Tachanka is Too Powerful For Rainbow Six Siege...


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    Operation Neon Dawn has allowed Tachanka and his Elite in Full Swing, now, is he better than Aruni...? find out in this Rainbow Six Siege montage.
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    1. BikiniBodhi

      subscribe or I cry :(

      1. Konstantin Gorskiy

        "Finka" means "knife" in tus slang

      2. 24 is funnier

        I wish I could sub more

      3. Ervin Guzman

        I think this video predicted the rick and morty crossover

      4. Sean Cooper


      5. Lord Tachanka

        I already did son

    2. a dude man

      Tachanka has the best elite

    3. Bakir Mlaćo

      "Trough the fire and flames I go" Tachanka should say that, да or нет?

    4. NONI DOG

      Alternative title: BikiniBodhi is being MARIO for 13 minutes 42 seconds.

    5. William Brumbaugh

      1:24 "Clickin it in 3.. 2.. 1!" *HUfast ad starts playing*

    6. kelímek _

      13:00 my ranked teammates in a nutshell

    7. TheDarkGamer 584

      Tachanka best waifu

    8. darkstrike1001

      His gun makes everything swizz cheese

    9. DokkCZ


    10. Seth

      What if They arent broken What if YOUR broken Your fucking cracked

    11. Christopher Bailey

      Bikini predicted the Pickle Rick Smoke skin through Tachanka's Elite skin!

    12. Can of Coke

      Tachanka is Heavy, Demoman and Pyro combined

    13. Diego

      1:51 and now we know why there's a pickle

    14. MBGAMZ

      I love how when I was watching the part where he was in the grow room burning the weed when today is actually 4/20, what a coincidence

    15. little friend

      Damn look at that muscle Man damn boy he's look very strong

    16. Tyúk Kakas

      My friend: him favorite R6 player is (idk). Me: YOU IDOT

    17. Fight4skyrim

      Tachanka is useless Just cuz ur skilled it doesnt mean that its good

    18. Lord Tachanka’s Bxtch

      *Mega Simp Mode* OUR LORD SAVIOR 😩🤚

    19. Plasma

      1:55 little did they know that in less than a year that pickle rick would be added as a costume. why?

    20. Nicholas Lee

      1:56 hella ironic now lmao

    21. A Worm

      1:52 foreshadowing

    22. Joseph Elliott

      Dang this video really brings me back to 1944

    23. Is That GamerGuy!?!?

      8:05 That's why I take Amaru on Kanal

    24. Uhh

      I am the word and savior of wainbow six siege =D

    25. Ahmad Momenai

      Dont think i didnt hear that scatman refrence

    26. Yod

      Slava koroluy!

    27. Kézako

      Now I want hard to brrrrr

    28. Koza Logic


    29. 민준

      0:07 what is this meme?. (name plz..)

    30. Максим Салтыков

      10:55 who would win Russian bodhibuilder apirator with grenade loncher Or One airy boi?

    31. KROMOKOM

      ЗАПУСКАЮ ШУМИХУ! (Launching shumiha!)

    32. FeoFAn

      Сука блять как хорошо

    33. Fenice Valentine85

      Finka means Knife in Russian

    34. KOLI

      I love tf2 heavy on the start xD

    35. Co3lho

      Kini: Chanka Main

    36. Fuze Himself

      not tachanka you are too powerful for r6

    37. The_legendary_ 27

      pc lucky they don't have booters

    38. LaZerNor

      7:25 aimingisoverrated

    39. rocket gaming 101

      with the way the elite looks he wouldnt be a 3 armor so there is no way he is not a god

    40. gamer fox

      Finka is knife in Russian

    41. Peach

      I don’t know who to main 😂 Meistro or Tachanka

    42. Paul Walker

      My main because i can spray and spawnpeek as a defender.

    43. TacticalTim

      Finka means knife so he probably means the object instead of the operator

    44. SCP - 173 With a crucible

      elite tachanka looks really nice

    45. Aiden Lugo


    46. Unknown Cloud

      Finka means knife is russia

    47. Storm Bjerrum


    48. - Whalen

      3:05 now they have so much little time-bikini 2020

    49. virqz

      whats the name of the song at the "I turned myself into a pickle morty" phrase

    50. StealthyArcher1


    51. a random comment

      the heavy from tf2 is here

    52. JPro x

      Tf 2 join in chat about first 15 secs

    53. Jacobb


    54. TheDiamondScorpion __ 65__

      can we talk about how that would have been the best ace to have ever happend to anyone if that nerd didnt ks

    55. no name owes

      hufast.info/plan/vide/nHe7jNCe2KWbZIk him this looks like the rework but like 8 months ago

    56. Marek Procházka

      0:07 surpresive FIREE?!!?

    57. sharkbait

      I don’t know what to comment so comment yes

    58. Astronaut

      Bikini what sight color do u use green or light green pls tell me im looking to become a better player in rainbow

    59. Thereal Jager

      This son of a b---h keeps making me play with some garbage

    60. Noah George

      Tachanka is a good in this gam

    61. itzauuqz :

      I’m the one million view

    62. Meaty morgan

      I was the 1 mil view!!!!!

    63. Yoru Kage

      Tachanka and Finka are canonically dating that doesn't make him a simp

    64. Killer Queen

      Bikinibodhi: Complains about people sitting on roof of Kanal Ubi: We have removed the ceiling of Kanal and made it to where attackers can no longer rappel

    65. Pokemongenix Coffman

      Your just saying that because Russian badger fucking domed you in tpain vs lil yachty with the pmm

    66. Никита Шелепа

      Ты не можешь быть лучшим игроком за лорда, если ты не русский

    67. GreenSkys

      Good video footage annoying commentator

    68. murphy the platypus

      4:29 "amru is a guud operator"

    69. R6 Savage

      "Al Qaida listening to Reggae turned bad - wanted to be famous like Bob Marley" _They heard _*_bomba clout_*_ and made their own interpolation_

    70. Isaac Mendoza

      Did anyone notice the cool edit Bikini’s transition at 12:45

    71. Иван Николаев

      6:34 Hey we are not vodka блять(((

    72. Master Minder

      Its Luke mix tf2 clases demoman and heavy

    73. Nothing Special

      Tachanka is the best one

    74. Yaroskav • 7 лет назад

      Не переводи этот текст!

    75. Johnadimitria Johndersen

      When you use is elite where do you wear the rook armour 😳

    76. one Punch

      The only way to beat superior accuracy is with a superior magazine size

    77. Turtl3PlayZ

      How is that tattoo finka looks like yiepa

    78. Kian Zinzell

      "You only have 14 bullets left in your LMG" "14 too many"

    79. Viktor Reznov

      what everyone else thinks of when they her tachanka: rainbow six seige what me, history buffs, and og russians think of: where is the тaчáнкa? (mg wagon)

    80. Day Equation556

      Heavy in siege

    81. Static Ninja

      "Nooooo! You can't just take off your guns tripod!" Haha, dinner plate gun go daka daka.

    82. Ворон Стервятников

      А я русский

    83. Cymric

      tachankas buff is fun af. a capitao defender

    84. Punkmonk 09

      why is there a pickle there????

    85. TOST Eryk

      I LOVE bikini

    86. Регаусс


    87. Zee Olmedo

      My favorite elite skin!❤️🥵

    88. WazarGD

      who thee f are just watching, and not subd

    89. Slavic Mapper

      Im still sad they have putted new power to tachanka the old one with the turret was better :(

      1. Beka z ciebie.

        Russia bad country

    90. Sonny Howarth


    91. Malthe Laursen

      :0 :()

    92. Alberto


    93. BigAntDawg 777

      Bro I swear that song at the end with the dancing 🦀... 🔥 🕺

    94. Mr Samoloth

      1:43 just to clarify finka is a type of knife that in eastern europe military people make themsleves or get

    95. mynameis pie

      Lord chunks will prevail

    96. Толик Червинский

      Слава Каралю

    97. zeke chen

      The alert badger genetically hop because soccer behaviourally snore anenst a scared machine. satisfying, ruthless repair

    98. JxDmini


    99. Aminčak