The BEST Rainbow Six Siege Video So Far...


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    Here it is, the BEST OF 2019 with ALL of my BEST Rainbow Six Siege content before we head into the new Year with Operation Shifting Tides, Operation... woops, Ela Elite, Cav Elite and SO MUCH MORE!
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    1. BikiniBodhi

      This year has been absolutely amazing, so thank you all for being here and watching & liking my stupid shit

      1. oceanbrine92 Soren

        Cosmxcc p ok I’m

      2. Emulse


      3. SebSaw

        Bring back figghen

      4. Abel Terrible

        BikiniBodhi yw nub

      5. Daniel Salia

        wheres the blitz video

    2. Carri7 PS4

      21:26 what is that "aaaaaaaaaa" song??

    3. Carlo Equitani

      nobody: my teammates in ranked: 7:52

    4. Süleyman Tikir

      The Pokemon theme is love😍😍😍

    5. Samuel Labrie

      18:36 what is the name of that song??

    6. Orenzo42 ps4

      3:29 CHOWDER 😡

    7. Evan Levine

      14:08 the weapon name is glitched

    8. Vlad Nishchymenko

      19:16 I AM THE LAW!

    9. stefania colombi

      Star peni

    10. Sandal

      Русские есть?

    11. DJ.S

      Please make more vids with max



    13. XRa1dz

      Fraser WEE WOO

    14. the wolf studio

      10:40 any warm blooded Fuze would do that... granted, any cold blooded Fuze would to...

    15. HonkingScorpio

      And now what is?

    16. Goblin Slayer

      Thank you for using me in your thumnail

    17. Dark Shadow 342

      Hello everybodhy :3

    18. Nathanielahand


    19. 이재진

      ㅋㅋㅋ 개웃겨 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    20. SeaBarley

      I love how when tuxbird tried to kill you and when he said that is my true desire and shot you it looks like he snapped his neck

    21. Emmet Cooper

      13:53 jfc i legit thought my phone was ringing

    22. M6K • Snieder

      *Vanilla Coca Cola*

    23. lol_u_dead

      16:14 *ambulance*

    24. mediumbrain 4

      Me: has not subbed Also me: this is how we take action in Uganda

    25. Halox_TR

      28:16 injure+headshot wtf

    26. Lorraine Tracey

      i wanna fukin live with u for this fucking reason.

    27. Daniele Piacente

      Im italian is good pronounce 😁😁😁

    28. ThatOne Trooper

      My favorite that u didn't add was when u where goyo and kilked amaru on kafe third floor in cigar lounge

    29. Atomicpotato

      14:19 why does it say spsmg9 as your weapon

    30. Perkychimara 3

      20:29 how in the name of fuck

    31. Frosty Plays

      The only reason I don't like you that much is you criticize other games but not this one

    32. Jayy Rigby

      s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s ss s s ss s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s ss s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s

    33. IcyMuteBen

      Mine was when he gassed the furry, taking a trick out of my book

    34. NoName Worm


    35. Derrien Thompson

      that crash bandicoot sound track thoo

    36. Aaron Gosewehr



      0:52 which map??

    38. sandruzzu 111


    39. GamingOrange

      His aug when he got the knife to the face by the penguin is called clashes smg

    40. Soviet-Fener


    41. Robbie Ch

      Why do I find this funny? 33:31

    42. Szymon

      What is the music in 18:45

    43. g. nettø

      my favoryite moment is GOD DAMIT WOLFY

    44. Orenzo42 ps4

      34:05 welp bikini. You're gona have a crab time

    45. Kevin Peitz

      Weekend Warrior Handy Handy in the Corner😂

    46. Operaatio

      My favorite part is "hello everybodhi"

    47. Aaron Gosewehr


    48. SunseT

      69k helps man

    49. Xx-_DOMINC-_xX


    50. JoeyK22

      what's the music playing at 21:25 ?

      1. Szymon

        Stereo sayan 3d

    51. Bendegúz

      18:47 what the music name

    52. Cosmin Ciocan

      look at the likes of the video

    53. Bobby neutron

      Bruh 2:16 my favorite 😂

    54. Void_Kiwo

      i'm italian bikini :) in italian it sound like: sono italiano bikini

    55. YPY T

      The first one XD

    56. Astonishing Hardly

      My favorite moment is when you made your channel

    57. SaltySheep 1

      why at 14:13 it says spsmg9 insted of the aug?

    58. scEptAr33 ja

      Spawnpeek is ge

    59. Ja Baited

      Mine was the frost traps

    60. pike пике

      Star peniiiiis

    61. Giovanni Bossi

      3:21 morirete tutti tra atroci sofferenze, i love you

    62. Asper011 Larsson

      Du är bäst

    63. Edu Giorgiani

      28:16 injured headshot?

    64. Literally the United States of America

      Oh my God Fraser at 29:21 was great

    65. Jaco Casaro

      Im italian boyyyy

    66. Luis Lopez

      My favorite part was when he made a * 8=D

    67. Crypto


    68. some dude

      25:47 No explanation needed

    69. BananaNanaGirl2000

      25:48 Does anybody now the song name? I cant find the original video :D

    70. Birdman Uril

      *Note* this video was made before the buck incident, may we pray for bucknadien

    71. gingernut


    72. Jordy


    73. NoobGameplay Channel

      14:09 SPSMG9????

    74. Bombenleger Bruno

      Ah yes here we go again

    75. Brayden Erne-Mobley

      My favorite momen was when you planted behind Echo as NQKK

    76. Px8_Blakè Px8

      Its been 6 months and Chowder's "I wanted to nuke her," still makes me cry laughing

    77. Delgado

      Bikini was waiting for the perfect time to use the payday 2 stealth music

    78. Dj Funknukl

      I love the fucking wii music 😂

    79. starleafe

      Wait a fucken second. Did i just see Figghen? Damn, That was a pleasant supprise. i

    80. Jorge Peréz Murillo

      Nice JoJo references

    81. Chris Myers

      A palm tree is actually a type of grass

    82. Skittles 8900

      posted on 4, 2020 noice

    83. wingzero7X

      Tachanka needs a bigger shield

    84. Austin Foster

      Fraser's Scottish accent is thiccer than a sniccer

    85. Ghostaco 41

      8:06 doc outline

    86. Drax

      Best video i've ever seen

    87. NullSectorer

      You have care package?

    88. Максим Ноликов

      20:05 wow Zaky1991?! А нее показалось (-_- )ノ⌒┫ ┻ ┣ ┳

    89. Sohail 604

      0:48 When you try to start your car

    90. Mr.PiCkL3Zz Drapsy

      At 12:09 the arrow is in time to the music 😂😂

    91. Rich Michael

      "Not even close babyyyy" -Videogamedunkey

    92. Xpaund

      Why AUG A2 now it's SPSMG9? 14:11

    93. Murilo Cuono

      How se can help of The guy os arleady dead?

    94. david skufca

      Vanilia coca cola

    95. The Lord

      3:21 fanculo chowder

    96. Lehmä


    97. Finnish The Finnish

      My favourite moment was when he got a kill and laughed In highpitch

      1. Taym Alharbali

        Yea Ik I’m saying adding to that joke because of the million times he laughed

      2. YeetusPoteetus

        @Taym Alharbali that’s the joke

      3. Taym Alharbali

        Very e p i c

      4. Uzaki

        Taym Alharbali wow really nice description

      5. Taym Alharbali

        Ye what I was saying is that he has done that like hmmmm in every vid atleast 5 times

    98. Moonlight Bae

      who remembers yogurt :/

    99. LTRA Studios

      Oryx shiting on kali