Rainbow Six Siege Servers Went Down So I Made My Own Game Instead - Last Farewell


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    NO Rainbow Six Siege Montage today, NO aruni, NO Zero, NO Tachanka
    Only, Last Farewell.
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    1. BikiniBodhi

      The Steam Winter Sale ends on the 5th of January! You can get the game here: store.steampowered.com/app/1234240/Last_Farewell/

      1. Toebuglar

        It’s trash even for 1 cent

      2. Vlanson

        @Dead shot 09 As of right now, I don't believe they have guns included.

      3. Dead shot 09

        Hey is there guns

      4. silent 09

        Yo bikini can we play tom clancy's rainbow six siege?

      5. Vlanson

        Kini, just so I can understand, how do you get the achievement Schrodinger? I've tried looking it up, but all I get are videos on how to get a achievement on portal 2.

    2. General Kenobi

      Is this rainbow 6? he doesnt know his game lol

    3. 》That Guy 《

      The moment Im hitting myself against the wall... Why am I on console?😭

    4. Joe Blow

      This game looks like shit 😂

    5. Andrey :D

      I'd like to see some sentrys and many other things to upgrade ur base so u dont have a monotone game but a develloping game with time

    6. Mathieu Côté

      Don’t know if that was intentional but at 2:08 we can read days *SURVIED* as opposed to survived

    7. MrTopHat

      0:48 I'm sorry what chips??

    8. Slow Body

      You should add guns and stuff

    9. Mix

      He made this game but didn’t know he could punch the vending machine?

    10. Comrade Crimson

      This legit is so good

    11. Пётр Ильич Чайковский

      “Another pice...”

    12. Hedsta

      This game actually looks fun. Imma pick it up :)

    13. PvProHunter

      Ngl this game looks ass

    14. adiman2206


    15. JxDmini


    16. GravyBoat

      This game has great core gameplay but the fan base is sparse

    17. ErgoNoMic!

      wait, why is there cyanide in every house?

    18. Ryan Wing

      A knock off 7days to die anyone? This is 100% a knock off 7 days to die.

    19. D_are_L

      Bikini: I made this game... Other Person: U can punch it Bikini: Can I? ohhhhh

    20. Fehit

      Some guy :"You can punch these!" Developer :"I CAN????"

    21. Clive Starnes

      Will this be comin onto consoles?

    22. Felix2164

      Ntgl the game is pretty good, im sure some people didin't like it as much but give it a few more years to see how it improves :) also kini nerf the traps they're op to you

    23. Juan Jose Posada Castellanos

      Dud You need a graphic designer

    24. Raistlyn117 _

      Please Bikini I’m begging you to start a #Tachankalmgacog thing. You should be the one to do this, it’s for the greater good

    25. XxzaydayxX

      You should add more characters or more customization were you can find some clothing materials so you can change clothes

    26. D4RK_AK3CHI

      What are the monsters called so I know so I can get the game

    27. Palufel_181

      Can you show your Rainbow Keybinds?

    28. GHOST BR

      What's your sensi in rainbow six

    29. Vera prokić

      No. The game isnt ded, the servers went down prob. For about a couple hours to 3 weeks for any numnuts in the comments.

    30. OSANGLX

      Can you add the Slide Kick from Dying Light. I would love to see the Puppets go flying.

    31. ASSASİN

      bikini are you really love payday 2

    32. Elias Juarez

      This game looks like ass, who made it? Horrible graphics and looks like no fun

      1. Isaiah Thomas

        It’s a good game with bad graphics, so the opposite of cyberpunk2077, which is a bad game with good graphics

    33. Emmanuel Capociama

      Make more videos of last firewell, who wants like this comment :)

    34. Robby Alam

      Why don't you play GTA V

    35. Sam Fisher




    37. mi dissocio

      Bikini the game has got the language in italian?

    38. knegge_YT

      Star wars battlefront 2 is going to be free on 14th Jan on epic games. U need to get this one no cap. One of the best games in my opinion

    39. Yummydragon yeet

      yo my guy you didnt make it free? you would make more money from in game cosmetics if the game was free btw also your game would be come popular and you could make it cost money later once the word is out have a think about it

    40. RussianKiller2134 The Roblox Player

      (its about Rainbow 6 Siege) #bikinihatesbugsfromubi

      1. RussianKiller2134 The Roblox Player

        Bikini, do you like what did i write? its about you hate the stupid bugs from Ubisoft

    41. Buff_Castle Brause_BIBO whyyoubullingme

      Dunno why but im nokk aruni main fak

    42. Zach Lau


    43. Tandem

      Please make the game just slightly scarier so you get scarier sounds from the zombies and creepy music and make them a slight bit scarier

    44. Owen Calt

      I like how after two years of development you forgot that there was bear traps

    45. Dale Blanchard

      This is a dumb question but is the game on console?

    46. D Chapin

      Why does Bikini ask questens about his own game

    47. Stayfashan - P

      POGCHAMP now deleted. R.I.P LEGEND

    48. nikname 00

      Play titanfall 2 pls bikini u will like it specialy since u liked apex so much

    49. francesco bellotti

      Bikini ma sei italiano?

    50. Colin B

      He really takes money for That? 😂

    51. Peter Lukeson

      So far I'm 3mins into vid and it looks like a rip of of 7days to die maybe does anyone agree

    52. Flexy

      i have the legendary outfit for clash ( love u ) @BikiniBodgi btw do u wanna see it

    53. elemex

      Hi I'm new and I'm Pure Italian . Thank you have your videos I'm learning English thank you with my heart Ps: I'm using the translator Ps:sto usando il traduttore

    54. Brad Deaner

      I like that the loot mostly makes sense with the building its in, so you don't find an AK in a fridge like in 7days

    55. KaanBTW

      I need to say that : BOSG needs an 3X

    56. Eclipse e

      Hey! Bikini I have recently been banned on siege for "cheating" but i didnt cheat and had to pay for siege again to play. I saw your video on getting banned and I think my account was breeched and someone hacked on it. I was wondering if you could help?

    57. Cesar Jacques Ramirez

      Do you plan on making it on console?

    58. unknown

      We need an minecraft series no cap

    59. ToxicBlitzMain

      My chanel is the best R6 Chanel ;)

    60. ChefWobblewob

      I've been playing last farewell for a few days now, and I must say that so far its a really fun, well made game. I only noticed one problem where if I drop an item it just disappears.(lost a machete)

    61. Mr Drazor

      You should bring it to Console, would be cool!

    62. dk kanofkash

      I like how I just wasted my last two years while this guy was casually working on his own game that he's now selling on Steam for 5 bucks.

    63. Melon Guy

      just got ur game

    64. KonGaBa lml

      He 1000 hours on dying light

    65. iVrxty-_

      Bikini: I can punch this? Me: Did you not make the game?

    66. MiniRizz 2204

      Bikini we need yet another clash god video

    67. NONI DOG

      I need some cash, to buy this game!!! It looks amazing, even bwtter than cyberpunk 2077

    68. itz carbo

      what would be cool if you had to deal with other survivors who will try to raid you the more you progress

    69. Jeremy H.

      Trash game 😂🔥👌

      1. Jeremy H.

        @Isaiah Thomas wow 😂🔥👌

      2. Isaiah Thomas

        And your a trash human being 😂🔥👌

    70. QKCgaming 09

      Can you make the ultimate rush squad

    71. Berenice Ramirez

      Quiero una cerbesa mexico

    72. Tyson [tv]

      When they where in the town hall it was like the save jager mission in r6

    73. lumo 973

      Is it coming to ps4 and ps5 and xbox 1 and the new xbox and maybe Nintendo switch?

    74. Lieutenant Penguins

      More last farewell clips! Keep up the good work kini!

    75. Achraf Amam

      9:50 was that a weapon u missed

    76. Cranky Not Fn

      this game is fortnite save the world but rtx is turned on.

    77. Zebiano

      How much did bikini actually develop (code/program) this game? Legit feels like he doesn't know half of it xD

    78. Hong Duc Huynh

      Add survivors to Farwell, with each hav8ng a nice bonus and different stats, and giving quest. Make an NPC area where you can make rooms for them. And if you die you can choose as which NPC you respawn

      1. Hong Duc Huynh

        If you want more useless ideas comment my comment.

    79. CrimeTimeEron

      I want this on console Bikini pls #consolegang

    80. F graça

      Will it launch to ps4

    81. Mr Grape

      I think the fog thickness actually fits really well, but maybe while in the base, during the day, the fog starts to clear a little. Could help people feel a little more safe while inside during the day cycle (just an idea). game looks good!

    82. Ty Cook

      i can't wait for the console version

    83. EvilJäger

      update better physical pls.

    84. Gabriel B

      I’ve played the game a bit and I enjoy it! T-T took me forever how to figure out melee weapons tho hahhaa

    85. Cyber

      15 euro ??

    86. The war dreamer

      Cool to see some non r6 videos, will you do another one on due process?

    87. Brinley Degwert

      I have no clue what’s happening

    88. Cyrus Ahari

      So.... when are we getting that console port

    89. АРЛИГОФ •

      Русские здесь?

    90. blaze war king

      Console port?

    91. Andre Noriega

      Hey kini this is a minor UI thing but i think that the looting screen should be in the middle instead of the inventory since it’s more intuitive and fast

    92. Uni Saurus

      Was this inspired by 7 days to die?

    93. Aggelosgeo6

      Bikini making a game for 2 years Also bikini: wait I can punch the vending machines

    94. Gecko Xbox

      Last farewell on console?

    95. ash_has_no hitbox

      This game looks amazing! When I get a new pc since my one is fried I'm definitely going to buy it. It looks like a mixture of left 4 dead, rust and 7 days to die. Can't wait to get on and have fun with my mates

    96. Thomas Bontemps

      420 dislike

    97. Joshua Braun

      As soon as I get my pc I'm getting your game

    98. Mumbo Fuze

      A bag of crisps can cure depression nice.

    99. Michael Thorman

      Can we please get more on this game it looks super fun