Rainbow Six Siege Made Amaru... OVERPOWERED?!?!


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    This Rainbow Six Siege Montage video features the newly buffed Amaru, I mean who cares about stuff like the Echo Elite when AMARU IS OVERPOWERED
    This new season of Operation Steel Wave is lookin reeeeeeeeal good
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    🎵 Music:
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 4 Turtles In Time OST - Boss Theme
    Pokémon X & Y OST - Route 1
    Sonic Mania OST - Hard-Boiled Heavies Boss Theme
    Mario Kart Wii OST - Coconut Mall [Qumu Remix]
    The Legend of Zelda Ocarina Of Time OST - Lost Woods
    Doki Doki Literature Club! OST - Main Theme
    Animal Crossing Gamecube OST - Main Theme
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 4 Turtles in Time OST - Sewer Surfin
    🎵 Outro: Noisestorm - Crab Rave

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    1. BikiniBodhi

      Like & Subscribe or my uncle's sisters grandaughters grandma who works for Ubi will ban you (100% real)

      1. Adam Lopez

        BikiniBodhi who mapped it out and figured out that it was his mom

      2. Daniele Costalonga

        Hello mick gordon 2:04

      3. Majus Matijosaitis

        Oh shi-

      4. Dominic Alberico

        Bikini plz no

      5. Hinnek

        I am from Germany ;_;

    2. Killer HD

      Does this son of a horse mean seriously to tell me that Germans have no heart?

    3. King of cury

      10:40 ausfernsehn, that guy with the duck voice is a german HUfastr

    4. Ivory Jones

      I remember I used dokkaibi right there was 2 of us and one of them it was a frost I used the bosg 2 with an acog and i got her in the head oh sweet sweet memories

    5. Skretch

      Anyone else gonna talk about Vigil's new ability to phase through solid matter? 0:20

    6. The Robo hoe

      Dllc music bops

    7. HypeR. EXE

      Kini:mormon stream My brain:moron stream?

    8. Top Scream

      3:45 first time i saw this i thought he meant which stair when he said "what do you mean stairs" but now when I know a little more about the game, i realized, its in fact jäger that bikini kills there

    9. Jäger R6


    10. Peyton Cropper

      Is no one gunna talk about the cup head refrence

    11. kjkrost

      I love outtro

    12. Murray Gecko

      5:14 I love the rook

    13. lokomarzito clips

      Para os br de plantão, 6:55 ele mete um "que susto"

    14. King of cury

      6:05 i am German and that was hard but not completely wrong.

    15. Doggo Gaming

      Playing amaru is the equivalent of rushing a smoke in cs go

    16. 琪张

      kian and jc

    17. Becky Woman

      No No it’s Ubisoft who made Amaru to over powered..

    18. Real Business

      Cav is the doom slayers favorite op

    19. Lasse Czernecki

      Germans have a heart but you not

    20. Bilal Abdelmajid

      Great content ❤️😍😍😍😍😍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍😊

    21. Bilal Abdelmajid

      Great content

    22. q-txmmy- p

      The Donald Duck has a name like the friend of jostrekt the bosg god

    23. Nowell Pereira

      Roses are red Violet are blue 2:30

    24. SchlechterAlsEr

      10:30 lol thats a german streamer too omg xd

    25. Flebbicus

      Can anyone help me with the name of the track at 12:00

    26. P0WII

      I'm a bit late but they never made her overpowered they made her good and not a insta death

    27. Михаил

      Интересно, он переводит русские комменты

    28. Noxzl

      Bruh svenska manövern

    29. William Gibson

      i love the picture 10/10

    30. Francesco Vito

      2:30 u killed someone with garra and then get killed by someone named garra.exe.... This makes sense :D

    31. Gamer Crusader

      8:23 A day in the life of me- I mean a fuse main

    32. NUGGET


      1. NUGGET


    33. R6 Amaru

      Thanks :D

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    36. Le Ricardo

      Amaru is a she?

    37. Adrian Perez

      amaru is good aperator

    38. Marinaio_ 81

      11:29 patt

    39. NEXO


    40. Free_Communism

      The way chowder said OK after the kid apologises for swearing reminds me of that teacher who would always catch you getting into trouble but understand it and let you off with it

    41. Brett Boudreaux

      Ace ace ace

    42. Akaeral

      Calling Australians aussies won't insult them, but say that to a kiwi and you'll have basically said our equivalent to the n word

    43. bluetrinity haloseven

      Video gamed for 4 decades, played RB6 Seige for 3.5 years of em...Amaru is 100% with absolute certainty the WORST built in FFA (they call them roamers in this title sadly) NEWB I have seen in all those decades of gaming...FACT! To give you the BASICS of what this means (because 90% of players in RB6 Seige OWN the title of ffa/roamer newb) it means that IT IS THE OPPOSITE OF A TEAMPLAYER build...so you are pure weaklinking your team when it comes to damage...and combining damage is the NAME OF ALL PVX (player vs any)...so learn what that means and then you will have some skills in this area...it's that basic..

      1. bluetrinity haloseven

        and yes, of coarse the other three ffa newbs that people simply LOVE to gimp their own team with are in zero particular order of newbness - cav - vigil and nokk. If I get a team with 4 ffa newbs on it, which happens about 50% of the time (actually I am fairly sure more like 75%), I am often too bored to even finish the match...thats how sad the lack of strategy in this title can be...ffa newbs have 0% and teamplayers hit that with 100% SEEING AS RB6 SEIGE IS A GAME THAT IS ABOUT 50% STRATEGY, why would you come at that aspect with a grand total of 0% each time by ffa newbin around the map (generally FAR away from your own team like a deserter). Other relevant stats for you are that 5% of the playerbase KNOWS how to do teamplay basics and further, and 5% of the population is even DUMBER than the beginner ffa newb by trying to be a hacker or griefer, those people have yet to even become real gamers as they are NEGATIVE strategy...so there is your whole breakdown 90% regular beginners (ffa newbs) 5% pros (teamplayers) and 5% illicit (hacks/griefs)

    44. IWillGetPinguin

      Who else thought his wifi died at 4:30

    45. Simple Person

      Can we just appreciate the use of the Delphino’s Plaza theme originally from Mario Kart Wii?

    46. Dawson Sydow

      Donald Duck is a huge german youtuber😂

    47. Vladmir_ Pudding4

      I’m from the future chalet and tachanka get a rework in shadow legacy

    48. Kaden Hinojosa

      11:32, I love the subtitles😂

    49. Max Fazer

      Shes not good Your good

    50. مركة فاصوليا

      Who killed captain Alex is my favorite movie

    51. Federico Sabeddu

      Bikini i have a question, a pc player can be a pro even If use the controller?

    52. SummerBug

      At 4:05 in chat it says frost and I knew he was going to die to frost

    53. ImMrSimple

      In the first clip he literally planted Vigil into the wall

    54. Goblin Slayer

      Amaru is good but not as good as me

    55. king 2000

      Bro he said he is a vampir but a vampir would die in the sun😂

    56. Joseph Joestar Pro

      Melusi - Bluetooth wire.

    57. David Grafals

      4:35 you should've put the meme: At this moment he knew that he f***** up That would've KILLED ME

    58. FrenchyJr

      This the bitch me and the bois experienced at teh battle of Berlin

    59. Rithik Sebastian

      Can you make changes to the thumbnail pls

    60. fabiana soiaa

      9:06 Why does the Alola Pokémon music?

    61. dragon

      Svenska alteraliet är här boyyys med en happy meal från donken

    62. Cat

      my first game with Amaru I nearly aced

    63. Sam Hardeman

      is it just me or isnt it like the greatest feeling ever when you pick an operator you never use, and just frag like crazy with them?

    64. Himiko Toga

      Seit wann spielt Bikini mit Ausfernsehen :O

    65. Edvin Dahlén

      I am also swedish :D

    66. IF SNO

      Tiger mafia

    67. SHUNGITE

      Amaru is a good operator :)

    68. XD DX


    69. Skyler

      Caveira coming around the corner with the doom music in the background was fucking hilarious lmao

    70. iamnot famous

      who else loves it when bikini says evrybodhi

    71. Aaron Gosewehr



      •bikini• where are your parents. •vigil• WOAH YOUR ACTUALLY GONNA SAY THAT

    73. Bean Dar

      I haven't played this game in over a year and this video agitates me lol

    74. Rayyan Frem

      Just put traps..shes trash

    75. jushees bong

      that racism against gers;( i feel mobbed

    76. nuya buisness

      I feel like you could put the A-Team theme to most Amaru clips and it would fit perfectly.

    77. Αλέξανδρoς Άγγελος

      She's also old

    78. SchlechterAlsEr

      10:40 Ausfernsehen why tf do i see you everywhere just bc i watched a bit of your stream?

    79. La Visitante pizzaiolo

      Amaru's a good operator

    80. Sir.FluffingTon

      Imagine playing in OLD Chalet

    81. Rasin

      667 alpha pack!? what the fuck man i have zero

    82. TheTrolldier

      Still love it when you do the first note of Godzilla when you get jump scared. 11:27

    83. Arsenije Andric

      Have we all just ignored that Vigil getting stuck in the wall lol 0:20

    84. Smmir _LP

      Thats hurt im german

    85. ally

      You cool if you get this HODOR at 4:24

    86. Andrew Hardy

      8:21 Doesn’t see shadow I am a vampire Literally standing in the sun...

    87. Jaqueline Jaklimp

      Br Br brasilll

    88. Shawky Mahfouz

      *enemy team reinforces the hatches for more protection* Bikini: no wait thats not how you supposed play the game

    89. NativeWarrior

      That ninja turtle music tho

    90. Neon R6S

      Bikini getting scared over Caveira: 2:06 , 11:26 , 11:36

    91. GamerKingTV 2K4

      "Yo german you have no heart" i am german and i have one 😞😟


      Bikini: I fear no man Bikini: But that *thing* *Reinforced Hatch* Bikini: It scares me

    93. Mateusz Grzebyk

      0:20 Bikini: I'm about to Ace Vigil: *I THINK IT'S A GOOD TIME TO UNITE WITH THE WALL*

      1. cheesey boi

        Your up against a wall and im the fcking wall - vigil 2020

    94. Mateuki_06

      I like the pokemon music in the vídeo Me gusta la música de pokemon en el vídeo

    95. Mickael .V

      677 alpha packs...

    96. repadan


    97. Lunulated

      0:22 vigils body lol

    98. László Pereszlényi

      2:08 Rip and Tear until it is done.

    99. Ricardo Plays

      Finely someone says that Amaru is a good op and she was all ways a good op but everyone hate her and I don’t get why

    100. Mike Hunt

      No one: Blackbeard mains: 11:02