future

    34. Kayden Winter

      At the beginning of the video it sounded more like doom lol

    35. love is dumb

      4:41 DaBaby moment

    36. hmmm hamborgar

      We need a permanent Legacy Playlist

    37. You lost

      1:33 my turkish friends...

    38. Bliby Blab

      Looking at this title now makes me sad

    39. TAC_gamer _

      Terraria music

    40. pou12Tomas

      Where is it now?

    41. F B I


    42. Cereal Wings

      I like the doom music.Every time I listen to it I feel like I am killing children

    43. dharkbizkit

      0:50 i do, if that mode was permanent, i would play anything else :D

    44. SlyRocket Airsoft

      The day I lost acog I felt like I lost some of the souls I have taken.

    45. Omar Pintor-Herrera

      I’m having flashbacks about my old bandit and ash 😭😭😭😭

    46. LoneWolfGaming

      I. LOVE. ACOGS

    47. tomdomwi alla

      Jäger and Acog?

    48. SergeantTactical

      10:21 cursed

    49. spamooses-.

      Bikini uses Terraria music as im playing Terraria. I think theres a conspiracy here..

    50. Jowell

      6:30 "CALLOUT YOU FIEND" Omg, that swearing is in high class

    51. ahmed ?


    52. AssassinX Gaming

      I wish they put it exactly how it used to be with the smg11 acog

    53. Khaens

      Ump: has acog Smg 11 and doc guns: sad gun noises

    54. David Tarasiewicz

      *me who was the thermite main back in 2015*

    55. Just A LuckyNoob

      doom music lmao

    56. Fuze Himself

      aga türk yazmış berkenin...... diye :DDD

    57. Skepticalturtle1

      Old Hereford base is so missed bruh I think it would even make a good ranked map

    58. Usman Qureshi

      i miss shield recruits

    59. X0shadowXwolf0X

      I didn't get to play the legacy arcade mode but I played when ash n jeager had acog

    60. BltzG4min 123

      Plane causal rework in y6, 😂 we thought WRONG

    61. Colby jack

      I reinforced kids bedroom with old house after 2015 anyway :)

    62. Arda FARSAK


    63. Skinny

      spawnpeeking was the best thing ever, ubisoft just fckd up making it harder

    64. Craig

      Bruh am i tripping or is there terraria music at the beginning

    65. KR1ON1C __

      1:07 terraria music = a like

    66. Joshua Hirsch

      0/10 gamemode no rapter legs

    67. Tilt Paul

      Clean 🧼

    68. TheSexyForg

      He confused around impacts and smokes hahahaha 11:22 (I know impacts are the same)

    69. TheSexyForg

      They didnt want to bring the old chanka cuz if bikini use it, people will rage quit and they will lose players.

    70. SekiroSloth

      Ubi, give us old house back. Do it.

    71. Barış Uçak

      1:33 Dennisss napıyorsun oğlum şalksdşiaksşljkfdkfğişa

    72. Mr. Pool Doesn’t Call on Me

      Legacy playlist just made me remember what a potato I was on release when I was trying to learn how to play

    73. Yung kamikaze

      Frag the thermite now frag the hibana thermite ace and every op with a hard charge

    74. shade

      I am very sad legacy didnt have the old recoil

    75. Archvile

      i'm a simple man, i hear doom music i like

    76. • samredskull •

      I wish I got to play this game-mode but I was taking a break from seige.

    77. ThisGuysMason

      yea this gamemode was super garbage, was nothing like "old siege"

    78. IsachuPlayz

      It'd be funny if this gamemode had the old crazy recoil from back in the day xD

    79. just Вельма

      omg i missed it

    80. SetT0Fail

      "Its the next map to get a casual rework" that hasn't aged well

    81. DancingEnginier

      bikini: open 1000 alfa packs game: *i am going to stop you right there*

    82. Matee

      6:52 you guys realize that that was a headshot...

      1. Joe Blow


    83. Casper Olesen

      Any TRUE siege player cried when they destroyed Hereford Base!

    84. Dolan Dark’s Son

      I’m Dolan Darks Son :)

    85. Jester

      this would of been the best way of ending this video 11:29

    86. Halil Tomay

      Melee only lol

    87. Mugis Ui

      Y is the terraria theme here

    88. Unkn_wn

      the nostalgia.....

    89. Leo S.

      Castle did have acog. They removed it in melusi and ace update.

    90. Davis Stickley

      The doom though

    91. Josh top drives

      I wish they would put the old maps in casual aswell as the reworked ones

    92. Zero Two

      why is there terraria theme in the start on the video

    93. Barker

      and they deleted jager acog :(

    94. bigfatbear

      I kinda miss old garage on house tho. One of the changes i wish wasn't made tbch

    95. Brady Pace

      I got ptsd after hearing operation health at the end

    96. DOOM GUY

      Nice music

    97. Tekaruki

      I played legacy Before was called that way I don't miss it (only the old hereford base)

    98. Vex Godly

      I would say this is one of the best bikini videos because of how funny thos video is

    99. Kevyn Lub

      Jager: I've lost everything, they've stripped me of all save for my very existence.

    100. Alex Richardson

      Srry but it's yeager