Tachanka is Too Powerful For Rainbow Six Siege...


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    Operation Neon Dawn has allowed Tachanka and his Elite in Full Swing, now, is he better than Aruni...? find out in this Rainbow Six Siege montage.
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    1. BikiniBodhi

      subscribe or I cry :(

      1. yolorfeas 2000

        R.I.P lord tachanca

      2. Thepyrothingguy

        No cry you baby boy

      3. ً

        don't cry that's gay

      4. Arpud


      5. No u You

        @Bingo Bongo omega lol

    2. Slavic Mapper

      Im still sad they have putted new power to tachanka the old one with the turret was better :(

    3. Sonny Howarth


    4. Malthe Laursen

      :0 :()

    5. Alberto


    6. Anthony Grunder

      Bro I swear that song at the end with the dancing 🦀... 🔥 🕺

    7. Mr Samoloth

      1:43 just to clarify finka is a type of knife that in eastern europe military people make themsleves or get

    8. mynameis pie

      Lord chunks will prevail

    9. Толик Червинский

      Слава Каралю

    10. zeke chen

      The alert badger genetically hop because soccer behaviourally snore anenst a scared machine. satisfying, ruthless repair

    11. JxDmini


    12. Aminčak


    13. Insert_dark_edgy_username

      Is that a tf2 reference?

    14. Eoin Cleary

      Omega lol kini

    15. Daniel Selenic

      Pls can someone tell me what ns means

    16. Lilony88

      This is when demoman and heavy fuse

    17. Nick Afint

      Is the bomb thing just on pc I play on Xbox but does he have bombs doesn’t he have a lmg v

    18. joaquin ingalina

      Simp Sniper I Monkey P

    19. Just Another TACHANKA Main

      He is not a simp, a lord gets lonely sometimes...

    20. R6 meme Clan

      Correction that tatto was showing when he beat Finka with a knife ~~~~ the more you know :)

      1. LOST WOLF

        @R6 meme Clan yes it was kapkan

      2. R6 meme Clan

        @LOST WOLF no I don’t think so

      3. LOST WOLF

        Wasn't that kapkan?

    21. ً

      I miss the 2 sec detection now u get immediately marked by:/


      bikini you are so funny and more pro in raimbow

    23. Isaac Campillo

      2:32 Stepsis got stuck again Stepbro: Ah shit he we go again

    24. Matt Fralich

      "The people that go on the roof of Kanal.....their parents are siblings." Legit laughed out loud.

    25. kevin Van Helden

      That song on the back ground i remember it from a game but idk wich one ot was

    26. Jeffrey Weber2001

      Make a video on tachanka but you can only use a full magasine per round

    27. Logan bordelon


    28. Mattcraft MSTR

      1:52 Finka actually just means knife in Russian Finka got her scar in a training accident with Kapkan

    29. Ángel Felipe

      6:39 bro was only one shoot why u reload :c

    30. KTOWNPUNK jr.

      Liked for the orc

    31. Дима Сергеев

      Ставьте лайк если русские

    32. TeamSavageKK2

      5:29 i didnt know you know my language

    33. AggroKave

      Why'd they remove his turrent

      1. dytzinho


      2. dytzinho


    34. Matthew Perez

      Tachanka used to be our lord, but know, he is the most powerful being. More powerful than Shaggy. He is the new hod of the gods of the gods. He is a god. He is the god of anime

    35. Luca XY

      There's a pickel because traditional you eat a pickel after your drunk some wodka 😂

    36. Angel Michael

      Anyone else confused how melusi died

    37. r6_patatA

      49k likes Me hoping i get the 50k like

    38. GammaINC

      There's a pickle there because Russians eat a pickle to offset the taste of vodka :)

    39. miregal

      The 722 dislikers are tachanka himself so unisoft thinks hes not OP


      I'm no simp

    41. Bratan 657

      No man Your to powerfull for rainbow 6😂😂

    42. Brody Tubacki

      Okay, I bet none of you have seen the elite Tachanka, it is awesome Tbh.

    43. assassinated assassin

      Ho... ly... fuck... so technically he loses a primary weapon, but gains 2 perks now.

    44. LOVE 4333

      4:22 45 come back

    45. Canarding Smurf

      If only he had a segway.

    46. Hugz3 :D

      Tachanka simps those who give the heals

    47. shrexy swamp


    48. Delate

      Lmg mounted and louded

    49. Sample Of Jet

      I got his charm I think it’s dedicated to you it’s like a Ribin with tachankas icon on it

    50. Юрий Алексеев

      Умер КОРОЛЬ! Да здравствует КОРОЛЬ!!!!!!!!!

    51. fred figglehorn

      fun fact: I knew what the tachanka elite skin and elite mvp was before tachanka was reworked

      1. fred figglehorn

        I also knew what the rework was going to be

    52. AlterationGames

      Our lord and savior has evolved into a superior entity that is beyond the knowledge of mankind

    53. Ayuri Kyiomori

      12:45 what a clean transition

    54. JuanM Chavira

      Veteran siege player: rage quit Cause kill by new tachanka

    55. Martin Der 2.

      They parrnts are siblings😅

    56. T R A S H

      Oh yeah big babushka

    57. ChiefChipmunk 01

      This episode: Launching- Firing, Shumikha Shumi- Firing, Brace yourself, Launc- Shumikha

    58. luke Ace

      He got the power from SIMPING

    59. ZafiroDoesGames

      Lmao this dude fake flashing in Siege, what a chad

    60. Keeva Grace

      Pog for Jesus Christ amen

    61. Spencer DeMent

      I do the meme and play tachanka when before his lmg had a shield for my friends and now i cant even find on person to play a match with now that my main has been reworked. Anyone an xbox one player in need og one more? Im not great but i have fun

    62. Cody Cheng

      He has been ascended

    63. Dale Todd

      Castle elite?

    64. timtimzi

      somwhow i placed bronze this season.. yeah i think im gonna call it quits

    65. ItsEste Why?

      I stopped playing siege don’t hit the same no more

    66. ırz düşmanı şifu

      Reworked tachanka just sold his lmgs tri pods to buy a grenade launcher

    67. Nicholas Herrera

      He is a balanced operator

    68. Blake Lloyd

      *”I like em big”*

    69. Banana Man

      Daddy Tachanka Bottom Text

    70. Hidden David

      Did anybody else get hit with the 3..2...1.. AD

    71. Antjuandre Ecton

      It’s a doc door

    72. The LightPost

      Bikini: I’m becoming Santa Santa: portable turret and incendiary grenade launchers for all the children’s!

    73. Trash

      Bro as soon as he pressed tachankas animation i got an add 😔

    74. Thatunfunny Boi

      What’d you expect? He’s a literal demigod

    75. gaminglegend991 games

      First round i ever played with buffed tachanka I got an ace

    76. L

      I subscribed so you didnt have to cry. 👍

    77. Fizzeeq

      George of the jungle Amaru clip had me cryin.

    78. Lola Wihlma Tanya

      "Oh no, they made Tachanka a simp." is another combination of words I would ever hear again.

    79. pr0xys pro

      Huk sztuki

    80. OtakuLifeXIII 2.0

      I thought he wasn't cultured in wow or hearthstone but his impression if a orc peon from warcraft impressed me. Then kill it with the cbt thing and got me laughing my ass off. That's a subscribe for me m8

    81. Kaushik Roy

      "Tachanka is Too Powerful For Rainbow Six Siege..." Never thought I will hear this statement

    82. tobbe l

      They should give chanka a ppsh as a secondary

    83. N0 0N3

      This is why I main the spetsnaz because they are the best and it feels amazing to hit someone in the face while they are glowing with a marksman rifle or finish someone off with an EDD even after you die

    84. N0 0N3

      Cycka Blyat Russia wins again

    85. DUH JUH

      I’m pretty sure his tattoo say JLEPA or LEPA, not Lera.

    86. Trainerzakthesteelix Pokémon

      So does tachanka like finka?

    87. Gage Standridge

      I seriously got an add when kini finished the countdown on the mvp of chanka

    88. omega Daddy

      How do you know if finka and ta are brother and sisters or finka could be his niece

    89. noah ramirez


    90. Xaracen

      i love how scatman is the universal "this thing is wigging out" theme

    91. Aaron Mier

      I’m coming back to seige and this is just the video I’ve wanted to see

    92. PhatKloudz

      Hail to our lord Chanka

    93. CitrineZulu860

      TF2 heavy

    94. BeanMann

      3:07 "So much little time"

    95. Kvon Curry

      I will not sub tbh you should enjoy my honesty

    96. National Conservatism Ball

      Turret was better

    97. BabyCumBack

      Can we talk about the Ela stealing the ace at the start?

    98. S7ormbreaker


    99. mateusinho gueimer

      Tachanka simp... wait, wtf?