Rainbow Six Siege But Everyone is Drunk


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    This is certainly not Pro League Rainbow Six Siege nor are we playing the new operators Nokk & Warden but hey
    It is still fun okay
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    🎵 Music:
    Pokemon Sun & Moon OST - Route 1
    Wii Sports OST - Wii Sports Main Theme
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    Angry Birds OST - Angry Birds Theme Song
    Payday 2 OST - Code Silver 2018 ( No Mercy )
    TMNT 4 Turtles In Time OST - Big Apple 3 A.M.
    Zelda The Wind Waker OST - Outset Island
    Yoshis Island OST - Flower Garden ( Remix )
    Zelda The Wind Waker OST - Beedle's Shop
    Kirbys Dream Course OST - Cloudy Mountain Peaks
    🎵 Sound Effects by:
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    🎵 Outro: Noisestorm - Crab Rave
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    1. BikiniBodhi

      *hickup* VB LAAAANG NECK

      1. Eds Tren

        Black people

      2. Wicked Killer


      3. Marco Pernice

        Hey @Bikinibodhi 0:26 name of the song? 😅

      4. ѱ オフライン ѱ


      5. Robbie Stafford

        At least he knows what big lez is

    2. Sara Rivers


    3. Blesi MC

      F for super shotty

    4. iiNico

      11:15 i love this edit

    5. Adrien C

      Nice french man

    6. Hugo Tapia

      Esta bueno tu video pero no se ingles 👍😎

    7. xDCrunk 4454

      garowegtjuraejntgueanguvnardgnbq3bnafhzaesbthqa35uq27zu4e67 thats the cheat to get drunk in siege

    8. Wolfboy 32567789

      The greatest thumbnail ever made

    9. rishav chakraborty

      dont download the browser it just freezes your pc most times messege pooping browser has stopped responding

    10. Moz Zie


    11. Nice Bro.

      They don't sound drunk that's what's cool also their aim is on point

    12. Witted Shampoo4

      Something goes wrong: Kini: NAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!

    13. IcyMuteBen

      If you were all drunk, Max is the only one not drunk, he's just Polish

    14. Edward Gunnarsson

      Är du från Sverige?

    15. Obi-Wan Kenobi

      I know he is not hacking in anyway but 8:38 I would have reported it NGL not just the first kill but the next 3 are also look like aimbot

    16. Edwin Iglesias

      Topzander is platinum every season wtf

    17. mancsi1234

      drunk?where is the scrumpy?sticky bombs,grenades

    18. Easy_ Nick

      Super shorty😢😢 7:56

    19. Kakugen

      DoNt PiCk HiM uP hE dEsErSt It !!!

    20. Acheron Arch

      10:30 Pecena kura kura shoud write kurva and that means baked bitch

    21. Iker Elizalde 淡水鐵


    22. DeathXXP

      3:47 lol

    23. Dark Comet

      sick duck

    24. God Of Games TH

      1:23 wtf is that reload?

    25. Blackberry - womp

      I think he's mistaken americans for chinese

    26. stefano carrara

      He steel alive Wait i'll get him up😂

    27. Ni_lsSs

      How fuckin cancer are this guys playing. Lion AND Jackal in casual 5:14

    28. Chernov Roman

      i literally need a song from 4:10, pleaseeee

    29. Teemu Varismäki

      omg ur videos are so funny and good do more of these drunk videos pls

    30. Destruck 268

      Buenas noches

    31. Jakub Mrva

      3:01 angry birds soundtrack

    32. raaviolli

      who's here after mozzie losing the shorty? :(

      1. Lighthouse kpr


      2. Lighthouse kpr


      3. Shadow_Godly

        Me 😭😭😭😭

      4. 6rh

        Me :(

      5. Tommy Andelkovic

        Same :(

    33. MathDaBoi

      8:04 Last seen Mozzie super shorty Colorized

    34. Lucky156

      det är sent men men:)

    35. Lucky156

      ooh you are från Sverige thats cool.

    36. Doctor Disco

      I wish flicks were as possible on console

    37. Luke Dunne

      Anyone here after mozzies shotgun got removed one like = one prayer 😭🙏

    38. Seruxe

      U really nailed the thumbnail

    39. Alain Hamoun


    40. Alain Hamoun

      With the sick beat

    41. Alain Hamoun

      What is the first song

    42. Jihyux

      The quebecois in the video was really funny. I'm quebecois 😀😀

    43. Carson’s Dad

      1 inch

    44. GS_Kralet

      As a French I'm ofended

    45. bingus

      8:00 sad to see it gone

    46. Call Me Rainbow

      As an Aussie, i had to like the vid before it even loaded

    47. Death127

      7:54 new update got rid of it :(

    48. RammoYaseleme

      4:08 das ist JerichoFive oder an alle Almans hier?

    49. Sebastian JOHANNESEN

      you know VB is Victorian Bitter and it's from Victoria (but you can drink it other states, just Victorians drink it more and the map Outback in r6 looks like it's from the Northern Territory, South Aus or Western Aus lol

    50. Rocky

      As an australian myself I can say that is the most beautiful thumbnail i have ever seen.

      1. Haider Karkamaz

        @Whisk3y i love kinis

      2. Haider Karkamaz

        All its missing are the shrimps

      3. Wilf Harris

        If your a fucking fair dinkum fucking full grown Aussie

      4. pepsy bowls

        You have the best op ever congrat

      5. BTMvlogsss 69ontwitch

        Mozzie is the best op

    51. Михаил Линников

      PAYDAY 2?

    52. Kevin的543

      Can you give me this video music?

    53. Brooks D

      the twitch drone transition was fucking cool

    54. Its_Sithf


    55. Tr1cky ツ


    56. Lev Selivanov

      Wii theme

    57. Fat Dog

      2:58 try hard

    58. Dictolory

      wdym rainbow six but everyone is drunk it's like you guys play siege to be happy before the tornado brings jerry the jackal main to you while you campin that corner on bank as vigil awefsnagngkjrng jinerpojignrwej;lgnwarjplgnpowaerjgnpoiawerng;nrngjbnerhgorngo;faklnhg

    59. Arian Shabani

      4:40 look at text's bouchiba is there!

    60. NicoGameFan Siderov


    61. Caden Kibble

      I’m saving should I get maverick or mozzie?

      1. Caden Kibble

        I have cav and use her a lot but idk

    62. J G

      It's corona time!!

    63. Franziska Kreilinger

      2:07 this moment always has me crying

    64. Pepsi man thy commenter

      I'm drunk. I read the title as 'Minecraft Rainbow Six Siege But Everyone Is Dunk.'

    65. Heatseeker1357 Rasmus

      Me: where the hell is my main mozzie Bikin:yeah i realized that i newer did a dedicaded vid for mozzie Me: are u Fooking me

    66. sanz

      5:18 Sneaky little bitch ;)

    67. OBii

      00:26 What Song,Soundtrack

      1. Pisthooleiru

        @dvl no.626 thanks, u is an good doctor

      2. dvl no.626

        let's be friends-ftw



    69. hate me

      Wow, im gay

    70. ZΞRO

      4:20 Jericho Five?

    71. Minela Muamer

      i love the outtro is the best ting in the vid

    72. William Johansson

      whats the intro song when you are in the freezer at the begging

    73. General Grievous

      This should be called rainbow six siege but everyone is polish

    74. Dark Soul211

      What’s the name of the dubstep when your in the freezer?

    75. your daily dose of omid

      11:00 StOlE oFf TeO

    76. dongle memes

      VB is shit

    77. Unknown User


    78. MLG Default_Skin

      1:21 where is that from? Pls tell me

    79. F.B.I

      0:38 CHOWDER



    81. Frøxu :3

      Angrybirds theme forewwwwaaaaaa

    82. KonGaBa lml

      all of bodhi friend are tooxic

    83. VildaR

      What's the music from "stand your ground freezer" clip

      1. De la peña Torres Gael

        This is the name of the song

      2. De la peña Torres Gael

        Lets be Friends

    84. Onur Atmaca

      3:59 ist das jerchico five?

    85. Yusuf Choudhry

      Grills like sophie are real gamer grills they shit but they good but they shit but they good but they shit but they good but they shit but they good but they shit but they good but they shit but they good but they shit but they good but they shit but they good but they shit but they good but they shit but they good but they shit but they good but they shit but they good get what i mean?

    86. Daniel41689

      1:22 friendlyjordies aussie courts anyone?

    87. Ed Popson

      11:12 Sbam!

    88. Whisk3y

      Are you calling Aussies drunk you Muppet? . . . . .ps *You're absolutely correct*

    89. Clean Potato

      Super ahotty is so good with one shot I killed 2 people

    90. Phantom Hellris

      What is the theme at 0:32?

    91. By Beni

      when someone see mu dick 7:49

    92. Aiden Martin

      10:14 gotta love Toby

      1. Aiden Martin

        I should have mentioned that you may only understand that if you play or watch dota 2.

    93. the fedoraplays

      I want the stream

    94. Lord Tachanka

      Bet way to play

    95. Lucas Palmério

      1:14 aaah that brings good memories from the good old Nova & Sp00n days

    96. Karma

      I ain’t Swedish so what does Naman vafan mean

      1. Killuaキルア

        Karma it means took the boubt

    97. BochiDochi


    98. qrst

      7:52 now i don't want to start a war here but did you mean she?

    99. John Men

      I kind of wish moxxie could take over more than just drones like claymores and stuff

    100. MoonCat

      00:21 song?