The *BEST* Alibi Player of Rainbow Six Siege


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    We're back in Rainbow Six Siege and Operation Wind Bastion playing Alibi who is by far the best operator for me, much better than Kaid and Nomad from Marocco
    This is how my Alibi Strategy works
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    1. Maximilian Ziegler

      In fact i hate u bikini bcs u always say your the best in everything...

    2. Daniel C


    3. lvcid


    4. ELUSIVE

      1:00 bruv Jackle went⬆️❌⏬

    5. DrPepper God


    6. Luis Albuquerque

      Music at 5:59?

    7. k mahri

      6:04 he really said ‘leaved’

    8. locohero577

      worst alibi video ever

    9. Mathias 1536333369

      2:38 hes finnish i swear if hes not finnish no one is

    10. David_de_ Muan

      “I see a helipacopter” bikini 2019

    11. The Lagger

      4:11 hm yes, "behinf" is good

    12. Federico Verdiglione

      I m italian and all stranger mispronounce the name of alibi😂 listen on google translate the pronounce ❤️😂🎶

    13. Orange Skittle

      This dudes aim is like aimbot

    14. Földes Úr

      I like your outro :)

    15. Moon CH. GachaLife-EN

      4:26 "I see a helicopoter"


      its me

    17. Zeopf


    18. x RavenTM

      I want night maps baack

    19. Gaming_ _Bros


    20. QodeT

      The amount of Nintendo sounds in your vids makes me nostalgic

    21. Dillon Lamb

      Bait so good i tricked my teammate. Hahaha

    22. Undead Gamez

      I rly want the Mx storm on attack

    23. Reonion Gaming

      0:05 what song name

    24. Firulais Caninez

      I did the same



    26. JOPPE2019

      De finnis aksent do

    27. Vadim Cheekibreek

      It would be nice if alibis clones had the same red marker as a player when spotted by a drone.

    28. X99

      I might be the only one here that recognized Desembra - Hit Em at 8:14

    29. Alessio Staniscia

      Alaby is wrong..... A L I B I is true (i'm italian) 😂 💖

    30. Marco Strazzabosco

      How can I not drop like in a video whith windwaker's soundtrack?

    31. Mr SnipSnipTool

      4:23 Jackal is part of the spanish inquisition, confirmed.

    32. SR. TUMO

      The pronunce is "alebe"

    33. Tu abuela en tanga


    34. Sto-_-_- Cazzo-_-_-


    35. Lyon 07

      It's alibi don't aliby

    36. Lil___ BurriT0

      Lol he said leaved instead of left

    37. Davide davi Bia

      When they shoot my alibi I take place in the alibi and then Kill them 🤣🤣 lol

    38. STEKAMP

      Buen vídeo

    39. Ádám Hercegfi


    40. RoboGaming


    41. João Guilherme Cardozo Aleixo



      Как приготовить картофельный омлет. В национальном конкурсе лепешек говорится, что в этом году королева всех картофельных лепешек находится в Галиции, так что вы думаете о лепешках?

    43. Mummy’s Secret.

      Everyone uses Alibi Clones to blend in with a crowd, and kill them if they shoot the wrong one. And hey, sometimes it will work, but most of the time, I like putting them in peak sots and spawnpeek zones.

    44. Kahng Dj

      Is marley in this video?

    45. Grumpy Cat

      Literally Thought I was the only one doing this. I’m like. Alibi is that character in a game you know people dont use beside they aren’t flashy but is broken. So you use it and wreck until the kids pick up and think they can wreck as well so they start using then the whole sever is full of kids who claim to be in MLG and their dad owns all the lawyer and cops facility’s in America and if you make them mad you’ll go to jail because their mom works with the president and will risk her job to tell you to leave her son alone on a game that’s 18+ and that he’s not supposed to be playing with parent supervision in the first place so you mute his mic and carry the whole team and he proceeds to leave the game then send you an invite because he thinks your cools to you play together and he says sorry and that he doesn’t even have a mom. Then before you get sad you realize this prick consciously decided to go out of his way and instill fear in Simone simply because he wanted to come out on top in a game and feel better in life which won’t work so I then I down him every round and leave. Then defriend him only for him to pretend to be a victim of hacking or some shit because I keep “taking his kills” Then I log off and watch some anime with a Hentai Snuggie and snacks.

    46. The Cammunist

      That first clip gives me a great idea to buff Alibi. Let her hologram take the form of any of her teammates, randomly selecting them when she throws them out.

    47. Bee Gee

      Holy shit when are you gonna open your alpha packs

    48. Fire StormYTHD

      This is gonna be my preferite video i have found🤣🤣🤣

    49. Dank Eepuska

      Is that one Guy fin he has fihnnish acsent

    50. Kaiden G.

      I dont know why Shes underated Great smg with god like fire rate 3 speed Impacts A gadget that causes the enemy to look down when vaulting a window or you gain amazing Intel Fun and creative gadget

    51. trained professionals

      I just beat my first 1v1 against a toxic kid!

    52. Flojoe

      How do you get so much Alpha Packs?

    53. LARTUBOI

      2:23SUOMI PERKELE!!!

    54. zachary Panicacci

      I fucking love the banjo kazooie music

    55. Sam Fricker

      Of course the guy playing Blitz leaves when he gets downed

    56. Recommend to Phu

      I want to see you face

    57. Utillin The Hopeful

      As one of the dedicated mains of alibi i can confirm that yes it is that fun

    58. Lord Sauce

      "He leaved" ???? 6:04

    59. Luquita

      Chowder is so cute at 5:41

    60. bluj 007

      Figa si dice alibi non alabai figa manco dire una cosa come è scritta

    61. MrJackin_

      "(Victory Nut)"

    62. Darren Dong

      Anyone notice the victory fap

    63. McDucc

      Do you wear gamer glasses for magic eyesight???

    64. Sam Miles

      3:12 3:12

    65. Cralziel Agraves

      Well, this is how Alibi is intended to do I mean look at the Alibi video

    66. Andrés Valverde

      2:15 A famous meme nowadays

    67. Skydiving Beaver

      i am a plat with a 0.4 kd hehehehhehehehehe

      1. Luquita

        I am gold with 1.1 kd

    68. РупертоТуэрто

      Repollo en el osho

    69. Serppi

      2:50 is sha77e from finland kini? Btw im from finland

    70. TheMemingWatcher

      I did this trick in ranked once, *it worked somehow*

    71. Mai Doan

      2:11 my friend attempting to touch me hair 2:18 me going through his legs and do the same thing to him

    72. Nathan Ng

      Alibi is the ultimate anti noob operator

    73. TCM P3gb0ard

      6:46 you dumbASH ash main

    74. Ahmad El Jechi

      5:19 that scared me

    75. Ahmad El Jechi

      4:06 YEAH! 4:07 NO!

    76. Ahmad El Jechi

      2:55 173 alpha packs?

    77. Reece Lycett

      I’m kind of new to r6 and alibi is my favourite

    78. Kenneth Yadiel Ruiz Mariño

      1:23 I'm dying

    79. Heneyssi !

      I love the accent on the guy who killed you.. beliving it was the prisma

    80. Heneyssi !

      Emce is a good esports team from Finland

    81. Joe Bennett

      173 alpha packs!?

    82. Lucas Tay

      Blits was mad because you injured him but his a beginner

    83. Kingaroo

      2:22 somebody got banned lol

    84. Pilot

      *victory nut*

    85. ShockNaver 310

      R6 add on a R6 video... w-w

    86. Really Thomas

      Nononononononononoo that is me my fren! I’m da best >:( Both of us can be the best alibi players ;)

    87. Axel 2004


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    92. Tomasglov *

      Ora a-li-bi not ala-bai

    93. CloaX

      At least im not the only one who accidentally blew himself with a impact nade thinking it was a prisma

    94. Niklas nbu

      Can you speak german

    95. Lt. Splix

      1:22 Bikini Did You Bust A Nut

    96. Shadow747


    97. Shadow747


    98. Shadow747

      *(Victory fap)*

    99. Caffina

      Team galactic.

    100. Pelikoos

      I need to watch more videos from Bikini it brings luck and im not joking im watching this video win a match get an alfa pack and get an legendární skin from it