The Best Operator in Rainbow Six Siege: Castle


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    In todays Rainbow Six MONTAGE we are playing the BEST Operator in the Game - Castle, he needs no buff or nerf, hes just AMAZING as he is, no update will stop me.
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    1. BikiniBodhi

      I hope you guys loved this video, I'm super happy with it! Check out the Kickstarter here!

      1. HE꙰L꙰L꙰ M꙰O꙰N꙰S꙰T꙰E꙰R꙰ T꙰A꙰K꙰E꙰R꙰

        You videos make me bro rinbow six siege

      2. Adam Neulander

        when you like your own comment

      3. INT_Frabit Night

        I'm BB main.... And sometimes it is a God and sometimes it is trash, pls don't ban him

      4. Different Dimensions

        why did you cancel it? i was gonna donate!

      5. Lowell Werblow

        Titas Jusas Thank you but I’m not that new I’m level 50 and now enough to actually play. I don’t really play newcomer that much since I now that some people are too new and are like bots and I now about smurfs. but maybe sometime we can get together and play some matches. Thank you for the advice though :)

    2. Xx-_DOMINC-_xX

      3:22 I like how he put highlander sound effect on sledge because there both Scottish xd

    3. Char-char Gaming


    4. Melvin Wiklander

      7:20 rice cookie

    5. Yoshi 2oo8

      5:13 he just circimsised him lmao

    6. Angela Duarte

      5:40 again Bikini? First its Clash ace Now castle ace? Really?

    7. Zensified

      Coolest explosion ever in seige 9:26

    8. ɛǟȶ.ȶɦɛ.ɮɛǟռֆ


    9. Mason bray

      This is bs oryx is the best

    10. XxPenguinGamerxX

      I wuz eAtinG a rIcE cooKie yuh fack

    11. The_Random Pr0p

      Personally I love the ump in this game

    12. AO Hennessey

      I heared a for honor thing

    13. Fabio Trujillo

      Amerika is a continent (America)

    14. Online Bot

      The hammer at the end



    16. rebby 1313

      That "Don Maglass" or however it's spelled made me turn my head REAL quick. The PTSD...

    17. Preston Goard

      Bro I main castel and even I think bikini has tought of big brain strats

    18. ScavvyMan

      The Dying Light volatile night chase music hits different

    19. Ö _ Ö


    20. Preistaixo

      Ump sucks

    21. Dinkleberg’s Wife

      I love the dying light music

    22. Tadhg Ricketts

      Do a nomad video

    23. austin white

      No bikini crouch spamming on console or using mnk is cheating thats why those people are trash and dont know how to get good with original buttons

    24. Kuba K

      cav automatic is the worst

    25. Firebomb 97

      Dude. That Blackbeard got banned! Oh no!!!

    26. Pork Choppers Gift

      3:20 *For honor Intensifies*

    27. BlckMoy117

      3:22 "DUN MA KLASS" hahaha that For Honor reference xD

    28. Jäger

      FBI wants to know your location

    29. Andrej Okánik

      R.I.P OG House :(

    30. Eduardo Andres Vejar Lillo

      Jumping music please

    31. K Wilson

      I love how we laugh at killing

    32. MRPUWERUP 2

      America is a country or a continent?

    33. I love vodka 123

      Alibi is beter

    34. Ayden Litchford

      Was that... the Highlander?

    35. Ocealot P

      OwO- BLAM

    36. Donohoo Gaming


    37. Blooper 3090

      Imma german

    38. ꧁Адонис Кастильо꧂

      Kanye is the best R6 operator.

    39. Kars The ultimate life form

      I don’t speak wrong everyone knows lord tachanka is better

    40. The R6S Shield Main

      Worst gun in the game, easily suppressed P90 OR suppressed super nova.

    41. Oliver Bozin

      3:21 For honour reference

    42. Egsoz 1

      nobody talking about 9:30

      1. Egsoz 1

        @The R6S Shield Main no u

      2. The R6S Shield Main


    43. Andrés Valverde


    44. King R6

      What attachments do u use

    45. Blitzy

      IANA VIDEO WHEN, also i’m sorry to hear about Last Farewell getting cancelled

    46. ExceededRusT

      Hey, I just figured out that the button underneath me shows if you like ur own comments or not, if it’s over one then yes, you do. If not then kool

      1. ExceededRusT

        Hey I like my own comment Kool

    47. Börháj Barni

      Someone donating to game 100doll. Bikini: now this is epic

    48. Morning Gamer

      BAT SOUP。。。。

    49. Der Surviver

      Whats the Song 1:44

      1. The R6S Shield Main

        The fact that you can’t spell Survivor

    50. Mason Thompson

      Almost hit play 1 today Xbox 13

    51. Moha Salem

      What’s the name of the music at 2:05

    52. Hellwatch

      As you can get the bikini charm?

    53. Seth Pascua

      B.L.M = black lives matter!

    54. Ashmain 1379

      I just noticed the dying light chase music

    55. Cornelius C

      "America we have your woman" Castle is FBI SWAT...

      1. The R6S Shield Main

        Cornelius C he’s just Ugandan man

    56. Cute Orochi

      "Dun ma glas" finally à for honor meme

    57. ITrollAsAHobby

      rich youtuber running a kickstarter...

    58. Xx_ghost_xX

      3:48 bikini sad is real

    59. Meme Tanks boi

      Full hallway of cams, go terrorist hunt

    60. Papi

      Fucking racist

    61. Nate Gretschel

      3:22 anyone see this for honor reference

    62. MaxTheAnimator

      Bikini is now the Combo Maker

    63. Mr.SwagDoge

      Bikini: castle requires a big brain to play Also bikini: *puts bulletproof camera on castle barricade*

    64. Alex S

      It’s so sad that Ubisoft didn’t give castle an elite skin

      1. The R6S Shield Main


    65. SigmaR6

      Gamla goda riskakor

    66. Skyz

      Castle doesn't need big brain. Big brain needs castle.

    67. TheShotTrader20

      1:53 The rave song ur were singing sounded like Alice dj better off alone chorus I only know coz I had to play it for music

    68. Jesus Fernando

      I m cheating in ranked

    69. Özlem Saraçoğlu


    70. Blackberry - womp

      Does anyone think he's ever played for honor?

    71. _ • 12 years ago

      Its amerika!

    72. Joe Bob

      Castle legit needs a buff

      1. The R6S Shield Main

        Basically, plates drop just enough where drones can’t get through. Twitch drone is exception.

    73. V-H- P-R-

      What was the music used in 1:43

    74. Marco Pernice

      UMP 45 isn't the worst gun in the game...smg-12 it's terrible

      1. The R6S Shield Main

        Nah. Suppressed super nova. SMG12 without any attachments is worse though

    75. Канал Айзека

      You're like WinterTommy, but in r6.

    76. Colt Ben

      Bodhi: "Hello Amerika... Vi have yurr... woman...?" America: "uuh... you mean Karen?... yea you can keep her and the cookies 👌✌"

    77. tayk_Chiipiiss

      10:17 My ears xD

    78. ark

      tiktok ads..... bikini why......

      1. The R6S Shield Main

        ark he had no choice. I think.

    79. DemonWing007

      R.i.p old house

    80. Jason Long

      chocolate chip , no raisins wtf is raisins lol

      1. The R6S Shield Main

        Jason Long dried as fuck grapes

    81. Andrew Boyce

      Here is the best castle load out. M1014 and super shorty. Nothing stands a chance against 2 shotguns

      1. The R6S Shield Main

        Besides shields..and...Kali

    82. Shalev336

      Bikini im telling you if you and played together it wont end good for ubisoft

      1. The R6S Shield Main

        Shalev336 I’ve encounter a engrish.

    83. Lorygames

      Kini you used the dying light music when you get chased by the nocturn

    84. Muftu

      Wait.. at 8:15 that Blackbeard’s k/d and win/loss was 0.0

      1. The R6S Shield Main

        So? That’s common for starters?

    85. gongy gongy

      11:51 in the next clip someone else stand on the same place on the screen as buff_nate

    86. GalxySZN

      Rip his game is canceled

    87. марк гефтер

      like a bat sup)))

    88. Jiang Jun

      That subtle duma glass is amazing!! Love it 😊

    89. BlackRose961

      2:18 best Irish MOMENT

    90. Nash Wilko

      When that ash jumped through the window that exact thing happened to me

    91. Psyqa

      Bodhi, i love you and your content. And i would loooove to donate to your kickstarter but i just dont have the money at the moment. I promise to you i will donate as soon as i have a little bit more money. In the mean time, THANK YOU, for the awesome free content. Keep up the good work.

    92. Luzion

      I like the stardew valley music in the background.

    93. Destruck 268

      Why is there an English subtitle option if you already have it? Sorry if it's misspelled

      1. The R6S Shield Main

        Yes, but it’s auto generated sometimes. And he sometimes makes his own subtitles. Also, Auto Generated is bad because it has problems getting certain words correct

    94. Destruck 268

      No hablo inglés pero me encantan los vídeos

    95. LynxTM

      2:05 big brain time

    96. NANI_ _hk

      Or just with castle and impact...

    97. PACMAN

      BBC=Big Brain Castle

      1. PACMAN

        @The R6S Shield Main new perk HEX:Big Black KOK

      2. The R6S Shield Main

        Big Black Cock News

    98. Mr trash

      I am a castle main tooooo

      1. The R6S Shield Main

        No wonder your channel name is Mr trash

    99. Charlotte Campion

      I demand a new nokk vid

    100. Roni EA

      don't worry about it sweetheart