The Best Operator in Rainbow Six Siege


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    Nomad is the GREATEST OPERATOR in SIEGE... on Attack...
    So Rainbow Six Siege has added Nomad and Kaid and they're both super cool, this is pre nerf Nomad.
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    🎵 Music:
    Banjo-Kazooie OST - Click Clock Wood (Spring)
    Hotline Miami OST - Hydrogen
    Super Mario Sunshine OST - Delfino Plaza [Qumu Remix]
    Per-Anders Nilsson - Finklestein's Walk In The Rain 2
    DDLC OST - Main Theme
    Simon Viklund - Code Silver 2018
    Yooka-Laylee OST - Hurdle Hijinx
    🎵 Sound Effects by:
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    🎵 Outro: Noisestorm - Crab Rave

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    1. BikiniBodhi

      The best Nomad pun gets pinned later

      1. TheOnlyCookieLeftYT

        Nobody got pinned :c

      2. Juan Tenorio 754

        minute 4:34 jajaja , your awesome

      3. Jordi Salavert

        legend has it that the nomad pun was never pinned

      4. vanllla


      5. Roth Ackerman

        You mad? Nomad..

    2. Victor Hugo

      eu so o unico de brasil aq ihaaaa

    3. Cxntrxl

      This is why there’s a charge up

    4. Dredgen Mercer

      "Bout time you showed up"

    5. Duke of Dallas

      For all the instrument players at 35 seconds did you guys immediately notice that it was river flows in you

    6. Talking Mango

      4:25 5v0 yes

    7. TheOnlyCookieLeftYT

      I’m too mad to play Nomad.

    8. Ein Mensch


    9. JohnRyan Granada

      5:43 my favorite part!!! 😆😂🤣😭

    10. Just Another Random Guy

      Bikinibodhy predict the tachankas rework

    11. NxZ-_-zNugget

      The best bad operator

    12. Gianluca Sciuto

      But, in this video Katja killed you and she wasn't in your squad

      1. Gianluca Sciuto

        I think it wasn't a public but, if that wasn't?

    13. Rock Gardner

      "Almost 7 min of toxic players staging memes...using nomad "

    14. Sp3ctre

      Nosad nobad nomad

    15. Azm4h _


    16. Daniele Varani

      every operator you use are fantastic dude

    17. Name Here

      Nobody: Bikini just vibing: 6:06-end

    18. Meat_Pants_1987


    19. R6 FL3CKSER

      2:30 Hotline miami - Hydrogen (Boyz)

    20. Anime Tv

      4:37 hahaha

    21. Hello Im german

      4:25 5v0

    22. Simone G.

      He know the tachanka rework

    23. keXerent

      0:24 3 VS 0.... Okay.

    24. rageKet

      4:24 5 VS 0?!!?!?

    25. Hunter

      its katja at 4:12

    26. midway

      Did you saw that Katja killed you here 4:13

    27. zuk ma duk

      0:23 3vs0? Wtf

    28. Lord Tachanka

      4:37 no context

    29. Nyan

      4:30 Doki music, did not expect that

    30. Duck

      3:02 muzic pls

    31. PepperMint Box

      "This is tachanka's rework" Little did he know

    32. ozak kozak

      4:12 katja xddd

      1. Hardal

        bruh i was about to write same comment and looked if someone also saw it and yea I saw this

    33. Javier Martin

      Wtf in the piano was a thermite ying and capitao

    34. MR.Potato Aim

      Dark stupid

    35. KX npT

      0:24 3VS0 ????

    36. IllusoryMax

      0:36 I want to know from where is that sream sound effect xd

      1. Martin Bevilacqua

        it looks like young link falling in ocarina of time and Majora's mask

    37. Name Robin

      4:24 5v0???

    38. Beddie

      Abella danger

    39. Flor1n

      5:32 no blyat suka?

    40. d4rk_ master

      4:27 mozzie teaser

    41. clxsedy


    42. Денис Максимовский

      Почему я все ещё смотрю это, я хуй его знает

    43. Banana RuleBook

      2:50 uh nice i guess Edit : his health

    44. Adam Pauček


    45. superAaron gaming

      Pianu Reeves

    46. TheGoodGod

      0:11 lol you have 1/0 ammo

    47. Adenax

      Now that I look back, Wind Bastion TS was the funnest time of Rainbow Six I’ve ever been part of.

    48. EndMe Please

      4:30 Mozzie gadget leak

    49. Jesse Dijkstra

      was that girl in the piano amaru?

    50. AlvaritoD007 xD

      0:24 3 vs 0 D:

    51. LOL-ELY SAUL

      Don't put DDLC music,that music reminds me a horrible time

    52. Zirse

      I just fucken realised that you used doki doki music now that I played the game

    53. WildcatSalt1245

      People: go to any fast food drive through That guy at the fast food door: 0:04

    54. Baja 4

      4:20 song doki doki

    55. Officer Tempeny

      Hey you say nomad broken operation in Rainbowsix Siege

    56. mavelol 123

      Nomad is twomads sister

    57. atlassian

      nomad more like dome mad B DUM SSSSSSSS

    58. NoAnime

      In the first clip it says 3 0

    59. WhoseGrambo

      Nomad is the only op I can get melees with idk why ;-;

    60. Bear eating Broccoli

      4:28 bikini inspired Mozzie confirmed!

    61. 인 간

      4:28 Mozzie 2.0

    62. Sean Su

      4:24 5v0 ????

    63. KorTex

      I love ur videos 🥰

    64. Σερραίος Φιδοκτόνος

      Bikini June 2019 road to 1 million subs, you deserve it my Swedish friend

    65. m1nt

      What’s better ak 74 or commando?

    66. FURRON

      5:27 5vs0?!?

    67. 31 nathanael neo wicaksana

      What about Yesmad

    68. Don Suh

      Ehhhh no

    69. Thomas Stringer

      I cried at 2:10, RIP claymores, you will be remembered. Drop an F ;(

    70. Pierre Shi

      Doki doki music?!?!

    71. Jarx Nova

      2:53 what is the music?

    72. Gaming Of Stupid

      4:29 eerly stages of the pests

    73. Josh Blue

      4:30 Literally mozzie has been there all along

    74. Xavier Long-Adams

      4:31 doki doki!

    75. typeofskill

      5:35 gotivka blyatb

    76. Kuduruk Beagle

      nobodhi uses her now...

    77. Capt Breezy

      No u

    78. Hen_plays523

      0:45 sees Mira deployable shield, yes what are u doing

    79. majesticskydiver

      4:29 bikini predicts mozzie??

    80. Boldizsár Horváth

      5 v 0???

    81. Shadow 007

      4:26 5v0

    82. Maxen R6

      I am nomad just impressed

    83. Elseba99

      Do a video wiz me pls im famous 170’

    84. Didi le petit renard UwU

      Like if bikini profile pic is cute

    85. Neko Chan


    86. Dan Tomson

      What's that background tune at 5:10 ? It's bringing up some good memories but I cannot figure out from where :'(

    87. Никита Денисов

      I'm waiting for a million bikinis.

    88. kidgamer36906

      Hi guys

    89. Irbaz Karim

      5:44 XD

    90. mega plumbus Xd

      2:49 Hotline miami men wa a times :'D

    91. _ Matte

      Omg Nomad is the best !

    92. _ Matte

      Omg Nomad is the best !

    93. Playslowpro

      4:28 predicted mossie

    94. Caruzi

      Toxic people can't play nomad..... After all..... Her name is nomad

    95. Caruzi

      Nomad needs a bikini overhaul elite uniform. I'd like to see her bikinibhodi

    96. David Filinto da Silva Filho

      0:36 why this shit isnt is on song track ;-;

    97. Ion Marian

      0:30 pest launcher leaked

    98. Dona Minhoquinha