Rainbow Six Siege's *NEW* Tachanka is SUPER OVERPOWERED?! 😲


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    In this Rainbow Six Siege montage video, we play the new overpowered Tachanka Rework.
    Operation Shadow Legacy is drastically changing the playing field...
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    🎵 Music:
    Infected Mushroom - Walking On The Moon (Bad Computer Remix)
    The Legend Of Zelda The Wind Waker OST - Outset Island
    Hotline Miami Soundtrack OST - Paris 2
    National Anthem Worx - National Anthem Sweden (Classical Version)
    Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire OST - Route 101
    The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess OST - Ooccoo's Theme
    Simon Viklund - Dance of the Turbo Tribe
    Stationary Sign - Another Fried Chicken
    Rabbids Go Home OST - Bubamara
    Pokémon Ruby Sapphire Emerald OST - Game Corner
    New Super Mario Bros. OST - Overworld Theme
    🎵 Outro: Noisestorm - Crab Rave
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    1. BikiniBodhi

      LAST FAREWELL RELEASES IN 2 DAYS LET'S GOOOO!!!!! WISHLIST IT NOW!!!!! store.steampowered.com/app/1234240/Last_Farewell/

      1. Pain

        You should have used echo in that team composition, to make them even slower.

      2. Dávid-Erwin Kiss

        Thats not Tachanka s voice :(

      3. Love Bringer

        Shiet (English) + Mishka(Russian this is "Bear") = ShietBear

      4. Chris Luke Vibar


      5. Chris Luke Vibar

        Arknights and rainbow six siege will do a collab in the future. Kachanka got isekaid to another world while on a mission, on his lore.

    2. Plazmatit

      Шумишка... Пфффф

    3. SN Mesuki

      they say ''i como sopa de macaco ?''

    4. mightjb 45

      Y’all pc players complain to much that’s why we console players get all these trash updates

    5. Dakota Johnson

      After years of mockery, Tachanky finally was consumed by an incredible, vodka-fueled rage. He is merely reminding everbody who the lord is.

    6. bowler boy

      Mountin' A River remix when?

    7. Elamise Velist

      Chank is a god now Ubisoft you made his dream come true.

    8. Lord Dracoliche

      He's not overpowered is pronounced Balanced

    9. Igor Costa 51

      A R E Y O U H A V I N G F U N ? ? ?

    10. Caty

      Every tiem wehn I hear you say "Are you having fun" I'm thining about the meme with "Are you winning son" xDDD

    11. Lord Tachanka

      They nerfed The God 😎

    12. DJ Moneycat

      UWU where are you spawning step-bro

    13. '-'-_-

      I like the new Tachanka I just wish you could use his bipod on his lmg so we could still hear that "LMG MOUNTED AND LOADED!"

    14. HomerGunther

      The new meta: everyone spawn at different points

    15. FR Studio

      I aced with alibi my first time playing her. Totally mwans shes overpowered. Must nerf her

    16. Bradly Denney

      He is better cause they maid him white

    17. Shin Avila

      Imagine breathing fart, getting shocked, getting knocked and being flambe'd by a Russian screaming "are u having fun"

    18. Глеб Афонин

      Лорд восстал из пепла!

    19. Just Call Me Co4

      Rocket League soundtrack hits hard 👌🤤

    20. Krypto Kn8

      I love the new Tachanka

    21. Joey G

      When you Go to the abortion clinic and all you hear is 5:40

    22. KGF Brent

      i finnaly got my 2nd ace thanks to tachanka rework

    23. Remixdum

      8:07 he clapped the entire enemy team's cheeks

    24. Daniel Eugenio

      Bro Pokemon Town x and y starter Town music bruh

    25. UnKiRuckuz Uwu

      lol did you really use a world of warcraft meme

    26. Anubis

      6:05 music??

    27. Vlad Haiducu


    28. AshedSoul

      His gadget isnt that good, maybe better than the turret. Just my opinion

    29. Lex Nguyen

      The lord has truly become the lord

    30. Félix Côté

      Finally he got what he deserved!! just sucks that everyone will play him and real men who mained him before and waited long for this moment won’t be able to play him



    32. Mr. Yeet

      Now he is on console as well but daungraded

    33. Varaug

      That outro is magnificent!

    34. Arthur Willian

      The tachanka new voice is so good hahaha

    35. Jerome animation _

      No the chunk deserves to be overpowered he’s the Lord

    36. Ivan Grishin

      I wish they kept both the new and the old equipment he had but changed the DP-28 turret to a MUCH MORE POWERFUL 12.7mm DSHK turret since Tachanka loves Soviet weapons so much.

    37. **

      Bikini getting upset that he gets spawn peaked. You fucking hypocrite -.-

    38. Marcela Sepul

      I already miss him🤬😓😭 (lmg mounted and loaded)

    39. TheDiamondScorpion __ 65__

      2:02 cuz nobody wants to see marshal no more they want shady i'm chopped liver well if they want shady this is what ill give em

    40. Ryan Lorenzo

      Attackers take too long to breach, Defenders are leaping out to spawn kill what is happening to Siege?

    41. Леонид Арзуманов

      Ураааа Tachanka

    42. LAWAND L


    43. Akali YT

      9:38 it sounds like Google translate

    44. Akali YT

      Now he's even worst

    45. The Lucky Pepsi

      I don't care hes overpowered

    46. XxUnited _BOIxX


    47. Khaled Elashmawy

      Tachanka is op

    48. JoJo Mobile legends

      0:46 listen closely. Bikini talking is in sync with the Russian song kalinka. That's such a cool detail

    49. Nescau

      Lord Tachanka upgraded to Semi-God Tachanka.

    50. CopperDummy

      demoman gaming

    51. Benjamin KZ

      Är du svensk?

    52. the puppet

      tts means text to speech

    53. Ethanrox Ortiz

      The lord has risen from the shadows😈😈😈

    54. Space Asshole

      Unpronounceable weapon - Шумиха.

    55. Alpay Özdemir

      4:00 the confused "ha" at the end :D

    56. Aljaž Rakar


    57. Lack Li

      1:43 Goyo wtf???? XD

    58. Victor Castro

      2:24 áudio, anybody knows ?...

      1. Superb Dolphin

        @Victor Castro Its used in the "Get stickbugged LOL" meme I think its originally from some roblox game though

      2. Victor Castro

        @Superb Dolphin Yep...

      3. Superb Dolphin

        The song?

    59. MHPlayer13

      how do you stand up when downed can any op do it?

    60. Кек Жопа

      4:16 “SHIT MOUSE”

    61. Shanti de Graaf

      that music doe

    62. Major Hunor

      MAAAAAN i thought hotlinme miami running in the background at 2:17 but its actually in the video its awesome!!!

    63. regular man

      Duude whats wrong with his voice

    64. Joh Joh

      6:31 "we're literally breaking the Geneva Convention" Banned Inc: "first time?"

    65. Kurdo

      9:53 is that guy in the chat really jäger himself?

    66. Тимур Середенко

      can you just say SHUMIHA, SHUMIHA!!!

    67. _AurorA_ CS

      ıts should not come to game

    68. Snowden Drifts

      Is this real???? Is tachanka now junkrat?!?!? CAN I TRULY MAIN CHANKA NOWWW???????

    69. Shawty

      who did his new voice acting he doesnt really sound like Alexsandr Senaviev

      1. Galaxy_ _Games

        its mark zuckerberg

      2. Shawty

        nevermind its tts lmao

    70. Barto CUBA

      13:16 is like Middle earth Shadow of War

    71. Resting Viper

      Tachanka needs deeper voice, current one is too androidy.

    72. Lisya wong

      This better be coming on Xbox

    73. mixer2334

      8:51 Can you please explain how did he self-revived?

    74. ᴛʟ ʙᴇᴛᴇ ɴᴏɪʀᴇ

      Bikini: gets a 4k with a operator Also bikini: is super overpowered I cant deal with it is just so good

    75. NutrientChair49

      I don’t know what that intro was but I like it

    76. Yakup Uysal

      totly tachanka was shy to talk for using a typer

    77. Karen

      I’m on Xbox and I have still not got this update

    78. Bedul Jamet

      2:24 what is that song name?

      1. Jonnysconny

        Earth bound

    79. Prashant Piprotar

      Tachanka's voice is now cute.


      Everyone's a gansta till Lord tachanka shows his true power

    81. unknown the pro player

      Hail Lord Tachanka

    82. Stay Fractalesque

      finally I can rock my rainbow 🌈 tachanka skin, pretty much the same color as the flames

    83. adam elatreby

      Stopped just stop

    84. SheepTheBed

      0:34 chanka as rag had me dying

    85. Rajas Joshi


    86. Craterz

      Thick Boi be winning

    87. Tachanka


    88. NSA Trex

      Love the super Mario bro’s theme song.

    89. Casey Matthews

      Capitao: who are you? Shumika: Я ты, но лучше

    90. Hailstorm HOC

      I want my old good mounted MG :(

    91. Love Bringer

      4:15 Shit (English) + Miskha(it is a Russian "Bear") = ShitBear

    92. Shadow Zz

      Must’ve missed in the patch notes when they added in google translate

    93. Jack Culver

      Is that update still in game

    94. Prestdog94

      nice taste in music

    95. A Person

      So Tachanka is OP in Rainbow... I wonder how good Tachanka in Arknights will be...

    96. AnotherGenericGamer

      I hate the sheild rework cus when you get melee'd you straight up cant move your mouse

    97. /Reaper\

      My name is Emil too O_O

    98. DiamondRhino64

      I like your usage of the rl soundtrack

    99. desmonetização

      Its not a lord is a god

    100. Genki

      1:58 : Clashanka