The BEST Operator in Operation Ember Rise


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    In Operation Ember Rise of Rainbow Six Siege Goyo, the new operator brings a lot of strategy to the table, atleast if you play him like me.
    Organized lovely chaoticness.
    P.S. He's the best one out of Goyo and Amaru
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      Going back on the video the reason the C4 didn’t detonate was because the mute jammers

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      you fake this video you got your friend to be an enemy

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      I get that "no nitro cell remaining" bug ALL THE FUCKING TIME because I don't have super reliable connection. So, so frustrating when you're about to get a kill with it and it just decides not to work.

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      1:29 you poopyhead

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      8:46 that timing though

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      Amaru is a good operator

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      Amaru is meant for getting near the objective, bomb or hostage quickly. Not as much right onto it. I use her to get a floor or room away from where I need to be and then rush. She is one of my favorite operators and in my opinion one of the best. Love your vids.

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      Impact: i can open up a wall Nitro: i can open up a wall Shotgun: i can open up a wall Goyo shield + bikinibodhi: BUT CAN YOU DO THIS

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      The C4 bug happened to me too. It lost us our Ranked match...

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      8:04 the game predicted her as a corpse before he even shot!

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      I was watching the Zelda: The Wind Waker - Dragon Roost Island (BikiniBodhi Remix) song on the background I heard it double I was like wut now wait in this video he is using it to NICE DUDE! (:

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      i can confirm this does work in copper

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      Amarus not bad like at all, shes not supposed to help you get kills.

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