Rainbow Six Siege Moments That Make Me Happy


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    Rainbow Six Siege is so much fun, the Rainbow is Magic event is awesome, I got lots of strategy when playing the new ops Mozzie & Gridlock so here's a little Montage of everything :)
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    🎵 Music:
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    Team Fortress OST - Main Theme
    Ty The Tasmanian Tiger OST - Outback Safari
    Gunnar Johnsén - Walking The Cat 1
    Super Mario Sunshine - Delfino Plaza [Qumu Remix]
    Magnus Ringblom - Corny Farmers 18
    Angry Birds OST - Main Theme
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    🎵 Outro: Noisestorm - Crab Rave
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    1. Rocco Demattos

      It would be cool if there was a playlist that has Unreworked/Unchanged mechanics/ops/maps

    2. CRSNxK


    3. Pizza Petezza

      5:27 Ash is trying to withstand like Zofia.

    4. Chanky kang

      We just know he be hacking

    5. ChimpanzEE

      I hate Gridlock’s face in the thumbnail

    6. PunKing From Writer s Home

      05:48 Eyesless b#tch :D

    7. Research_Support

      Lefties are the best!

    8. Lizmarie Cueto

      i love bikini sister jsjsjsjs

    9. Blesi MC

      Is syshinibodhi ur sister?

    10. TrojanSalesmen

      his sister is funny. we need more of her XD

    11. firstname lastname


    12. aNiMe gIrL

      Наверное только Русские поймут, что такое шишка

    13. RYAN HEART

      3:27 the fact you can recognize velvet shell head gear( all operation head gears looks the same) Means the velvet shell headgear really did a number on you

    14. OdieRaptor

      You know what made me happy? Ash acog, you took that from us, we won’t forget

    15. Jan Šuchma


    16. Snail Bru

      What is your name

    17. RONIN BOY

      What do you call a man that chocke every round KapCant

      1. RONIN BOY

        Not good at English

    18. Xty_ FN

      Moments that make me happy chowder dying

    19. Filipe Boson


    20. Zuko’s Honour


    21. Cebur4shk4

      Shishka (lat.strobilus) is a modified shoot that develops at the ends of branches of gymnosperms (conifers and some others) in the form of small formations covered with scales.

      1. Cebur4shk4

        Вот сука

    22. nathan gwilliam

      5:49 angery cyclops

    23. Kacper Rychlik

      BikiniBodhi : *gets a Black Ice skin that isn't a duplicate* Me: *happines noise*

    24. PANDA _Treyra

      Everybody did the glitch

    25. ADEKBAT


    26. Boochester 7

      5:13 i really don’t get that joke I’m guessing its a slang word for a lesbian

    27. Boochester 7

      3:19 she was that far away from you and still 2 shot you #nerfcaviera

    28. Nobunaga Oda

      1:41 bikini becomes mario😂

    29. Rezzo9

      Guys what is the name of the sound effect in 3:09


      Is that a TF2 song I hear?

    31. DarkFrancy 05

      Nice play dude!

    32. ChickenBürger

      Im also against left

    33. GNiSツ

      0:07 what is the name of that sound

    34. Big chungus Production fan

      Sverige gang

    35. Big chungus Production fan

      Monty Python life of Brian in the backround gets me harder Tham hardcore porn

    36. deathlegionair

      Nice use of Ty the Tasmanian tiger music..

    37. Frage 5

      А его русские смотрят воапше?

    38. Extraordinary Nerd

      When Jess was laughing her ass off i seriously couldnt tell if that was her or snedger

    39. PoTaTo

      Shyshka is in my world šiška

    40. Stated Dark

      (chowder dies) chowder:feck bikini:(wheeeeeeez)

    41. Adrian Maingot

      3:22 mavericks blood is blue

    42. nordgang

      I love the Zelda sound effects in the background. Throwbacks when I was a kid. All the Zelda theme music. God I loved those games

    43. Rohan Draws


    44. STETUX

      6:21 what the fuck was this kinda event

    45. gabe reid

      He is using the angry bird song

    46. The Commando

      WayaSnow is no a pacifist I hate HER nOw

    47. Timur Glazkov

      Marley and Dom: *flexes how good they are and That's about it* Bikini, tux and badger: *shows something that is them doing bad if its funny*

    48. Aladin wunderlamp


    49. Marcus Tan

      Hey im starting a server in siege come join discord.gg/EuGbQJ

    50. Panical

      Disturbing thumbnail

    51. BrunoszwaPL

      Supa kick 0:56

    52. Dan Wiggins

      You’re meant to hit the lion first and then when the drone has finished, call them it makes them stand still for a full 10 seconds

    53. James Verner

      6:20 what the hell am i looking at?????

    54. Isabella AI

      Did he ever play as Gridlock?

    55. Raudi560

      Kapkunt :D really? nice video

    56. Alberto Gean

      Bikini i got black 8ce for thacters primary wepon the one thats diff than other S A S

    57. aryan826

      i like your crew ;)

    58. PSAEIN

      You can't spell pacifist without the fist

    59. KekoDeLoco

      play with your sister more!

    60. Giulio Fiore

      Teenie weenie_________________

    61. H3ll80Y

      0:17 i jus got that joke

    62. Joshua Topham


    63. S1CK_PUPPY 2.0


    64. Not Plezp

      ''Can we get a :) in the chat?' Bikini: >( Me: *Dies of laughter when i was eating sandwich* BTw subbed to ya channel brotha

    65. laytonewan 293

      I'm a left handed person I'm affened

    66. keanu tull


    67. Outcast Killer

      1:41 Pacifist Challenge.

    68. LittleClips

      Soy español weyyyy *dab*

    69. Raymond Salas

      Im a lefty 😨😢

    70. Ace21

      4:33 so uh, what are yah going to do about PewDiePie

    71. Nik Castle

      I allways sing the end card

    72. Z3RO 2332


    73. JägerMain

      Old clips btw

    74. Dark-Side-Ninja

      8:40 i think thats kill roy

    75. Juuu u


    76. Young Don The Sauce God

      Du har en dum syster bikini

      1. SoMe SwEdIsH bOy

        Har en dum syster plus ja det är hon

      2. SoMe SwEdIsH bOy


    77. Rodrigo Hale Cruz

      Haker??? Minuto 6 19

    78. Net._. EK

      It’s toasty time

    79. verkkudeem

      Still didnt get black ice for primary.

    80. Nathan He

      3 Swedes in 1 video My life is fulfilled

    81. Arkan Dzaky A

      Full Grills Squad =)

    82. uLyMuHaT

      Shyshkа is a Шишка, is she Russian?

    83. DortoWatt


    84. B1g Ch13f81

      Mozzie chasing your sister had me dying!!! :)

    85. Player B1

      Is your Sister lesbian??? 🤔🤔🤔

    86. Singularis


    87. Paul Kacani

      Nice vids I liked and subscribed I think your vids are the best

    88. Xristina Ntina

      I love the endinting

    89. eduardo maiz


    90. C.I.A

      Kocham sernik

    91. OO

      why play with ediot pussys?

    92. Eliaz



      2:05 two letters could’ve changed the sentence, Bikini, why

    94. DOOT! Eternal

      I can't hate swedes because Sabaton is a Swedish band.

    95. EinhornIsFinkle1

      You all look like so much fun to play with