The BEST CLASH EVER in Rainbow Six Siege


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    Rainbow Six Siege new operation is on the horizon, Burnt Horizon, introducing the new ops Mozzie & Gridlock to the roster, but I love my Clash too much...
    And it seems like theres some hidden buffs to Clash in the new patch ...
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    1. Sean Preston

      @6:10 that transition tho

    2. Visama

      "Ich liebe Käsekuchen" - Bikini the -swedish- german

    3. Steven Wang

      why isnt this thing nerfed yet

    4. Uddi Mosquinh4


    5. Marfin

      The german part😂

    6. OMENA

      I could hear that one guys finnish accsent cause im also finnish

    7. Kyle’s Corner

      The fact that you use clash

    8. Gabriel Ares Bravo

      4:13 that maverick was a jojo reference

    9. Zest 4 who?

      that teriyaki boyz clip was perfectly placed

    10. Junk_ Boy

      5:09 русские в чате👆🏻

    11. Himiko Toga

      Also Kini masch ersmal die basics bevor du richtig deutsch sprichst

    12. Ștefan 09

      You play very good

    13. jorgiina

      1.50 he do be sounding finnish doe

    14. Blue Banana

      Im gonna buy Clash thanks to you!

    15. A Nonny Moose

      I somehow managed to get an ace with clash on my least favorite map on my least favorite gamemode

    16. Bluemoon

      Ich liebe Käsekuchen really funny

    17. ツguilhermeツ


    18. Alad!n483

      Ist bikini deutscher? Ich weiß seine aussprache ist nicht so krass gut aber kann ja sein das er deutsche wurzeln hat🤷🏻‍♂️

    19. Riley Brosius

      Did he not get copyright claimed for the angry birds music

    20. Badus_ 04

      ein großer Raketenwerfer in der Lederhose xD

      1. Badus_ 04

        @younes_ mc Moin Meister

      2. younes_ mc

        Badus_ 04 moin

    21. Asim

      The thumbnail, if only sledge had a claymore :(

    22. Eυη Μεδουσα

      Well when he says that he's the best clash main in the down right corner it says that he's the only clash main. I'm a clash main lol... so it's just the two of us then💩


      Ich liebe auch Käsekuchen

    24. Saman Sindi

      Anybody 2020 clash main??

    25. Der_Katzentyp

      Isch liebe Käsekuchen

    26. Unit :D

      5:04 ТНТ саня ТНТ

    27. kenny tielemans

      You irritate me

    28. Slayinn AA

      Idea: if someone killed u As a attacker like a teammate then take twitch and shock there drone and then kill them

    29. Kevin.D

      That one Cheesekake thing was very good german👍🏼

    30. Made my Germany

      Du hast eine große rakete auf deiner lederhosen = you have an big rocket on youre leather trousers.

    31. Hornet clan

      I m German and don't understand anything but sounds like he hate's clash

    32. I wanna die !!!


    33. The Chair Man

      4:05 Ich Libe Kessekuhen

    34. MUTE

      5:07 that Russian man i'm try translate this "Fuck the strimer,suck dick" я сам Русский но он стрим снайпил - i'm Russian but he strim sniper

    35. TheUnknown

      If you main clash...... Your awesome and keep clappin cheeks

    36. I wanna die !!!


    37. Edvin Holmestrand

      You: Nej Nej Nej Nej Nej

    38. Nathan Olson

      It really takes no skill to play clash

    39. kbrandl

      I can make a sound of a dolphin :)

    40. DANKO


    41. Lukas Kraft

      Ich liebe Käsekuchen

    42. Elitscke2005 _ HD

      Marley are you from germany oder warum redet ihr deutsch?

    43. Derpy Pig27

      Bikini is the best clash player sha77e a pro league player is impressed with his creation.

    44. Typhon

      0:41 check bottom right

    45. smnwrd rlly

      5:06 chat: TNTsanyaTNT(translation):I fucked this streamer

      1. Rodion Zaburmekha

        @smthng wrd я имел ввиду BikiniBodhi мейнер Clash и Amaru.

      2. smnwrd rlly

        @Rodion Zaburmekha я новичок, за 10000 у меня только blackbeard и кава

      3. Rodion Zaburmekha

        @smthng wrd ну тогда привет, я думал я единственный из коммьюнити мейнера Clash и Amaru говорю на русском.

      4. smnwrd rlly

        @Rodion Zaburmekha да

      5. Rodion Zaburmekha

        smthng wrd ты русский да?

    46. Medium

      nobody: my dog: 6:40

    47. Give me ur Sub OR ELSE

      Legends say that he is still leaning

    48. gamingspecialist gamingspecialist

      That laugh at 9:38😨😨

    49. No Sound

      Мне стыдно за этих русских в чате

    50. Endertomie

      Ich liebe Käsekuchen helo from austria 😂

    51. Musrean

      Ich lieben Käsekuchen

    52. Alex Nguyen

      1:15 when your gf block you for no reason.

    53. Sal

      5:00 XDXDXDXD

    54. Collin McKinley

      Bikini the best clash ever Ubi but there is only one clash in the game

    55. Sam Hsiao

      Trust me on this one... listen to bikinis laugh at 2x speed

    56. Foekoe Adept

      5:04 Саня,если ты это читаешь Я хочу передать привет твоей маме

    57. Pineapple Pikachu

      1:56 my brain: WHERE IS DOBADEA

    58. ukkopulla

      Is sha77e finnish

    59. Icy GMD

      Ien van le haust Deutschland!

    60. C_333_000

      Ich liebe Käsekuchen auch 😂

    61. Essteregg

      I can speak german too :D

    62. Crafter Blox

      Tina and sua having a nice normal German conversation Bikini: *I LOVE CHEESECAKE*

    63. TheCookieMonster

      I thought the thumbnail was joking because no defender has claymores then I saw the first clip

    64. hardcorewolff

      Bikinibodhi: do i need to prove it to you Me: says no at the same time as him

    65. YaskyJr

      Bikini how dare you expose my patented spinning trick?

    66. mellisgalap

      You are form Germany??


      i died when that twitch drone came out of nowhere

    68. Akashkingmaker Akashkingmaker

      This clash is waste,i can easily counter this type tricky clash now

    69. karl heinz Bierschenk

      Ihr könnt alle deutsch sprechen?

    70. the comical beast

      Ah yes my favorite character: Lion With multiple blank spaces

    71. Андрей Марчук

      I love cheesecakes

    72. KIKKER

      5:04 выебал стримера (in russian:fucked a streamer)

    73. Tolner _

      4:30 how it works

    74. Lauri Tuovinen

      Spot finnish guy in video

    75. Made my Germany

      You can Speak german a little bit but in Käsekuchen (chessecake) you must speak the Ä a little bit longer

    76. Just_ Shoma

      5:04 Guy who killed you say on Russian I just fucked the streamer.

    77. Tec Ran

      I can help you to speak German 😂

    78. Marko Mihajlovic

      6:17 name of the song?

    79. Marko Mihajlovic

      6:17 name of the song?

    80. CitronVi0let

      viewers: *don't pick the bottom option* Me: No thats not how your supposed to play the game

    81. raaviolli

      6:17 hue hue br

    82. Jahy-Sama

      Must suck having your main out of commission every other week.

    83. Владимир Соловьёв

      5:05 выебал так выебал...

    84. Victor gameplays

      Noob trash aimbot

    85. VoidHxnter

      The only words I understood in German was “Is this good” “Yeah... *lederhosen*”

    86. EvenTitan

      Cuz you da only clash main lmao

    87. Avadakedaounw

      clash is fun and entertaining

    88. MrOverclock 1

      “The best” i beg to differ

    89. Zerosanity1152

      7:45 it is looney tunes bikini

    90. Australia The Country

      also the only one lol

    91. MatrixGamerTV

      Ich liebe Käsekuchen😂😂😂 Its simply The best 😂😂

    92. Sae Byuck

      hello i'm korena i want to play with you!! i'm your subscriber!!!i learn english!!pls

    93. Anonymous User

      Bikini ? Can you advertising to my HUfast Chanel ? :D 5:26

    94. SgtMaexx

      jesus...i hate clash mains


      aight im sory but the ich liebe käsekuchen from bikhine was better than the german of tina

    96. Dio Brando

      Ich liebe Käsekuchen 😂😂

    97. Flo

      Wer ist auch aus Deutschland😂😂😂

    98. SniperKill JN

      I don't know how to feel after seeing a 3k with someone else's claymore

    99. Passfild

      5:06 TNTsanyaTNT немного ахуел

    100. SoliderSalt 3468

      No clickbait Love this