The BEST Battle Royale ?! - Apex Legends BR


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    Apex Legends might not be Rainbow Six Siege or Titanfall 3 but it is so much fun, I wasn't interested at all in EA 's other game Anthem but this has certainly caught my attention!
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    1. BikiniBodhi

      Listen famalam, if this video does well, I'll get you a Siege vid on Saturday SHARE THIS SHIT WITH A FRIEND :D

      1. karan rawat

        watch my channel when gibby becomes 10x octane

      2. akin

        Why BR

      3. Ninya


      4. VeeDub

        Behkeni wot is that profile pic

      5. Frederik veje Henriksen

        @FBI they are from titan fall not halo

    2. Todd Overholt

      God this is such a throwback

    3. Adrian Hurtubise

      Anyone else get confused when kind showed thr robot from chappie and he said it was from district 9 🙃🤬

    4. Markus Bünte

      Guys please handle your testosteron

    5. james hollister

      Am I the only one who wants to see bikini play with suddenly oranges?

    6. I Want Cider

      This looks so older than it actually is due to the map reworks

    7. egfazza

      Another episode of quarantine recommends

    8. **

      someone's never played titanfall

    9. XxPhaserzeroxX plays

      Bikini: there's a dinasoar in the background! ME: THATS WHAT WE CALL PAPA GRANDE

    10. Man Of Truth

      Who remembered when gibby’s ultimate would last for a frickin hour

    11. Sour Candy

      This video was the first time I heard of Apex, and when I had realized that it was related to the Titanfall universe I downloaded almost immediately. Been playin ever since

    12. Lee gromp :0

      Br is Brasil :D O maior tesouro de nosso país é o vira-lata caramelo kkkkkk

    13. Orwhynotrandom

      F in the chat for chappie

    14. Kyler Millsap

      No copyright for Fortunate Son?😂

    15. RealFatihK

      New free 2 play battleroyale game. ... ... ... ... NEW

    16. kalli gkika

      Do rainbow vids I want to see the knew season

    17. _ozzy_ 2005

      That "robot from District 9" is called chappie from the movie Chappie

    18. Swindlehadyn

      For a 1 year anniversary, you should upload some season 4

    19. Haris khan

      whick music is in the last of video

    20. ДLЇZЦ

      1:04 music?

    21. OFam Gaming

      Make more

    22. KWANWOO

      Chowder is such a Troll xDxDxD

    23. SF AIKI

      Whats the name of the music at 1:06 and 1:53?

    24. Otoniel Cortez

      Wow try this again i FUCKING DARE YOU

      1. Atuka

        try what?

      2. Atuka

        Otoniel Cortez What?

    25. donald cheezits


    26. JuanM Chavira

      I see a army of angry Fortnite people at this video

    27. TheTheo

      Eu sou o único brasileiro que achava que ele ia jogar no servidor brasileiro?

    28. V1L1AM

      Chowder: dies* Chowder: respawns* Also chowder: WADDUP LOOOSEERS!!! :D

    29. karan rawat

      watch my channel when gibby becomes 10x octane

    30. Simfu

      Finally, chowder is good at a game.

    31. irgendjemand der gerade schlecht gelaunt ist

      the dislikes are from fortnite players

    32. Old Channel

      Who else found this bc of the video they saw on Twitter/IG of the epic revive? “HOW DO YOU LIKE MY FUCKING LAMBO”

    33. Nanci Chapman

      What was the song playing when he picked path finder

    34. 3JIou XJIE6YLLIEK

      I thought can we nerf this fockin op Gibraltar shild?!

    35. MetalChaos

      Robot from district 9, shows a clip of the robot from Chappie 😒

    36. Bacho

      The thumbnail killed me xD

    37. chrispwnisher

      I love how you instantly fell in love with the game. subscribed!

    38. Maverick McFarlane

      Battle Royales are cancer upon modern gaming. Fuck Fortnite and this shit ass game.

      1. Atuka

        Maverick McFarlane Ake well you must be good in online games

    39. GameL3R

      Epic gamers👌👌🏿👌🏿👌🏿

    40. SirCracksman

      Moar plzzzzzz

    41. madara games 13


    42. Batm 21

      Show us a chouder's photo

    43. Sio narF

      Uuuuuh... district 9?... IT'S CHAPPIE ASSHQLE 😂😂😂

    44. bump durp

      3:50 is that sovietwomble voice i hear?

    45. OxY Sloth

      Waiting for Raindbow six siege battle royle UBI

    46. Soulja

      There is already fake free apex coin ads ffs

    47. Simple Sheldon

      Anyone know, how can Bikini put all this music in video? Dont he have problems with the licence?

    48. Le Doge

      what's 1:56 music?

    49. Red Bird

      That movie is actually called chappie

    50. ItzNight

      Now that’s epic

    51. Just Another weeb

      Love the Blackbeard thumbnail😂

    52. Draktol


    53. Martinelli_ph

      Chowder is weirdly more excited in this video

    54. Teriax3232

      Dude why its too easy win for bikini and i die starting the match ;-;

    55. TheLyRyXGallery

      I think Chowder find his game

    56. DeadShot

      Why i am so Bad in this Game xD

    57. Frito Furits

      This game was from titanfall two same guns

    58. Alpora

      what’s the song at 1:04?

      1. Aero Jello

        Let Castle Vania - John Wick Medley

    59. Big Daddy Lime

      Yo check out my new vid i got the wraith knife!!

    60. Sir Jellayfesh

      Respawn: makes a free-to-play game Everyone else: oh my fuckdincufjddkjkj goddd thsisiss gaemeass sooououii gooodid jjdjfjgjgjssgd

    61. Papu Escanor :v

      1:45 the best part for me xD

    62. Isaac

      1:46 this clip is all over Instagram lol

      1. jackob006

        Do you know what song is that ?

    63. Toxic1Tap

      Finally, fortnite is dying

    64. SovietPotato

      The main reason I love this game is good netcode and hit registers UNLIKE RAINBOW

    65. Marvin Marv

      Can't believe that i stop playing siege since i get my hand on Apex. Definitely one of the best BR in term of gameplay mechanics if you see past through micro transactions. Love the ping system tho. Maybe i go back to siege when the Australia update gone live, but now time to git gud

    66. John McGarrahan

      Chowder is a fellow NE Patriot

    67. Canon 1

      Epico amigo

    68. Despatato

      Bikini cheesing it with the air strikes

    69. Arjuwan Kanobi


    70. Kuiqq

      1:42 is probably what you’re looking for

      1. Kuiqq

        PNK Danny creendence water revival fortunate son


        What's the songs name??

      3. Gonzalo Stamp

        remember the song's name?

      4. Isaiah Perez

        Kuiqq I praise you🙇‍♂️

    71. RUBIO

      The game is fucking shit

    72. SirDogs Gaming

      That moment when fortnite is shit

    73. TondTheFearsome

      1:50 👌🏿

    74. TierBlu

      Can some let me know the name of the song he used in that first revive clip plz

      1. TierBlu

        Around time 1:45

    75. Oliver

      Song? 1:48

    76. HilariousBaby

      Where are my fellow console players at, you up for any games? :D

    77. seven

      another one pls

    78. ripxjahx

      Bikini destroy all fortnite noobs😂

    79. Chr1_379

      WHAT UP LOSERS!!!!!

    80. MyViolador

      What can I say except you are the champion

    81. Kikik Gomes

      Apex is the best battle royale i ever played

    82. Cadet

      That's a lotta damage

    83. Srijan Supreme

      More Apex Legends..plz


      Chappy finna get that clappy

    85. ciao mi chiamo eric

      another video pls

    86. SoyDeLasFilipinas

      Caustic = Smoke Mirage = Alibi Gibalter = Blackbeard Lifeline = Doc Bangalore = Capitao Bloodhounde = Jackal Wraith = Vigil Pathfinder is original tho

    87. Nicoló Benvissuto

      That robot is from "humandroid", "district 9" is another film, beekeenee

    88. Goose

      Black bea- i mean Gribaltar

    89. Lauri Leiviskä

      More Apex?

    90. Clippy

      That shield is so OP

    91. Riastradh

      “Robot from district-9” Chappie didn’t invent programmable sentience for this

    92. Shark Tank

      Obama is gone!

    93. Jesiel Pizarro Hernandez

      I love Chappie

    94. i dont know

      More please😂👍

    95. Javier Mar

      I don't know about you but when I play this game Origin crashes spontanoiusly once each three matches or so :(

    96. Asswaffle

      I like how no one points out that realm royale also has a mechanic to bring back dead allies


        Asswaffle realm Royale is dog shit

    97. Michele De Luca

      I Can t believe You DID It, plz do other video likes this in this frecking game,plzzzzzzz You are so funnyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    98. Danny Devito

      It’s Julian Edelman btw :)

    99. Hi OH YEAH YEAH


    100. El_Barto_ 2.0