Rainbow Six Siege But Clash is UNSTOPPABLE❗


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    It shouldn't be a suprise to you that I'm INSANE with Rainbow Six Siege and it's operator Clash so here's a little montage where I perform a strategy here and there while ofcourse also memeing around!
    Even with the new operator Goyo !!
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    Hector Posser - Nevertheless She Persisted
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    🎵 Outro: Noisestorm - Crab Rave
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    1. BikiniBodhi


      1. ENVY 1111


      2. Sp3ctre

        What kind of smashing ;)

      3. s durant

        BikiniBodhi bodil 40?

      4. Ur mother Uy

        Action is coming

      5. Emanuel Severino

        Rip clash

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      please, mercy

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      Almost 100k likes tho!

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      1:39 - 100k likes but 99k likes :(

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    6. bored gamer

      I just started playing r6s again (when o stopped they introtused lion) and all games people have banned clash so this is my first time seeing her

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      2000 likes left we can revive bikini

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      It had been a year.. but he still has not been revived

    11. cj welch

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    12. Margabuls Fievka

      A year later, and he’s still dead. No revive I guess.

    13. Kadash

      Clash should be removed from rainbow six siege

    14. Hyper lagacy

      Sadly Ubi never revived him

    15. Leo Hood

      Someone definitely made flash and bikini fan fic

    16. Jeremiah Nutt

      4:04 I can’t stop laughing

    17. Izayah Haynes

      Fuck clash mains they ruin ranked and unranked matches

    18. Torak8988

      1:14 is beautifull **KILL THEM FASTER**

    19. TimX12

      0:48 man I said fookin lazer sights just before thatcher said that, I did not expect him to edit that in bruh...

    20. Nice Bro.

      Fookin láser sights

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    22. Ezoz JZ

      Kids...don’t vape 6:29

    23. Aeronaut

      Bikini ur ded how can u record videos

    24. Sou Guilherme Gameplays

      1:14 its our ace

    25. agalv_G

      4:07 😂😂😂

    26. slave

      1:42 "and add bosg acog"........... lmao

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    28. Ata yiğit Küçükbekir

      ı think clash is op but clash is not op bikiniBodhi is play good :/

    29. Spicy Cookie

      Even to this day, Ubisoft has yet to revive him

    30. Melting Point

      I luv how calm they are when they are beying shocked

    31. SpeltaRP

      Ubi still cant recice him😢

    32. SneakY Ninja Gameplay


    33. Herr Assi

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    34. Bruv moment S

      He’s almost revived guys we need to get into 100k likes

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    36. UnKn0wNl0vE

      İm banning clash every time

    37. Hypyeas

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      The Guy still didnt got revived ; - ;

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    41. donovan colin

      Can someone tell me this sound effect 3:38

    42. Clip

      Well he never got revived by ubi

    43. röner

      I think clash is gay

    44. ondra Warda

      3:30 fucking master yi

    45. Sean Mattison

      Looks like he's still dead lol

    46. Dan is a boomer

      Gues bikini dies

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      Rainbow six siege but clash is not taken out of the game

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      Vcs são mó noob

    50. Catherine

      Thanks for making me a clash main


      Bikini has been dead for 10 months, only 7k likes to go until ubisoft let's him live again

    52. Playpro9000

      Bikinibodhi is ded because of the likes

    53. TrulyImpossible

      4:02 probs the best moment in the whole video

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    55. Tater Totterz

      Bikini was never revived by Ubisoft.

    56. pKF.

      Yea hes still ded

    57. PhlamingFantom

      1:25 Bikini's crys :'(

    58. Caiden Fuentes

      I wanna be super toxic so I can improve my ranked

    59. some dude

      *sad music playing* He will never get a clash ace.... *C r A b R a V e I n T e N s I f I e S*

    60. Schlese_Junior

      1:26 Hitler 1944

    61. Onii-chan

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    62. DatDragon Boi

      Bikini plays lol? Lol.

    63. Aarni Wihervaara

      In the socond clip chowder and whoever was there seemed to overreact soo much

    64. Random Sailor

      Ur gay if u use clash

    65. Ghost Phrog

      My 3rd ace was with clash on cavs map

    66. Yasthebosstv

      I love the editing.

    67. namm 1010

      This video almost reach 100k!! Ubisoft is goin to révive bikini!!!

    68. Griffith Family Productions

      I just came back from a casual game and some one was dosing the server. And this video helped me recover.

    69. Luniful

      I love how he thinks clash requires skill

    70. Jace Ballard

      4:31 when my mom tells me to do the dishes

    71. Nicholas Fry

      it didnt reach 100k likes. D:

    72. osamah alghanmi

      4:37 is basically 2020 in a nutshell

    73. Blake Dean

      Bikini died of his wounds cuz he didn’t ace If vid gets 100k likes ubi will revive him Vid only has 91k likes yet still posts another video

    74. Spare_YT

      i miss red dot on clash... yes i run red dot

      1. kaidou

        we all do bud :(

    75. ljarvis331

      Why when the man starts firing at the hostage the song rule britannia starts playing😂

    76. Cleber Coronel

      1:25 best part

    77. Demonrox122

      Only 90k likes BUT WE GOT BOSG ACOG BABYYYY

    78. W.D Gaster

      Dude. I am from the future. The newest season in my timeline is Steel Wave. The characters are Melusi and Ace

      1. W.D Gaster

        I never really get replys

      2. W.D Gaster

        kaidou thx man

      3. kaidou

        damn bro u got the whole squad laughing

      4. kaidou


    79. Oren McSporen

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    80. Cleber Coronel

      1:41 "and add BOSG ACOG"

    81. Bronson Horan

      Clash op not bad

    82. TheMegaBite

      Fun fact: Tail whip lowers the opponents defense, which Bikini did.

    83. Ion Marian

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      8 months later and he's still dead

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      Very amusing

    86. Seo


    87. Tux Cat

      Biki was racially motivated back then but he’s the best flash player

    88. Kilo

      She protecc, she atacc, but most importantly, she has shield on her bacc

    89. GLITCH Boltzz

      4:07 edit got me dying

    90. Chaoz Matt

      i feel the pain of the kapkan ace steal man, had my own clash ace ripped from my fingers by one

    91. Ger- Kouda


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    100. Queezy

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